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December 2, 1938     The Clinch County News
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December 2, 1938

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O P Editorial And S0Gial News ...... ~ " D .D?CATki) TO IHL OIL.b, ,, Ai O ADVANt ;.tvi i' :J OF CLINCH COUNTY Number 2. Homerville, Clinch County. G zor ia, Friday, December 2, 1938 Established in 1894 County Agent's ( ............................................................... HEALTH NOTES Death of Judge Ot ice 1 NEWSY PARAGRAPHS B, DR-- -BR,NK It. F. ] SOUTHERN[ By RICHARD E. SMITH ![', SHORT PARAGRAPHS OF INTEREST CONCERNING OUR County Health Commlssionor ___ R-SERVICE, : [~ NEIGHBORS. STATE AND NATION -- FOR EIGHTEEN ]YEARS JUDGE CHILD BEHAVIOR OF COUNTY COURT OF EGION, ATLANTA Farmers in This County who Produ¢- t GEORGIA ed Cotton or Tobacco in 1938 ~ ~ - .......... -..o----- ......... --N~ ECHOLS COUNTY llt forestf~res ra-"in', on the I Eh~,ble to_Ea~ Belle.t, on De- ! Fire of undetermi,ed origin de- Aubrey Smith, widely known Gem'-[ Everyone knows that a sick adult Coa-~ " ~ 1-!n "'--~ ..... e c mber. lu rolls ~n upen ~¢ro.~,ed the Lovett warehouse at gia escape artist, was identified: Sat-:is likely to be crabid and cliff:cult (Editorial) , esti~aa~UreSaU.~n~sao,0~ Not Eater than 9 a.m. I K!tc, Ga. about 700 bales of cotton urday night as one of two white're get along with. Too often ~e for- The recent passing of the vener- _ ect .' . e" ~ ,• ,-i Close a p.m. "a.nd a quantity of velvet beans and bandits who entered a crowded At- get th.a.t a fretful child may likewise able Judge Ben F. Prine of Staten- .re brought hom~ the reafiza- .......... be ill. • :ivJlle, was an occasion of wide-spread ~, ,.. .... , . I .... .---V'-'--• . corn early ±vionuay. " ~ lanta grocery s~ore carder in tne ~ ~re m a rn~mess aes~royer ~ot~on ana tobacco proaucers oi -v~ni-~ h~],t ,1,, t~, ~m~l,,,~ ~,,~ : Naughtiness in a. chile is nearly sorrow to the many friends of the ~f:rnea rampage it. gives_little Chnch• County will go^ to the polls Students of Brewto.n cons[dated escape~' witl~ appl:oxin(ate~y~$15 in 'always d.ue to some illness or to im- good old m~.n all over this section. role ~ ~,u,,,e~, ms, o~ ve'a~. ~a~uraay, .~ecemoer ~v, ~o vo~eon school arranged to continue their change, police revealed:, i u! ssoupaP.~tau~t "~u!u!~.~ aodoad Judge Prine died at his borne in ~e_O~ ~ne sou~nern s~a~es co~on marketing quotas zor ~u.s~. studies in makeshift classrooms in -- ischool is often, though wrongly, said Statenville, Oct. 30th., at the age a~ concern ene reports o~ County Agent Smith announced rPaP-- -h"rch-- follow[n-- - ~'i~I q,~. ..... ,~._. ~, .... :~ ~..~ c~..,~. !to be due. to laziness, indifference i of 83 years. The Editor regretted ~ion caused by forest f~res ]n today that the voting place m thin whi h n^~ro,,~ '~eir ¢3a """ ~-- ~4 ~---~: ..... ~-- ~ ~ -- or ~tupidity. Clinch counl'y can furn- that he was unable to attend the recoraea ]nene uany press, county wm oe open not rater tnan in~ Monday ~ imotorcades for th,~ ~ala eelohr~,~n ' ish numerous cases of back~ardness funeral; he counted Judge Prine as them realize that 90 pe~- cent 9 o'clock a m and will close ot 5 .... - .... ~ " ....... I that have been remedied by an ade- one of his best friends, and had been forest fire damage in the en- p.m .... [ .... ~ .. [o~.~ne opemng of the BuTton's Ferry:quate diet, by eradication of para- knowing him for a number of years; • ea o.-.^_J..-.'-_ ~.o. -^ ~,; .......... w. 1~. Lunay, be, rural mall car-. x~rmge nelo. _~Tluay in ~creve.n coun- ' deJne e ecuon wm ve.con uc ea un-Tier for many years died Sunday as a l ty. This b~idge spans the Savannahis[tea or correction of some physical also Judge Prine was a special friend er ~" -- r' "~ ~(n 1 ~'; ~ne mrec~mn..ox ~ne county, con-:result of injuries received in an auto 'river about 16 miles from Sylvania ~Ibandit's'p" i of the Editor's lamented father. the~°u~ne~oreKs~g~rra~i'ce - serva.~on committee o~ rne X]~lp,e: collision which occurred in front of at '~ point nearly halfway betweenI Laziness is commonly classel as a Judge Prine had lived all his life rn f~re:" :cco;Si:: to the ;ar W]~rn a committee o.z. tnree .local his home in Sylvester Saturday night. [Sylvania and Allendale. ~bad trait of character. Those who in Echols county• having been born , g me s serwng as e~ec~'~on OrXlcers.. " hold to such a belief might, recall lthere in 1855 before the eou:,ty ~-as ~orester,seldom attractSeparate ballot boxes and separate! ....~-'~-:-(---~-~ ~'~--~--~'-P~ir-[ ~*^r'- -~ . it[met when they themselves have created while it was yet a part of • . . w. ~. zaroroUgn, oo, a ou m ~gl vvo K on the erect.on oz approxl- ::~ :l~eitrhe~s~efrnre2ge%ta°me ~ o~na31:t:toWfllabe tu~:dcc:°rut~sv°tmg i contractor of Colleg~e Park, was !mately 170 miles of wire for the felt very lazy, because of some ill-,Clinch anal Lowndes counties. Very ........ ..... n . " .. struck and killed, Fulton county pc- rural electrification project in Ma-[nest. Remembering such times we i few men have ever had more. true. aowever, ~ne ma3or]~y ox All tarmers wno proouceu cottoni ............ con . ..v ...... might be more sympathetic with abiding friends than Ben Prine had destro- --owth and re'" ........ " . , .... ~ nee repor~e~ aunaay, oy a nt~ ann county wnJ De s~ar~e~ aur'ng y g~ -m ~v~ w~n a s~ap~e mng~n oz ~e._s. • ':others. i among the people of Echols county. ................. run driver near College Park on the December, it was announced Friday chance of natural restock- ~nan ~ l-z inches w~Jt De engram ~o Roosevelt h'-hwa- '-essary in providing timber vote in the cotton quota election. ,g y. by G. L. Cooper, supervis~or of the I Children are imitators. They learn And they honored him in many ways vobd for the South's ever Quotas do not apply to Sea Island . ~. --~--- Taylor County Electric Membershipit° act and ~ca|k from seeing arid and he. honored them as a true, faith- hearing others. How important it is, ful, coscienti.ous pubIic servant and ...... , rt J~ tieidt, 32, of Marlowe, Go, Corporation, following the letting of then, for grown people to behave at i citizen. wood-using industries•' cotton or any o~ner co~on wirn ~t~ _'~.: ...... •" . ........... lane ~r~s~ t~es ~oyers, z~, ot bids Monday. IM1 times in a becoming manner. I For eighteen years h.e was Judge "cher discloses that figures s~?p~kellJefnargt:e:: wlhlo.Ze~n:ne~ rnmt~e[Bloomingdale' died in a Savannah .... i by the U. S. Forest Service . s ~ hospital Sunday of injuries received I Governor River~ declined Satur- i Child~dtn's interests may differ ~of the County Court of Echols Coun- total loss of wi,dely so that two of equal intelli-Ity, always being electec~ without op- $20,668,880r~duction of flue-cured tobacco in . , . fires in the United ~voo ..... win" ........... oe engram ~o vo~e on re-]'in an automobile-truck collis;on, near daYo to commute death sentences ]m- gence may show marked differences position. Away back in 1898 Or 1900 ........... that place Sunday morning :p ted upon two Columbus negroes year, while $18,728,444 oacco quotas, tne eject[on ozztcers~ " f ......... in their school work. Parents and he was elected clerk of the Superior ............. I -- I or ~ne staying ot ~,gn~wa~cnman i to 11 southern states, wm nave a ns~ oI au persons, lnclucl- -- ne - in'ur s " i " " ' C ....... " . .teachers find it profitable to devise Court of Echols county serving about : ..................... • I A cK j y .us~a nee in a neae- . t~. ~e~ton at the ~ommbus ~air- reported forest fires in these ,.g owuer-operagors, ~enancs ann ~ o ell[ ion " "ws "" " ' rounds " 1 ........ .means of stimulating and holding the, six years, and later that served two , ...........~ , ~, ~_~n c s oz ~o car.near lvlarl-.g ' au y as, J~'~• ~ne negroes, Urned over an are~ of 21,- s~arecrt~ppers, WhO are engrave ~o~ - .interest of children• [terms (eight years) as Ordinary ....... t etta W, ednesday proved fatal Thurs- Arthur Mack and Arthur Perry, t "acres. Losses shown in this oaJJoc m each commum~y ~ " weT i " Children may be taught good hob-~ H " ...... " ...... i day mght to Mrs. Dempsy Medford, e tw ce convicted The governor e was a promine~t ~.nd valuable are based on the value of ~o one (wnerner an lnu]v]oua~, • . , " . its as readily as bad ones. Temper member o:f the Masonic order ~a~d ....... Jr., prom'nent young Marietta bride:concurred m a recommendatmn of resources only. P::fa~r:mp, :i?(P~:a~o~i,tleZ~rt or ::e and teacher at Floyd school. I th~ state prison and parole board 'tantrums, irregulax eating habits, had served many terms as Worship- dating of private forest lands than on ) " i .....o m i !against extending clemency i disobedience, deceit and foundless ful ~aster of his home.ledge. He was ~rotection by organized state e yore n e~ner ~ne co~on I ........ ~ " fears may often be corrected by care- ' a member of the Baptist Church elimination of destructive o • , two war~ersvme men were aeaa ---- I ful training and' example, a d ~,lways had a fine testimony and burning,, by landowners and or theet btc::e el estdi:nc~i::e:f t::ttgh and an Atlanta woman lay critically ]Physicians of Terrell county have[ ,~ n. " " or~a.__ p. ,_.P.: ........... .. t injur, ed in a Marietta hospital Friday[indorsed by unanimous vote a ms-. The Health Department offers his Christian life shone resplendent and extreme caution by the ....... v or ..... e ~om,.u,,- . ~tev~al oh" " valuable pamphlets dealing with~,with many beautiful Christmn traits ties co"-': ............ .,, ; mght as the aftermath of a headon ~ ,' fld hygiene program for Good Habits for Children. IntercsLed~ l, ---such traits as love, charity, pat- Public in the use of fire , u.~es w sc~.~es. ~nere wm .... he ..... ~.~. ~. .... o ..........., 'auto colhsmn Fr.'day two miles north t Terrell county, and have volunteered the woods, are steps recom- 7_{.. ":~':'s ~#-."'":" e'- "^~--.~" "~s:"~' i of Acworth in Bartow county [their services in conducting the el[n-" parents may call for theirs Wednes- ience, ~aith, hope, gentleness etc. by the U. S. Forest Service vuc a amy au~nor~zeu oxncer ot a ' " ies which ar onsore- - th n- day afternoon. By far the be,t time'Peace to his ~shes! We hoi~e to see .ins the South's annual heavy corporation, firm or asset[at!on may . - ~ • •, I- ' ..... e sp . a I)y t e cou i to form good habits is before bad him again in a "Land that is bright- cast its vote ~a. tl. fountain, viuada ouimer, ~y neaicn uepar~men~. I er than day"! ~sulting from forest fires.In cas~ several ~erson ..... h ~s I has been awarded a contract for con- I I habits have been formed. ~gyle husband, ~wi~e and, children, "partial'- ;structi°n of two new buildings for [ A $500 cash reward for the arrest lAUTO RIDING SAFER EI~ECrlO~y New~ -~t~a ~..~^ ....... t~,. ,¢ -~tt,, ,-tthe Bethany Home on lands already and conviction of the unknowrt trioi CON. p ....... ~n~ ~..uuc ....... cv ...... ~ .... ~ [ THAN STAYING HOME SOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT tnhneen in lfLqfl nnd~- o ]~ ~,[owned by t]~e Pr!m~hve Bapt]s. de-,of bandits who robbed three DavisonI ~ • MRS. D---~. CAR ER ,, - ............................. i ...... I ATLANTA--(GPS) Di&you knowI Notice is hereby given that on share-cropping agreement, on!y the 'n°m nauon ano opera~eo as a nome Paxon Co., bank messengers of $30,- that it's more dange~rous to ~tay~ d We nesday the 21st day of Decem- l ber, 1938, an election will be held person or -ersons who sio~ed oten- ! for th ages. 000 last Saturday was offered Fri- I home than to go riding in the family in the Midway School House at Mid ~the diherenee Brother? tered into=the lease or share-crop-. - " ~ ~ ~--~~ * " n day by E. E. Carter attorney for the l eutomobile?" I may be stone ping at, reement,.~ mav_ vote. [~ Sta~e ~onator aonn J~. tiaroma Zurich General Accident. and Liabili-I Well it is, according to Dr. Frank iway, Georgia, JYor The Midway Con- h or o brother of the late Guy L G Hard ty Insurance Co, m a letter address- 1 maybe wood In t e event two or m e p~rsons: • • ; " • ~K. Boland, chairman of the Atlanta[sol[dated School District in Clinch a e ]n r d man, and one of th~s sect[on s mo~t ed to Su e~ntendent • en~ o d " ,, o ucin~- cotton or tobac- i " • ~ p " of Detectives: ~ ~. ~ ..... i Cl~apter of the American Red Cross, County, Georgia, to determine I w]dely known business men and c~vm J A McK~bben ~ loves each one the eo in 1938 jointly, in common or in. . . ~ . .' • • • ~who is urging all citizens to cooper- i whether or not the citizens of said co l leaders, dmd m h s automobile Y t ! are rich mmunity, each such person is en-, ' • -'" " . ate with the Red Cross in the fourth i District wish to supplement the are poor all can rejoice in His name. may be right may be wrong e else may not like either suits you suits me all bask alike in God's sun. organ grand organ small message no matter who may be strong may be weak ~.~!p u~, our Saviour to ring out loud ring out meek they call you and me; speaks fine speaks plain Word is God's Word. Don't your road mine both walk along straight in the sky bye and bye the road, friend, it's you. W. H. James, Harry James Ruth Patterson of Homer- last weekend at Colum- were guests of Mr. and t'_'tled to vote. day while en route from Jefferson The election is being held in ..~P t'.~ his home in Commerce. Augusta surgeons literally "crack- !campaign against liome and f~rm funds received from the State Pub- ed the skull" of Mary Noonan, 4 ~ccide~ts. --- " • • t "Few persons realize that 32,500 states, eounties and communities year old Savannah girl, fixed the ~ . . . i licEducationalSch°°l FUndpurposes,bY leavingas aprovidedTaX for where cotton and tobacco are t The valuation of church buildings pieces back in"jig saw" fashion a'~d perk°us were killed m home acc~- by the Code of Georgia. This the dueed. In order for cotton market- :'rd parsonages in the South Georgia: rn spared to send her home Monday i dents last year, and that, 4,500 were ! 28th d'ay of November, 1938. , ing quotas to become effective in conference year was listed: at $6"~to, a normal life of work and ,,la~, , killed on ,farms--'a total of 37,000t , KATE C. PAFFORD, 1939, two-thirds of the farmers vet- 163,085, according to reports made' r - . , th ~ fataht]es, Dr Bolan& declared ~imposs~ble for the child before ~t~ " • • Ord!nary, Clinch County, Georgia ins in the cotton election must vote to the armual session at Waycross." -~,, • • loperatmns. And Judging by the number of ,n-iNOTICE ~F~~FF their approval; and in o~der for tc- The church building valuat,:on was l jured, maimed and disabled, the l bacco quotas to become effective in $5,474,560 and the parsonage valu- l home is the most dangerous place ' TRUSTEES FOR NEW 1939, two-thirds of the farmers vet- at[on was $688,525. There was a i! Dawson:s mayor..a.nd council, after :~for rest and comfort, while the farmI CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL ing ~n the tobacco election must vote total of 718 church buildings and ~ many wee~s ot wamng.n, ve.~een " is the most a'angerous" prate" to" earn i DISTRICT their approval. In other words, each 226 parsonages reported. There was formed by PWA authontms m Wash- !a [iv[- " election is separate and it woul..~ be'a great amount of building and re- ington that application for a feder-i '~" --- ~- possible for farmers to approve '~ pairing of churches and parsonages'~l loan and grant ta be used in fin- ~ .,,,.,~.~.~.~.,__~--------------~_ Notice is hereby given that on • , . ~ nr.~.-an ~t~au~,,~.r~ December 21, 1938 there will be quotas for on~ crop and reject them' during the year and the total in- ancmg the constructmn of a butane~ Ther i "o " "e ..... I .. e s u ggeu u rermma~mn ]n Building ~or the purpose of Electing for the other, debtedness on these properties in- gas •plant. at Dawson has been def~-:Washington t% provide nted~cal care an Election at the "Midway School I m~ely rejec~ea Ballot boxes in this county will creased $24,332• • 'and hospitalization in a national pro- Trustees for the ne~ M!d~'ay Con- be lots.ted at the following place: gram ~nd make such services avail-!sol[dated Seh~ool District. Court House, Homerville. Free Trip For 4-H Baptist Church Services able at a cost of about ten dollars, . Said' election will be held at the nlm A ~ Ul~TCALF Pastor a year for each person. I same time and by the same mona era A LETTER Club Members ........... E, , g Sunday, Dee. 4th, 1938 , _.A._. S~tm~made by the government !that hold the election for creating Homerville, Ga. ms[caves zna~ ~uou.~ mx re.men per-lthe new District. Only legally quali- Nov. 28, 1938 Believing in Club Work and in .~ . . ~ .... I sons are either sick or incapcitated lied voters will be permitted to ~unaay scnool a~ lu ~ m ever ......... " ~ Clinch County News the educational value of the Nation- ~. ........ "~. " ~ y ~ay aur]ng tne winter tlealth, vote ~'reacnlng at 11"00 A m . " ~ • City:-- al 4-H Club Camp and desiring to ..... "_ "-~-" " averages are setter during warmer l MRS S C PATTERSON C S S t~. t'. u. at 6:1~ F.M. iweether :- ~ • . • , • • • The Woman's Club is very grate-,'e'ncour,age Club Work anvong ~the I • " 0 P ' • Clinch County, Georgia Evening services at 7:0 . M .... } - . ful to you for your time and effort boys and girls in its territory, the~ The American Medical. Assocm- "- ....... in making it possible for us to have Atlantic Coast Line announces that Dr. O'Farrell of the Baxley Or-!at[on maintains the position that] FOR SALE ROSE BUSHES--Two year, field Shiloh road about two miles from meT of 1939, under the auspices of CROSS DIVISION OF THE SOUTH- here has this week started work on ]the United States Department of EP~N DISTRICT OF GEORGIA: a new dwelling house. The new resi- Agriculture. ~In the matter of R. L. Weekly, trod- Johns. Mrs. Oden Corbitt of I dents will be built only a short dis- This offer is limited to club mere- ' ins as Cogdell Lumber Company, Wednesda,, to snend I tance from the site of the place bert residing in counties directly Bankrupt: In Bankruptcy. w~here they now live, and will~ " ' with Mrs. F. F. C°rne'[modernl bungalow• be a!served by the Atlantic Coast Line TO THE CREDITORS OF THE • Railroad. Selection of winners will ABOVE BANKRUPT: D. Morgan of Athens was Mr. and Mrs. Layton Hinson have tbe m~d,e by the State Club Agents An involuntary petition in bank~ grown, everblooming varieties. Fall planting best. F-roe catalog. EM- PIRE ROSE NURSERIES, Tyler, Texas. 11-4-4t. Onthe Traild Tuberculosis it out of commission. Farm sentiment divides t~voughout the country on this subject. PRINCESS ALICE GOES TO TOWN Mrs. AEce ~Lonworth, widow of the ex-Speaker and' daughter of the ex-President is no longer a shrinking few days recently. He guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred I family. -~ McCrannie of Ocilla ~y evening with Miss Ad- trees a~d, Mr. and Mrs. Bethea and children have Ala., after see- visit here with Mr. and Steedley. ;recently built a new home about a of the Extension Division of the ruptcy was filed against the above violet. Her mansion in Washington mile from town, also on the Shiloh ~,Agricultural Colleges. party and on November 15, 1938 an I is ttp for ~ale, and she has taken up road. They ITad the misfortune Tues-t _ . order of adjudication was passed. I pu,blic-speaking for tnty. day afternoon of fire from a trash[ ................ Sehe~ules of creditors have been ~--- lie urnm se LIUI~ LL~.71$ m~-~ p:" b " g veral of their out l prepared by J. S. Hedges, Receiver] LARGE SWEET POTATO h°;Sr~ends of Mrs. Viola Taylor HarpThe Homervi~ns Club had as for said bankrupt, and notice is here-t Mr. O. J. Rives brought ~t sweet by given that on December 9, 1938 potato to the NEWS office a few will regret to learn that she has had their honor guest on Monday night, the first meeting of creditors of the days ago that weighted 9½ pounds, to undergo another operation in St. Miss Doris Grill[s, Homerville's bankrupt will be held ~t the Feder- which was grown by q~im on his farm Vincents hospital in Jacksonville, i Pine Festiwal Queen. She was intro- al Building, Waycross, Georgia, at at Fargo. , ! Fla., where she was taken last Aug. i duced by Qualey Walker, L~on Pres- 2:30 o clock P. M. At this time and, @ Mrs. Stanley Capp~ o~17th., following an automobile acci-[dent and spoke briefly in her usual place the ba~l~eupt will be examined Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Mitchell spent last Friday in Quitman the g~ests Freddie Cason of I)fay- dent in which her sister, Mrs. Anice gracious manner. She told of the ex- an~ information given as shown by I ~t weekend' guests of Mr. Taylor Walden was killed. If Mrs. hibits and social events all of which ~is books The business of the bank- of Dr. and Mrs. L~wton Lee. Mrs. [ M. Casen ~nd family. [Harp gets ~long well from this oper-~she proclaimed to be most interest- rupt is the operation of a sawmill. Lee accompanied them l~ome andi M,vs. V. B. Hartness of lation, she hopes to be able to leave ins and enjoyable. ]At said meettng creditors may prove spent Friday night with them. I N. C., and Mr. and Mrs. t the hospital in 3 more months, t The club d~cussed plans for a claims and take such other action as I ~ Bo? Scout having tuberculin skin i i " " " " t SALESMAN WANTED I test---a means of tell/ng If tulmrea- of Murphay, N. C., Thought for the week--- He that i roy~l ball to be held m the near fu- may properl~ come before said meet- I Rawleigh Route now open. Real ~losis germs arc present in his bo~. s this week of Mr. and despiseth his neighbor sinneth; but,ture in honor of the queen. Further ing. .E. vans ST. I~e that hath mercy on the poor, hap, plans are being made for a "Ladies : At Waycross, Georgia, November t opportunity for man who wantS per-! Tuberculin tearing activities atW ear~ ,, ~ ,, biTS. B. F. Evans Jr., and. py is he .--Proverbs 14:21. , right supper, invitations to which 29, 1938. rs. V. B. Hartness spent [ .... i will be extended to prominent state t E. KONTZ BENNETT, I manent, profitable work. S t a r t I incomeri~d ca throughOUtrecelved fromthe year~~ ~he l L officials LGAL-154-K, Memphis, Tenn.~ ~Seail. Moultrie the guest of My. Subscribe for the NEWS and their wive~ [ Referee ia Bankruptcy [promptly. Write Rawleigh's, Dept. I .... l