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November 15, 1990     The Clinch County News
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November 15, 1990

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CLINCH~UNTY NEWS~ T!~_URSDAYI NOVEMBER 15, 1990 Page 9 ealth News taught to do breast self- what is called a modified time of mastectomy. "They skin, but accessible to dOc- for the couple of days .......... examination and have the radical mastectomy, Dr. go to sleep with a breast tars. necessary for the milk to S J 0 k e 0 u t J e c 0 m i n g tCancerAnd screening mammogram Weisaid. and wake up with a breast. " Over weeks and months, dry up. Doctors once rou- r tB HO i~h~os~e groups as well," Reconstruction and in whom the cancer is The breast - including But reconstruction can be saline will be injec~.~d into tinely prescri.bed m .e~:lical A F J V 0 i I By Toni Baker detected early may not breast tissue, overlying done months or even the implant. This allows the milk s uppresmon, out. no .... "Apart from holidays ............... mI College of Georgia need to have a mastec- fat and skin and the nipple- yearslater, skin at the surgical site to more. "g you use memcmand April" 15th, there m" says ........ ~yvu wuos~vr. the most common tomy," said Dr. John .P. are removed. Inside the A variety of techniques stretch until it has reached suppresmon, me oreast robabl not another "~mokeout acuwues are r in women. Wei, surgical oncolo- chest is the rib cage, which exist in which flaps of the the size of the remaining will d~ up in a day .orP Y Georgia there will gist at the Medical College protects vital organs like patient's own tissue breast. Then thetubingand two..tz .you aon.'t, ~ne single day that captures relevanttoeveryone. .,. a estimated 24,000 of Georgia. . o the heart and lungs. Oncan be used to rebuildvalve can be removed us- Dreastswm ary up m .a uay the attention of the pub- r~onsmoge.rs can paru. cl- lic as does the American pate, too, by pro~. cling cases of cancer in Lumpecto.my is perle= top of bone is muscle, breasts. "Flap means us- inflatableingl°calanesthesiaandtheimnhnt wcan be ortwO,AnotherDr. Smithsaid.physical remin- Cancer SoCiety's Greatsupport to those trying to 3,300 of those will ed by surgical, oncolog~t then breast tissue, fat and ing autologous tissue, your ........... ._ ...... is lo-American Smokeout "quit on Smokeout Day. The ~astcancer and its object ts to na me skin. own tissue," said Dr. Saltz left in place or other ty- der of ~vmg bi~h . says Svbil Webster. Pres'i- American Cancer Society ass the" count- ~0~ea--~-o-t'--c.~nce~-st-~ At one time, a mastec- who specializes in thepea of implants can be put chia, uterine discnar.ge .... tomy mean removal of all microsurgical techniques in at that time. from the vagina. It s the dent. "It's one of the most has special Adopt-a-Sine- 150,000 new cases'~fmaintain a good cosmetic the layers, including mus- needed to move living tis- Whatever the choice, healing of the uterine important publichealthker papers for this pur- • • result , cancer will be diag- " . .. the MCG doctors recom- lining that's going on," days in the world." pose. in 1990 and 44,000 Women who are canto- cle. But these days, the sue from one part of the Held each year on the "No one should have to Thursda before Thanks go it alone wren quitting .~ will die from this dates for lumpectomy have muscle stays intact and is body to another, mend that women with Dr. Smith said. "It's a dis- giving, the Great American smoking,"_says - S ybil this year. a lump abo utthe size of a the base for rebuilding in With this approach, breast cancer explore all taRt cousin of menstru.a- Y " • • amon~ those sober- ~ ~ cancer that women who opt for recon- Dr. Wei will remove the options available to them. tieR but obviously not the atistics°a~ also some-- does not seem to have struction, cancerous breast and dis- And they recommend thatsame thing." The bleeding Smokeout is a lively, Webster. -rite ~moge- for women of the spread beyond that lump, With the modified pro- sect the lymph nodes un- all women check themsel- usually lasts a couple of toupbeatconvinceeVent smokersthat triesto the°Ut le~publtcquittersm Denma'kn°w'thatmem faced with this dis- Dr. Wei said. But for safety cedure, lymph nodes also der the arm. When he re- ves and have their doctors weeks but can last as long quit just for 24 hours. If and family and .friends sake - because there is are taken from under the moves the breast, he lea- chock them regularly for as six weeks, he stud. He they quit for 24 hours,can anat..me spe~nc sup- ~e options include about a 30-35 percent arm near 4he cancerous yes blood vessels supply- early signs of trouble,recommends delaying exer- uit for .... At the re- tar more mmrmauon on ~ctomies and radia-chance ther may be a~-breast. Lymph nodes areing that tissue available ~ . cise routines to shed those maybe they'll go on to po~aqmr~erneeas.. e[h~-~y, ~v'here-0nly ther cancer focus m .t e part of the body's immune in case they are needed PREGNANcyLIFE AFTER bleedingeXtra poundsstops, until the leastq the-g°°a"ll have onerY local Great American" ' YY ..... Smokeeut activities, con- ~mn and marzin of breast - many aoctors system and are distributed for the flap procedure.By Christine Hurley Deriso A new mother can alsosuccess to omla on m .... ..... ¢~,h-^ ------is,^ ^" "ttact the Amer~m uancer ~nding tissue are re- will prescribe a series of throughout the body, Dr. With a procedure called MedicalCoUegeofGeorglaexpect soreness from an .... ~c a~m~, ~, ,~u, . . smoking, Socmty at Sybfl Webster d. radiation treatments fol- Wei explained, a free tram flap, Dr. Saltz Pregnant women tend episiotomy, an incision I, ]~o ~ oo~ or17 Q Rt. 1 Box 13, Homerville, for women who lowing lumpect°m.Y tO fu.~ They work much like then takes a square of to thinker labor delivery as made during childbirth mi~-i]o~-~o,f--th-e-,nation;s Va. 31634. For more infer. have a breat remove ther reduce any chance at a bus stop for the immune tissue the size of the re- they culmination of nine to prevent tearing. "But 50 million smokers nartici- mation about smoking and here is the latest in recurrence, Dr. Wei said. system where white cells maining breast from the ab- struction where plas- ~ L umpe~my, and irra- fight invaders like infec- domen or buttocks and months' work, the pointwitl~ or without an episio- ,,~t~ i~ th,~ gm~tt~,t cancer and tips on quitting at which they not only have tomv there's ~,oin~ to be r-::- -:t.-:-.-- cla-"s"-la~r" call the American Cancer ur=~o-- e~n -se r~r. aiauon ~yp:ca,y error atiers and cancers, places it on the breast, their babies, but they also some' stretchin~- soreness On= ~ -"~ #~ , ... I of the lower abdo- safe, cesmehcally pleasing Because lymph nodes He connects the vessels . . -- ~'- ....... - " " have then- bodies back.~,a a;oo~mfort " r~ .qmith 3.9 million were still not ~oc~ety. or buttocks to create result in the woman are one of the first places that Dr. Wei left with ............... those in the transplanted Not qmte. True, they said. The soreness general- smoking. ~~ ~like breast that is a whose cancer was caughtthe body tries to fight in- . ..... lysubs]desafteracoupleof tieR, 85% were familiar~ |~[~J}~ ~anent part ofthe early, he said, although vaders, they provide dec- tissue. This vital micro- now nave a vaoy m mezr . "Of the entire popula- ~~O[[~k~ ~m's body some women who scar tars with a good indicator surgical connection ensu- arms ramer than pusmng w~ks againsttheir ribs But -~:- " ~,~,o :/h" .... ~ f~reasily may not be as of the extent of the can- res that the tissue will ,. . . ".. . As new moms are con- with the Great American~a~#t~JRu~ they 11 notice munediately w,~i,= with the_ ~r~ Smokeout," says Webster. [|11~1: |||~ ............~ women agree thatpleased with the cosmehc cer. survive and thrive in its that their .......... bodies are still ness ~'thev .............. also are likely" "The Smokeeut is a great l|~||~m-~ | ~|~ | ~st way for a woman to aspect. . . Later, when doctors have new place. • , tfe and maximize herIn women who are gooct examined the lymph no- About three months la- a far cry. from their pre- to be coping with consti- American success story, • FENCE8 • ~s is to: candidates for lumpectomy des, they can determineter, in a procedure done pregnant days.. , pation. "You tend to have and we want to keep it ~ The most obvious pRy- constipation during preg- that way so that smokers • Chain Link i Perform monthly and irradiation, this ap- whether a woman also will under iocal anesthesia, Dr. sical difference is the added ....... -~ ;* -,eta worse will continue to be encoura- ~ Gomm~r~l~ntlal I itself-examination, preach produces a cure need chemotherapy af- Saltz will take a small pie- weight that stubbornly :'~'~i~"v " ~ fi gedtoquit." • All Types Wood F~m~s • See her doctor regu- rate equal to mastectomy, ter her surgery to eradi- ce of tissue- typically from nnm____tel~ after de - hangs around after the ve~ " Dr Smith said To that end, the Clinch ~ UtilityHoule-llltiOI • And, if cancer were to re- care a spreading cancer, the groin area so the • , • • -~, • " And. for any woman turn, a mastectomy couldAt the same time Dr. color will match well - and baby is born. Weight gum "Hormonal changes tend County Unit of the Ameri- •G~rports- Free ~Ilmat~ • 35 or older, to talk be done at that tnne.Wei talks with his patients make an areola. The nip- directly related to preg- to make the bowels more can Cancer Society has i Gt~lom Built ~tof~ • " " nancy is about 24 pounds," sluggish." He suggests survival kits and educa- i Wln~ow~ l her doctor about hay- When there already are about mastectomy and ple is build from tissue al- a svecial diagnostic real concerns that the can- what it means, he also talks ready available at the site saidDr. Roger Smith, asso- mild exercise, a diet high tionalmaterialavallable. ~ T&TFENCING i of "the breast-called cer has spread beyond the with them about recon- of the mastectomy, tricsCiate andPr°fessorgynecology°f obste-at the enema in bulk andif necessaflUids' and an, i paniesAS thebecomeCigarette moreC°m" ~ ~TgG0" ilqC ~• ~nmo~ram lump, it is in the best in- struction and what it can The latest approach is ry" he women who are terest of the patient to have mean. a modification of older Medical College of Gear--suggest trying to stay aggressive in targeting • ,, ~_'~'~.~ "• "in the hands of a goodapproaches and reconstruc- gia. "Most of that is lost away from laxatives," he groups like women and mi- • r- ~, ~x ~-w~,• in the first six weeks." said "You can become de- Rarities, we want to make ~ Waycro~, ~. surgeon, sometimes you tieR in which flaps - taken Nature sees to it that moth- ~endent on them" ~.. ~~~~4~. .. It can't tell the difference~ from the back but left s n p e n .,', u n a he said of the refined tec- partially attached to main- ers shed that weight el- --nf .... r .... h;mdt~,m a Y fortlessly, but as far as ............ "~ ..... . OF tAKR N0 niques now available for rain blood supply - were characteristic of new non-baby weight is con- " WeffE'S TV reconstruction, pulled to the front of the - . . motherhood m exhaustmn. cerned, morns are on then" ..... - Sha k Rec°nstructi°n can begin ~h°~aWtY~teha .... ur. ~n~m recommenas a rbe ¢ u e ¢ as early as the same op- easnt~h:~]a;pp:=a:h own. A bit of extra weight, napping when the baby Call Consignment Warehouse stretch marks and peachy nano ;f ,~oo;hl~ ~,d across from Bob Williams Ford ~d~ And S-J d-~y eration in which the breast v ....... settling for less than per- tu r is removed. Dr. Wei says ed, .lower abdominal stomachs are common .._~o., - ~. .......... 487-2178or remnants o~ gwm.g b~rth: fection around the house.482-2060 Day or Night --S p there are pluses to this tissue is partially dissect- .Another . Lmmedla.te ,in the first few weeks, get if no answer-answering machine will take your cell ecial approach, because it saves ed and pulled under thepostpalzum change ~ as much rest as possible," TV ' s can be left daily and picked up em Thursdays p nner $3 the women a second sur-skin and up to the breast breasts suddenlyfilledwith sdvis "Yo.' ~,ota LL SERVICE HOMERVlLLE Shrim .25 gical procedure and has- area. . ......... he ..... ed ....ve o--_ pitalization and has no But flapsaren'tthe mtlK. ~otners, especmuy built-in excuse to let the W l nni those who don't breast house slide for awhile and ;pice-d L"$3:50' o, Di,ner impact on cure ratos, only options, feed, may have to contend get help from family and • EACH THURSDAY When reconstruction Breast implants that look with engorgement, or the friends" is the woman's choice, somewhat like heavy duty hardening of the milk. The New" mothers should ,Sor~|co All Makes And | 10d pen Sunday- 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. Dr. Renato Saitz, MCG plastic bags, can be pla- condition is uncomforta- see their obstetrician six plastic, surgeon, likes to ced under the muscle b~ but only temporary, weeks after childbirth toWe also carry a good line of used color TV's at ........ ~rs suggest aspirin, discuss any of these chaR- reasonable prmes. tectomy and discuss op- nkastectomy, The ifiaplants " " ~" e - omerville. Ga. lions. He also prefers that have a valve and tubing breast-binding a~d , ~c gas and to assure the TERMS AVAILABLE the rebuilding start at the which are placed under the packs to lessen non-nurs- healing process is on tar- ing mothers' discomfort - - ur Futur I Advance Advisement and Registration for Winter Quarter 1991 November 19-2 I, 1990 rs I l I -excellent programs of study leading to an exciting and rewarding future, -wide variety of classes - morning, afternoon, and night, -individualized academic advisement, -advanced computer and science labs, -very low cost, as little as $341 for full-time enrollment. If you were enrolled any quarter in 1989, watch your mail for all the details on registration. If you haven't attended recently or have never attended SGC, call us at 383-4200 in Douglas; outside of Douglas call 1-800-342-6364. I l i I Your future is I |