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November 15, 1990     The Clinch County News
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November 15, 1990

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WHEREAS, since from the very beginning, people of our nation have been bound by a common thread of uncommon th...a thread of truth which the loom ot listory has woven into a fabric of society that is and envied throughout the world; and WHEREAS, the recognition of this truth is revealed in our Pledge of Allegiance the with the words, "One Nation Under words with which we proudly yet humbly acknowledge our historical reliance Upon a higher power to guide and sustain us; and WHEREAS, the words, "One Nation Under also reflect that most fundamental freedom all...the very welispring of liberty which this country great and enriches our lives • ..the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience; NOW, THEREFORE, as Mayor, City of Ho- I enthusiastically commend the Ex- e Clubs of America, and in particular, the Club of Homerville, for implementing program of information and inspiration which )hasizes the cherished concept of "One Na- Under God" among our people; and I do proclaim the month of November as "One Under God" Month within this commu- and I further urge that all of our citizens join Exchange in recognizing and celebrating reality that America began and remains ~One Nation Under God, with Liberty and Jus- '.e for All." Bill Forbes, Mayor There are over 27,000 retired teach- who have dedicated many years of their lives to public education in Georgia; and HEREAS: Those retired teachers have provi- de d for the educational development of our child- ren, producing millions of outstanding Geor- gians, and continue to be a major source of in- Sight and direction for our state and nation; and WHEREAS: Retired teachers possess valuable knowledge and experiences of a lifetime, and may have returned to service as classroom aides or substitute teachers, continuing to use their Skills to enrich the educational process; and WHEREAS: The Georgia Retired Teachers Association has, for more than three decades, cledicated its efforts to improving the welfare of retired educators and has provided opportuni- ties for them to become involved in community Iservices and activities; and WHEREAS: It is fitting that a day be set aside for citizens to express their thanks and apprecia- tion for the outstanding service provided by the retired teachers of Georgia; now THEREFORE: I, Joe Frank Harris, Governor of ithe State of'Georgia, do hereby proclaim the day ~f November 18, 1990, as "RETIRED TEA, t~HER'S DAY*.~ Georgia, and urge all our citi~ Zens ,to join In paying special tribute to our ~tate s retired teachers and the lasting contri- butions they have made to the education of our Children. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set rny hand and caused the Seal of the Executive Department to be affixed. This 2nd day of July 1990. " rri" Joe Frank Ha • Governor Attest Tom Lewis Senior Executive Assistant WHEREAS: The Governor of the State of Geor- gia has proclaimed the day of Sunday, November 18, 1990, to be known as Georgia Retired Teach- ers I)ay; and WHEREAS: There are 27,000 retired teachers ~nd other retired educators in Georgia, 13,000 whom are members of the Georgia Retired Association (GRTA); and The retired educators of Georgia y those affiliated with the Georgia Teachers Association and local units of Teachers Associations return to the state compensation, hundreds of thous- hours of vital community service, and AS: Local Churches will recognize the contributions made and being made by educators in this community, Now, I, Bill Forbes Mayor of Homer- itle, do hereby proclaim that Sunday, November 1990, is hereby to be known as "Retired Day" and I call upon the citizens of this y to observe that day in an appro- manner honoring the retired educators our midst. Bill Forb~;s Recreation Park Committee announ- a Recreat{on Parle Dire )r is needed. that feels quaH-fied to hold th/s -- need to contact the recreat{on -for qual/fi-cation and other Deadline for quali- [s Mon- November 26. responsfb/li-t{es/ncl'ude rtmning little 'and gfrls' basl¢etball teams, five little league baseball, adult men women softball. Those wish g to need to conta Macl Manley, Morri n, W ml¢ St l land, or Charlfe Moorehead. CLINCH COUNTY NEWS THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 15, 1990 Page 5 have hear that antichrist View From ISE Seekinf ticipated in the ISE pro- • shall come, even now are grams have reported a new theremanyantichrists..." The Pew Host Familiesi appreciation for world 2) I John 4:3 - "every culture and a great satis spirit that confesseth not By lma ~~ n that Jesus Christ is come in Americans are open' g faction in opening thei~ WHEREAS, The concept of a free and equal the flesh is not of God:Christian~ their homes to the world home and hearts to a visi education is an American tradition and this and this is that spirit of more each year. A grouptot. dedicated to expanding the Students involved in the country' s strength; and antichrist, whereof ye international experience exchange program are have heard that it should "God Bless America is looking for people to join sponsored by ISE, which is WHEREAS, the students of today will be the come; and even now al- The strains of"God Bless in the program which par- a U.S. Information Agency leaders of tomorrow; and ready is it in the world." America" exploded overticipants have said, "is the designated program. In 3) 2 John 1:7 - "For many some 30,000 people attend- most wonderful learningthe past eight years, ISE WHEREAS, All citizens have a responsibility deceivers are entered into ing a conference in Dallas, opportunity I could give my has served as the host tosupport education; the world, who confess not ~'exas in 19~. ~e L'~pact family." agency for 1025 students Now, therefore, that Jesus Christ is come in was immediate and fierce. International Student from 17 countries. The visit l, William L. Forbes, Mayor, City of Homerville the flesh. This is a decei- As one person, that corn- Exchange (ISE), a non- by the foreign student can and I, George Allen Sirmans, Chairman, ver and an antichrist." Now notice, John was not pany of people rose to its profit educational founda- range from three months Clinch CountyCommissioners writing specifically to peo- feet, shaking with patrio- tion with representatives to a full school year do hereby proclaim November 11-17 as ple today. He was writing tic emotion, applauding,, throughout the United depending upon the wish-' AMERICAN EDUCATIONWEEK to Christians living in his and many with tears inStates, is seeking hostes of the host family. their eyes. They sustain- families in the area. Robert Fink, President of day, almost2000 years ago. ed that posture and that Families that have par-ISE, reported that with the and urge all citizens to make a commitment to John did not say that a education and to the future of Homerville, Clinch specific evil man wouldemotion throughout the opening of the Soviet- County, Georgia's children by visiting their Io- arise. He said that many song, and then the applau- Bloc nations many eastern cal schools and by donating their time and tal- antichrists wer living then, se was so thonderous it enjoy European countries are ents to help make the schools even better. 2000 years ago. demanded an encore. • for the government now encouraging student What were those peo- they work for exchange for the first time The phrase "Antichrist" pie feeling then? How • for their families they in more than three deca- was not talking about a man much of that emotion want to protect. . des. This new opening in NOV. 15 IS C0[d Searching The or a thing. It was talking should we feel today? Do The least the rest of us European countries has • about an attitude, that is we pray "God Bless Ameri- can do, it seems to me, is presented ISE with a won- Turkey flay( Scri,tures denying Jesus was God's ca?" Are we grateful for to remember our Military derful opportunity to broa- Son. Friends, this attitude the "land of the free and every day, not just on Vet- ded its present efforts for m 465,000 Expected To ~uit From the Homervilleis as old as the Christian the home of" the brave", erans Day, but every day. international understand- While everyone knows Church of Christ religion. The Bible does as our national anthem We could pray for our ing. Those interested in that the fourth Thursday By Randy Vaughn not teach that an "Anti- says? What about all ofCountry's leaders like the becoming a host family of November is Thanksgiv- Is The Anti-Christ Soon christ" will come and de- those brave, courageousBible tells us to do, and be can call ISE at 1-800- ing Day, Americans are not ToAppear? ceive the world before young men and women thankful for both. (1 Tim. 766-4656 for the nameof the so familiar with the asso- Many times the state- Christ's coming. Rather, who stand ready day and2:1,2) We could even dis- nearest representative. ciation between turkeys ment has been made thatit teaches that there night around the world to play our American Flag. and the third Thursday of "The Anti-Christ" is corn- have always been and guarantee our freedom? November. ing and will soon trigger always will be "antichrists" According to Noel Grie- the "Battle of Armaged- or (people who do not be- Do we remember them in se, chairman of the Ameri- don." Some teach that the lieve in Jesus). our prayers? can Cancer Society's "Anti-Christ" is a man or a Where then, did this This week we had Veter- Great American Smoke- machine which Bible pro- idea of an evil dictator come ant Day to remember and out in Georgia, while the phecy says will come to de- from? Many have used honOrand allthemilitarysurviv°rSpersonnel.°f wars fourth Thursday is turkey ceive the nations of the the passage in 2 Thessa- That day on CBN one day, the third Thursday world. Theories have been Ionians 2:3-9. It says, young Navy man told (~N]~]~P ~N]~I~]RPR|~F~¢~ is the time for millions of made that it is even a"...that day (Christ's re- why they go "into harms .... ~'- ~-,~-'--',~-'---- Americans to quit smoking computer or the world mar- turn) will not come, except way": ltt. JFO JDOX ~OJL, "cold turkey" for a day or ket that will gain a strong there come a falling away • for the freedom we ])OUT'AS, GA. PHONE #384-8866 more. influence and deceive first, and that man of sin The Great American the world. Is this what the be revealed, the son of ~. • I ' Smokeout is a lively,Bible teaches? No! perdition." However, even tator would have to be Commerceo.- upbeat event that aims at This is a far cry from in this passage, Paul shows over 2000 years old. That is m . _. g a _e | absurd I 1 getting smokers to quit for what the Bible really says us that it was not a man, . KeSlclenlrt¢ll 24 hours - in the hope that about the phrase "anti- but a system of false The Bible simply does ~-I = ~m " if they quit for that long, christ". This phrase "anti- teaching started by man. not teach the modern rnur©nes-Dorns- christ" only occurs in four In verse 7 Paul said, "The theories of a specific "-'." ~"- ~- ,, they may quit for good. At the least, they'll have a passages of the entire mystery of iniquity doth antichrist. It teaches us to ~h~l~r~ success on which to build a Bible. And John is the only already work..." Now ifalways beware of skep- __• ,~==~=='=~="~ _ future attempt to quit apostle who mentions this was a specific evil man tics who deny Jesus. In II~IlJaI~'~BRI ~11~! I1=1~11~ this phrase. Notice what living in Paul's day, and every age. We will dis- =em==m~m~v=l m..=,mm = =v~ smoking. Griese noted that in hesays: the evil "man" was to de- cuss this more next week. ~H~u~eS 1989, an estimated 17.9 1) I John 2:18,22 - "ye ceive the world. This dic- Thank you for your interest. "~ ~"~ -- - million of America's 50 million smokers partici- ~~~~~~ pated in the Great Ameri- . can Smokeout. One to three days later, 3.9 mil- lion were still not smoking. Extrapolating these numbers to Georgia, if re~lts of the 14th annual S qnokeout on November l'5th parallel those of 1989, it may be expected that in the Peach State along, about 465,000 of approxi- mately 1.3 million smokers will participate in the Smokeout, and one ot three days later, 101,000 of them will still not be smoking. Griese said that the American Cancer Society is particularly interested in encouraging groups such as women and minori- ties to participate in the Smokeout. "These are the consu- mer groups that tobacco I companies are targeting," he said. "So while Smoke- out activities are rele- vant to everyone, we are making special efforts to reach these groups." For more information on Great American Smoke- out activities, contact your local American Cancer SO- ciety office. For more in- formation about smoking and cancer or to get tips can°n quitting' call the Ameri- ~Cancer Society toll- EUGENIO CASTILLO, M.D. ,ee Internal Medicine State Revenue Collections GUY W. MANN,.M.D. Reported Famtly Practtce State Revenue Commis- sioner Marcus Collins ~ announced today that net revenue collections for the month of October totaled $539,194,320.96 compared to $525,160,659.44 for Oc- tober of last year, an in crease of $14,033,661.52. "~ The percentage increase is ~ 2.7%. Collections for the first four months of the current The new center will be located ~ fiscal year totaled $2,256,- -- 424,171.05 compared to across the parking lot from Louis $2,167,100,720.64 last Smith Memorial Hospital in year, an increase of $89,- 323,450.41. The percen- Lai eland. tage increase is 4.1%. Individual income tax , ~ "~ growth was slightly above the year-to-date figure while corporate income Lakeland Family Medical Care will be open to see pa- tax collections remain weak Sales tax growth for the tients from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday - Thursday, and month was somewhat less from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays. than the year-to-date per- centage. Appointments can be made by calling 482-3800 Regular vision checks Walk-ins are welcome. and proper safety pre- cautions can help keep 840 W. Thigpen Ph. 482-3800 takeland Ga.