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November 3, 1950     The Clinch County News
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November 3, 1950

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THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1950. LEGION AUXILIARY MEETING TUESDAY NIGHT LAST WEEK By Mrs. C. A. Smith The regular meeting of the A- merican Legion Auxiliary was held on Tuesday evening of last week at the Veterans Home, with Mrs. Rob- err Thigpen, Mrs. O. L. McQueen, and Mrs. 'W. B. Walton, Jr., as hos- tesses. Supper was served jointly with the Legionnaires and a good atten- MAN WANTED Man with car wanted for route work. $1S to $20 in a day. No exper- ience or capital required. Steady. Write today. MR. SHARP, 120 East Clark Street, Freeport, III. (11-10) = J FOR SALE 50 sheets of 4x8 sheet rock. If in- terested see W. A. Dewar, DuPont. 25c rolls of kraft paper gummed dance of both groups was present. ]tape. Ha~dy for wrappinz packages, The meeting opened with the ] etc. Also parcel post labels, first singing of "The Star Spangled Ban- ner" and the Salute to the Flag was followed by special prayer for world peace and the United Nations. The Legion and Auxiliary voted to cooperate with the school Iunch program and two children will be taken care of through the Child Welfare division. Serving as co-hostesses to Veter- ans Hospital No. 62, Augusta, our unit will send a check to help de- fray expenses in providing recrea- tional enLertainment for November. The American Legion Auxiliary gives several million dollars annual- ly toward rehabilitation for the dis- abled men and women who have served our country so faithfully. Through a well-planned program, not provided for by our govern- ment, many happy and profitable experiences are derived from these recreational activities. Rehabilita- tion and Child Welfare being our most important phases of work. Nov. llth is "Poppy Day" and un- der the direction of Mrs. D. O. Tom- linson, poppy chairman, we hope to ilicrease our annual sales this year. Funds derived from this sale go for rehabilitation work and your coop- eration is solicited. "Wear a poppy and show your faith in our times." These poppies are made by disabled veterans for the aid of disabled veterans. The poppy is a living memorial to our war dead. It is a salute to valor. It is a badge of honor. The table arranged for the "Christmas hospital shower" was at- class mailing labels, "glass" labels, other office supplies at News' Office. 0 STRAYED OR STOLEN Black and tan hound puppy, about 4 months old, male, no collar. $5.00 reward for information leading tol recovery. --- W. S. McConnell, Horn-I erville, l 1-3 [ --i FOR SALE [ i Used Royal portable typewriter, with! case. $35.00. If interested, notify % News Office. FOUND One set GM car keys. Owner may ob- tain same at News office by first pay- ing cost this adv. {)'~'0'~.(),~,(),~.0 0 ()~ Palmolive Soap, Reg. 3 for ........... 29 Palmolive Soap, Bath, 2 for ........ .23 Octagorl Toilet Soap, 3 for .......... .25 Super Suds, large ............................ .29 Vel - each ......... ., .................................. 29 Octagon Soap, 3 for ........................ .25 Octagon Powder, Reg. 2 for .......... 19 Octagon Powder, Giant Pkg .......... 27 Fab, each ...................................... 29 Libby's Vienna Sausage ................. 20 Libby's Potted Meat, 3 for ............. 27 Libby's Spaghetti and Meat ........ .25 Libby's Deviled Ham ....................... 20 Libby's Lunch Tongue .................... :33 Libby's Liver Spread ......... . ............... 15 Libby's Veal Loaf ............................. 37 tractively decorated in red berries and greenery with lighted red can-ill riles. We hope to increase our "gift ]J giving" before the package is sent to designated hospital. We are look-]~, ing forward to and planning for Ill Christmas activities which willbe l J announced later. I ~,(),~.()F C ii i ii t III I , '~(' ii iii i . I I -- Help Protect Small Counties of Georgia! -- Prevent Political Domination by Big Cities!* -- Break Up Political Machines at County Line! -- Keep Control of Georgia in Hands of Georgians! BE SURE! Fi Often at election time, we get all stirred up over persons run- ning for office. Next Tuesday, we have the opportunity and duty to vote for something that is bigger and mare important to Clinch County anfl Georgia than any candidate for any office. The people of Georgia are to vote on whether ar not to extend the COUNTY-UNIT SYSTEM to the General Election. NOTHING NEW. For many years Georgians:have been elect- ing their state officials under the County Unit System in their Democratic Party Primaries, which is equivalent to electjon. In recent years, growing concentrations of people in big cities have resulted in more and more huge "block voting." Threats are being heard that these multitudes of block voters in the big cities are going to use the General Election to overcome the primary elec- tion, elect their big city candidate, and thus destroy the influ- ence of small counties in our state government. PROTECTING SMALL COUNTIES. The little counties have a real voice in saying who is elected in the Primary election, be- cause the County Unit System tends to equalize the influence and voting power between little and large counties. Thus, neither can successfully dominate the state government through the use of overwhelming vote power. Contrary to what County Unit opponents say, the County Unit System does not give domination to little counties because, as we all know, some of them vote one way and some theother way. It does, however, discourage radi- cals from running for high office and organizing block-voting, political machines in big cities for use in state races. Because of all this, some of our REAL Georgia leaders have proposed to extend the County Unit System to the General Election. This will close the door to radicals and outside influences which would try to dominate the state government by stirring up these masses of city voters. If the 'County Unit System is good enough for the Primary election, then it should be good enough for the General Election. Why all the agitation in Atlanta against iL? Who is behind it? " the eight big city counties have only 6 unit votes each. When a candidate carries a county, he gets all its unit votes. In this way, and nly in thLis way' a rural cunty can effectively express its political will and influence. Had you rather have the "bi city method" all other states have? WE WILL KEEP IT---BUT! Whether or not the County Unit ([1 ----, ---, ---, System wins next Tuesday, wilLkeep it in the primary elec- "--- --- --- gates, have the control in the Legislature and the Democratic Lion. The little counties, through thAr Representatives and dele- Convention to keep it in the primary. But the General Election V .Here s gasoline that's really new.., gasoline of new SUPER-POWER... This is important. Opponents of the County Unit System have few, high anti-knock.., new, money-saving mileage.., the finest gaso- tried everything, including repeated court tests, to have it thrown ' line ever madebySinclair for your car. And into this Super Sinclair Ga o- i out, but all failed. They have one last resort. To organize city ' line is blended Sinclair's miracle rust inhibitor, RD-119. RD-119 stops /i' . voters in the General E ection, and make the County Unit Pri- xust and corrosion in your gas tank and whole fuel system--stops staUing, " mary Election ineffective I They are now planning just that. WE hard starting and costly repairs caused by rust and corrosion. Get new carmot let them get away with it. '%,SUPER-POWER, plus new Anti-Rust Pmtection.':'-Stop at the H-C sign. REMEMBER THIS: The city group in Atlanta and Macon _ -- . . : NEW - ANTI RUST that opposes the County Unit S, stem isthesame group that wants to abolish and consolidate counties (abolish our county and courthouse, and run and tax us from Waycross or Valdosta). S ii I /C i[ AllR It is the same group that has had dealings with socialistic and Communistic national organizatons. DO YOU WANT TO E,N- COURAGE SUCH AS THAT? A THOUSAND TIMES NO!! . GASOLINE WllrH RD 119 SINCLAIR FUEL OILS ALSO CONTAIN RD.119 ANTI.RUST G. C Ht l .s, J ! . ro Supplier of Sinclair Products . Hon .rville, Georgia Tl:.cker's Service Staticm Carl's Serv:ce Station THE MOST DEMOCRATIC METHOD. If you will sit down and think it out, you will find that Georgia has the most demo- cratic method of electing state officials of any state in the union. The County Unit System literally breaks up any organized ef- fort to control elections from big cities. In New York state, a can- didate MUST carry New York City to win, as it is almost impos- sible to get enough majority in the rest of the state to overcome the ta'emendous city vote. The same is true of Illinois and Chica- go, Pennsylvania and its cities, and other states. IN GEORGIA WE HAVE NO SUCH PROBLEM. The County Unit System makes the votes of a little county like Clinch very important to any candidate .running for office. He can win WITH OR WITHOUT the city vote. In Georgia, the little counties each have 2 Unit Votes, middle size counties 4 Unit Votes each, and