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The Clinch County News
Homerville, Georgia
November 3, 1950     The Clinch County News
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November 3, 1950

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i= :-=- .......... to have carried such county, and J Established i- 1894 shall be entitled, to the full vote of | "s'lir n, |llnll nni'l'sl'i'u |,'P'liln 'such county of the county unit ba- I Ill[: bLlHIJll IJUUH/| HLWb;sis. that is to say, two votes for I/ R !each rem'esentative to which such il HOMERVILLE, GEe GIA i county is entitled ill the lower House II~---- lef the General Assembly. if in any HI Official Organ of Chnch Coun-i coun'tv any two or more candidates H ty, the County C_ommmmoners, i shall tie for the hia'hest number of It and the City of IIomervxlle, Ga. ,,popular votes received, the county II ..... ~unit vote of such county shall be II~ ~,~ .~ H j equally divided beflween the candi- ]l al~ ~N ~-'-'-'-~--~ .~.z .~ ,dates so tyinm All such county unit "~~ ;ui~as pSha[~ r :2 ~h~i;~lae~r aa d~ys c o:{}!!r 11 ~ --,a~o-- - I1 , ed by he " sac e, y 11 ____11 l of the. State committee of the poll- I| Published Ever.. Friday, at The il ]tical party holdin,~ such primary It ,. , ~, % .. ~ .., !1 land published~ in a newspaper pub- II l~ews Uiilce, In rlomervllle ,. - . , ,~ ...... II ~.,,~,-o ...... , ............... " 11 J llsned a~ tfle t.aaDll;Ol. WlCnln three 11 IVERSON H HUXFORD ]days after the cam,Diction o~ the II ..... "P -l" - il I consolidation, certified under the II ~az~or ~ UB lsner 11 Ihands and seals of said chairman [[Re-Admitted Nov. 18, 1933, tm and secretary; and IJhe candidates IISecond-Class Mail Matter Un-ii I llSa ei° 'TSm %? t'x l lI der Act of Con~'res.~ 1 ~'79 ]l ..... II co'untv unit votes, throul~hout the • - t entire State, upon the basis above set forth, shall be declared by the (Advertisement) State con~,en,tion of the party hold- :Senate Resolution, No. 6 in~r such Primary• or the permanent Resolution Act. No. 6 chairman thereod~, or~ other party , A RI~..qC~|IITIf~N [authority. without,,f the necessity of ................. a formal ballot, to be the nominees A Resolution proposing to the of such party for the above named qualified voters of Georgia an a-l offices, resve~tively, and it shall be mendm,en~t to the Constitution by the duty of the State executive com- 8trikin~ theretfrom Paragraph IV mittee elected or appointed at such of Section I of Article V in its an- convention, or by its authority, ~r tirety, and insertin~ in lieu thereo,f Ithe chairman or secretary thereof, a new paragraph providinR" for the or other authority of such party, to election of U. S. Senator Governor, see to it that the n~me.~af all such IAeuteiaant Govern,or, State House successful candidates shall be placed officers, Justices of the Supreme upon the tickets or ballots of such Court and Jud~es of the Court o~ party at the general election foHow- A~veals, on a County Unit basis; ing such nrimary, and such success- and providing for the nomination of ful candidates shall be considered. candidates for Unite@ States Send- deemed and, held as the duly nomin- tar• Governor, Lieutenant G~verno,r, ated candidates of such party for State House o~icers, Justices of Su- the o~fices named: Provided, that l~reme Court. and Jud~.~s of the [in the event there are only two can- Court of Appeals. in all primary e- didates for. any.. l>articuhr, office re- lections, held by any ~olitical party, ferred to in thin sectmn, and it shall on, a County Unit basis; to set forth hi.ear. ~fter the consolidation of the metbo~t and procedure to be fol- all of the county unit votes t,hrough- lowed," an@ for other ~urnoses [out the State, that said candidates BE IT RESOLVED BY THE: ave received an equal number of GEI~EIRAL ASSEMBLY OF GEOR- county unit votes• the one who shall GIA: have received a majority of the ~op- S~TI~Xl ~ ular votes shall be declared by the ' - ...... State convention of the party hold- Upon the approval of this Resolu- in.g such primary, or the per~nanent tion in the manner hereinafter pro- chairman thereof, or other party au- vialed, that Parat~rawh IV of Section thority, without the necessity of a I of Article V, the same relatin~ to formal bal'Iot, to be the nominee of the election of Governer axd the such narty for such office: and it t~rocedure and metho~d of counting Mmll be the d~ty of the State execu- the votes, be and the same is here- tire committee elected or appointed bv revealed by striking in its an- at such convention, or by its author- tiretv all of sai4 ParaRTaph IV of ity. or the chairman or secretary ~ection I of Article V, which reads thereo~, or other authority of such as follows: party, to see to it that the name of such successful candidate shall be "Para~ral~h IV. How returns pub- placed upon the tickets or ballots fished: The, members of each branch of such Tarry at the general elec- the General Assembly shall con-. tion followimz such primary, and veae in the Regresen,tative HMI, such successful candidate shall be and the President of the Senate and considered, deemed and held as the • ~e~ker o~ the House of Represen- tatives shall open and publish the returns in the presence and under the directio~ of the General Assem- bly: and tbe person hav~ng the ma- jority of the whole number'of votes, shall be declared dub" elected GoT- ernor of this State; but. if no per- son shMl have such majority, then d~ly nom~ated candidate of such party for the office n~med: Provi- ded, further, that if n~ convention of such party shall be called or held. the declaration of the result shall be made in such manner as may be nres~ribed by the State com- mittee or other authority of such paxty." from the two persons havin,~ the "Provided further that if in the highest number of votes, who shall event no candidate in a Primary re- be in life, and, shall not ~tecline an calves a majority of the County unit election at the, time appointed for vote, that the question and deter- the General Assembly to elect, the I mmatmn' " af a run-over Primary shall,, General Assembly shall immediately, ~be governed' ag provided by law. elect a Governor viva race; and in all cases of election of a Govern~r j SECTION 2. by the General Assembly• a major- ity off the members present shall be necessary to a choice," and that in lieu thereof a new Para- graph be substituted, to be known as Para~rra~h IV of Section I of Ar- ticle V oi" the Constitution of the State of Geared, and which shall read as follows: "Paragravh IV. How Returns pub- lished---The members of each branch BE IT RESOLVED by the Gen- eral Assembly of Georgia, that when this amendment shall have been a- greed to by two-thirds of the mem- bers elected to each of the two Hou- ses of the General Assembly the same ~hall be on,tared on their jour- nals with the "ayes" and "nays" taken thereon and shall be uublished !and submitted to, the people for rat- of the General Assembly shall con- ification or rejection as one sin~'le vane in the Representative Hall. and amendment to the Constitution at the presidin~ officer of the Senate !the next ~eneral election in 1950, and Speaker of the House of Revre- as provided by law. Those voting sentatives shall oven and publish the in favor of the ratification of the returns in the presence and under amendment herein, proposed shall the direction, of the General Assam- have written or printed on their bal- l w " ots the aria for electing, and bly; and the per~eOnhl~l~nr~ the o~:" ]nominating by l>olitical parties. U, joritv of the wh : o v e , i upon a county unit basis as herein- S. Senator, Governor. Lieutenant- after set out shall be declared duly Governor. Secretary of State. The elected Governor of this State; the Attorney General. The Grate School person receiving the highest number S~perin,tendent. the Comptroller of popular votes in any given county General. the Treasurer. The Cam- shall be considered to have carried missioner of Agriculture, and the such County. and shall be entitled IC°mmissioner o@ Labor, Justices of to the full vote of such County on Sunreme Court and Judges of the the county unit basis, that is to say, Court of Ala~eals. by the people on " ° " n two votes for each representative to a county umt basis. Those vote g which such county is entitled in the a~ainst the ratification of the a- Lower House of the General Assam-mendmentc herein laroposed shall bly, If in anv County any two or have written or prin~ted on their bal- more t>ersons shall tie for the hi~'h- es~ number o~ popular votes re- ceived, the County unit vote of such County shall be equally divided be- tween the nersons so tying. If no ~er~on shall have a majority of the lots the word "A~ainst electing and nominating by nolitieal patties, U. S. Senator, A Governor, Lieutenant- Governor. Secretary of State, the Attorney General• The State School Superin,tendend~. The Comptroller total county un,it votes, then the General, The Treasurer, the Com- ~erson, having the RTe~test number missioner of Agriculture. Justices of of coun,tv unit votes shall be de- the Sunreme Court and Judge~ of elared duly elected Governor. the Court of Appeals and the Cam- [missioner of Labor, by the people "Paragraph IV (a). Atl general on a county unit basis." If a majori. and special elections for U. S. Sen-try of the electors qualified to vote ators. Governor, Lieu, tenant Gover-for members of the General Assem- a.or. Secretary o,f State, AttorneY, bly, voting thereon, shall vote fay.. General, state School Superinten-i the ratification thereof, when the dent_ Comptroller General, Treasur- returns shall be consolidated as now or. Commissioner of Agriculture, required by law in election for Morn- Commissioner of L~bor. Justices-of bers of the General Assembly. and the Su.oreme Court and Judges of I return, thereof made to the "Gover- the Court of Appeal@ shall be on friar" then he shall declare said a- the county unit basis and the pro- mendment adopted• and make pre- visions of Paragraph IV above shall i clamati~n of the result thereof, and apply to all such elections. , said ame'Bdment shall become a hart "Paragraph IV (b). Whenever of the Constitution, of the State of any political party shall hold m% Georgia. mary eleotions for nomination, of candidates for United States Send- S. MARVIN GRIFFIN tar. Governor, State House officers, President of Senate Justices of the Supreme Court. and :GEORGE D. STII~'ART Judges of the Court of Appeals, suchl, Secretary of Senate party or its authorities shall cause all car~didates for nomination for FRE'D~ HAND said 'offices to be voted for on one ,Speaker off House o,f Representatives and th~ same day throughout the [$OE BOONE State• which is hereby fixed as the I Clerk of House of Representatives second Wednesday in Septeanber of S.R. 6 each year in wl~ch there is a regu- lar ~eneral electron. Candid, ates for~ APPROVED: nominations to tie above-named o.f- HERMAN E. TALMADGE flees who receive, resve~ively, the Governor hi~hest number of ~o~ular votes in any given county shall be considered ,This 10 day o,f February. 1949. THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1950, (Advcrtisenlcnt) [ or o~hvr evi(,er, ces of such Jr, dabbed- ....... • .... Senate Resolution No. 18 ~ness in a total amount in excess of I Resolution Act No: 22 (such antic]paLedrevenue for sucl~ r I N ~ d~ ~I~I~,ETM ~,MI H ml~ lib II ar " 1 ' 0 A RESOLUTION • N % W ! / N il To amend Paraffraph 4. of ScctionI aECTION ~. i] | ~" ~ I~ ~i~ |~ ~l Vi | ~ IH r| 7 of Article 7 of the Constitution of ..... ..... ', | the State of Georgia ~o as to include ~ lieu ~tig amc.,mment go the Con- | I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l~ ~ @It ~ ,~ It ~ ~ m m a a~ • '" • [stitution ~hell h,~ve been approved: " :IF" thereto county boards of education " .,~ . ~. , . , , j ~ ~§ M~ ~ ~[~ ~. I~k," [~z ~| ~.~ ]t~ ~ ~| V . • r " ' • ~ ~Y the klfdllel'Ltt .~ssemDly O[ tllC r ' as having authority to obtain and o .......... i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~',~ ~ ~ ~J [~| r~d~ |~ / "" n 'o s ~' ~:ei -reel" ~ ~oLa.Le oi t~eol'g]a iu tile manner pro-~ i "-- "~" ~" '~ ~" ~' ~ ~~mvammzzil II 1 cur 1 arf as tile " n p ace. • , , L -- ~ . ;! ......... ",'Idea ov jaw the Governor oz this'I BE IT ENACTEID BY THE GJ~N- ~State shall" in the 1 nn '~ " : ~ , , ~ . ~ . l n a er Drovloeu i ERAL ASSEMBLY OF GEORGIA, [ b'" '"w cau~,, ~u, o~na~ +" u ...... ~ *| AND IT IS HEvREBY ENACTED I upon by the peo,,le of the State at i J ~ ~ ~i~ ~t ~ ~] . ~ ! i i~ II II ~1~ .~hA~u~nu~,~sx u~, ~s~r~ ~,x~ [ the next ~eneral election heM for I I I~I~,/~1 ~ I II | II $/11 II --~ I ! li~ll I~ U ~il : : ........ J such purpose. At said election the I ill i l l I I fl | fill- I ! Ill fl II ~U'I'IUN 1. Iballots shall have printed thereon,[ I |~J~~~.. ~| Ull][J~llllill • Parazraoh 4. of Section 7 of Ar-["For amendlment to Paragraph 4, I I ..... county boards of education;" by[graph," an,d "A~'ainst amendment to [i i ,~l rue tae,-~m,,~ i ackling therein after the words, "PollParagravh 4, Section 7, of Article [ I ) all inl; VY%~KIklJ litical subdivision " where they sub-17 of the Constitution of Georgia to l i ,- sequently a,ppear'in said Paragraph, tin,elude therein county board~ of ed- i | Licensed in all 48 States, District of Columbia, " the words "or county board of edu- ~ ucation, as having authority to ob- [ | "Alaska Hawaii ~- t'-,n,,-i-, ~v.-. ¢~or~ ~ cation;" by addin~ after the word[tain the loans larovide@ in said nara-} I ' ,. . ."----.'~'~-. "~.'--n'---,---,--- "collected," in the second sentence [gravh." If a majority of the quail-I I in Denerlts pala to poilcyowners, • of said naragraph thor WOrdS, "or-re- Iliad voters at such election shall [ I ceived;" and by striking" the word. vote "For" the ratification of the l | ......... "and", where it appears before the ] amendment• the same shall become [ I U P P £ K I IN ~ i words. "political subdivision of thegn part of the Constitution of the[ | : State authorized! to levy taxes," in I State of Georgxa, and the Gover- I I ~ • $ ..~ • ~ 4 e,.a said Paragraph, and by striking the [nor o,f the State shall make procla-J I ~...F~.Af~.4~I~ ~~.~.~. i word "or", where it subsequently mation thereof• I ----w-~ ....... i,.-v-,.v~lr.-v~,- appears in said nara~raph before the II r,' . words. "political subdivision," sol SECTION 3. II PROVIDES HEALTH AND ACCIDENT BENEFITS-: that this Par~vraph, asamended, That II la I ~: will read as follows" [. ~.a.. ws, .and parts of. laws, t I PAYABLE FOR LIFE WHILE TOTALLY DISABLED ~ • ln~ connlc~ nerewn;n arerelaealecl. ~ ~: "In addition to the obligationsiS. MAR~IN GRIFFIN [I , FROM ACCIDENT OR CONFINING SICKNESSr ' • President of Senate J ~' ' " heune]nb:f°~. ~°.~ii::i se~thviC°::t~ I GE?egtaGrE D~ sS:nEawART | t the State authomzed to levy taxes, . , te | I and counCy board, of education, is REp HAND . _ I . . l" n • 'll" i m - i • "- ~ven the authority to make temnor- I ~peaKer oI _house oI l~e~resentat~es [ I U P I/X L I L Igt/I U INI ary loans between January 1st and I Jo , BooH . _ . I I ......... .--_-------- -- -- l-~ooemhor .ql~t in ~aoh v~nv tn n~v ~terK at ~ouse oz r~epresenmtives J I ~.:. AN[) : ex-pen-'ses-for"such~ye'ar:-upo'n ~he APPROVED: [ I ~ $1 II~I#mll ~A~ Ilml~ IAmm s e ate HERMAN E TALMADGE following condition : The alzgr g ^ • I | [ ~U~=~|~=~At ~UVlmK~,~ ~overnor --- -- amount of all such loans of such . t I ~: ........... Coun,ty, municilmlity, political subdi- Thzs 25 day of February. 1949• J I ~ OR vision or county board of education _i_..____~~ I I ~; ~ ~ outstandin~ at any one time, shall li I KI-/_/ I/ • __,~g • , not exceed 75% of the total gross GOOD OPENING [t I fl f: & I ! income of such county, municivality, ,/I |V .......... ""-- "" = " " political subdivision or county board Profitable Connection II I : of education, from taxes collected I[i T Y P E S O F c n v a P. bv such county municipality, poli- • l ~ .F ,, -- =. n ~ .= ..... ,... "" . ~. , Ohio Corporation leaders in automo,i i ~]cai suoa]vmzon or county ooaru ox tive fJ ........... II ........... . . ela and Ii¢enseGTO OO OUSl education in the last precedln~ year. . . "I I Join tlhe thhnch-l chol$ community hospztal, Such loans shall be payable on or be- ness In every state is offering a ii i J. • • • ~ ,, .- fore inDec, e~i~l~r 31StoaO~ the calendar fc~:::::se in this county on an extl/ medical ann 8urglcal group, r..nroll toady. y i i s eh l an is made. No , p!tented, nstioniily edver-II / ....... ---- ............. loan may be made in any Year under tised product. This business can be ]I / the nrovisions o~f this Paragraphcarried on from your home or small, J ROY F. MORGAN when there is a loan then unpaid office in your communit,, [I[ ............... - " ~v::cth:~romsi~.oensl%tt~l°~:e~ra~.i: No_cash" ,,bond or inve'"~tment r !l l~.~,,h o 1~ 1,u,~ ,,1~,, /t,o qulrea es III mercnendiso is con t ~za"l~UC~es;i'u'ti~o~'l'.~c~] flr?'~'a~e'~°r'°' "'~" signed toe man of ---d standinI I For full information on Mutual of Omahe's Voiuntsry y . r~ ng ~ne ~ rms t~ g'l of such l~an ~dopted b.v a majority Want married man with ear 2S toll i Insurence plans, mail th, ettached coupon vote of the govern.ing bodY of such 50 yelrs of I~e who cln Itlrt to I J[ counCy, city political sttbdivision or work It Onto if seiected NAME .................................... county board of education, at a Wrifo in your own hind meeting leiRa]ly held, and such rosa- lution shall appear upon the min- utes of such meeting. No such coun- ty, municipality, subdivision or county boar@ of education shall in- cur in an.y one calendar year, an ~z- ~rrc~ate of such temporary loans and other contracts or obligations for current expenses, in excess of the total an,ticinated revenue of such county, munii~pality, subdivi- sion. or county board of educa'tion for such calendar year, or issue in one calendar year notes, warrants age, education end post business bickground briefly. You will be no- tiffed where to meet us for inter. view soon after receipt of your let. ter. Address C. B. Lawson, 601 Dyal Upchurch Bldg., Jacksonville, Fia. WANTED One good'milk cow givin q two or three gallons of milk per day. Write Flem Delk, Homerville, Ga. RFD i. ADDRESS .......................................................... CITY STATE AGE ........... OCCUPATION ............................................................ MAIL COUPON TODAY FOR ,COMPLETE INFORMATION DURABILITY.... 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