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October 4, 1990     The Clinch County News
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October 4, 1990

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CLINCH COUNTY NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1990 Page 8 Got a Fat Cat, Pooch Potato? NewRegsForMedlcareSupp]ement Georgia State Vet Says Choose Dzet Carefully And Group HealthCoverage n, , Every animal has ~.be ToProteetAndlnform tics, and dec.eptivei~dver- ratrol Recognition By Susan Hammack cvaluawd u an individmd, he Consumer tising in the sale of ~Medi- Georgia Extension says "If it's a super ~tivc Georgia Insurance Corn-care supplement ATLANTA--The Georgia Service animal, he may need those missioner Warren D 6 The sale of more thanState Patrol (GSP) contin- calories. If hc's a couch Evans recently issued see- -one Medicare supplementues to garner national re- Fat cats and pooch purl- potato, he needs less calories." eral new regulations t policy is prohibited, un- cognition for its programs toes may find a surprise in If you suspect your pet is pertaining to various less the additional cover- and operations Colonel their dinner bowls as a people overweight, Reeves says it's forms of health insurance, age would insure no moreCurtis D. Earp, Jr., Com- food trend hits the pet food good idea to get your veteri- including changes that will than 100% of the indivi-missioner of Public Safety, aisle of the supezmaurk~, mri~'s opinion. It could be help consumers make in-duel's actual medical ex- was notified recently by the Low-fat is where it's at in obesity, or it could be a formed choices when buy- penses, when combihed Governor's office that the food nm~ting. And p~food medical problean that needs ing medicare supplementwith any other health Council of State Govern- manuf~:turers have latched attention such as water re~n- coverage, and protect coverage already in force, manta had selected Geor- onto the ~rend, recently an- lion associated with congcs- them from rising rates 7. Insurers will have togia s In-car Video and housing nationwide ma~A- five bezn fatima, if they're part of a small report to the InsuranceAggressive Criminal Jug through grocery stores of V~dmu~ms also ~ off~'group . Department if any of ~heir Enforcement programs for ~w-fat, low-calorie advice on pmper food for your -Medicare supptemem: Georgia customers have highlighting in its 1991 p~Recvessays. The present Medicare sup- more than one Medicare Innovations publication A University of Georgia "Tbe~ is a need in certain plement regulation has supplement policy, series. Extension Svic ve~rieadm cases, especially in older ani- been expanded to include a 8. A replacement policyThe commissioner also sayslow-fatfoodscmbewi~ .mats, to restrict caloric in- number of consumer pro- can't impose any addi- was notified by the Drug choices for Seine, but not all, take," he says. House ani- pets. reals tend to have problems Owners think, " 'If it's with obesity, too. good for me, it's good for my (Susan Hammack is a animal.' Well maybe, maybe newx editor witk tke not," says Dr. David Reeves University of Georgia of Athens, Ga. Extension Service) tection amendments, which include: 1. Benefits listed in the outline of coverage with each policy will be arran- ged in two major categor- tional waiting periodsEnforcement Administra- (such as for pre-existing tion that one of the end conditions) that were at- products of GSP's Aggres- ready satisfied under the siva Criminal Enforcement original policy. (ACE) Program, drug --Pooling small groups: interdiction, also was con- ies: the minimum standard New regulations were also tinuing to pay off. As of A benefits andthe "add-ons". issued governing the pool- July 31, Georgia ranked ue0rpm M:lrri Prnol41m* This new format is design- ing of small groups *under fourth nationally, both in o II~,,,v muvtwtOllllO ed to make it easier for 50 memners). In the pas~, interdiction of powder Beef Month Wook Tn Unnnr consumers to compare the some companies based cocaine and in confis- ww ~ulIL /u Iluilu| cost and coverages of the their rates for small groups cation of drug-related cur- Amidst October's fall h i !dr D n basic minimum benefits on the experience of each rency. colors and festivals comes a v ,,, ,u ,v.,, policy versus~ one which individual group. Thus, Another bit of national tradition important in *o* e-, fl. has additional features, one large claim could cause recognition came when the Georgia: Georgia Beef ~tOt W UG 2. New questions on significant premium in-NationalAssociation of M~nthnsored b the Geor Governor Joe Frank Har- application forms are de- creau~eS for the small Uniform Manufacturers po Y " ri ...... n,.o,~ ,,~o,~ ,~o, signed to determine, bus- gr p and Distributors selected gia Beef Beard and the ~,=~.i'~'~,r~,q~ ,t'~oo~'~; ed on the applicant's Sometimes there incre- the Georgia State Patrol 1 L Georgia Cattlemen's ~'t~h:r "~"1"4" "1"~""'~ existing coverage, wheth- ases were so severe that for an Honorable Mention ......... " -' ro e Assecmtmn, Georgm Beef ,~m~,en,. ~.~b ~oon, ~,,er he or she really needs a g up m mbers could award in the 1990 Best Month hzghhghts the eco- Geor~a The week Ion~ Medmare supplement no lunge afford cover- Dressed Police Department nomic ro!e of the cattle celebration is bein,-coo~- policy. . age. Or the company could competition. industry m the state and ~: .... ~ b-- ,t.^ ~^.._--_ 3 Insurers will be re- even choose to non-renew Colonel Earp said that focuses on the ease of pre- ~om=~ssio~ on~ C~d?en quired to establish market- the policy if it deemedthe Georgia State Patrol paring delicious beef and Youth to focus s-eclat ing procedures which an-claims excessive, was one of two programs meals. Cattle is Georgia's otton*~"n on th- no~'o of sure that any comparisonUnder new regulations, selected by the Southern thzrd largest agricultural ,.hm~ .....a ,r,,m,to of policms by their agents the result a bill Evans regional selection panel of ; cash crop, just behind broil- ~mmu'nit,~ "~invo~'vement will be fair and accurate, proposed to the 1990 Gen- the Council of State Gov- er$ and peanuts, in dealin~ with the issues and that excessive insur- eral Assembly and whichernments and one of a do- The promotion features affectin~%eir future ance is not sold. was passed into law, corn- zen finalists from among a number of informationalTo mark the occasion, 4 In order for an agent panics are. required to po?l some 350 entries national- . materials for consuzaers, loom ~omrni~eian~ ~n child- to earn first-year commis- the experience of all their ly. The letter of notification ...... r ............................... m "" s "" uch mcmamg reczpes ana p e-ren and youth and other sions on a replacement po- s art gro.u.p ; nence,.s , to Governor Joe Frank Har- paratmn]deas m n.ewspap- community groups across licy, that policy must con- groups w~u ~ ross [me~y ris from the Lexington, ers, ann mmrmauve urn- the sts~ will he sr~n.~or- tain benefits clearly and to lace arasuc price m- Kentucky-based organiza- ur "l ble' nee ............ - -- ch es arm a m gr ry , substantmll eater than creases The new regula ing Children s Week activi- y gr . - tion pointed out that in stores, ties City and county offi- the policy it replaces, tions also specifically pro- order to be even consid- ~or over 20 years, ~;o]~ ........ ,~ ,. ~.~. 5 The new regulations hibit cancellation of any ered in the Innovations se- October has been an m~ s zficall rohzbtt "twzstgroup solely as a result of . . " in local activities Activi- pec y p . . lection process, the candi- portent month to the cat- ' in ",hi h- ressure tac-its claims, date program must meet a , hes planned for the week g g P flamen in Georgia, stud incl r r "" ....... set of criteria designed to . ........ uue pa sues, pa enung Newt Muse, preslaem oz,workshops, fund-razsmg'" insure that it has dealt the Georgia Cattlemen sevenL~ for children's nm Schools Celebrate Nat~0nai with a significant prob- Assecmtlon.This year s r , lem in an effective and ,. . g ams, candidates forums ...... on children s issues, essay School Lunch Week Oct. 14-20 innovative manner and Georgm Beef Month zs an oppor~unlzy ~o empnamze cont~t~ eOmm.nitv that it has the potential .................... ~ "One of ubli that beef zs convement to forum~ on ohild-~'= p c educe- Americans recommend eat- to be transferred to other ......... ti 's prepare and an zmportant needs, and entertainment .on most revered and mg variety of foods, states. part of a balanced and Lmportant endeavors - avoidimt too much fat. Col. Earp, who initia- h~dth~Liet." "-'~=-"-"~'~.~.:.-...- ^# ,h;= ~ the schoot~h ~' ;~ azt~ ~r and eat/n~ ted the in-car video pro- ~,~,~.. ,,~,~,~:,~ ,.*.~, ~.~..~=,~i~ ~, ~J~*~,~:~m~4Vs~ ~t.~.~,,~, ~ ,.,;!1 1~ ~.nt,~l~,.,~-~'*~,J~v '~'~Y/,~ ;'~'~ ..w-~ make neez a neal-week the Geor ria Corn- " .... - ......... . *lk d qatn adequate starch gram in 1987, along with thier part of Georgian's mission on Children and National SchoolLunch n fib r the Aggressive Criminal dmta, cattlemen, over the Vo,,th h~ ~,~l~et~d thr~e Week Oct. 14-20, stud Bomar says the two men- Enforcement program that ..................... Wrnr- r last several years, started e e Koge s, state sup s ASF s sch youth ambassadors to re- " u SA uggests ools annually removed some back at ground level - in the present Georgia during erintendent of schools,serve thisyear during Na- 2,000 felons from the state's highways, noted that the programs are emi- nently transferable He pointed out that the Georgia State Patrol has sent troopers to a couple dozen states to teach the techniques of "looking beyond the traffic t!cket", the fundamentai principle within Aggressive Criminal Enforcement And more than 150 jurisdictions from across the country have asked for and received inforn~ation about GSP's in-car video program. ~: pasture - to breed and feed National Children's Day lean animals with a mini- festivities in Washington, mum of fat. Today's beefD.C. These youth ambassa- : is 27% leaner than in dors represent successful 1987. programs in Georgia for "Besides raising cattle at-risk youth While in to produce leaner beef, Washington, these youth however, we're educatingwill be given the oppor- consumers on simple and tunity to attend an event healthy ways to prepare it," said Muse. "With more with President or Mrs. Bush, meet with Senators and Representatives, tour the White House and other Washington sites, and pos- sibly testify before Con- gress. "It is exciting to see what ,~ople working, conveni- ence plays a major role in food preparation today." i The Georgia Beef Board regularly provides food medi and health profes- "This will be the 28th tional School Lunch Week observance of National emphasize healthy food School Lunch Week," choices. Fromthe first he said. "It's a week that menu students may choose commemorates and real- mashed potatoes or oven- firms the school lunch heated french fries; sea- program's commitment to soned mixed vegetables or the health and well-being lettuce salad; and chilled of students and to their pineapple or grapes to .go education." with oven-baked chicken "School Lunch: A nuggets and a whole-wheat Healthy Choice" is this roll. Students may select year's theme. The Ameri- low-fat or whole milk with can School Food Service every meal. Most schools Association (ASFSA), also offer skim milk as a which sponsors Ntionl selection. School Lunch Week and The second menu is a $ionals with beef recipes can be done when a com- whose members are the chef salad with croutons, Much of this attention was that are 200 calories per munity cares enough about people who prepare and julienne ham and mozza- due to national publicity serve meals to students in rella cheese and the afforded the video program serving and take under its chiidren to gi~,e t~eir schools in Georgia andchoice of a sefl pretzel or through stories by CBS 20 minutes to cook. The Georgia Beef Boardtime, talents and personal across the nation, selected whole-wheat roll, grapes or Evening News, ABC Even- commitment," emphasi- this theme to express the pineapple, a variety of ing News, "Inside Edi- supervisesiS a statewide.thebOardstate,thats zed Harris. "Through ef- nature of school lunch to- low-fat dressings and milk. tion" and "P.M. Mugs- current educational pro-forts such as Children's day. _ . She said both menus may zinc." grams about beef. To _.f~_ d Week, we encourage all "When students ellooeebe offered on the same day The Aggressive Criminal citizens to take part in to eat school lunch, they to give students a choice Enforcement program tar- these programs, Georgia s supporting, protecting and are making a healthy between menus or on gets wanted criminals and cattle producers contri- encouraging our children, choice," said Annette Bo- sep ra days. . other felons as well as butesold. $1 per head of cattle We will move forward with mar, director of the School The Geer a School Food, State cattle inventory high hopes and strong and Community NutritionService Association (GS Georgia School Food Ser- value on January 1, 1990, hearts for the sake of our Division of the GeorgiaFSA) has also planned a vice Association holds iun- families, our communi- De---rtment of Educe t taled S775.8 million. Cat- ties our s te and our .. ..... " special National School cheons to honor the school .... r --nt on 30 000 , non. m most ( eor. Lunch Week menu using nutrition personnel who ,~ m p ~ ' nation -, ~ -- -- -- " gm scnoum ~uuen~ may Georgua farms. AccordzngFor further informationchoose lu h .- -- Georgia food products, plan, prepare and serve to Muse, the industry m -- ~hildren's Week 1~ nc eacnaayn'om This menu offers skinnedmore than 800,000 nutri- ........... ' tw O spread throughout the state contact Gave Stenhens with - o r more menus and baked chicken breast; tious lunches each day for toes Geor a students and is located in every ,t...f~_..~.~.--. ~ ~^--~:o trom a variety of food it- baked sweet pota and gi :::::,oo := oot =" -.--o. A lu " " " !n. "l.ad.dit, in tomz~:et'_z~ table dish of broccoli, in Atlanta at the Radlsson Za~ow|Z~Lce d souas_, h, bell .-.-nenners and Hotel. Atlanta Oct. 9 and ' " tin " ry an s (RDAs) Vidalia onions; a ole. "tag wh m Albany at the Hene non-profit organma n , ~/~j~-~ . , ~ and U S Department of formed m 1961 to promote [ . ." " wheat roll; peach yogurt House Oct. 10. Georgia ........ --.-,- , -:,- ..~...-~Agriculture (USDA) meal~arnished with fresh neacl~ Department of Education ann aevelop ~wngm ~ z-:;" " ,.-, f..~ -= .: pattern requirements,o ....... o z" cattle industry. The Geor- " :: ~/~'~,~,-~ . as; a peanut butter cook-~czals, .local represen- , Bemar stud the meals gia Cattlemen s Assecia- '- - - . ie; and milk. uves ana community and tion is the sixth largest cat- The squid ~ from offer eel students in (~orgia To kick off this special~ tmsmess leaders will speak tlemen's association in the his enem~ by shooting a scnoom are mso pmnn~! week each year, the~.: at both luncheons. U S * cloud Of Mack sepia into its and prepared to adhere to [] ~ .~.'. ., . , enemys face. Leaving his the dietary guidelines.. .~ ~ "~a~~ "~~"~*- ' ----~:~'-'* . II ~emale lions c~. o w, r ~ . energy ".re.the dark, the squid The recognized dietary ~,. . :, " FULL SERVICE OPTICAL DISPENSARY r ,, " [ Pt,PI ES, " IN HOUSE LABORATORY ~ x Rt. #5 Box 281. ; LOCATED NEXT TO THE OFFICES OFt K. JAMES D: ARNEI'r DOUI AS, GA. #384-8866 REPARIS ADJUsTMENTg DUPLICATION OF GLASSES' PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES CONTACT LENSES OF ALL MANUFACTuRERS from Valdosta State College , II II by ArtSouth is a program created by Dean Robert Welch of the the Arts of Valdosta State College. I was named the Coon ArtSouth in the fall of 1989 and told to start traveling con ing. ,, Some of my friends have called this the absolutely best job in W " " " orld , and I guess tt zs. I have met interesting people from ] Jesup and from Eastman to Quitman, as well as in Madison : ticello, Florida, and Eufaula, Alabama. ArtSouth's mission is the peoplr of this area with VSC artwork, performing groups, facultyt staff expertise, and area news. VSC's School of the Arts is a wonderful resource for is growing very fast in quality and in size. The column, ArtSouth Notes ' this for the readers to know about what is being State College and also the resources for them on campus. If any of you would like to know more about ArtSouth and what School of the Arts has to offer you, your group or your community, me a call. Marths Gib~n k ~M/oofAr/So~th, an outreach prolFam of'the SchoolofArts of Vsldosta St~e CA Vakllo~a, Gentis (912) 333-$816. drug couriers but it is Iovett Vnw_ Tn Did On.de with its drug interdiction =" -,,v .v .,u .tvuu~ campaign that Georgia has flf Ilninsurnd Mntnrict continually ranked among v v vu .vuv~,vw.v~v . national leaders. The re- CaIls ForCraekdownOn vle can drive wit 'ationship between the~.. A~N~bk~?ers I'icense,, but they video program and the . : AVA . ,' J'Z--uamnKdrive without a car. ACE program is symbio-mr tougn, new measures Lovettsaid: ,It'S tic because the funds re- to c.rac sown on ~.ne If you don't haVe growing problem of umn 't calved from the federal . . . - ance, you won surea motorists, Insurance roads of Geor a ~ government under the .... gi . . A..,~* ~,...~;* .... ~..,,;* t~ommlsszoner candidate Lovett criticize~ nh~=~qh:~i.n'~'Up:noT~==" Billy Lover today vowed vonent for advoca~ ............... ' to rid Georgia's roads of sa- chusetts Gover which is generated by drug .... . .... , e.,,~;,,~ .,~oo, o ~,o,,,, ,~ umnsurea unvers, cnae[ Lmxazis G"S'l~:s'vi~=~eras:~ "~" Lovett, a Public Service bile insurance plan. ol E said th t n Commissioner, told mere- "Massachusetts ] C . arp a aa- lysts from the Council of bers of the Savannah Ki- highest insurance State Governments wouldwanis Club that as manyany state in the c~ be working with the Geor- as one-fourth of Georgia's Lover said. "MY gia State Patrol duringdrivers do not have in-nent's liberal schs surance ~ovett stud the re mean her 1991 to enhance the trans- . . - _ - big " ferability of the two pro- roaming t.hree-fou_rths must rates for Georgians. grams. GSP's contribu-buy "uninsured1 motor- Lovett's forty-Or rm I1 coverage to protectlan to reduce tions will be fo a y .o . . . o p honored during an awards memse ves and their zami- costa includes , nes m me event they are res at ceremony at the Council s ...... measu aimed annual meeting in Decem- mvo!v.e m an, a .c aent with ling the cost of an ummsure~ sneer ' tt !~ ber 1991. .-- . . msurance. Love ........ ~eorbnans are paying eda"palnstaking~ NO MATCHES too much for 'insurance," every rate reqO~ ...... ' Lovett mid. "And" U~m-"'" "" ~ "' ies ....... . forces compan Keep lighl and sured motorists add to that tify their rates He out of sight and out oFfhe burden. And that's a price clar d 'War on fr reach of children, say safety we all pay." abuse, promising to specialim with Ibe University Lovett called for im- ze an anti-fraud of G gia F.x ion Service. poundment of uninsuredwithin the Children unde 5 years ca- automobiles. "Cancel-partment to pable of lighting cigarette ing drivers' licenses hasn't investigate llghzem md mmd worked," Lovett said. "Pen- 0 Position: Pre-School Handicapped Teacher Qualifications: Holds or is eligible for a Georgia Cert " . c.ate in elementary ed'u t[on or ha spec ' e ucation or be able to obtain provision" . al c:ertffi-catfon. Salary: State pay prorated according to number ' of days on contra depending on certifi--- ' cat/on.. Terms of Contracti "P e days weekly Contact: Mrs. Jeanette Edwards Education Coo tor C :h Co ty Board d Education P.O. Box 177 Homervi-lle, Georgia 31634 App-licafions accepted through 4, 1990. We are an equal ovvorttmi .ty emvioyer. ,mm i sm ! red, " '~ B' 'd~ (redii! " I Can Put You in- A--Car-Ti~ay! :.MC'S AUTO SALES homerdne,