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October 4, 1990     The Clinch County News
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October 4, 1990

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CLINCH COUNTY NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4. 1990 Page 7 tee Cwbiu Was only 20 years ago John Gardner called a press conference founding of lobby" -. a organization of m government. like it had ever Undertaken. And the of this organiza- "Common Causes - at a critical time in history. felt that they i not make a difference voices weren ' t g heard...that the gee- served every- "s interest but theirs. overseas, the'war in people threw up and gave up. Gardner was un- to give up on the of a government people and for the He had the el- that citizens, working could make a and could re- our system of re- of citizens John' s call. months, the new lobby" posted victories. Over the Common Cause has court. We are now leading the fight to end the latest threat to the presidential public financing system - so-called "soft money' contributions• It took time, hard work, and faithful leadership. Gardner and Common Cause never, tired of keep- ing on. "In recent years we have seen too much complacency, narrow self- interest, meanness of mind and spirit, irrational ha- tred and fear. But as I travel around the country, I see something else. I see great remaining stren- gths in this nation. I see deeper reserves of devo- tion and community con- cern than are being tapped by present leadership. I see many, many Ameri- cans who would like to help rebuild this nation." said Mr. Cox in a recent article which he wrote to his membership, and which is used in magazines throughout America. Fred Wertheimer, na- tional president, presi- ded over the meeting held in Washington, D.C. this week. Health News SLEEP APNEA that citizens By David Waller about fundamen- Medical College of Georgia Sleep is an important month marks the part of a healthy lifestyle. Anniversary of Corn- But for one to two percent Cause. Our anniver- of the population, a good us at thecriticai night's sleep is only a m one of the most dream. Doctors estimate fights in the that as many as two of Cause history - every 100 people suffer to clean up the from sleep apnea. campaign Sleep apnea results system. "We when a person stops made real progress breathing while sleeping. reports Archi- Most people who suffer chairman, from it may not be aware of ning back Donnie Carter. defense. They held Clin- for a 48-yard touchdown, ch's wishbone attack to The pass was tipped by two only 132 yards on the Clinch County defenders ground, substantially low- before Carter cradled it erthanthe normal Panther for the touchdown. Chris output. Clinch was also Alderman's extra point stopped in the air as they e was good and that proved did not complete a pass in to be the difference in the five attempts while Cook {Valdosta Daily Times) game. had two interceptions. C l i n ¢ C o u n ty The Cook High Hornets The real victory came Next week Clinch goes used a staunch defense and from the swarning Hornet' to Miller County. a couple of big plays to ' P O S t defeat the rout l -ran-ked News From The 0chsner Clinch County Panthers position. 7-6 here Friday night. Medical Institutions I have decided to run for the of The Panthers made a game of it with 1:45 re- SEW OSELASS--At the making them aware they County Commissioner your vote of conf,- maining when quarterback nation's only supertanker can do something about Fred Edmondsscoredona dence will he greatly appreciated 3-yard run on fourth down offioading terminal located their health." And whether it's the offshore oil work- • • to bring his team within off the Louisiana coast, one point of tying. Clinch workers are taking their er or the office employ- elected to go for the win cholesterol numbers toee, Kern says all should Y0te and su p p oft and Edmonds got the call _heart. So, too, are their remember a basic guide- . colleagues in Galliano,~ line: reduce the fat. agam. This time, he was New Orleans and Fourchon "It's plain and simple," N a s s H e n d l e y stopped by the Hornet's In Wellness lectures by she says. "The person who Dexter Keeley to preservedietitians from Ochsner eats fast food should skip the Cook win. the fries. The clerical work- 0 n 0 ct. 16, 19 9 0 Clinic, LOOP (Louisiana Clinch tried to get the Offshore Oil Port) employ- er who brown bags lunch "n ball back with an onsides Special Electio ees learned about choles- can eat low fat cheese and kick and it worked as they terol and ways to con- not use mayonnaise. The took over with time running trol it with diet and exer- CEO can order the broil- N out. But the time ran outcise. LOOP lathe only deep- ed dish and have the salad a SS sooner than the Panthers water port in the United dressing on the side." thought it would as they States that can provide fumbled the ball on the complete crude oil off- • • • next play and Cook recov-loading. The company ered. It was the Panthers' employs over 150. only fumble of the night. Pebble Kern, R.D., Jenkins counties in 1989," again next year if they had the Cook took the lead cardiology dietitian at By Dam Rah- Reid mud. "Those programs even again. right before halftime as Ochsner, designed the lec- Georgia Extension were highly successful, and "When they were asked if quarterback Terry Smith tures for LOOP's choles- Service some of the l~UlJcip~ts went they'd practice all year long if ,!aunched a strike to run- terol education program, on to take part in the they hadsomeencom~ement, can, according to Dr. She does not mince words.ATHENS, Ga. -- The stMewide Golden Olympics." 72 percent said they would," Chaudhary. Coronary heart disea-Summer Olympics will hit The senior olympics serves Reid said. "So this could lead Sleep apnea has threese (CHD) is responsibleAtlanta in 1996, but look for a number of purposes, Reid to shuffleboard clubs or sial- variations: obstructive for over 535,000 deaths in the senior olympics ~r said. "It's a communitylar clubs that would keep sleep apnea, central sleep the United States each and closer to home. project that brings people to- them move active all year." apnea and mixed sleep ap- year. It accounts for more Will Reid, a specialist on gather and attracts outside Many of the senior nea. deaths annually than any aging with the Univenity of people," he said. "It's also a olympians, although most Obstructive sleep ap- other disease, including all C, corgia Extension Service, human development project were in their 60s and 70s, said nea, the most common form forms of cancer combined, said these gam~ for the gray that provides activities for the games provided theii first of the condition, is the Almost one and a half will likely start showing up older people, makes them feel chance to interact on an equal result of some object infer- million hospitalizations in rural counties all over more useful and gives them footing with people of other tering with the normal occur each year due to Georgia in 1991. |ome~ingtoatjoy." flow of air into and out of heart attacks. There are With events magiag fromThe games in one of the"When they were asked if the body. nearly seven millionjoke-telling to bridge to county pilot programs in- they'd had fun, 99 percent said "Tonsils, the uvula, the Americans with sympto-horseshoe pitching, the senior eluded s@incastiug, ~ yes," he said, "and 88 percent small palate or even an matic coronary artery olympics originated in Mis- pitching, clock golf (pu~ug said the eve,t helped them feel excess, amount of fat disease {CAD) and many ~ and won't compete with from 12 points "around the good about themselves." around the face and neck more with developing CAD the Georgia Golden Olympics. clock"), softball throw, nail- The senior olympics won't can be the cause," Dr. not yet severe enough to "The Georgia Golden driving, Frisbee throw,be just an Extension Service Chaudhary said. cause symtoms. Olympics is a $1~ewide event checkers, stationary bike, event, he added: "One of the The most common treat- It has been estimated in late September in Warner b¢idge, udfle tennis. Shuffle- counties that piloted the pro- ment for obstructive sleep that heart disease costs Robins and includes ewatts in ~ joks-telling and a tall gram last year had 36 co- apnea is removal of what- the United States more AugustsandColuml~,"Reid tskcoot~t, sponsors. These included the ever is causing the ob- than $60 billion a year in said. "But its organizen have But the specific eventsChamber of Commerce, struction. Other treatments direct health care cost, nothing in rural counties and could vary greatly. The man- county agencies, businesses are also available, lost wages and producti- were very happy for Extension ual provided by file Extension and civic clubs." A device called CPAP vity. to get involved at this ~vel." Service serves only as a The olympics can be in the Edward P. it, because they usually (continuous positive air- Kern has talked about says, John Gard- resume normal respiration way pressure) is sometimes wellness to several groups. dream has become before they awake. In used on those with obstruc- The message she delivers the most powerfulfact, sleep apnea is usually rive sleep apnea and isis the same for all. "What for good government first noticed by the spouse most commonly used on you do today will affect times, in of the sufferer, those with central sleep you in 20 or 30 years. There Those with this condi- apnea. The CPAP includes are heart risk factors you terms of the depthtion usually stop breathing a device that fits over the don't have control over, of its efforts- several times during the nose and a pump that for- such as age, family history Congress and statenight. According to Dr.ces air in and out during and gender. But, you do -there never Bashir Chaudhary,~ direc- the night, have control over exer- a reform move- tor of the sleep disorder Central sleep apnea is cise, weight and diet. " ~ore active and with center at the Medical Col- usually treated with the At LOOP's marine ter- a record of accom-lege of Georgia, the Ion- CPAP because its cause is minal, located 18 miles With funding by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Uni- versity of Missouri Center on Rtnl rddedy developed programs designed e :ocially for rural elderly. They asked Georgia Exlemion S=vice to pilo{-test one of them: senior olympics. "We had pilot programs in Emanuel, Jefferson and guideline. "In each county a steering committee, which has at least half its over 55. will look at the events mggested in the and adjust dmn to their interests and to the facilities available," Reid said. In one of the pilot pro- grams, virtually all of the participants said they'd enter 100,130 Georgians W'dl Receive spring or fall, indoors or out- doors. It can even be adapted to nursing homes. "It has the potential to be tied in with be~lth fairs and even arts and crafts fairs," Reid said. "One of the pilot pmgmns included blood pres- sure checks and diabetes screening." Reid and the agents in the three pilot counties will help train Extension agents nationwide in the senior olympics pro- gram in 1991. But by the time people in other stales will have begun learning about the program, agents in all Georgia counties will have already had training. "Georgia has be~n given permission to u'ain agents on the .ior olympics pm m this fall and wioter," Reid said. "We've scheduled in-ser- vice trainings in all five Ex- tension disUicts, with ~ fu~ in November and the la~in Fe ." Each U'ainiug will include planning phases to help get the summer olympics way in the counties. So senior olympics could he showing up throughout the state as early as neat sprin~ Besides the benefits for the elderly, the summer olympics in the pilot counties abe helped the young= volunteers who belped stage the games, Reid said. On the evaluations, all of the volunteers said t!gY thought the event improved the quality of life for the r,i- d ly and older people in a n~se ~. tivc way. (Oaa Ralm iz a ~ews egBtOr with the University of Gem'. gia E~tensio~ Service) Termites cause •mOre than $800 million in proper- ty damage a year. Thates says The der a person snores and the .more uncertain. It is usual- offshore, Ochsner dieti- UnreportedIncome Notices more than fires, storms Science Moni- more overweight he is, ly the result of some tian Annrose Guarino, ATLANTA--Notices are turns with information re- your incomeandyouagree and earthquakes COM- the more likely he is to have abnormality in the brain. R.D., presented choles- being sent to taxpayers turns supplied to the IRS with the notice, sign the BINED. One Queen tar- the 20 years of sleep apnea. Doctors aren't sure what terol lectures to workers who may have underre- by banks and other pay- notice and pay the amount mite can live as long as action, they have "Even though the most sends the signal to stop and discussed food preps- ported income ontheir 1988 era," said Paul Williams, due. 70 years, and lay as many tOintotranslatefundamentalPUblic commondition iseffeCta tired°f thevictim,COn- breathing,harysaid. Dr. Chaud- LOOPcaterers.rati°n and menus with turns.individual income tax re- Internal Revenue Service • If the report of in- as 80,000 eggs a day, dur- it is not the most serious," Mixed sleep apnea is Guarino, weight control "The underreportingwas district director for Geor- come that IRS has recei- inn the fertilization per- up the system Dr. Chaudhary said. "It is characterized by the pre- programcoordinator atfound during matching of gia. ved is incorrect, request led. But the workers and The Atlanta Service Cen- that the payer give you a soldiers of the colony are and thepress, possible for those who sence of both obstructive Ochsner, says many of individual income tax re- ter, where Georgians file corrected statement and blind and live only two to conflicts ofsuffer from Sleep apneaand central sleep apnea, us tendof overlook the -- through a system to suffer irregular heart- Treatment is usually de- common sense steps: re-. Bill p-'----rovides education returns,will send 100,130 send this statement to IRS five years. Though termites notices to taxpayers inwith your notice to show are known to eat wood, prevalent.pendent on which is more cken,m°vingdrinkingthe skinlowfrOmfatChi-or benefitSentering militaryf°r individualsservice Georgia. that you reported correctly, one species, the Formo- Some variations of skim milk, baking in- since 30 June 1985. Per- In addition to interest@ If you have any other san termite, actually enn sleep apnea can be cured stead of frying. She adds sons going on active duty and other charges that may disagreement with the gnaw through plaster, without extensive medical that despite the knowledge after that date enroll in apply, many of the notices notice, reply to IRS and ex- copper, lead and other ma- w taxpayers will include a plain where you reported terials, in Hawaii where requireCare' whilesurgeryOthers may that cholesterol can bethe program by having penalty. This automatic the income on your return they are quite a nulsa~, disclosure Worked to curb the of office through ethical stan- and by pursuing cases of unethi- by a public offi- have worked to "For Sale" sign off House. When of the challenged, we the law - all the the U.S. Supreme beat during one of the periods of apnea." Another possible serious side effect of sleep apnea is hypersomnolence, or the tendency to fall asleep at virtually any moment. It could happen while work- ing, riding a bus or even driving. This tendency to doze off is a result of the body not getting enough sleep at night and there- fore getting what little sleep it can whenever it or me- controlled, action doesn't chanical assistance in brea- always follow. thing while sleeping. But "We're somewhat a doctors encourage those who may have sleep ap- nea to seek medical atten- tion, because the condi- tion can lead to serious health risk. ING OUT OF BU$1NE$5 CLOSE OUT STO K New Store Hours: '- Thursday 9 to 6 Friday 9 to 6 Saturday 9 to 5 STARTS 10-4-90 10-30-90 ENTIRE *WILLIAMSBURG COLLI I'10N slave to our taste buds," she explains. "They tell us we prefer bacon over oat- meal, whole milk over skim milk. It's a struggle, but you can retrain your taste buds. You have to re- their basic pay rmiuc~ by set your standards of tas- te, but that takes time. It does not happen over- night." In community education programs Kern hopes the information eventually filters from the worker to the family. Her role is "in- forming the public and Additional VA Education Benefits To Reservists And Veterans $100 a month during their first 12 months of ser- vice. Reservists are 'eligi- ble for Montgomery GI Bill benefits if they enlist, re-enlist, or extend an en- listment in the Selected Reserve for a period of six years or more. No de- ductions are made in reservists' pay, but be- fore enrolling in classes, reservists must com- plete the initial period of active-duty training and meet the requirements for a secondary school diplo- ma or its equivalent. Education benefits are payable for a maximum of months. The basic bene- fit amounts to $300 a ATLANTA --The U.S. Department of Veterans ~ff~drs i. ~w~nding its program of education bene- fits to provide vocatiomd, technical, correspondence and apprenticeship train. ing to reservists. The ef- fective date of this expan. sion is Oct. 1, 1990. Georgia Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Pete Wheeler said that reanr. vista who are enrolled in the Montgomery GI Bill program already have been eligible for college bene- fits just as veterans are. "This expansion of VA's education program will allow reservists to Join veterans and active-duty personnel in non-college programs of education as well," he said. The Montgomery GI month for full-time train. mg for veterans serving on active duty for three years, or for two years plus four years in the National Guard or Ready Reserve. The basic benefit paid reservists is $140 for full. time training. Earlier~ this year, VA announced the reinstate- ment of flight training as a course of study under the Montgomery Ol BiD for students pursuing careers as pilots. Before begin- ning flight training, how- ever, a student must al- ready po ess a private pilot's license and be able to pass the physical examination given com- mercial pilots. The flight alnin_g will be offered ~r a four-year period end- S pc SO, 1994. penalty is computed based or why you disagree. In they have eaueed black, on the additional tax due to either case, do not sign the outs by eating through the underreported income, notice agreeing to the Insulation on power lines. Taxpayers will have tocharge if the income was provide a written state- not yours or was previous- VACCINATE PETS ment of the facts, together ly reported. with any supporting docu- According to Williams,Permitting pets that ments to request that the it is important to respond not vaccinated for rabies penalty be waived, timely when you receive a roam with free access to The following advice notice by providing the wildlife is hazardous, wants will be helpful in respond- necessary information or the National Safety CouneiL ing to these notices: by paying the tax due.Skunks, raccoons and ofl~' • Check to see if the in- Beginning October 1, the wild animals can I~lSs on tl~ come reported to the IRS toll-free tax assitance was your income and whe- number will change to' ther it was reported on 1-800-829-1040. The forms A homing pigeon can fl'y your 1988 return. 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