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October 4, 1990     The Clinch County News
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October 4, 1990

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CLINCH COUNTY NEWS__THURSDAY, OCTOBER4, I~ Page5 t0nald, Joey Talk About ' ~*reC0rd, performance on operations by ship and calories than ever. It is . either the SAT or ACT, plane, maintenance of trimmed of 1/4 inch of fat • -.''t~....r* ........u,,,, ..udentsut 'and. leadership potential advanced electronic and before packaging. Current . as aemonstrated by partici- other aids to navigation research shows that this patton in high school activi- around the globe, opera- trimming has reduced the ties, community affairstion of icebreakers which amount of fat by 27 per- " .... ' and/or part-time employ- clear the way for all polar cent over the last five t ~ ment. Most successful expeditions, and enforce- years. I ~ candidates rank in the top ment or marine law and all Georgia' s cattle industry jr ~~~ quarter of their high school aspects of merchant mar- uses otherwise wasted land class and have demonstra- ine safety• In addition, the Cattle have ruminant di- ted proficiency in both the Coast Guard has respon-gestive systems enabling mathematical and appliedsibility for boating safety them to feed off four mil- ~lf I ( science fields, and marine environmental lion acres of Georgia's • Candidates must be an- protection, pastureland that is unsuit- Re married at the time of To obtain an application able for crop production ntal Assistance Available appointment, have no legal or further informationand development. Without obligations resulting from a write: Director of Admis- the cattle industry, this All new rental apartments Centr and heat l~ .........~ 1 prior marriage, and must sions, U.S. Coast Guard land would go to waste. have reached the age ofAcademy, 15 Mohegan The future of the beef All apartments ground level Wall to wall carpets 17 but not 22 by July l, Avenue, New London, industry in (]eorgia looks .. 1991. CT 06320; or call (203) bright and we are cele- On glte mellt laundry futilities All candidates must be444-8501. brating with Georgia Beef lI~? assured of high school ~ Month. During October, rent ba lonln ome , Washer/Dryer hook-up graduation by June 30, Letter To Editor w, hope that everyone 199l. All candidates must will join in the celebration Clare tO Hospital, Doctor's & Pharmacies by enjoying more beef. It's have completed a minimum DearSir: good foryouandthestate Qua|l Hollow Apartments of three years of Engli,,',h, The Georgia beef indus- at Georgia. and three in mathematics try plays an important role Sincerely, to include algebra and in the state's economy. In Newt Muse 100 Chelsea Lane HomervUle, Ga. ! P ~1~~ plane or coordinate gee- reo,gnition of this role, President .... !~ .- _ metry ortheirequivalents, Georgia Beef Month wi'l GeorgiaCattlemen's Phone 487-2852 ~.~:.~ mmm-~--~'~m,,,~,,--, and must fulfill basic officially kick off in Otto- Association /EQUAl, HOUSING " physical requirements, ber. Joe Gayle the help of Joeyabout which they are not Coast Guard Cadets This month-long promo- Chairman I~" OPPORTUNITY s, Ronald McDon-sure." obtain an excellent under- tion is designed to high-Georgia Beef Board 6dad the Manor The show highlights graduate education at nolight the importance of the an "educational topics that hold great con- personal expense. In addi- beef cattle industry to the then clo, Governor Announces Anti Drug ~rtaining" show of cern for parents and teach- tion, they receive pay and state's economy and the Barnett Creek Will Leonard Led;:t Safety recently, ers: fire, traffic and home allowances fully .adequate role beef plays in a balan- Reopen For l~sll~ng Barnett Creek until chemi- a,,_J • _ ~ ~ . cal analyses of the water Megla Awareness t;ampalgn ~cipal Larry Bar- safety, poisons and van- to fulfill their ordinary hv- ced, healthfuldiet. ~s program was dalism; it underscores ing expenses. The con- Barnett Creek in Glynn quality and seafood tissues ....... d by McDonald's what to do when lost and stantly updated Academy In Georgia, beef cattle revealedthatit would . ,i ,,no. th~ All of the messages will predation has an inventory County will reopen to cam- . tmveruor joe rran~ nar- . !ation with the Na- the value of being able to curriculum leads to a value in excess of $775mercial seafood harvest at again" be safe to reopen the rzs~.;~ announcer,....,~,;~ .... .... : r~., ...... ,, include the Governor's ffety Council and read. "Play Safe with Ran- Bachelor of Science de- million and is present in 5:00 a.m. on Monday, area. ,:, ............. ,,, v,, ,..,.,,~ toll-free alcohol and drug .,~. ,. . . . Awareness ana rrevenuon . . ,. . anal Poison Can-aid McDonald" is centered gree with a strong aca every county in the state. October 1, 1990, Georgia tne resuit~oza series at . :u! .... i. ...... ,: nelpune number {1-800- ........ w.i zautzclz u new an~l- 338 "~4 ...... Cattle are raised on 30,000 Department of Natural Re- tests at nan, snrlmp,- --• -o~ al. xms numoer an- ark. on kindergarteners - fifth demic emphasis on engin- arug meom awareness .... as a wonderful graders, earing and science. The Georgia farms, producing sources Commissioner and crab hssues as we!l as campaign. This effort ~nb~::n~:dWlduals to obtain -~View the rules for Assisting Ronald were" selected major studies, 1.45 million head of cattle, Lonice C. Barrett has wea~r quan~y ana.lys|s will include print, radio on on suos~ance :ty, 'Say No to Dodi Griffin and Corne-when combined with var- as of January 1, 1990. announced. In addition,from Barnett Creek mdl-,,,d tol,~vi*~,m r,-blic ser- abuse and treatment pro- and traffic," addslius, Nanor third and led elective courses, es-The beef cattle industry the publichealth advi-care that pentachlorolahe- ~'~.'~ ,~:.~oo'~'~o ~': u,,~n ~ grams from trained person- aor School admini- fourth graders Miss tablish a solid foundation is Georgia's third largest sory for recreational fisher- nol levels are within EPA soeciai"ma~erSal"aimed at nei 24 hours a day, seven "And as we near Griffin is the daughterfor a challenging career, cash crop behind broil-men has beenlifted• accepted levels," said ,,~ .......I,~ o,-,,nl,,, days aweek. an, the safety of Mr. and Mrs. EverettGraduates of the Academyers and peanuts. During Barnett Creek will Commmmoner Barrett ...... ~ ^-...! ...... a-11 I u ge ou medm to .~ also cautioned the Griffin, Cornelius is the son are commissioned as En- 19~9, sales of cattle ac- r~ main closed to commer- For this', reason,. Barnett Gcu~t~,oet~ .... ~,u. .... c,-l,,oy~,,~,,,,i. ..... ~,~a ...... ,,,'Ue- use these pubhc servzce. . ~rs about eatingof Mr. and Mrs. Joe signs in the United States counted for $281 million, cial fishing with nets other Creek will agmn be open for __~ a.. ~_ ~n.^ m_.~i, ads as often as possible, the " . Ka~ utu~=. ~.,= ~,, ~ . ~nkm orne Coast Guard Selected • g substancesC lius. • Econommists today esti- than cast nets. with the taking of fish. shrtmp awareness camnaio'n wasGovernor Hams stated. officers may pursue fur- mate thatthe industry gen- exception of commercial and crabe. ,~ .... z,,.~,~ I,., ~'h,~"'~.w.,,t "I also encourage the media erates an additional $l bait shrimping. The creek Technical staff from the ,-~.-,-:,,r,,~,-o. u, ,.~,. Pri'n"le to set as a priority the vi~ t ~.ll~l'd [~Aul~t~ ther postgraduate educa- , , wmmng nrm at g • auulu Iq~WO tion and specialized train- billion in related farm sup- will also remain closed to DNR s Environmental"ixon Prin le gorous coverage of the ex~ kales Coast Guardor geographicalquotas,ing at many leading .civi ply revi'nue annually, shellfish harvesting asProtectionDivision willt~ m,. mg~:.' " rt~ will tent of the drug problem ~n~ Natlonw~d ban and military graduat~ , Y " " e Applications must be sub- . .... ~ Cattt.bre~,(ling tech-the area is not an officially continueto assess the . ires e.o~.aezra ... in our State. Our citizens locus on raising the pUDIIC • am titian • " o ) or proze~lo~al schools, in • pe m]tted to the D~r~.ct ~ ( f ........ niques in Georgia and approved shellfish harvest water quality in Burnett ° "" r"i al need to know not only that ¢~._..u awareness oz zne c It C ~'~ ' , - 1 -- aired States Coast Admissions prior to 15 suc n ne~us as..awa~!o~, around the U.S. have chan- area. . ........... with ~eorgla s tougn new arug proolems assocla~ea ~,cademy is now Oaten,oar ~'990. Candi- bUSiness. . atlm]mstratlon.. . ' gad dramatically in recent Barnett (:reek was clo-For more information, substance .... aouse ana ser-laws., but,also that help is ! and processingdates must arrange to par- electromcs, engineering,y~'ars to produce beef that sad following the August contact the Coastal Resour ....... available• • . . ve to euucate ~eorgm s • ~ns for o law and oceanography app int-ticipatein either the ' • is leaner but equally nutri- 28, 1989 spill of the chemi- ces Dzvzszon at One Con ...... e ct For furthermforma- • . c~uzens on recently na - • . I Cadet, U.S. Coast CollegeBoard Scholastic The young Academy tious. Cattle are bred and cal pentachlorophenol from servat|on Way, Brunsw|ck, ...~ _..,.a._., ~.~,,;slotion t~on on the medm cam- - Class of 1995. AptitudeTest {SAT) or graduate can h)ok. forward managed differently. The the Brunswick Wood Pre-Georgia 31523-8600 or ..........s ~, u " paign, please ca!l Michael call 912 264 7218 r r Vollmer Executwe D~rec )ns are being America College Testingto a varieD, exc]~mg, and cattle spend less time in serving Company, Inc. As ( ) - . Confe ence we kshops , " for both men and Assessment tACT) prior to demanding career as a h,t,d lots to produce h~an~ a result ef the spill, an ex- will examinethe issuestar of the Governor's Cam- Appointments or including the December regular Coast Guard Offi- er beeL This improv('dtensive number of fish,State Officials challenging policymak-mission on Drug Aware- at Guard,eCadets 1990 ACT and SAT test cer Under the Depart- tnanag(,~t meth(,d has shrimp anti blue crabs were solely on the administrations, ment t,f 'l'ran~portati(m~ |(,iiutt%i th,, ~ah~ic c~n~t.~t kill~.(l 1~ li~rht of th(' fact an annual na/~n- Ai~pbi'ntt~ents as ch~db~''''thd ~dast C~ard p~rforms of beef by IO percent,that " pentachlorophenol with no are tendered based on the ,a vhn'~ty of missions. Thbse At the supermarket, also posed a potdntial nominationscandidate's high school include search and rescue beef is leaner and lower in threat to human health, e .t 1OO Knight Avenue, Waycross OPEN 9 A.M. TO 6 P.M. MONDAY THRU SATURDAY L0yttw MIICIt . l,ike y01t As L0 Ahead/ yaway Now Christmas// - Vo ers and small business today. Topics i~aclude state TO Meet financing initiatives; programs supporting wo- On Small Business Issues men-owned business; JACKSONVILLE, FLA.- liability reform; employee State and local policymak- benefits; telecommunica- ers share ideas on how to tions; health care; pri- help small businesses at vatization; literacy, train- the llth National Legisla- ing, and small business tire Conference on Small productivity; recycling of Business Issues to be held municipal wastes; AIDS in in Atlanta, Georgia, De- the workplace; and export camber 10-12, 1990. resources. The Conference, "TicketConference brochures to Tomorrow", is being and registration forms can sponsored by the U.S. be obtained by contacting Small Business Admini- the Conference Secretary, stration. It is the only con- Office of Advocacy, U.S. ference for policymakers ~nall Business Admini- and elected officials which stration, 1441 L. Street, focuses exclusivelyon N.W., Washington, D.C. small business issues. 20416 or call 202/634-6115. ness and Prevention, (404) 651-689~. ROLLING OVEN ~ Tired of being exiled to the kitchen to make snacks for parties? Roll the microwave oven tO the party room and hcat hors d'oeuvres while you join your guests, say home economists with the Univer- sity of Georgia Extension Service. The great musician, Ignace Jan Paderewski, became the first premier of the Republic of Poland after World War I. ; Mail Your Payment! We Will Mail You a Receipt! Beautiful Bracelet!! I Ladies 6 Ct. Diamo_nd~ [ 5 3/4 Ct 4 Ct Diamonds & 15 Ct Blue 0paz I Wedding Set Diamond Tennis nracelet • ° ' ' II~ ! [ / " ,. ...... 995[ 39 14 K (;old 14 K Gold ~ 14 K Gold 7" Wedding Bands Motion 7" Herringbone Bracelet Diamond Cut Rope Bracelet Starting At StarlinR At ht Stock/ 14 K (;old 3 mm Ladies Fancy 14 K Gold 2 pt. Ladies 7 Diamond Ball Earrings Black Onyx Ring Diamond Earrings Sparkler Ring 19oo , Junior Iligh 10 K Gold Ladies 1 Ct. Diamond 2 pc. Rings Nugget Watef ll Ring " g Ladies , ~ ': Startin$ at M,., s3950o Trillium *34@ Ladies Ladies IO K (;old Diamond Solitaire Coin Ring l/a ct... Stock 1/4 ct.. ":.zgs" ,/2 Ct.. Mens 10 K Gold Ladies (;old Black Onyx Nugget Ring Nugget Earrings IS,mr Buy! ] I ar at Bnyt ] Your representative to the Board of Commissioners from District 2 October 16, 1990 People inc County, Thirty-eight years ago, I chose our county as the place where I wanted to live the rest of my lffe. You were l(ind en- Ough to adopt me, for which I shall ever be thank-ful. While living here, I have made an effort to tal e part in var- ious activities that were designed for the betterment of our county. These activities haclude my chumh, civic orgarfiza- tions, and various boards and committees. Those of us who live ha l stfict 2 were recently saddened by the death of Woodrow_Re_ ster, our Representative on the Board of County Commissioners. On October 16, 1990, a spe- cial election is being held to elect someone to fill the maexpired term. I am seeking that position. I offer to you any experience that I have that may be of use while serving in this office and my complete dedication ha fulfilli ng the duties of the office to the best of my ability with no selfish ambitions ha mind. I hope that those of you ha District 2 will consider me ha your option in filling the unexpired term. I will apprec{ate your vote and any supvort that you can give to me. I hope time permits me to talk with each of you. Sha rely, HARRY R. MEYER, JR.