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September 29, 1950     The Clinch County News
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September 29, 1950

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!7 . Dedicated to the Upbuilding and Advancement of Clinch County .... "'The Pine Center of the South" S ss, NUMBER SZ .................. hOMEnViLLE, CLINCU COUNTY. GEoRGiA - FRIDAY, SEP;rEMBE-R--29__igS0. SUBSCmPTION-ST--$Z.00-A-Y E lt ,uper,or Cot lrt: Cq)nvenes M, Morn,rig ,__ _ ' ...... I Off Draft Board 111 VV']-P G SS GEORGIA I IForSeveralDays , TRIAL JURORS CONVENE ....... I ] CLINCH FALLS TO FURNISH ] ] I ~iI ~ | s o a z= / ~ I= ,= mL ,~ ! ~ TUESDAY MORNING. GR,ilkN~ _ ~__ L ~ .... L__ lY ~. |_ *I_ *a ~_ [ FIRSTQUOTA OF DRAFTEES [ II ~i. ...... ?~. ~....i~i, By i [ JURORS MONDAY MORNING. er uent ou ty i .ocat r.xnlmtS to ] _ " [1[ FOLKS HUXFORD i ] ------ act P~;~ h Inca ]~r ]l~'~t,,~.~ ] J' F. Poppell. mem'ber an4 chair-i I! ~~~l .~.,.0,]. r~_ ....,,~ zs,.^$.,(Z.. I [. @~neh Su.perior Court, the ~A~ ~* I. l ~ ~ w .. . ~a ~, v, ~. ,~ ~. o ~. ii . o. tar Uc~over ter~n~ convenes ~v~on~tlP l~.#~, L~a~ ~ ~, ~4 ~, [man of the Clinch Coun~cy Selective~ [ [ ~~ [ ] [ [Servi,ce Board, has resigned his po-~ |1 ._ I }morning here with a considerS. COLLECTOR PRAISES ] LIVESTOCK, FARM AND ] sition, on the board, so he stated this i " - ] list of civil and criminal cases ~H COUNTY PEOPLE [ HOME PRODUCTS TO BE [week. His resignation follows a pe- [ APPLING COUNTY 1820 CENSUS lin the portion of Ai~pling afterwards ] disposition. Sheriff W. C. Woot~m PROMPTNESS., ] EXHIBITED. ALSO CARNIVAL. ]riod o ten years service on the[ (Conltnued ~rom last week) cut into Ware 1825 and then made lsaid' this morn~nw tha~ he expe~ .. [ [board, he having served continuous-} Frederick Ca.son ~vas one of the l into Pierce or Brantley. He and his court to continue at least t~re~. county taxpayers on ~ep-[ Clinch county's big fair, plans for [ ly on it since selective service was t first Justices of A4~pling Inferior lwife, Elizabeth, had fourteen chin Thursday. The Grand Jury witl 20 h.~d~ already" paid in near- ~ which have been in the m~king for ] begun by the Federal government ] Court. He had lived some years pre- i dren. port for duty M~nd~ty mornin~ ~. bird of their 1950 advalorem J the past couple of months, will be I in October, 1940. I viously in Tattnall. He was cut off I ,Samuel and Charles Gri'ffis were I ten o'clock and the Petit (trial) J~ according to Tax Collector. .A" held, for one week beginning Mon- Mr. Pol~pell,. who is Mayor of [ into Ware when it was formed in!brothers from. Orangeburw District,. ]ry, reports Tuesday morning at nin~ ,1~ The total deb~t, n~t m- ~ da , October 30, s~ it was announced Homervflle. said he hadalso re-1825 S C The l~tter was a Revolutmnary o clock. ' Y ' - " " '* I " " " public utilities, is $ff4,997.66 I last night at the courthouse at a signed as chairman of the Clinch Wllha~n Starling was a son of !soldier. Both were cut into Ware in I Inc~ud.e~ in the hst of crlmim~ Lch $~2,195.18 had been paidlmeeting of the county fair commit-[County Red Cross chapter. I Wm. Starling, Sr., a Revolutionary liB25 and lived' in the portion howl cases will be the one cnargm~ .am ~eptem,ber 20. Taxes for 1950 ( tee. I Mrs. Vid'a S. Harris continues as, soldier of Tattnall ,County, and I Clinch. John Cowart was a son-in- t A~ma Negro w~th recently assaut~ ~e o~ or before December 20, [ ~-wn'-- ~-ve is mana~in~ I clerk to the local draft boar4, she : moved to Appling fronl Tattnall. He )law of Charles Griffis and lived ] ing a young white Homervil~le ho~. The Fargo d,is~rict was far t chai~n~of"-th~-fair activities wlt~lalso having served since the local [was cut into Ware in 1825 and into I neavby. ]wi~e There of other districts, it having iD O Tomlinson, secretary-treasur-Iboard was first organized. I Clinch in 1880, and died there. The J William Baxley's proper name nouneement as to when this em~ ~ over 63 per cent of its tax-ler Various committees have been] The resign,ation of Mr. Po,ppeUlfamil7 was originally frarn Robe-~was WiMam Baxley Cowart and he lwouht come u,p, although She~ a~idersbly boosting the coun-I ~oin~cll and are functioning. The ]follows the resignations of Messrs. ]son Co., N.C. ]moved before 1825 to Lowndes Co. I Wooten indicated that some ~t~ !rage. fairer organization has delay~l active ] J. E. Gavdn,er and E,ugen~ Mikell Stephen Rich. was. a native of. where he lived dear Cat Creek. eaSeSe woum. ~e msposea oz .Gibbs said that the trend a-Iwrk pend2nff the engagement of a]several wee'ks ago. Clerk Mrs. Distrmt, S. C., and. l~is/ Absalom Thomas moved to re ~s case count,, ta~veyers is that now- [ carnival. The carnival has been se- t ris stated~ Wednesday that Messrs. i widowed nmther at the time (I820) ] piing fron~ Liberty County w,here I same charge, invol~ip~g all Negt~m~ me~-- ' "wan~V-~o go anea~,--- ~ pay I cured and' will lend' its efforts and I D. F. Barnes and C. H. Swearingen, I was the wife of Charles Griffis ~ he had, married in 1816. He was cut I also a Negro murder charge; ~ . Y ...... 1 att~acti-ns to ~h~ 1o~.~, list of coun- [ St., had been appointed to serve but [ (named below). He moved to Ap- [ into Ware in 1825 and became one ] other lesser omense~. ~axes on time, ann ge~ ~t OlX ..... -~ --" ~ain~" H- =id that in years ]ty exhibits expected to be ins~allcdlthat they had~ declined (or resigned) ]plin~ from Emanuel County andI of the first Justices o:f Ware In~fer-I There. are severa~ cl.vd cast~ t .'T" ~ -- -- -th-r'- - I at the fair It will be held ~t the io- [ also. The result is that the coun,ty ~ died there, jior Court. ] @ocketthis.court, according to ,~Y it was just me o e way I cal baseball ,,ark ] finds itself without a draft board. I William and Lott Whidd~)n were l Henry Dyess was a son of a ReDo-~ D. o. Tomtin.son, althougn omy n,#~ tha mos~ r~xpayers were ~- . . . . " , t ..... a--:n,- ...... I The local exhibits are expected lit ]s understood' t~at recommends-Isons @f Wflham Whxd~)n Sr. who I lutionary soldier Of the same name Ihave. any cnan~e ~or ju.ry aet~m. ~, w~u~d t.~lW m p:~- ~,~*]] to be the big feature of the fair. ]tions have been submitted to Atlan-'died in Eananual County in 1819. tin Li:berty County, and was married l,~,st o~ .me c~vu eases wlu p r~ t.~eC ZU~ Wnell ~ney wout~ I ta further a om~ments v t 1 I Dry De settleS, or ta~e court vera~l. t^ :- .... ~*i~- or be threa I A wide variety of farm, home, and[ for Pp " ~The latter was a Re olu ion~ry so- [there to Martha, a daughter of ...... ' p.~ ~u-~ .~ . - " comanercial exhi,bits are ~e~pected to [ Mr. Poppel~ had been the only I dier from Wilkes County, N. C. Wil-I William Smith, a Revolutionary sol- wvnou jurms. wim sa~e of their property. ]be at the fair which will pre-]member of the d.raft board to serve[liam ~ied. in Tattnal~, and Lott la-Idler Henry, Jr., moved to AFplingI ....... o=_ . a~hcuo n~y taxpayers in re-'sen[ ~c ageneral pl,cture of C1;nch. eonsisten~cly. , the other two positions t ter moved. .... to Irwin County where with his father-in-law and femily, (t~mch[ ~'1[thlr~ Years have become a~nong the.coun,ty's standard of living and thelhavlng changed Imnds frequentlylhe dled In 1880. James W. Whlddon~and they were cut into Ware In 18-!,,, I* I"~ t l~rompt of ant county in the ] prestress made here. Prizes will be ] sin.ce the board was o~gamzed ten I was a first c~usin and was a. son of 126. Soon after, Henry ~Dyess, Sr., t wormn~ rulpwoo and the county has been con- awarded for best exhibits. [ years aWo. ] James Whi~kton Sr. who, at the time [ moved to Ware. The younger Hen- 1 ttv .......... ~t ~r .... the tou in coun- [ The lon~,~ h'st of home and farm [ County ]Fails Quota ~ (1820). lived in Camden but was ry later moved, to near Sanderson, , ........ I PRODUCED 34,829 CORDS reporting 100 per cen.t collec-] exhibits which may be entered will l Chnch county s ftrst quota of m-lhwng m Ware m 1830. Ja~nes W. [Fla., where he dmd. ~ ~a~-r v,~a~ ~'rt~ e.rnr~L [be pulblished in next week's paper. I ductees into the a~ned, services was l was cut into Ware in 1825, and] James Jones also married a d~augh-] Tl~:q C'I.~CJ~.g'~ T~"MI"LL~ .... ........... I Also, the rules and regulations un-~ scheduled to leave yesterday (Thurs-[about 1835 moved to Hillsboro Co., I ter of Win. Smith, R. S., and. moved] ............... bt~ sa~d t~a~ ne has ~ecome . ..... I der which the exhibits will be shown I day) morning. Mrs. Harris stated ] Fla., dying there in 1869. [ from Tattnall to A~pling. He was ] .... .~ ...... proud and hxgm~" apprecmuve wuncn counw was ~xtn amom~ ' .. iand adjudged. [that the quota was not bein,g sent[ Lewis and Major Tyre lived and. lcut into Ware in 1825. t.-' ............ ~e attitud'e 1.~cal c~t~zens have I Considera%le in,terest has been I since the countF had no dTaft board I died in Appling, now Bacon. Also I ;Stephen Strickland was born 1789 [me counties m oeor~a m: ~ne ~. towar~ paym~ taxes on hme, ~uc~mn o~ pulpwood a~rmg ~.~ , - ] shown in the fair, and the fair corn- I to approve it. The quota was eight. I Jacob Carter. [in N. C. He moved to Appling from } _. _ . ~. :. ...... nat h "wouldn't exchan e h~s according to ~ ~ ~a~eman to, ms e g e Several rou, of oun men have t Lxber He was hvm m 1830 m :, ....... '.,, ] mittees are highly optim'istic ov r I g Ps Y g ] William and R~ehard Benne t[ " ty. ' " ~r " " I ~,, l~wo^-~ ~ealer for In~rnati,~ ~e Ior a~ o~ner in ~ne Worm ~ ~-'v -,,~ ,~ --~-- Y ' ]the forthcoming event [been examined for the draft, but lwere brothers, both Revolutionary Jefferson County, Fla., but in 18351.. ~ . ...... '~. _ " .... . raper ~o. rle sam ~na~ ~lln~ca I~ September.20, mnety days be-] ----- ] until th,s week Chnch had not been [ soldmrs from Robeson County, N. moved back to Georgia and located I, ,~,~o] ~,~etl,n ,v .Ra a29 ~'~ lUe ~ate, the fol~owing was Mr [ A --~,.~='~-., ~ .... [ called on to ind~ct any into service. [ C They moved to Ayplin~" from Bu]- } in Lowndes, now Berrien County, ] " ~.y" .~'~='~" .... "; ~- .~.-'~. -"~ ' " lligl-lq,~LJ[l q.~ll " . -- ~ne ~a,tsz~ cords sol