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June 24, 1938     The Clinch County News
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June 24, 1938

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Page 4. "THE CLINuH COUNTY NEWS" Friday, June 24, " " FOR REPRESENTATIVE Home Town News At A Glance HEALTH NOTES Credit Association ! ..... i ', ---- ,~ 1, -- / ...... ~io tne t'eopie of Cinch County:-- M L~'H~'RT A e~at, About Veople And B DR "-~--. A BRINK Has Good Record Having been importuned by a goodi .. K.y ;" "~ " "~ g ~ "~ k ~ ~..--. w t,. . I ~ . y ,, "..; ~ many people of the county so ao so, ..r,i.g,o. o..a. "l'hl"'S In tieoralal neal,n ~ommis,sioner -- ]I hereby announce my candidacy for .-------- [ a~ b ~ -- . The record made by the Produc-!Representative from Clitich county in the books, carefully put outthe fireATLANTA---(GPS) Atlanta's new- Whether or not you think that hshment m 1933 has been httle short! .............. Sadly, the little teacher locked up ~ Tl~ Common D~i~a~ing. Cu~ t mn Credit System since .its estab- the September prlmar:y; and if I am . . . . electea i sn~LJ vote omy for tne ~nd gave a last look about the neat est prosperity promoting rage among disease is OFTEN transmitted thru of remarkable, accordmg to C. M.f ............ ,, goou ux my peopm and my s~aLe, uo- little sekootroom Today was the lastbusiness men is the Keep Your the use of common drinking cups, Crump, J. E. Strickland and L. E.I ............. ' ,, t " , . ~lng only those tnlngs trial; I ieei as ~ay of school, though it was but mid-: Mouth Shut Club , dedicated to the silverware, towels and other things O Quinn, Directors of the Waycrossj .............. ........ ~ne wm oI ~ne peopm oI t~nncn coun- ~ebruary. On her desk lay a letter stopping of gloomy talk and .the; used m the daily activities of life, Production Credit Association, who,._ *Y from the chairman ef the school broadening of long faces. The 1den there is little need or excuse for tak- have returned from a conference of " ..... . :board which said: "Due to the aband-!is that there are too many people:ing the least chance. !production credit association direc- i wm appreciate the vote ann ac- ~nment of the Northern and South- i running around shouting "Business] There are st 11 living a number of tors held at The Cloister Hotel, Sea ~ive support of every citizen of the 'west Railroad, and the resultant de-i Is Lousy". Realizing that "a good persons who well remember the i Island. . county. crease in tax revenue, this district:way to make it lousy is to talk time when people discussed the The conference was also attended Respec:f~ly, ......... will be un.able to continue. Effective]gloom", members of the club have "Germ theory" of tuberculosis, a by J. K. Larkins, Secretary--Trea- ~. ,.. ~n~ at once, you will notify your pupils promised to keep their mouths shut:~ d~!sease now kve~l known to b} a sure and Frances Winn, Asst. Secre ...... that the term is ended. We are study- on this subjQct for six months. Each bacterial origin; in fact, it's presence tary-Treasurer of the Waycross as- Watches Once Small {"lock- ing plans for continuance next year new member of the club is duty- is all too often proven by the dis- sociation and directors from the A- but the solution is not yet in sight."~ bound to get ten new members among covery of the tubercule germ in the mericus, Dawson, Douglas, Eastman, Ten little childre~still too youug those of his friends whom he thinks sputum'specimen from the suspected Jonesboro, Moultrie, Statesboro, to understand what*~ was all about, : most capable of keeping their re- person So well known is the bacter-Swainsboro, Sylvania, and Vidalia bade their teacher good-bye, their spective traps shut. S. S. Selig was ial cause of the disease that most associations. .education sacrificed to the short- founder of the Atlanta branch of the ~, people exact great care of themselves! "According to figures presented at :the conference , Mr.Crump said, i sightedness of their elders. The Keep Your Mouth Shut Club, which i to prevent transmission through the' " " ' teacher dabbled at her eyes as she apparently is a nation-wide organiz- sputum. ~"the 550 productioncredit assocla-'~ watched them trudge toward home. 'ation. Mr. Selig said he was made a We are often surprised to "Dis-ltions in the United States have more ~member by C. C. Baird, business ex-'cover" a patient with far advancedthan doubled their membership since! '"T'wont make much difference",'ecutive of Boston, Mass. Why not t tuberculosis the presence of which 1934. At the close of 1934 they had: commented the village postmaster as organize a branch of the Keep Youriwas little suspected. Germ scatterers a membership of 121,455 farmers~ he read the official notice that here- Mouth Shut Club in your community? may be found in any population con-'while at the beginning of the pros-i after, all mails would be carried by Another Appeal: The Savannah~ter. Many of our typhoid cases are ent year they had a membership ofI motor stage, following abandonment Daily Times, in an editorial entitled tracable to persons who are in ex- 251,190. In 1934 the association made i of the Northerr~ and Southwest Rail- "Help the Railroads",< said: "Noth- cellent health; persons who may or loans totalling $107,243,065 whileI road. And so it proved, for months ing would be so helpful to the rail-:may not have had typhoid but who in 1937 they made loans totallingi on end. Busses and trucks roared roads as a revival in business. Rail-~ dischargt vin'ulqnt ~erms inte'ymit~ $286,260,621." through the valley, business went on road carloadir~gs lure runnin~ now tently often through the use of drink-~ Mr O'Quinn said he was proud ofi Watches originally wets small clocks and were worn hung from the girdle because they were too large for .'i~e pocket. FOR TO THE PEOPLE OF COUNTY: I hereby announce as a for Representative of Clin in the General Assembly c subject to the rules and 1 of the Democratic Primary on September 14, 1938. I sincerely appreciate t: past I had an opportunity the people of Clinch Coun representative. My service ful and conscientious and the people of Clinch Cc will continue to serve t very best of my ability by your election. I am very grateful to of Clinch County and I support and influence. OUCH/ THERE'5 THAT PAIN AGAIN Sincerely, F.M. as usual---the mail arriv, ed with at thirty per cent below what they ting cups and other soiled articles, i the record made by the Waycrossl ~locklike regularity. In a year, folks were a year ago. Railroads are pub- For these if not esthetic reasons,',asspciation./ Since this asosciation,! almost forgot the time wChen scream-ilic servants and there is a limit to all customers of public eating and which serves Ware, Wayne, Brantley, i ing whistle and clanging bell sign.t-:the extent to which they can reduce drinking places appreciates care in Pierce, Charlton, Camden, Glynn,~ ]~ I fled "mail time." l expenses by Curtailing the service, cleansing and sterilizing of the things Clinch counties began operations in l "No mail today", the postmaster For more than eight years, in corn- used in serving. :1934 it has made 2,610 loans forI grumbled, "Road too. bad." It hap-:mon with other lines of industry, the! The Health Department anticipates $579,373 and has charged off only pensd again and again. On da~;s when~railroads have struggled with depres-no lack of cooperation, no delay in $24.00. ' Su er Lon er Than Neee$$a ? the stage did get through, it was sion conditions In that time, there' compliance with the recently adopted "We had an interesting discussion Dr. Miles A,tl-Pai~ P|H$ Rdi~ve hours late. All through the spring has been no impairment of service regulation which provides for pro- of the reasons for the establishment rains, busses and trucks plowed and On the contrary, service, both freight tection of the :public health through of the Production Credit System", slid, drivers cub:sing. People corn- and passenger, has steadily improved, adequate cleansing and sterilizing said Mr. Strickland. "The amount of plainest, blamed county officials, Passenger travel has been rendered technique. ~ short-term credit used in the .United wondered why somebody didn't "do safer, faster, more comfortable and !States has increased tremendously ~fl i in the last 50 years, one reason being something." Finally, someone wrotemore dependable as to schedules.Political Campa..ns a greater specialization in farming, l the inevitable letter to the commis-The movement of freight has been iI~ MILES ANTI - PAIN put you back on your were made for just one again "rarin' to go". purpose--to relieve pain. Users PII~ MILES ANTI - act quickly. You write that they "work like have to wait forty magic". They contain an ef- an hour for them to take ~ective, quick-acting, analgesic as is the case with stoner, i expedited, damage in transit mini-! Await Farmers Another reason is the much larger --pain reliever, gesics. You'll get action His reply, arriving on a day-latelmized and prompt deliveries assured. I investment in machinery and equip- Try Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills ten to twenty minute~. ~.ail stage, cheered them but little:'~Yet this 'great improvement in the 'ment and much larger expendituresl before you lose a day's work-- DR. MILES ANTI - "Due to the sharp decrease in tax face of adverse conditions has not' ATLANTA (GPS) A 1 t h o u g h for fertilizer, feed and labor. Thei ~_nd pay--or break a social on- PILLS are pleasant to xevenues last year when the railroad been at the expense of the rate pay- some already have opened their special characteristics of agriculture! gagement because of HEAD- handy to carry, prompt a was abandoned, our highway budget er. Freight and passenger charges as campaigns, most of the. senatorial and the effect of these characteris-i ACHE, MUSCULAR, PERIOD- fective in action, and { along with all other activities, had to a whole are substantially lower than and gubernatorihl . candidates, are tics on agricult.ure's credit needs :IC, OR NEURALGIC PAINS. upset the stomach Their be pared to the limit There is nowhen the depression began. The waiting for early JUly, wnen ~arm- made necessary the establishment ofl They may be just what )ou is small. One, or at most~. money for major road repairs this revenues of the railroads can and ers have "laid by:' their crops, to the production credit systems to ro-i need to relieve your pain andis usually sufficient to ra ....... I ......... start their drives in earnest. Mean- vide short ~erm credit for a rPul I At your Drug Store. 25 for 25e. 125 for $1.00. year. we nave applled ior ~eaera snoul(1 oe improves ey increases in, ..... .. - g" - - - _..~ ~ " " "n -- :assistance, but so far have been un- rates wherever that is practicable." wnile, tney are appomti .g campaign ture. [ ~uble to meet the requirements." ~ist of q~ho ~,~ ...... w~. ......... managers and laying the ground-: "Congress decided that this credit! "~ ................... ~ siv s akin re - .... -'( .,, _!250,112 federal income tax returns =:mksfr exten e pe g P~ stYs:;=lShOu!d be cooperative and thatj "ln]~ ~s my last trap , announced ;~_ ;~ ~ ..... :- -~- ~q~ mh~ .~.-~g " ,. . u d not loan government money;, ~the trucker as he set a box of groc- ::~~:::.Y.=.,~:["~:~.:."._'~.:"_~_.f~':~' Here's the mtuatmn in tne race but secure the money used for ioansl erie i the doorwa-- of the village c .... ~, ......... ~.,o~..~ ~.~ pr?~u- for the U. S. Senate:William G from the investin ubhc 1 i s n ~ s in r g p . It a so de- store. "These roads have ruined two MagcY:ais-t'hL:tnh:: U~eBld:dwhrt~h'^f McRae, Atlanta attorney, will open cided that the system should be de't~~~~" " ll~ his campaign at a rally June 18, at centr hz trucks for me already, and I can t ~_ ~--~h .... ~.-"- ...,:_~. _^, .... a ed and that the loans should i ---~- .... one--*h-*-'a-" i~,,* ~--~ ,,-sv w,,~, ,,.,u..,~ ,- Rockmart, his native home. ~'ormer be made by local oooner~4;.,o~ wh,,~l , . y in Grill n. Atlanta was chosen . . . - ~- ,, ,~, Gove~nor Eugene Talmadge, who the roductm What am I going to do. queried as the 19"" --nven*i-n --" ...... P n credit associations] the storekeeper, hopelessly, other relie:tctt~o ho=o has appomted, his25-year old son., came into existence and the record "~ o ha an't n ne of m ' . .... _ : .... ~_ ~ _2 ....... ~-~,~ tierman, as ms manager, opened ms,which they have made th n i ' .~unn, t .t 1 o..y days dmappeared rece,tly when work ..... i~. :vo~ the r~,~ ~nA ~ ,, .,I ~ k, s,Ik~m~ @~ I.~~.~'~f~F|-~~" ~'~ worries", rephed the driver as ne ...~ re .... ~.~.. ,~.~ ~;n^._.~. :_ ,~_, ---'~-'~'_" ~'. ............ :-tlanta rema,kable. I mounted his cab and as his motor "'-~".- v-::..s ~,,~ 7:~,~ ,- ~,--~ last week, also outlined his platform~ t roared, called back" "Get yourself~ ot tne .~lanta po.l.lce, nea~quar,~ers over the radio last week. District quarters in Atlanta Mrs. George will a truck I ~uess" an" he laughed at removea tne ~ron.nltcnlng post wmcn Lawrence Camp, a New Dealer, is be with him and assist in opening', the look o; the oln ~ellow'a ~ace inca, s~,d theresm.ce. 1892..---Charl!e delaying opening his campaign head- ~ headquarters. [ , llL]~I ~fT] L~~~k# # aM ~ - ,xates, ~ne new t~rmsn ~mateur t~o~x ~uarters until later an- will a~"oint~ - .... .. -I" I For several minutes, the grocer',~.~.~:^- ,.~ ..... ~ ,_ ~:_ ~__._ :_ ~ , d v~ ~ in tne meantime tieorgIans in many~ stood in the open door, gazing re- .~t~a'n~';~t~i's-w~:ek'~n ;Vblal o~m[orvt-a_ manager:n a weekor so. Senator sections of the state are actively ]~pL&~- YOUR SMOOTH WORN TIRES AND B$ ' s ~ Walter ~' ~eorge, seeking re-election w " , ' 1 LAST year highway accidents smooth, worn, unsafe tire~., fleetively at the grass-growr~ stretch:Yates is Geor-ia's most valuable -ift - " - orklng in behalf of the Senator s l - ' g g has appointed his son, tieard George ean,{ida~, ~ ~ ~ beside the rotting wa~er l~anK, wnere' to the -elfin- worl~ si ....... ~ ......~ .....-~lectio~ J ~cost the lives of more than 40,000 ~urvey di~los~ that 59 mi~ n , . . [ g .g a nee "wrY i as his manager, and will open head-, . . " o ce a sc~eammg whmtle and clang- jones" , ..... .... ~,~. ~n~ ....... n* ^~ "~^.- I In Gaineswlle veterans fo Hall] men, women and children and now in use are, or will ln_g bell, had ,,announced the commgt With The Editors"The Baxle ~ ~;;~ .......... J ................ ! County perfected permanent organ- ]nearly a million and a quarter more smooth this year. Do yo~ ' el the local . ~,~ .... " .... Y' "n'" ce for " verno ~.~ization of a Hall County Veterans~ were injured. More than 52,000of ~kedrtvlng~afer. RephC~ ~,ews-~anner is tne ernest priva~e~ rne ra (~o r, ~u ~ .......... i :these deaths and Injuries were ~ on your car. Come~ -i rs n in -o e 1 ction .. for ~eorge ~mo, witn r~ c ~ran- "Wh~" ~ h .... ew~ ~a;~., business in Baxley, and only the 1~ ve , ru n g ~ r r -e e ,sala ........ " ." . . .... , ................ ~ ......... ] ............ non, cnalrman, Lee ~iroa, vice-chair-I caused dlrectl.y by punctures, and equip with ]Firestone ~ro~h~n ,,'m,~. ~t~ ~, ,~ I pos~ OIIlCe an~eaates it, accor~in~ ne wouIa nave a~ ~eas~ 117 campaign .... -"--[~-~-"~-"' --:'~"~-#--'~-""-~.-'-:'-.e~-~Ito Gee D Lowe, the presently edi'Imanagers ("the same number I had man and r ors t~ooer, secretary, t blowouts and skidding due to Tlresandmave25~. ---w~y, I Use(1 ~,0 pay you I,w~y Ior " " " , f , A resolution unanlmousl ado ted~ ,~ ......~..~ ,, .tor. The News-Banner was establish- in my last campaign ) when heI Y P ~"~,,v=~:'~,:~'u'_ ........ a ,~ ......!ed in 1884 by Warren P Ward, and formally opens his headquarters in,by the Hall County veterans said: I ~.. ]~4~[ FI]~-~ON~- ~N ~IV]~ in Atlanta earl 1 J 1 h owell * Senator George has at all time t- .... ~,- ,- .... ,1.., ,,m.*~,~ ~*h~ ,,,,o ..... ~,~,~"~"~ts" ce that time it has, been owned and Y n u y, Hug H ,., '" W/~t~]/~) SUC]~ a ]~]['G]~ ~Ua~][~F I'~d~to'bu;'a, truck to'~;ts '~m~ here", i edited by numerc~us editors. Says J[neh Ofovernshlthe four outllnemen in thehl racef fOr,r inrepresentedthe Nationalt'he CongressPeple oflrt anGerglaable ~" ~~ ~T ~U]~ N~-W LOW | '"Time I pay my driver, buy tires,!,t,he Douglas Enterp~se ed~itorially:..t e g .. p, . d s plat ~:m i ann difnifie, manner a~ well as the bu- license bu,, bu- bu,,.~a,~.. I l~ailway wages in tleorgia during[in a raalo aaaress last weeK. insi " ~ ~ i -o~-- o'-- ~ ~'~" ~.'- -,*-~'!1937 amounted to $33,672,143 which ', other candidates, J J Mangham andPePle throughout the United Statesi ~~i~:] ~~ Ftrego~emvesmoneyby~ u nave n more cause ~o KICK than " " as a whole and he has sponsored and I h ve" " h .... o .... Its further proof that the railroads/Robert F Wood, are laying plans for ~~-~;:~ and securing rubber and comm at the $o re^a "^' :::n* e ~ruagea ~: ~.n.e DacKlfrom the biggest industry in thislan~ extensive campaign at an earlylsupprted bills in the National Con-] '~~~i~/ ~y more efficient um ~u ~u u ~,~ ~s -~ ~u~u~m~-istate,, The to^ Count-. ~,t~wo ----~.' I date gross which, in our opinion, were to~~:[ manufacturing and had brought. ['ishea '-~t Lees~bur- rec-~ntl"'-~ t~'eca~--~-'1 " -- [the best interest of the people of;~ ~ distribution. These ~~1~[[ In a moment he was back, and ~ u ,g, e y m~ - ~ . . n i" ., { Georgia and the United States, and ~ ~.~ ~vtngs make po~lble ~~a~] placing" the empty basRet on the lisa add_ wetmn ...... to Georgia s excellent, George To Ouen in particular for World War Voter- counter be-an a bit o'~ol--e~i,'all,, I t oz" eK,y papers, ltooert 1,., ~ Jr ' ....... t ~] low ptice~ I/~/fff~///~ , ' " "*""s * ~ ~' Wr " edi n " " ans, tnelr WlUOWS ann orphans ' Ca ' i a oy ~s tor.---Co gratulahons are 1 " .. n t pay.but s xteen ce ts today, l;..~.~ ~.~ t~.^ ro~.o...~o~n ~-[ His Campaign , THEREFORE, be it resolved by [" ~/'~i ] New High Qtt~llty-- /~'-~"]"'~"~ m ssus,~- ~ney re worth twenty-two[ J~fferson whi-~ i- -el~el~ ...... ~ ..._ [ 11 I~. _ .l [ the undersigned veterans of Hall ! ~ First choice rubber) [ [ J ~I in w t ' i , ~ , ~II ~ Ut~l Ol'ablllg 11,~ 1 .. to n, bu. t me I truck em upl no._ ~i..,h.~.~.. , ........ ~,, ,,ol JUly rourm i County that we go on record as heart- I ~~ii~ and selected cotton [ ~ ~ [ I~ ~ | ~, l.ean no m r n break even]success is the fa~t that t^hn xt ~^,~ [ lily endorsing Senator George for re- v-~ that conforms tO ~ ] ] ~ "---- n W " t, *)V ,t~. ZStU~U- I o Tne md stare ed lnd~ anti . L .. . y p gn Y[er and Mrs Holder haw b~- .'.l ATLANTA, Ga.---Senator Wa],ter election and that we tender Senator l ~ Firetone's high ~itll~l~~ ~ou~ oI tne s~ore " ~ ~" "'I .... I , F Geor e will offIclall o enh~s George our wholehearte su port for "An" tlie stor "'se~ t be -v--[charge of the paperfor the past, g Y P i d P I ~ s~andarda and ~lgid ~ (1 e u u 0 U ~" " .... " ....... n- l forty-seven years.--The Swainbore[ campaign for re-election on July 4tht~re-electlon and recommend to tile ~ 3 ~t,~ spectficatloc~ nere, sam.tne.nun er, as ne .pol. ,ted lForest Blade, edited by Wenslev Hob tin his own home town of Vienna, i people of Georgia and ex-service men I o a xa~en in snack wnose wmaows, - - - ...... ~'/~ I Long ~ll~g~.--~afe, " ~ ......... l among his own home folks tm particular that they do hkewlse/ ny, recently issuea a swelt speclal . . . . devoid, of g!ass, stared vacantly to-ledition on the occasion of the ann-all Due to the uncertainty of the ad-I and we feel satisfied and believe hls I I~'~"~ silent tread design wearing mbl~r that "~~~ war tne arch of tan te weecm ne ~ , poundscatmebiowoumOfrubber are added to every 100 I .. d P _ g d "Imeetin~" of th~ f'.,~.~d~ p .... ~::. [journment of Congress and the many irecord entitles him to re-election. ~ [..).~|!i~ made of tough, slow m(1e ~ne pne of staves an iron noops o - .....~ ...........-. . . " : ull endorsemen o n ' ......... ciat~^- ~,, *~-~* ^'~-- ~^.. xr E--m_, I leg~slat~ve m~tters that require the. F t f the Se ator s | .................. ~"--~Y .......... ' ~res long railings. Sturdy bats M ~nat nan once neen tne Northern ann , , ........ I Editor of the Cedartown Standard[attention of Georgia s senior senator lcandidacy also was conveyed in reso- ~ou~nwes~ wa~ertanl~ , .... " .... land one of the *~ost n'on.l~,r ~w. ii?~ Washington, his return to Beorgia[lutions adopted at Savannah by the rugged notchesthatgh,~fidllu~ot~o~ ~~ xour morner and I heed there", ... r ~-- ........ - . 'Geor i De artm n siccing ~klddl~b ..... I.~.~*r men ;- he o.o~^ ; ......... I necessarfly has been delayed, but he~ g a p e t of the Disabled ..... ......................... ' S'@wo.t -- Nl, a e.tta I ll~,cating a s~one Iounaatlon, wlthtin, from a re-en* .... =-~:~'*; ...... will make his first radio announce-:,American Veterans i1~ convention . ]~ ''~'"O~'N;~ only charred sticks and ashes to mark a there vv 1, . I at~on [ ment over stateion WSB on S turday i the, They,reremalns Of.all angoneerSt-whllenow, home.there [ " '[xdght' June 25th at9 o'clock, East-i The resolution, introduced by Cecil pound$ofcord b~the Firestone Painted [ r4~ ~l~O ~I~I se .... -- [ ern ~tandard Time. I R. Hall, of Atlanta, past state corn- GumoDlppingp~oeesswhicheountemcm I ~0~ 0~ ~ u d re ve ovtr a nunared people DRINKMORE MILK MONTH ~ma ' - I [ Citizens of V/enna are planning nder, sa'd in part: internal frlc m and tint ordtmrfly | lived here, but now,---just look at[ .. -------~ |a genuine "home-coming" welcome "We do record an express of con- I 4".5~,i~'" at it" ATLANTA---(GPS) Are you drink' .... I i " " _. [. ~for their dmtmgmshed neighbor on, f dence ~n Walter F George, semor The man seemed suddenly to have,ing your milk these,, days.~ Well youl, outy ........ a~n I senator xrom t~eorgia" and express Puncture Protection-- Flr~to~'s | 4.75-19... .... aged, as he turned m~sty eye away should, for this is Drink More Milk o in ' .it " " " " ", the Home coming Committee and is est "n cur welfare and for h~s able :from the d~pressmg scene ~i~ the month in Geo~gm" " ] Hon ~Vatts Powell is chairman ofI terUr s" i cere appreciation for his ~n- of Patentedcngructl~ftwexlralaY~mGum-Dipped cords under the tread | | 5.00-195.25.17 ....... ........ valley below. With a last backwardI Following the recent milking'eon-]working out a. program of festivities,service ir~ our behalf over a long dmtpro~ectsa~hM~u~ure~ I ~L'~':::':::, took at the deserted village . the:test on the State CaCpitol lawn, be- [to be cl|maxed by an address by Sen-' period of years in the United States Come tn today. Letusputa~m~ofth~ | 5.50.17 ....... : youltger man hurried to catch up withltween Governor Rivers and Commis-lator George. ' Senate where he has repeatedly largesize, ruued~longweat~ng~ne I 6"~)~r~1~'.*_'~*~'~ rhis father, who was striding away. stoner of Agriculture Columbus This will be broacast over station championed the cause of Georgia's ~vo~Tlres~ ~ar~r---~mmcmbcr, I 6.2Y 16.... ; Why, Dad. , he asked, What]Roberts, the Governor Issued a~ WG_ST an~ local ,~tations betw~een disabled ex-service men. youmv~25%. | ~~ta~ happened,---why did.everybdy have "Drink More Milk" proclamation for[ 11.4~j. A. M.,.and 12"4. 5 P. M. East- Citizens of Muscogee County held ,- .... ~ma~ to leave this pretty little valley? The the people of Georgia. It is part oflern Standar~ Time a mass meeting at Columbus and soil looks fertile, the water is great, a national cam al n which con | " " o ~lr~k$10 I " ,~AA--~--I ~,' " P "g, ' - Senator George plans to leave f rmed the Muscogee "George for ~ " " " ' " g y . " gt on r the ad- S e c ub, el ct" g Frank Dawd why Is ~t deserted and forgotten~'' tmues in tbls state th~ou h Jut 10 Washln on as so afte enat " 1 e m And far down the canyon below Ijournment of Congress as possible professor ~f the InduStrial Sdhool the village, an eerm sound reverber-1 _ I There are, naturally, certain legis- at-Columbus, as president. ated ~rom crag to tree True, it was quently than his father could haveIlative duties to be wound up; mat- Another resolution highly com- not'a sound for human ears,--noti'answered it. It was the voice of a:ters of concern to the people ofmending the recolCd ! of Senato~ M )$I' IIt.H l~II ~0L~ i Living humans at least, but a sound',ghost, not a spoken word but all the IGeorgia whcih cannot be left unfino George and calling for the support =- m= ' , meant for the ears of the generatmn more enh htemn for that It was~l he " ' "g "g , "s d. of loyal Democrats was introduced , @ ~ ,V~/~/~r~ia~_.,~b~wl~ gone before. It would have answered the ghostly echo of a screamingt But when he can do so he will by H R McClatchey and unanimous- "" ~ '~,~~~m~m~,~ ' f " ' I - " " the young man s query more elo- whistle and a clanging bell! [joln h~s son, Heard George, at head- ly adopted. Tuaeiaoathe~emo~eVo~esoftheht'mRsdto ]P~ zwies ~ W~k ~ri~ the noon bo~ .. t