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June 24, 1938     The Clinch County News
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June 24, 1938

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June 24, 1938, "THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Page 3. ~ :str e and higl~way beautification' De-*al Ins - Kno -- W E L L . . . [J We need more room in our locai m pecti n w Iour L lmDer il" i[ school. Our children run loose one g'IL*lJ ..... "~ ] --by--- II the streets during the summer months: qk~|VeI1 ~lllM:lre][1 EMILY WOODWARD -- [1 IRIS BLITCH II for lack of something to do Streets l ....... , ...... , ~ ............ ~ithat are dusty and grimy because Free dental inspections by dentists The saw-mill has its place in the PAR 0RAPH$ UUNGFKNING THO E -- -- .they are unpaved Some communities of Georgia were given a total of Georgia Forestry Program but the Ll~= aa,r~ t,r~ ~ru~ ~ ~a,r. -r~ ~,,E:,, Evide~fily we ~re old-fashioned have supervized playgrounds for their 215,560 children in Georgia for the timberland owner who is wise will VUL ~l~U uv, .HL O,bm~ ~tllu I.U ~LLt. t~:uC~tsit~;tabwlY b~ahind :he:rerndd:f children What a splendid thing if school year 1937-38, an increase give care-f~l attention to the contract ~, g Y we could have just one well-equipped from the 167,588 inspected in 1936- he makes for selling his timber to ~(~,(~(,~l~all mB.Oq~,O~ O and time. We were taught at school playground with a supervisor for our 37. The number inspected represents the saw-mill operator. r .......... I .............. land at home that the honorable thing childrenV We could soon reahz he 1 018 schools m 128 counties as T the v r o. ~ticna~lson dr. lezt ~on-I Mr. ana Mrs. #. w. ~oumaii oxl ........ " e t , ' , o a e age farmer two or spend two months in Boston,! Cairo were ~uests last Thursday of!~ ao was to work zor a riving, we benefits of one. compared with 872 schools in 106 three hundred dollars cash money I Mrs R E "~-ilson and family, -[were I especially v~arnea agsjns~i In many places during the sum-counties in 1936-37, according to is hard to resist and when such an .... [ .... " thinking the worla owed us one. liner months, the Churches Conduct Dr. T. F. Abercrombie, Director of! offer is made for the cuttin~ privi- Gem Stricktand of Valdosta] ~r ~arl Mor-a- hao ~t .... a to l Wel! we cant say that our count- Vacation Bible Schools for children, the ~State Department of Public liege on his small woodland he will MOnday here with Miss Vir-!t~t~it M;~h ~t~ ~,;~it; .... ~;~ : ys Cl~Lzens nave stooped.tothe low but even our churches have failed Health. very likely accept it without sto in Silson.- ~ere~orsever~avs ......~ ......... i level o~. expecting., the wnme worm in having any kind of organized ac- The report of the dental survey, to see if he is cheating hims~ ing - I : ~o provlue tnem wltn a nvlng ou~ we tivity for our children Dr Abercrombie declared, is signifi-! the trade." 1 " " ' " .T. H Strange of Eatonton is Miss Luginia Carter of Valdosta do have a,,sneaking Idea.they re ex~A community center as a general cant in that, over a period of four In th- firs~ -1 ........ , " I e ~ p ~te~ no Sale snoul(l ~g the summer here with her is s-endin~ ~omo tima ,~;th M'~. W i P.ectmg a wnale oz a mt out oz meeting place for the whole corn- years, all but 14 counties In the 1._ _^~ ...... , .~ ..... er ~" ~" ............"*-~" -"~tneir government not that we would .... * -e -,~ue u,bl~ Lne owner nas care- ,Miss Wree Strange IE Wilson and family ! ..... , ...... munity m a much-needed project, state have participated in the dentallfullv cruised his timber tn =et an ~ . [ " , ~ ........ noJ.o t nem separately responsmie ~or We need to remodel our homes--- program at sometime. The report .... ~t~ o,;~o~ ^~, +h~ "~,'.,~'"~.~ thel ae ar r ro " .................. ~ ~ ~"~ "~'"~-~ ~-~ rEarl Har~raves of Baxlevt Vrro t v ~ .... n~ .~.-~.~. xv .....r p tu e f m the rugged m-or build new ones---my~ what a lot also shows a steady decline in lne~-j: ...... ~ .......... a; ~ .~ ,,. o. o .,. ,~.,~ ,, u ~,.,~.~. ,~,,~ ~ividualism ^* *h~i~ -'^n^^-:-- ~ ...... " ............. I~ m~muJe tie can do tnls mmselt ~,ngSOme time with his ~rand-'and ~oid 1~~ Mnnr~a~ ~env r~~|aA~ u vx ~ ~. V'~ ==""g "~e" OI paint we could use An~ we could aence oz uezec~lve mourns in cmiu- ...:.~_ _ ~__~_ ._...t ..... - ..... ' ........... : ......... , bears We belier- tha* the la-~- -" u ...... !w~un u sca~e S~C~ r~na~ COSTS a UOllar , a~rs A Har~raves t~hi~ where *he-- --"~ .... ~ ....... ~ e ~ ~a- continue naming countless things ren m scnoois an counties where ~_ ~ ........ ~k . . .. ,., u ~ .v --,,, ~=-u ~=v=~a, .... . . l Ur ue can employ a prolesslonal t woek~ adalmcal spirit developed by a large that wouldbe of ~,reat benefit to effechve programs have been carried ..... ~ ........... - ~ ..... ortion of our masses ha- beeninsti ' ,, ,~ ...... I cru~ser WhO wlll ~!o It ~or a small ~. v Dicker~onof Wa'cross~ Iv ~ ", us all on conslszen~ly over a period oz _ ^ .. , .. . t~Irs. C. H. Dickerson~ andl Mrs Kenneth Hugh~s and littleIgated and .fostered by the verygov- It's sad to think that every country'Years. "l~u=~ ~;I~e:':t~i::'nr?:i~l:s :n sere Thursday. daughter Betty, left Thursday to e3~r~emto:='t~e c,overnment such as! is having to. sponsor such a huge M_eDu_ffie C_ounty.shows the low.-la small ' tract investe~ $12.0~ ~n~a , , ~ , spenuln viii "ust to e esc percentage oI cnlmren Wlgn carl- -- ~ spend several days wlth relatives In'w~ ~;.~ ....... ~ ....... ;.~.~._..:.. ,~ ,g J Keep peopl .............. crulser who produced evidence suf- and Mrs. E. K. Avriett and Oglethorpe and Andersonville C ,P."~ ." .......Y,:~"".~ .... g, zrom starving. It would be a fine tles (z~ pea" cent), wlm Atlanta, ficient to-0nvine~ ~h~ ~.,~, ~;U .... b ~ ........ " i snoula oz~er to every citizen me op- thin~ i ........ ~ ~: ..... second ~30 ~er centx Re"or*- *r^m~ .......... " ....... v~-- ,~-e, ~nox anu Ann are ...... $ ,. ,.~ ,~uu,u x~uance me Ira- ~. . e ~" e .~ ~ ~ Tutor that his bid shoul- ~-^ -i-~a +- g Several weeks at their co-I Mrs Blanche Blitch has returned'Prtun!ty- r earning a., uecent hv- provements that we need ourselves schools indlcate ,that correct,re pro-l 00 The owner Drof'i o [St ~" i o. " .. . .. , , InK wl~n tne least posslole lnterler- But. wo enn'f d~ it ~,r~ ~..,, ~rams are being, carried on ana child-!~ :- v ~, v,,-..--. - olmons ~azter spenolng some ~ime wim ner -- ~ .~ .......... , -. .............,.~ ..~-~ ,-,-.a ~- - . o . _- u .._ ~zrom this investment ----" daughter, Mrs Charles Hertz, Hoo,~er'e-nce zrom ~na~ government, wl.e, people out of work in our county and ren are seeking aentai care. *l*ne] ..... ~ .... --- ' ~ e tl]e ~eo"le ^z a countr-" ~e~n t^ le^n - " 0,..~ ......... ~..~.+ ~..~ .~...~ ^~ oo~ Trees oz less ~nan ig to 14 inches aa of Miss Mertice Dickerson and family at Townsend, Ga. ._ p~_ p,_., u ..... # s/ ,~ a , some work projects wouid mean ~L'~$ ".~-~"'~ ~"~'~ ~"~ .... ,.u, ~.oOfin dinm~t~- ~hn,l,t nnt k..... ;~;~^a nnterested to know that she; I~oo nea.vuy on ~nelr. country s gov- much to them at this time, so let us per cent, o1: a~l cmiuren mspec~eui2= 2-~:-:--:=-_-.-_~-L,'~ "'~.~ ~*'-;~ b~t~le:y:fter being real slck :td~i~vil!o:,::s:~a:~Se:p:dst:!ns:rih!i ~n~fr~a~ii~:n~t~hlit:iu!~iiSp:e:i! , ~a~!:u~r~!i~:es~weft::::o:f :::::on:: , :r?gTtrh!:hi~!~u~:P~O~i~s:~:n:ade nht~a: ~a~i:ii~~?:ln a pro a~ii~!~:~ili ~d Mrs~ ............. ...... I " lly " "~ pp oo " "on of have everythin~ that we need But been made possible throughout thel "" Y " . ~uxus lane ano cnnu ~v~r ~oian wapps ana zamuy, wno , n~s then th ti - ~" " ....... I the profit . . xu u e me m almos~ past b we r " " wnolenearte coo. ration of ~he " 'tOday for Moultme to spend are spending some time at the beach I ...... "~--~'h"n- -'a ..... Y 11-o ganlzed planning we could ^ ed , , Pe .... J ............. aaYs with Mr Lane's mother "i w, en /qn~.t~ g ezqec~lve_mlgnt ~e have some of the things that we need Georgia l)entai Assocmgion, meI ~ne contract w]tn the saw-ram up- " .. . .. ~. .. , aone aoout ]~-.-.~or mark tnese woras most To ~,o about it we shouD havel State Department of Education, the,erator s~ould prohibit complete strip I tar ana lvirs w ~ uowen oK, h er in" " o , u .. "~ ............... " . :. ; : .... '---t e v y pr clple of democracy a planning- boo~d "ade u-- of---sa--IGeorrda Congress of Parents andlPmg of the land Sufflcmnt seed ~race ualowel! oI valoosta ~asgman spen~ tne zirsz ox me week has been heinousl .... S ..... P' Y q-- 7 %- ' ...... ,tree- -~---' - '-~ .... lung t~:_ - -- ,- "-~ 1- -- .v ~.;. ~..~,u^. a~r.. ,-, . y unaermlneu, a representative from ~ver- oi-;- -~ i Teacners, and the Agricuiturat ~x-~ ~ ~-ou~d oe aezz zo Insure re- -m weeK-ena nere wire here ~ne gues~ ~ ,,,~ ~,~,,~ ,,,, ,~.. ~ ~ ~ ~--~ ~-- . t rents M, ~ ~r.o w xr ~, ......... When Individual agresmveness m ganization and one from th~ town ~tItension Service, working w~th the~forestratlon The contract should al- _ - .... ,,,,,, ,,,.o. w. --. ~. xsowen anu Iamlly. Mr. rsowen IS transformed to m " - .... ' " " " ~ ..... ze ............ ass lnerzlc, you may large Then a member o th- ^i'--'State Health Department through the lso mcmae ~ounctar~es of tracts, , " woun~y ~cnooi bupermtendent oil i 1 " ~ ~ ~ ~Yl .... ~ ._. [Dodge County ~ i b::e;:a n:ht~te ha:mfulit:g:noC~es are council and the Board of County Division of Dental Hygmne, unde,ri~h::ld ~upply lot numbers, and st~pu- m~l-...oM~" ~." m.** reag~vrn--"~ .... a-ua:i --" ~s~ g y z zree- ~ Commissioners. No one should one aireeion oz a. t/. williams ,i, .a ,me -x mlt.zor cutting and re- r8 Misses Rose and Elna are W M U MEETING laura, t a place on the planning board who,the health Director stated I movlng lumver. In a small tract 12 ....... ' --- .. ". " Z: ........ ', ~ur country is going around in is not wholo he*~t~m- willin-- t-1 Four years ago, he pointed out,tmonths should be sufficient for the ~. uome~ime at their cottage' Tne ~apcis~ w M. u. met lvionuay ir les It' ri-h ........ ~" " ..... ~ s ~ . ....... , ..... ,:^_. a)l~lo~s i o~,,,,, t,,n~ 9n~. o, w~~ ~,.~ c c . .s g ~ rack wn~ere ~t serve and give his or her time un-~OmY ~z counties participated in tne i~P~-~,u,,~. Is-~*~. ...... ~.startedli s oX years ago, except, that. its. selfishly, to the .plans development. _ . ,I dental, program.. This. year 128 coun- The saw-mill operator alone should A~geline Brack of Tamna.] ' Zhe ~eetin~ was condud~ed by ob ged t be worse since this ~sI It s summer-time and its hot and~ties were included in th~ state tabu-lnot be damned for the ugly desola- Spena;~.,, ......... ~,o,~ ~,o~-"~ ~'~'~' ~",,~ ,,~. ~,~,,^~*-~': o,,,,~,,~'~*~ ,,,,u~ ~,,,o~*~-~:~ ~,,~-,,,~+"~':-~ tne. . beginning ot me second. round.. .I we're., likely not to feel very enter-flatin.. . The .dentists are. not only glv-ition that. so~ofter~ follows in his wak~ sis" ~ ................ Billions of dollars are again being prising But if we are oi 'lng knspectmn, but in nearly every The timberland owner owes it t hn, ~er Mrs. ~allie ~icKerson part were: ~rs. a. t~. ~ml~n, mrs. turne- loo ....... " g ng to act .... . ....... ~ " 0 ":.- relatives I Henry Christopher,Mrs B B u se ~o De spent as qulcKIy the tlme is now. Do we get a rise out eommumty tne mealorganlzatlonslself to the present economic orde:" as possible (heavens, yes.* they've of anyone. Is there a motion that are indigent children, and to prosterity not only to know the plan be adopted---a second?--~children inspected in 128 counties, lconti, acts with saw-mill~ operators [Harper and Mrs. A. B. Metcalfe. got to get rolling, in time for the quick---tell us--is it carried? [the conditions foundinclude: 57.71that will put an end to this useloss Richardson and childrenI Those present were: Mrs. H. W. fall elections) Considering the 171,463 white his timber but to make intelligent for Miami where they Williams, Mrs. Kin.g, Mrs Cannon,i How are these dollars going to be Richardsn t make their' Mrs" Musgrve' Mrs" Mitchell' Mrs" spent? Wh is ging t derive any iam~. i Metcalfe, Mrs. H. J. Christopher, benefit from them? Are we people e per cent have been to a dentist; 33.31devastation of large and small forest W. Jernigan and children per cent have been to a dentist with- t areas in the state. Mrs. Poppell, Mrs. B. B. Harper, away down here in the South Geor- in the last year; 88.4 per cent ownt If you do not know how to evalu- Mrs. Leroy Shaw, Mrs.Alton Smith, i I WREE~ANGE, gia flat-lands going to realize any la toothbrush; 16.9 per cent have ap- ate your own timberland, see your Wallace spent several days Mrs. A. N. Carswell, Mrs. Dill, Mrs. material good from them? Whether] Home Economist i parent malocclusion; 58.7 per cent district forester or write the State in Swainsboro with her H. C. Morgan, Mrs. Lieupo, Mrs. J. we realize any good or not, we areNow that cucumbers are quite plen-heed prophylaxis, and 60.8 per cent Department of Forestry for advice, and Mrs. L. L. Bishop. I R. Pittman, and Mrs. L. A. Jones. certainly going to bear the brunt of tiful several have asked for cucum- have cavities. An average of 2.3 ca- The service belongs to you. Use it. _ __ The W. M. U. was very glad to our share of the taxes that will have ber pickle recipies. The following vities in deciduous teeth was found . H. D. Gordy of Perry honor Mrs. M. L. Rainey and Mrs. to be levied to finance them. have ,pro'v~d ~'ery satisfactory for in elementary schools. of the week here with G. H. Talley as visitors and Mrs. Subscribe for the NEWS Mrs. Hollis Pafford Gurr as a new member. This entire section is terribly in family use. "There can be no doubt that Geor- need of an improvement campaign Crisp Fresh Cucumber Pickle giv~ is attacking the problem and ~--~water. Pack in jar with a slice of stated, adding that the importance day's visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. I.~ onion on top. Pour over these the fol- of dental health programs is evident SPending some time here! By MRS. R--U---BYE CART_R Hinson. Miss Addle Belle James, Mr. lowing, after bringing just to the from a bulletin from the United Griffith's parents, Mrs. J'i ~ Harry James, Mr. John Ray of Cog- boiling point. Do not boil. I States Public Health Service dealing "For the Kingdom of Heaven is dell and Mrs. Lgila Jeffords and 1 cup of sugar, 1 quart vinegar, with "Children's Teeth, A Commun- Strange had as her guest as a man traveling into a far coun- children spent Sunday at Reidsville % cup salt. ity", which states that of all defects Mrs. W. W. Crocker' try, who called his own servants,' and Mr. T. L. Pickren was called home This amount is sufficiant for 2 observed in school children, the class Misses Dorothy and delivered unto them his goods And from Atlanta this week owing to quarts of cucumbers, i of dental defects is not only larger of Valdosta. ~unto one he gave five talents, to the serious illness of his little dau- Ice Pickle !another two, an to another one; to ghter, Annette, whose leg be-[ 1 quart cucumbers, 1/~ cup salt, 1 small cabbage, 1 quart vinegar, ........ 'every man according to his several come infected from a bruise. The3 sliced onions(medium), 1 cup 3 red bell pepper, 1 c sugar, 3 green "--~. a. t,. ham and dau- ,.,.. . . - . , ,. Jea,euue ............ ~am, a,a2 .... mr. anlllCy; and s~rmghtway ~ooK . ms many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Pick- sugar, 1 cup vinegar, 1-4 teaspoon bell pepper, 2 tablespoon mustard, ....... ~ourney Then he that had received ren and Annette will be glad to know curry powder, 1 teaspoon celery seed,] 1 tablespoon celery seed, 1 table- o. raugnes and uaugn~er ._ , ". . . ~.". . . . ... me rivetalents went and traded her condition is much better. Mr. W. or 1-4 cvp diced fresh celery, 1 tea- spoon salt. ~unuay a~ daCKSO,nVllle ...... o . .... with tnesame, ana maue tnem otner E. James spent part of last week in spoon mustard seed. Dip can in boiling water for 5 five talents And likewise he that had Columbus with relatives. Miss Tree Peel, slice cucumbers length wise minutes before cutting from col elle Dame has returwed received two, he also gained other Strange of Homerville conducted the and soak them from two to three clean and chop pepper and cabbage. than any other, but larger than all others combined. m THIGPEN'S CAFE ---MENU-- unday Dinner Fried chicken, rice and cream gray, y, three vegetables, comhin- ation salad,---Deseert and Drink. 25c. All Kinds Sandwiches two, But he that had received onecooking class Wednesday afternoonhours in ice water, keep pieces of Add sugar, vinegar and spices. Cook " ing several days in Way- went and di ed- in the earth" and at the home of Mrs Rubye Carter 'ice floating in water Drain and pack all ingred'jents until tender, .about OKEFINOKEE-ACTIVE-- ----Liv-ER~ Mrs W. K. Peagler, who .. gg , "i hid his lord's money.---Matt. 25:14- There were 23 present. Mrs. W. I. chilled cucumbers slices in the jars 20 minutes. Pack seal an process in PILLs I| ~rae of her daughter Mrs. 18. Hinson and Mrs. L. C. Hinson, lwith sliced onions, mustard, seed and hot water both 20 minutes.A guaranteed Liver Pill__Forllin ~rker. Mrs. Parker re- All men are not created eoual refreshment committee, served de-~ crushed celery seed or diced celery. Bread and Butter Pickle Constipation, Biilio~sne~s a n dl[ il! at Ware County hos-Jsome ore blind some ,,ossess heredi" licious home made ice cream at Heat vinegar to which salt snd sugar 1 gallon cucumber sliced thin. Flatulence.--This pill has no equ-I! }f ....... ~ ~. ..... ~h ....... t.....: the conclusion of the cooking pro- have been added, and immediately 5 cups sugar, cup salt, 5 cups al in results and price. I] E, Lee, hrs. W. V. Mus- with tho onvlr,nm~n ~n~ oh .... ,~ gram. Mrs. S. C. Patterson of Hum- when boiling pour over the cucum- vinegar, 11/2 teaspoon dry mu~ard, Price 2Sc Per Bottle .................................. ~ i ........... ACME PHARMACY I[i[ Mrs. Larry Bethune and of royalty The two talent man is e 'v lie was here for a short wmt with bers, omons, an~ seal 11/2 teaspoon tumeric, 2 teaspoon friends Wednesday aftenoon Seve~ ; and Musky Davis of Or- interesting. He stands where he is , . , .. ~, ..... . . . "-! Another recipie which has proved celery seed, 3 medium onions. Homerville, -- Georgia/ spent several days this likely to be overlooked between a al zrom here a~tenaea the ~.eglon quite popular is Corn Relish, e~sy to Sprinkle salt over cucumbers~ ,;:,-~-~_ ..... ~_~i--~ .................. _ ~ conspicious success and a conspicious conventmn in Waycross thls week. i make and quite good with fresh onions and est in refrigerator 3 relatives in Coffee county. . failure. He is the average man, Thought for the week meats, and very fresh hours. Heat vinegar, tumeric, mus-I be'tAn ewl mind i~ to c.'-~ara act'er wna~', green vege- tard and celery seed. Drop in coldI ~t'M $O V0U HAVEN~ USEI Mrs. D. M. Hughes and longing to our own family of the two ". "- table a cancer ~s to the body It may work ~ Carolyn of Bunnell, talented which is the largest family " . Corn Relish cucumbers aad heat thoroughly. Do] NERVOUS THAT NERVINE slow but ~s sine to destroy e first of the week here in the world. The average man did ~ " 1 dozen very tender ears of corn. not boil. Can and seal. I I COULD YOU Miss Eleanor Hughes what he could; the brilliant man back to Bunnell IBERTY EATRE GA. Ju~e 27th-~ Rig Western be announced 9 Zorro Rides Again June 28th--- .. ~IV_ "DAVlS -:-An "Jezebel" Brent Lindsay June 29th--- of Living" ""Starring-- ~RNE DUNNE FAIRBANKS, JR. GUY KIBBEE next week-- and 8:30. 30 and 9:00. could do no more. B~oth the five tal- ent man .and the two talent man a hundred per cent increase: But the one talent man hid his.talent in the earth. He is the man of slight posses- sions and powers, who is contented with what he has received from God, who is probably discouraged, very likely to be envious, and so makes no real effort to enlarge his service for the Kingdom of God. He is content to be a sluggard. And while speak- ing of talents, ~et us keep in mind that money is not riches The current coin of Heaven is lives of men. These will be reckoned precious metal when the Kingdom of Heaven comes to earth. Buy letters of credit that will be good in that other world, if you would possess true wealth. Let us re- member that it is possible for us to merit those two l~lessed words of our Lord, "Well done." Mrs.". Dell Bennett a,ttended the shower'at Hotel Musgrove Thursday afternoon honoring Mrs. Earl Wheel- er. Miss Addle Belle James is spend- ing this week in Tallahassee, Fla., the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Hughes. Mrs. Oren F. Harden and children and Mrs. Bert Harden of Folkston were last weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Smith and family. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Steed- ley and children and Mrs. W. E. James spent Sunday in Alma with relatives. Mrs. Carl Reidel and child- ren returned'to their home at Kis- simmee, Fla., Tuesday after a ten- i PRESERVE YOUR HOUSE WITH--- THE FAMOUS PffTSBURG PAINTS ,p At a Smal Cost You Can Lengthen The Life of Your Home. Pittsburg Paints Known For Their Long Life, 'Are Unexcelled Both For Exterior And Interior Use. ..... ul , .... Learn to do your own painting.--Full directions enables any person to apply with, ease. i _ i OUR COMPLETE LINE OF NEW AND RE-MADE FURNITURE AT DEPRESSION PRICES. Hardware And Furniture Store I Do you feel tense and keyed. up? Do the care of the home ant childrc~, the obligation of social or community life, the worry of finances, "get on your nerves"-? "NERVES" May srell the difference be- tween happiness and misery for you and your family. 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