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Homerville, Georgia
June 24, 1938     The Clinch County News
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June 24, 1938

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age 2. "THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Friday, June 24, he linch oun! t Official Organ of Clinch Couln~y, the County Commissioners and the City of Homerville. Published every Friday at Bomeo ville, Clinch County, Georgia. n" i this, will fail to bring the commu lty the State or the Nation back to God. THE "RELIEF" PARTY [ In any democracy the real danger CITATION ADMINISTRATOR'S ,SALE MORTGAGE GEORGIA CLINCH COUNTY" IGEORGIA, CLINCH COUNTY:m GEORGIA, CLINCH of abusing the privileges of the bal- . .T ~.! ...... o'?-:het Under and by virtue of an orderUnder and by virtue of lot comes from organized minorities. ~ n nmson Aumlnls~rator i ~ r ........ sale contained in the ~'~" "" " ......... e . . t ol ~ne Uourt ol Ordmary oi saia In this country we have seen before ON ~sm~e o~ r~ J ~m~tn, occ ase~, nav .......... 'hereinafter mentioned, .... - . . . .county grantee a~ tne aune ~erm, ~how a comparatively sm~ll, but tight- I"~ ~ )ug appned zo me in proper xorm xori1938, will be sold at the court-house before the court-house leave to sell all the real estate and,door of said county on the First county on'the first FOLKS HUXFORD, Editor ly organized group, has been able -- ~ to secure the passage of legislation sersonal property of said deceased, tTuesday in July, next, to the highest next, to the highest ._ The Editor is in no manner rcspon- We have seen the American Legion ~or the purpose of distribution amol~l bidder for cash, between the legal a certain parcel oi land zn ~iable for any .~tatement o,r senti- force through a bonus bill by threat- "Twice two makes four." "Jesus the heirs Notice is given that I will hours of sale, that certain tract of,f Homerwne, ~a., m as " "" ~ .... ~ " lan n wn h 1 M J eat oescnvea as xouows: . ment ex ressed by correspondents, enmg the pohtlcal rum of any Con- Chrmt dled for our sms accordmg to vass upon same at July Term, 193~ d k o as t e o d. .. . Gu . . ........... ;":. P ~,ressman votin~ a~ainst the bill w~! ,~.^ ~.~.., ..... ,, q'h~ ~,nrl state- -f th~ ~.,,rt lplace, in the Seventh Dmtnct of said. west, z l~ I ee~..by ~c~ert Re-admitted November 18, 1933 es] have seen labor unions, although lment is just as true as the first, and This June 6th, 1938. ~'~. ~z.="~. ~Y"\='.~ ~_ T"."..~ "'~ 2" ~ast 214 feet b,, Willio b aecord-class marl matter under ActI small in number compared to the~the first statement is just as true KATE C. PAFFORD, Ordinary. par~ bO:u:~e~m~lou~n%nl~Z ~vOst~.lbbviand North 176 ~eet by~lan ef Con~,ress, 1879 [great body of voters, compel courts as the second Here is the difference. ]oriU-inal lot lines East b Stat Hi ~-~J F Barnhill . ~.. . . . . g , y e g "i " " " ,_ ......... --land legislative groups to jump attThe first statement does not neces-[ CITATION /way No 89, and North by an agreedl To be sold to satisfy in [ their command, merely because the soril., have in it any truth that has :~: .................... l line an~ I,.A~ ,f th~ P M Lsn~. represented by promissory A REVIVAL OR ELSE? [unions nresenteA a unite~ fronti.~.~o~ ,.~a ~svl .... "lue ~ man canIGEORGIA' CLI~CH Uuu~xx:-- I ...... ~h~''~t~ ~--h~in~'~ "1~.~ May 28, 1931, executed Business men and people gener- J [ C A Smlth, Guardlan of Rut ......... ....... I Theoretically, the coure of a demo-, go to hell knowing and usmg th truth ...7 " ' ............... is ' feet north of and parallel with the I Battle payable to Folks nave been clamorln ~or a re ~ ~ra~ersen has appuea ~o m~ ~uc = u ..... " any . . . g . "I crat~c nation is determined by a ma-~that twice two makes four No man;_~ .... ,_^_ ~.:_ ,~..~_~ .... ~:_ ^, omgmal South hne of said lot. land securea t)y security vival in busmess and an lmprve'i joritv vote Theoretically. one voteI .... ~ *- hell ~lor~ndinc, unon thelc"arg~ ~,v,,, .,~ ~,uuru~a,~t/p vxi Said property will be sold for the mg sam uescrmeo pru~ --^-* : .......i~ ~onditions We be-.- - .. ~, ... . i~-- t, ..... y.~- . .t .~. _ i Ruth Patterson, this is therefore ~o ~ur-ose of ~a~in= the debt~ an~ dis ~dated same date and re~ s,=,,~ ,.,; =~,,~,-~ ~ . . . ~lS as p0werIul as anomer, unior~un-'truth that Jesus tJnrist oiea ~or nis l ~.~ ,, ....... ~ w~ .~ .;~_. ~ % _ , ~,.. ~. -i,~.~,~.o~.~ ~..t. ~J. ~n .s lieve that the average c~tlzen, paru- atel,, this ~osen't w-~- ~.-* ~n .... I .- ..... ~-'-- *- *=^ ~,,,.~,~,,,.o~ q'h~ no~uy a~ persons cu.c=--=u, ~o ~,,= trlou~mn among ~ne nelrs, l nls aune,"'y:~-~ y~-%.-;-" .-~,.~ o.1o~-1~ th ..... hn twr tn think n lit-I . ~ .~.. u -- ~-~ ~ F-~~"'SlnS aecorumg ~o ~-~ ~,~f,~-,:~- ~ ~itheir objections, if any they have, on6, 1938. I Sala county. ~ezault ha, ~-~--J o..:~ ...... ~ :~ -7,-'-;-_- - I ~ce. wnen ~wo powerzui majority] first statement is a ~rum wmcn mant.. ~.~ .... *~o ,;;~* ~ronda- in Jul- t M J GUEST t Jr ~ Imade in the payment of $ tm, nave become con~nceu /ong a-~parties are fighting it out, it is easy!can discover The second statement t "" .~':'~ ,~?~_ .'.~_"~ ..... ~-_^~ ,_^'--'1 A,~,~i-i~t~;-~" - M' ".T "'P. .... t ledness, and same being t th onl wa DaCK zo tran- ' ' " . next, else ne wm oe u,~c,a~g~a ~um, .............. ~ ........... ,' go tha e Y Y . for a small number of voters to step lib a truth which man cannot discover ........... 'deceased l due uilit an business revival is . - . . ' ms ~uarolansm as appued xor. " q Y d . , in and turn any electron. If this hap- I but which God reveals No truthl ..... P ^.~ 1 I Deed will be executed to through _a return to God through a pens, we have a distinct minority !, which man in his own intelleetuall ~ms dune ~, ~v~,r~ ~A,-or.,[ SHERIFF'S SALE laser asprovided by the ter great religious rewval. ~rule, which is renu~,nant to ever,,!~*-^n-*~- i- ~'~e ~^ discover has I r~,~r~ ~ .... "v~V~,. vL ..... ~ ............ .. ........ I~eea. ~ms June t~, ~w~. ~t. ............... +~.,~- +hat ..... ~ ~'= ~" ~ ..... . ' Clinch County LiI~UKGIA, CLINCI-J. COUNTY.--/ FOLKS HUXFOB hel in to brln about a great e } a ,, P" g " g "', d te who is most likely to work for out God~ Man may conclude that l IkI__ J ~ ...... e~ i bidder for cash, Subdivision lots Learn At Home gious revival Another thing appar- even ~reater relief ~r~nts This has tho~o i~ ~ Cod but'no man is able l l~[~g~N[~ lPt p tlr. !11, 12, 13, 14, of Block Ten of II Y~,~ 17~ve,.;t,, |~gtl ent is the continued terrible drift the ominous sound similar'to that oflto~f~nd~ God by any process of re-! GODWIN'S MATTRESS WORKS Hodges-Gary Subdivis~n of the II "~~~..'--~:.'-~;~'.-~ away from the old smnoaros of mar- the Roman vonulace of lon~, a~o that ooo~oh '~ ........ ~. ~:--om~ ,^ --~n [is -re-ared to do all kinds of mat- .lawn of nomervme, ~eorgla, said II We are ~n llomerwH~.' ahty and godhne.ss. Our leaders, those shouted for more and larger circusesIMan does not find God. God finds ltres* renovating, (inner springs, ~un~ibhe:mgitheahme~p):CemefntW. I1~, I ~hra~Uda:d'r~ who occupy high piaee, s o1 autnomty! AJceording to, freeent figures re- man "Jesus came to seek an to save box springs, feather mattresses, up- "~ .. ' . P . . ~" ~1, gmrar, _a.~l..nr.ass .an.~ .r~! " " n " . . . ~a]u proper~y reeled on anu zo oe merits Will ire indivldU an mfluence, both in Washmffto , lease b th overn ] ,, I holster ete 1 s ecmhze m feather g d .. . d y e g ment, this coun- that which was lost God is too highY, ) P sold as the ~ro,~ert- of W W Smith ]~! @i, ve individu~ " rio count - I . : I . ~ ~ / !m your own nom~e. in Atlanta and in me va .us., Y try has about 12 million personss on!above man for finite man to reachimattresses- . _ . to satisfy a fifaIssued from the Ii '" ~:,7-:,oo,, site towns, set the example ano leao rehef and the as e M lant assed tho ~tate in my tazner ~s assoc . ? .~ . " pr p ct of more to~ Him. Howev.er, .God, Who is infinite] y P P _, CountyCourt ofsaid county in fa- II my ~amer m. ass oct,, the processmn away from t~oa be adde ows aft t ~s ~ct~o~ of the State B e e~ d ~ n g vo o rswe f me m teachmg We have " . . . " d gr d "y. Twelve million, can reach down and reveal Himself~ P " . . r f A. N. Ca. 11. This the 7th Lfme in teaching. _We have l~adios Mare forth nlghz an o uay votes c~ld sway almost any nationalS, to finite man. ILaw, and car~e, steam, s~terfl,z,~_~ day of June, 1938. with any k~v.d of program o~ musm~election, an no present ~r0,un is morel equipment.---See or wr~te---D. M.] J.F. POPPELL, Sheriff F you llve at Home~ville, or harangue to keep youfrom get-'active in campaigning ~during an e ,, -- . GODWIN~HOMERVILLE, GA. II Argyle or Dupont, see us ting .your mind from doing .a little lection than the people on relief. Thusl I am afraidI wou!d nothave ?nyI il[2U L'L'V I! name at the NEW-~ Chinl~ing for yourself. Movlnff-~l.c- the people on relief constitute a~gOOd umes lI. I went to ~ob. oO est ... _.......... JL| JL JLJe .... .^. l! ------ tures continue their protrayal of the ~,enuin~ th~oo, ,v . +h;~ ~,..,. wouege. I unaersmnd everyooay Is a wore r.,nce ~,uc,-,, ...... , ....s ........ 'l} MATTHIESSEN base thin" s of hf'e with" their" ever- e .... ....... "- ~- ..... - -7- Christian there. That is what a. In the n:fty., nineties, mob,. . ]Bloating, Gas, Heartburn, Belching, I~ waycross,"" - ...... ~----'---t~eorgm . g ........... stens~bly folluwmg a ma3or party .......1..~ .... ~a ~omo time s~o Let t United States senators wore Prmce I Nausea, get a free sample of UDGA,~. way_c~?_ss, _t~ergm~ presen~ suggesuon ~o youth ~o ~a~ but primarily concerned with main i~"~ ~ .... " ....... ~ " " ' "~ .................... " a "fling at life." A ministry largely taining huge relief exnenditurs -tus analyze this statement for justI /klber~..TaeLrocy coa~aSaabs[2d ] and a free ~ntere~?ng booklet at---I ,,,,,t-~,.= t:t~, -ru~ .... ~ " *~ minute This voun~ lady imnlied~ t)m oI s~a~cs,,.o.~,,,~. ~ ~.m~ rr,~-,..~* I ..,~,o.~...~.~ ~,~ .==.~. a~ ease on eomzormme sammes, go It would b a throw back to the .......... . ....... v hand in hand with a church filled middle ages to say that only a per-Ithat the dewl..who is an enemy to ! wa~ sm~smaarK oz a man oz maturlL with unbelievers and compromisers, son with property is capable of cast : every~ning ma~ ]s gooa, can g~ve more] I ren erin man or anized churches ---~ ~^:,^. ~ ........ "', happiness to a human heart than l I ~ ~- p.erd:ctly]mpo~nt ~g help usher ln a ;e~mt~n~tbv;~ ;pe~s:nC:t~o ~::::ac~ ej;:~rs C~r, si~ twhelibt~:t [/::~ida~ 3amn Subscribe for the News [ ~~ ~ay ol greaz rewvai. . .... thing to lose is more careful about . o , . v ...... ~ ~ ~ ., .~t~ ~ -we.s. _. I~ is apparent" however ~nat wkn h-w ~ ....... ~mon sense people snow aoout t~nrm~- ~. --__ -- ~ . _- " 1ff~b~ s ~_ .Ill u ne votes man omeooay wno nas'. ~ = ~ all these terrible influences there is nothinc to lose I,anlty. No man would go to an ene-Oultman Church I =_= l lJI V still present a considerable craving There have been man, fine ~er-lmy to find ha_ppiness, xet, the un.-I. m, ~ t% _____ [ ~ ~ --I ~,4(~" I_IILI,2"- of " ~ I converted world turns to the devil ver -= ,,~ ~- on the part of the rank and f'le sons who have ben forcea b- i ..... ' I L~one I , D . ~ " ......-I for hap iness. The devil is a destroy-~ J ~I=gll .... A _'--~ r~~ the people to hear the Gospel in its able economlc necesmty to ask for .. p~ ............ I purity andpower and to learn "more relief monies, and man,* a~..i],oo'er" ne nas tne power ox oe~n. n*I ,~.,.+, .... ~ fromna~e 1) | |'l~, ~, ~[~)~J~ ~~'~ about Jesus" It is truly a titanic have been ab'le to rem~i= nt.~h,~. Ihates the good. He ]s unfmendly to[... "~,=~'~[:~...a~:_=or remodel-[ ~, ] ~.. v w ~ ~\~w there are signs of a definite return Lettin~ member~ -* +k..... ,:^.,,mot. In an effort to carry out h" ] ~ ...., ...... so ,,leased it wasl~ \ ~\ s 0 ~- t ~" o ~ ~,~ .,,~ r man ' JLllt~ p~:~ul31~ w~z~ b" . . n s m laces the rode end hellish purpose, he mu dered y to God I o e p P art determine el c ~ et u a httle ~ ' budding Is the one which w.ll combine . . t , " P Y " e t'ons is like al-;,~olo ,,at,; .... ih ,h~ hone of destrov-!a simple matter to g P " l I ~N~ enee ann courage, or ~ne people en lowing charities, no matter how]::n=~C~r:=t'tk"Z S:::~=. ~d ~-~nA ,'flmoney to do some needed work on! ~ ~ oppearance with extra long life. ~a:S:ela::s ~eg'nn~nbgatti~g wn]th'*:~e~ worthy, say what .the donor should ma~n The 'kidnappers have been kill-!the parsonage. Brother Marshall gave/ | v (:ore, Roofs have been doing this for ov . g~ve and now ne Should give it. We ". em loyment to a crew o~ workmen forces and mfluences of evil that are not su=~estin~- ~h-~ *~ .--~..:~-~--~]ng l~.ttle children. The worst kidnap- - P -" --*~-~ +h--- needed it and/ years. Made of the finest raw materlo|$, . er that every hved is be ter t t 1 are honeycombed in and among the of the ballot be ~P 1 and worked ...... . . removed from per .................... ~- J~--:, he also donned overal s I built-m, h,gh quahty msures complete sobs i o hem' oevn Ie~, people ~urn ~o ~n~ ucv** strata of human sac ety ab ut t I I , . _ . sons on relief, but we do believe that ann -~. hi-- to make them ha .... right along with them. / / ----- We can su~nJv lh~ cnrr~ Cor~v Shin To wha~ extent these lOCal move- every effort ~h~,,]n t,. ~A. ~ , ~ =o~ ., ~'~'~'~ .... ~:- -:--~ - ~-o.-se across the/ ~ r~. ......... . . . .... u .= ,,,~ ~o pre- " n ver AOOU~ 1,ms bLULV ,a l, u ments will merge mto one great na- vent organize- work b" relie* Ub-s-s [ Jesus ]s the best Fr]e.nd anyo e e I ...... the narsona~e was parti-I . Roll Roofing for any building, new or old. U .Y ~. U ~ ~ ~ s~ree~ ~I'UIII ~ ~ = tion-wide move towards God and dema-og gic politicians ana" men on had. The fallen could come ~o himI rne and for Omonths the ~ " godliness remains to be seen Cur- relief ' in their shame and find healing and ally bu . d ..... m ver-'~ ~ ~ money-savmg pr,ce$. Ask us Sot" o free tainl-- if a ~evival ever comes "it will~i .. ; .... I cleansing for their souls He loved:blackenea ruin comron~e.d m ..~9 y[ ,,_ ___-,_ ...... ~_ ~ untess ez~orts are made to ~reventl .......... ,.~ ,- ~ time he sat on his porch it gavel _ nc~nvrvmv t-taruwttrc o~ ocal " r ~ little DaDleS ann was never als~urDeu ~ " ~ ~ . have to be .m.s.ponstaneous !.. ~ such organized voting we will have'..,,,,h,~,.,, t~e,:; ~l~r-oreA f~r Hi~ arms ihim the fidgets and he finally bought~ ~ Furmture Company movements; ]~ is ]mposStDle Ior ]~ to~a "relief" -ar~- "-- "-" .... "" ....... ~ ......... ' ...... ol~ it to" ....... ......... p ~y ,n ~n]s country tna~, ~ we-t ~bo,,t ,toin~ ~ood When He the place, remouelea ]~ anu s u _/ f'-ero=ia come any otner way. ~ney win manl- will work with *~- --' "" " - I ......... ~ " i ' -'~ :- -o--- one o~' :~ ............. , ---- ~. =, ~+ themselves in the riddance of .... ~n.~ so~e mea m m]ncl was brought to trial, the judge said:[a young couple and ~ ~ .- w .. / ~--~-~ ~?~ ........ i o~ ge~mg evey increasing appropri-~,,~ ~:.n ..~ ~_~.-_ tr:.~ ,, ur~.~. ~mo/the prettiest little home ]n ~u]tman./ evil in ~ne various communities, In ations from th~ *-~----" - . , ~ ~,.. ,,~ ~ ,,, **.,,. ,,..~ ~.,oj - ,- '- " .... ne of the' :: 1" I .~ l~u~rat governmen~ ~ people areto goto an enemy like Ano~ner Olfl ruin u~ u ~ the way people vote (not for cand-, CFrom Thomao,,iu^ D .... ~ "[ ......... taxes and] I -~ ..... , .... ~ -~o~I " ' ,main s~reets was sum .LUr -. the devil for a oo time when the ~- dates but for prmclples), m Spwlt-[ .... ~g d - - - ~Y ~- .... I- that ~nd remodeled it into a[ I " filled churches, in ministers "set on 7~-u ~,,)~,~-,, ,~... ,, ~COUla come to jesus an~ nave aDuno- ,,= ~--~ .... ! ~ =~ ,, . ' .... ,-,, .~..~.~. t.~L,-~ ~ veryattractiveplace.Tnen people | .-" flw ~ ]~ wero t'ar f'.od .n~ lost~ ...... ant hfe m thm world ann hfe eternal~ -. . I~ -~ .... ~ ..... ' -~. ~;~ -"" _ . i non. ~acn uravey, candidatefor ~. th ...... b~ +. ~.m~ ~ lwho had just a little money anu] ~- -- men and women, and m the re-es~aD- State T .................... reasurer, made a pop call at wanted to build or remodel and| . ]ishment of the old-time principles, the NEWS office Tuesuay, ..... ano re- II could get no estimate that did not] of righteousness and moralityas n " : " I ewed old acquaintances w~th friends! First Plows cf Tree Branches far exceed their funds, began to] guide=posts both for the individual, while here He live ~ .... s a~ ~vJct~ae, ano~ The first farm plows were madecome to the Building Parson for help.I ~the busi~ness-'man, tq~e worker, the was ~ .... n.~.^_ ~ ......... ~=--- ...... ~ur ~ur maay yars o~* of croc2~ed tree branches and iWithout gain to himself he wouldI I I NAV~" PA~NS IN " IOSED TO state and the government A revival Telfair count lat " ; " -t y, er serwng as state l worked by man power, i work out a plan and give them a listI I A~Y ?,40SCLWS AND SUFI~I~R T~!= I SA E WAY ON- ANTI- PAIN that will result in anything short at" game and fish commis io " . .s ner under tof material and costs and often givet I ~NSTEAO O~ our T,u~ I ~=OUNO BFYOND ~_~ .... --~---- I Governor Talmadge. i ibis spar}~ time toward directing theI LSHOP~N~-- Qo,cK REI.I~ R~LIPV~: - .............................. Mr. Cravey is making a race for; '~ '"'""'"'"""" ...... ' DOb~']" |1[ T ~1~ f~lDll.l.l.~ l~r~ this office, state treasurer withouti ~ JACKSONVlLL~,S~building. ! ['] SNOULD BE IN IN AN 2kbITI-- Last summer the negro grammar PAIN PILL J~.,L :~JLVii- IF~L' L~g.# .... ~ school was burned and had less than[ IN?|G I:aKlng any par~ in any other politi-t E , cal race and pledges to take the (Next door to Bowen s Barber $5,000 insurance. Legal limitations \ " Shop) office out of the political juggling prevented the city from borrowing that has been going on in it l or increasing taxes for a new build- BILL'S SEAFOOD AND PRODUCE MARKET We are carrying a cam- [ete line of fresh Fish, hrimp and fresh Vege- tables. Our prices are reasonable and our service is unexcelled. Trade with us and save difference..--You will like our merchandise, and we will appreciate your business. Come in and look car place over.--- PERRY BARFIELD, Mgr. for some years and to restore it to the dignity it used to have. Zaeh Cravey is known as a man who in every office or trust he has ever had, has brought order and system out of confusion and chaos whenever it ex- isted; and the NEWS feels that the people will make no mistake in e- lecting him to the important office of State Treasurer. Used Cave for Glass ~qork The first glass make~n ScoUand was George Hay (1566-1625). He took adYarifage of ~ peculiarly /armed cave at Wemyss, on the Fife coast, and set up his f~wt.;~,~.e there. m. TO OUR READERS: You will observe this week an insert of four pages of ready- printed matter, conce[rning Hugh Howell, candidate for Governor. This is paid political matter and no expression therein is to be tak- en as expressin~ our editorial sentiments. THE PUBLISHER II ;ARNETT ANDREWS EVERY COMFORT this modem, firepmo! howl ka the heart of downtown ]acksonvWe. Every room with tub (rod showor, soft waW~', r=Wo. Ever~ bad with lnnempring mat- and reading lamp. Running lco ing which would cost about $15,000. The Building ]~e~fion stepped forward and said he would build it for $10,- 000 which the city could manage Working with the 'architect, every unnecessary feature was omitted and he finished the building in thirty i days--a structure of ten rooms and necessary closets. The design is good, the building sound and interior paint- ing and the auditorium will be added as money is available, I Of course there would be some I people who thought a preacher had' no business building. Brother Mar- shall never let his building interfere with his pastoral duties and he con- nected it definitely with spiritual progress. He used to say he loved to work with his hands and he felt that it helped him to be a better preach- er if he added something to the ma- terial upbuilding of any place where he lived He was far too unassuming and too genuinely modest to have ever wator on ,very floor, thought of comparing himself in the POPULAR PBIC~ least with the Master he served who Co~r~tLOm~EamlCOF1q~SHOl* was also a carpenter. He probably s. never thought of it even, but I used HOTEL.s.go.PATTEN V HOTELf~mm~mkDI[SOTO tothink of it when I saw him at ........ -~------. ~:- _ -= ..... work.---Savannah Morning News. Did you ever take a medicine to stop head- ache and have the headache stop and a stom- ach ache start? We'll wager you didn't take an Anti-Pain Pill. Anti-Pain Pills do not upset the tom- ach. They take effect quickly too--and they taste like wintergreen wafers. You can't do good work you can't have a good time when you are suffering from Neuratgfa Headache Muscular or Per/od/c paine Wh dan'S Zou try the AnU-l In Pill way to teller.~ we nelieve you will be delighted with the results. Thousands of others ar~. It will not cost much. Anti-Pain Pills seU for one cent each, (less in Economy Package) and one pill usually relieves. Regui~ Antl-Pah~ ~ at your Drug Store. pkg. ~ for ~. ]~'O~y p~. l~ for SLY.