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The Clinch County News
Homerville, Georgia
June 17, 1938     The Clinch County News
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June 17, 1938

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e Page 4. ' I'HE CLINuH COUNTY NEWS" Friday, June 17, lg II | [ I ...................... ~ decided that all drinking and eating ]1~_~o|,. D ....... W E L L ..... 11 utensils in public drinking and eating1 |'~t|lllly A%U-UlIIUII places should be sterilized. For a long! . ------ I R I_S~':_:~yH _h~s~!time we have felt the need Of this'i Last Sunday, the 12th., inst., the especially at the soda fountain, but children and grandchildren and other ....... because we were~under the impres- close relatives of Mr .and Mrs. R. sion that a sterilizing process could G. James attended the annual family It is hard to capture the ent u.'-[not be undertaken without the install-! re-union at their home a few miles asm for our town that we experienc-ing of an expensive machine, we hard-south of Argyle• ed in the spring. Then, nature just ly hoped to have it as a health law in A great time was enjoyed by those stepping out of bed after a long our ~town. But after investigation, present, and a bountiful dinner was winters' nap, was so fresh and young Mr. Hannah the sanitarian for the S~read and--evhr~ody feasted. Mr. that it took such a little bit of adorn- county, learned that •a thorough and Mrs. James received the felici- ment to enhance her natural beauty• sterilization could be had for each rations of their many friends and "rhe emerald blades of grass exhibit- utensil, by simply immersing it for relatives present, and were happy to ed tl~selves .qpiaringly. Every the space of fifteen, seconds or more have all their children once again spark of color was an individual pic- into water that had been fortified under the parental roof. ture because its frame was simple with germicidal compound that is The NEWS has not been furnished and simplicity is the keynote to beau- both effective and convenient as well with a complete list of all those pres- ty. 'as inexpensive• i ent; the following is an incomplete But now nature is in her "hey-i These details may seem insignifi- list: Mr. and Mrs. J. R. James, Alvis day". She splashes her colors about cant but they are far from it. We Herrin and Miss Mary Ann Goodner riotously. She's dissipating as hard have often wondered of what good and Mr. W• M. Robinson, all of Na- as a debautante at the heighth of a was the banishing of the public hunta; J. T. James and family of season. She arises early and she goes drinking cup by statute, when public-near Argyle, Mrs. T. W. Hodges and to bed late. Like the debutante, eating and drinking places were al- family of Cogdell, Kelly James and she's so afraid she's going to miss lowed to serve drinks and food in family of Jacksonville, Fla.; Mr. and something. And already she's begin-utensils that had not been sterilized• Mrs• J. C. Cribb also of Jacksonville; ning to "crack" under the strain, i ------ !W. M. James ann family of Homer- r . ,J The petunias, the roses, shasta dais-! There is a national campaign on vflle; John J. Dickerson of Homer- ies and snapdragons---all are begin- at present for the eradication of ville, B. F. Booth axd others, includ-i ning to look a little wan and faded• syphilis, a contagious veneral disease, ing several neighbors. Long days in the hot sun has caused that affects first the genitals, sec-~ Mr. James is 71 years old next the grass to have liver-spots. !ondly the skin and mucuous mere-month while his wife was 65 last Like a woman, too, as she begins branes, and thirdly the bones, lungs, February. She was a daughter of the to fade, nature l~egins to put more heart, intestines, etc.,brain and late Mr. and Mrs. James R• Dicker- on to hide her deterioration• To con- spinal cord. 'son. The NEWS extends its good ceal the withered lines beneath, she It seems that anything that is so'wishes, with others, to this fine old heightens her color, and to clothe the dreadful in its consequences would couple• scrawny muscles of her figure she be avoided like the plagu-~d. But be-i girds herself with a myriad of weeds, cause it is a social disease we have ['~flt~._~ V But the Old Sister doesn't fool us. been inclined to push the subject} .... our Mattress We know her extra rings and brace- from us as tabooed, forgetting that Need Repair? lets and all the tucks and frills are the disease is no respector of persons. just a camouflage to hide the el- It can be contracted from the rim of! GODWIN'S MATTRESS WORKS feet of age, and as stark as she may a glass, from the handshake of oneis prepared to do all k~nds of mat- think she looks without them, out affected with the disease, if a person!tress renovating, (inner springs, " . n. t ~ QL-'~ i box springs, feather mattresses, up- has _n abraslo,~ ~.. ~h~ ~_l..• we go to strip her of her excessI .......... l holstery, etc ) I specialize in feather trimmings and reveal her as she is• we woutd go ~o any nmlt to pro .... • • ~ mattresses. And ah! we find she bares up re- tect our children from. the clutchesI M lant assed the State In- Y P P gaily! Calm and stately does she of the callous kidnaper and yet wei ......... .. • • . . i specuon ot the ~r2tte .~ e u, unn g seem---not jaded (as she might have are careless ~o an extreme in pro-.-w an" car~-- steam -'---'*"-"-- thought), but matured and graceful tectmg them from a disease as hon- ul meat "e nr writ " "" . .... ., . .... t eq p .--'-..~ • e.---.l~, ml. with an inner wisdom that reflects me ]n ]rs resmts as sypnms, ur.;c.~r~wwN t~nu~Rvwl[~ ~.A • . ,~v-,- vw ,,~l~aivp6~,,~.--m--,--,~.I ,~wlnhe in her serene expression. We find Brink has discovered an amazing! • her to be, like woman again, more per cent of syphilis among the color-I pleasing when she accepts, her age ed population. And we hire our cooks l. Used Cave for Glass ~ork gracefully. ~and nurses from them with no ques-The first glass maker in Scotland it ion as to their physical fitness. Ev- was George Hay (1566-1625). He As too much make u~ and too ~ery day we carelessly expose our- took advantr, ge of a peculiarly many clothes make us feel too hot Sehl::s ahn2alt~r'~Y~amil.~es to a servant ~°rmteaaC~Vueea~u~7/~s~°n ~:h~e~e n conamons we ao oz in summer, so do the weeds• They -n - in. create an effect of stuffiness, and z ow. finally one of desolation We don't There might have been some ex- h " " • • owever. For Dr. Brink will exam- " euse for such a thingbefore the believe we would feel the heat near- i ...... ly so much if the weeds were all cut health department was estv&lished.~lne anyone, rot s.ypnms and no set- ........... Until then housewives woul~ h .... i van~ snoulc[ De tared unrn SUCh an and the ~rasn all OU~ 0I sign~: , u ~.~ ...... • "ee r i ..... ~examma~Ion nas seen mane. -_--__ o n equ rea to go ~o ~ne expense~ ...... , • o h si • • To maze ~ne custom a umversm Our health department continuesf a p y cal examlnatmn for eacht e ~ re " " r ..... to broaden its scope We like that servant before hiring one. There is on e ann zo spa e tne xeenngs • " • l°t anyone servant, an effective Recently the Health Board met and no excuse for such an oversight now, ........... me~nOa woutd. De xor a, nouse-Keep- • ers to agree t~ hire only those ser- Look for this s mbol in members' own advertising This symbol mean a lot to lovers of good beer! IT IDENTIFIES the brewers who have • 66 ledged thew support to the dulyconstituted authorities for the elimination of anti-social conditions in the sale of beer." It identifies the brewers who, through The Brewers' Code of Practice, have pledged themselves to the Promotion of practical moderation and sobriety. These brewers ask, with all thoughtM1 citizens, for adequate enforcement of existing laws.., to close outlets operating illegally ...to prevent the sale of beer to minors... or after legal hours.., or to persons who have drunk to excess. These brewers ask the public to support~ and encourage the great body of retailers who sell beer as law-abiding citizens and who operate legal, respectable premises. UNITED BREWERS INDUSTRIAL FOUNDATION 21 East 40th Street, New Yerk, N. Y. Correspondence is invited from groups and in- dividuals everywhere who ars interested in the brewing industry and its social responsibilities. vants who could present a health card from the health department. When the colored people realize that it means that they too can bene- fit from the control of the disease, we are sure we will have their cooper- ation in trying to stamp it out. Our own government has felt the need of national war on the disease so stringently that it has placed the surgeon-general of the United States army in control of the national cam- paign against it.~- ~1 Let us join in the campaign by I doing our part about it individually• This is one war we can everyone take part in. FOR REPRESENTATIVE iT. the People of Clinch County:--I Having been importuned by a good! many people of the county to do so, I hereby announce my candidacy for Representative frbm Clinch county in the September primary; and if I am elected I sh$ll vote only for the good of my people and my state, do- ing only those things that I feel as the will of the people of Clinch coun- ty. I will appreciate the vote and ac- tive support pf every citizen of the county. Respectfully, A. L. BARNHILL GARNET1 ANDRfWS Views From South Ge0r iaCo,ege (Douglas). ...... : i:i! i(i:i:¸ Upper left: Paulino Joiner (Pelh Harold Shepard (Chattahoochie, Fla. (Calhoun), Agnes Smith am) and Helen West (Homestead,), Margaret Strawbridge (York, Pa.) Edith Hargreases Pears~ Fla.) enjoying a midnight feast, rand Dennis B~rwick (Broxton). Smith (Pearson), Aline Uppe~: right: The South Georgia i Center: The girls' basketball team (~Donglas), Louise ; College debating team---left to right: (undefeated by another college and Carolyn Tyson Deering Johnston (Valdosta), Ever-: team for six years)--left to right: left: The Academic ett Force (Douglas), Mary Jarrard I~rgeen VicMexs (VJillacovchee), right: The Gymnasium. (Waym'oss), Thomas Nolms (Mid Taressa Tyner (Bonai're), Edwina ' returning from the diet.n), Ellen Sumner (Pearson), White (Pearson), Lillian Philips in the rear of the gym.) 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