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Homerville, Georgia
June 17, 1938     The Clinch County News
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June 17, 1938

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Page 2. " '*THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Friday, June 17, __ ARGYLE NEWS I ...... . Official Organ of Clinch Coum~y, -- I |/~[kl ~ J ~-- ~ ---- the County Commissioners and E, MRS. RUBLE CARTERt JVfl L the C~,ty of Homervlne. [ "Strive to enter in at the strait ll [;STATE OF GEORGIA; CLINCH 3, 4, 5, 6, in Block One, a]1 of Block~ , ~ -- - -- , .... ill,h Ptt4ts~'t,l~~ [!'COUNTY'-- iTwo, and Subdivision lots Numbers{ SHERIFF'S SALE Published every Friday at I4ome-/g::~; ::renn~::Yi: S::dU~allYUtWbetlt ~JWIMI~I~|~.~ ll: To Bank of Homerville, Florida 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11;'13; 19 and GEORGIA, CLINCH COUN2 ville, Clinch County, Georgia. ~ ,, , . . O_N- II: Nationa]~ Bank, Laura McQueen, ~20 of Block Three, all of Lincoln Park wm h~ ~ln h~,~ h .... , abe.---:Luke. 13:24. . .... Iit ~ ~"!~.~. ~e I['Heirs of Elijah Mattx, deceased, Subdivision as per map of same re- aloof"7~ sai'd" ~';~v~"~n~i FOLKS HUXFORD, Editor ~alvatlon 2s not some~mng..to nel|/ W~'R~'A~"I[T~ . I[,heirs-at-law of R. G. Dickerson Sr.,,corded in deed book "DD" page 516 ~r,,:.'~o~ ;~.-7,,,5--~2v', ~,, i~ERSON HUXFORD. Busln~sa Mgr contracted like a contagious alsease;l]| * "--'"-*" .... * t|~and all other persons whom it may of said county; which said subdivi- , "~ _"' ?7"J', "~"~' K~Y' ....... ' -~ 0~ ....... 'l' ; " legal [lours oI sale ~o ~ne ,It is som~thln, g that you w)ll have t I I concern: .......... ]smn .m.a part of pmg.mallandlotNo, bidder for cash Subdivis~ TheaiableEditOrfor anviS in ~tatementn mannerovrespOn-senh.. 111 fightt willfr'takeStrlVeall thefr' manhoodand contena, or IOrwo. tl, exceed,,ExcePthet yOUrrlghteousness, righteousneSSof shall rthe,~.. Co,- TaKeinc,nOuce. has. tnatfiled. Starln ther~ aValsuperlor~Ores. ~ road;aU't lying ~oum o~ the A. ~. b t~aib "~Hodges.Gary,., --,~ -~,~ -~,~4 Subdlvismn -'~'" .~"~u~^"~'.. ' --- - " [ can muster to .... ~ourt of said county its petition All the following parcels of lot of men expressed by correspondent~, manhood, that. you , scribes and Pharisees ye shall in noI~b;.~. ~. haw {h~ oll-win~ d~- lana ~Jo 40~-h,in~~lq.rth o# ~- a Town of Homervllle, Geort __ ]even ge~ admitted to the contest; wise enter into the kingdom .of hea- ::~;'L'~'ff ~:~.~o"~,,(:'~ .~.~m.~ he ~, ~ "T."~'~;~'~;~.~:-'~ ...... ~v~:.~ "'" county, being the home-plac Re-admitted November 18, 1933 ca[then after..you get in, it,,Laa af~,t: yen". Jesus said that. It is so easY~v~s;ons o~"t~he ~i~an~"Reg';strat~ion P/kc[tv" (ai A";rac'toi't~o-acresZdescr'ibed W~S~nl,th~,,w~th ]:l~ei~%pra~ ximsn, raul sa . ' accord-class mml matter under Actlto the ...... .ys ..Y, ...... to read His wonderful woras ann and its title thereto confirmed and as follows: Beginning on the origin-~ m~ ~ ~'~ ~,~,~o,~. :.~ ur ~f Congre,~s 1879. [every welgn~ anq the sin wmcn uot~ thinkly lightly about them Let us registered as provided by said Act, al lot line between lots 497 and 498 .o..~ ~o. :-~ ~....g..~.z .~ ,"'A _ ~____' ......... -[so easily nesel; us, and .let us, run. ithink lightly ;~bout them. Let us viz: ]a distance of 160 yards North of the :~o:a:~sI~oar:l~ ~ss~e~oun~ -- ["So run that ye may obtain. We~think of the best man we know--] All of whole lots of land Numbers A. C. L. Railroad right-of-way, thence no- o~ a xr r-or~wm1 ,Vhis * " ver da les ' ......... .., v.. ..... ]~,~r~| ~~" ~f%1rt~]have no time to lose E y y -,some man of high morals, of culture, ~ 358, 359, 378, 4O5, 423, each con-, running West parallel w~th said ....... &~Jg;av~ t~l~ f~[sens the nossibility of gettingln~ ~-~;n~m~nt m~th~dienl habits of, taming 490 acres, more or less. ;railroad 140 yards, thence North 70, ~ un~u~ v ~ It ~ I~__L1L_|!~n,, wai't *or a- easier time It is l~',.'.~ ...... ".~-~' ":'-_'"\_-_~_~--._";__ff,~_l ALl of lot of land No 379 except yards, thence Eastwardly 140 yards] ~.. ....... in ~.tr Del:net -u ~ * " reng~on, ox someone WhO Dexure ~,uv, I , " ................... -- ~jaa . .~. I,,~~,rnlnc, All throut, h the Bible I, - ~-^~ ;~ m.--~^oo t..., o.~.o,,,o;~wen~y acres more or less on trip ~o said original lOt line, thence ~outnl u,~n~,-t,-v r,~or~-~ . } ..... ,, .... ~_~-... . . we~t side of said lot near the center along said lot line 70 yards to point ............... ,~,~,,x, we e SOl ma~ ~ouay is ~.e nay -- ar d who has never oeen oorn again. " o ~~, w,,~wr~ ~w,s er eat l ," ,, t of the west side where Dock Wlls n I of begmmng and being the same . Last Sunday was . an orb ,~gT h t, now is the accepted t~me. For this i Jesus says we must be better than once lived, which twenty acres is now tract of two acres fcrmerly ownedI Undera.nd by. virtue of ] uay in the nls~ory o~ :ee;:~illeaU~e!reason the Lor~l urges us in 1;he,that man or we will never enter into!owned by A V Kennedy; Iby W B Brown; sale conmlned In me secul~ ten miles south of H .... .i Scripture above to strive to get in, the kingdom of heaven. There is only l All of lot'of "land No. Four Hun-] (b)" One acre of said lot described hereinafter mentioned, wi 10 o'clock hour saw ~ne oap~lsm ox:to put forth some effort, to work atlone way to be better than such a!dfed and four (404)~ except ten!as follows: Commencing a't a point nexore the court.-nouse uoo! seven recent converts., an(lnonat Key"erie{the. job Time as we know .it' iSlman' and that is to become a Christ-[acres more or less as described in!on North side of the A C. L Rail-" CnUx~tL~h~en~ix~::tlbU(~aeraY" , eleven o clock preacmng r "t swiftly passing on He has said that inn t- ~o born a~ain to be ~enuine deed dated Dec. 11, 1909, from H road right-of-way 70 yards West of . 9 .... w as ~ , , ., ~ ~ , ~ " a certain parcel oi land in .T W Tison of Falrfax, who as P - ^..~ ^~ .ho,o ~o,,when the affalrsl ....... ,..._ ~, ~,.o,,_ ...... ~ t~[J Peagler & Sons to S. O Byrd re- where said railroad crosses the east . ~ ..... o Was.i~'~ v~. ~.~ ,,.~s,. l ly conver~eu. ~ m ..... ~. ~. ~vr~u~ -~, " ..... , - ,,^,, -,~., [ , ,. - .- .^- . of Homervllle, Ga, me~ou~ tor at Bethel twenty, years ag , ,,~f this world is wound., up, and man!ton.. , ~..~ ~,* ..... ,,,~....~t,-,,* ----.~];";"~" ---,--~'i~ht ........ ,,nHlieoraea In aeeu. ooox t/ page ~o~, original nne oI sa]a mt av~, ann ,.~o~-.~u ~ .... ;~ ~o~o ~,,.~--~n~ .o: .... l)resent and preached and was fol-lhas ~one to his long home, He lS',h ......:-~-, w, ...... hei_htslOf said county, from thence running North 140 .............. 1,w~A h~ Dolvhus P Smzth, young .~;.,. t^ ~o.~ that ~,~o ~h-ll be ...... [ Two hundred and forty acres more yards, parallel with Stud original lot ............. . ,~ ....... - -- - " s~-..~s ~ u~.,,.~ ~..-~ .......... ~na~ unregenera~ea men canno~ o l ur hun " ~oum r~ xeet ny w t~. ,~ " hm set ...... r less of lot of. and No. F - hue, thence West parallel w~th said . . hcentmte. Following preae g no more We will have finished oui~ a "s ~ odn nregener I,;..o~ ~;,, ~AOg~ h,~;,~ oU . ~;.~ ~+ ~.;~ .... ~ . o~ +~, .... ~., ~t. ~n East 214 feet by Wllhe Le~ wces five conversmnShutrO~k Place t earthly course, the last sun will haeVne~ :~edhcaTh::eh:Ce. ~ight;:uUness must :except 250 acres more or less owned ~r~Is ~oOsai~d'~ght'~-~wa~, "thence ~nq 1V~rthnli176 feet by land, with one joining the ou'n Mr ' set, the last man will have, be's be imparted by Jesus Christ our God. by H. M. Peagler; and being fully Eastward along said right-of-way 35. " To be "sol "to satisf ind~ Sunday nrght after .y ..g " judged, and time shall cease. God. Men talk about the sermon on the tdescribed in deed dated Jan. 9, 1926~yards to point of beginning; I ~ . d . Y _, Smith reached again ~ne altar was 1 will not alwa s strivewithl ... .... u~o ~from Mrs Lucinda bar ev and rs I ~,~ V,,r ~ ,f ~i~ ~ a,~;i~ represen~es ny prommsory n, P Spir t Y mount Ho-- silly manv me ............ 1 ~ __ M .., ,~, _ ......................... - ........... nitents and ~ ,, ,, ' " -- -- i [ ~ May ze, l~l, executes v filled w, ith weeping pe ,, seven of man. Seek ye the Lord while He ithat to live the sermon'on the mount:Linnie barley Howell to W. V. ,Mus,. ed as follows Commencing at the Battle payableto Folks having prayed through ~may be found. Esau, we are told fell an~ to a,--l-, tho ethics of Jesus to ;grove of record in deed book LL i~outhwest corner of said last-men- . .. . : u r~-~ ~ ~ and securea ny security aee them united with the church. . [a victim to the snare of the enemy, lhuman soeiet-, it is neeessar" to belpage 56 of said county; ttioned one-acre tract, on the North ....... ~ n I e lng salcl Qescrlned prop~ Wednesday night at a special ser-,and tho he lived many years after ~ ...... :_ , ..... ev ..... q- a sin One hu dred forty-five ac" s,~side of said' right-of-way, thence ..... .... ~- *~-^ -onverts sixteen of them ......... n'-n~^ withl ~'": aga,-, o~u~ - ~r ~,. . "]more or less, of lot of land No. 426 running parallel with the original hated same o a~e an~^ reco: wee ~ut ~,,= ,~ . .~ warns ann souguu ~ep~ ~ ~ her to a gooa tie hers to make a lv;,~ in ~h, ~M,th~.qe* ....... ,, ~a;a ~^, v-~. ~on ,_^, ,~. ......... ,..._~a mortgage nook rqo. to, pag~ 3olned. . the Chnch CourtYahtrier ~va_n_ge-serv, c~ tears, yet. he found ~t not:, Strive, sinner good He tells saints to be l~lot and being' fully described in a[ parallel with said railroad 420 feet, said county. Default ha~l hstlc L31uo, ann to enter m, for many snail seeK to1 ( , maoe in ~ne a merit of saI~ ,~.~ Wednesday night i ............ , good and to do good If Jesus islcertain deed dated Aug. 29, 1917,.thence South 420 feet to said rail P Y scheduled f enter in, nu~ snan not ne aole ~ edness, ann same being 1O " ....:~" ....~,~ ~,~ simply an example for human beings from M. L. Morris to E. L. Vickers"road, thence Eastward along said " It ]s announced tna~ .' ~ - i lot cony then He ]s not a Sovlor He:recorded in deed book FF page railroad 420 feet to the point of be-due. . , .... reachm da the secona ~unaay. "-' ' " P " g Y' ~- I The reumon at the home of Mr. lis our despair 1169 of said county; I ginning; l Deect WUl .be executed .tot! the annual ~ n eersary Day well at ~ All of lot f lan h I aser as provlaed oy me term in July, " ~ "" ' Bob James near here was - " . o d No. Four un- (d) A small parcel of said lot men- . .......... ~S,te ~eycqw~l ::~indi:i~h~hb~ehhludr:haib~lin~the dhrdeewe~l as--teh-erMr:~:tiVTodfeaM:~d a:d yc:udsg hp:::l~:en tsenndedrSdndhaYreAnll::r:h:re:h~tdr::l For the last few y . ,1ee1. this durte t~, Iu~. b p . ;~:?~ c ...... ~. .... ~s Mrs Jam s... .g" - :e-r~!"In the event o" war I refuse to'I M. Mcqueen tract and being fully acres and on the North side thereof, 1 wnl oe S~ ~ea Onv~::sC;~esumT~iVthe spread on ranges picnic s~yle. ~;~'!fight except in defense of my coun idescribed in deed f|'om Dan/el Dic]~- as described in deed to Star Naval ~a~.,v.., at noon, .and se and Mrs. J. T. James ana ~am Y~tr- when it is invaded " These younglersn to I. M. McQueen, dated Nov; Stores Co. Inc., frem J. H. Ferdon GEORGIA, CLINCH COU~ afternoon I from here attended t Y . ." ... " ......... 11, 1905, recorded in deed book Q dated Oct. 9, 1937 recorded in deed L.H. Hinson Admini~tratt rs C H Ta lor aud~peple are ~augnt to Deneve ~nat i~ i a " " ' a o " : Mr. and M y I ........... page 266 of sa d county; (2) A tr ct book JJ page 297 of said county, lEst t of N. J. Slmth, dcce$ is unchrmtmn to ~gh~ except in oe Adult Home-Making Classes Marcus Taylor have returned hometense o~ ........ their' counuy" 'the rake tne" of'ten acrese more or less now owned All of said lands, lying, and beingllug. ....... aoolied to me in re'her from Brunswick after a weekend . .... . Y . iby Mrs. C1 .ford Huxford Snuth and in the Seventh Dmtmct of Chnch]leave to sell all the real e~ - -" visitwith Mr an- Mrs Francis statement that oesus mane to an in- known as t~e Alen Rountree tract, county Georgia, and the total acre-fversona1 nronertv of said week Y - rin s cheek, turn the other If we are go ] "" "' " " " " " hi " for the purpose of helping home- and other relatives" ,ft r a sho t:to fight to defend the life of a littlelHiz way 89 and the course of the!Witness HonYraUe W. R. jGEOR IA' CLINC ,COU makers with problems that conr ~ chll or to r e th ~ol ~ ~v I ~ ~ ~ml~n, uuaralan '* :~ *~- .... i'ol cit- the,, will ~ol " d p t ct e weak He said:, d H ne ille-Pearson public road, I Smith, Judge of said court, this the ~. /," " , .... them daily In most of the classes [:Slthe~r~'omC:Pn NewY~fork~Citv ~" t"Don't defend yourself. I will take las described in a deed dated Feb. 13,,5th day of ]~Iay, 1938 ]ra~terson has appued o me~ the problems that have been pre- ~Mrs Carl Reidel and children of!care of you. You be true to me. I;1929, from W. V. Musgrove to P.L.I FOLKS, HUXFORD. [cnarge~rom his .~u.arom~ sensed are those concerning meat- Kissimmee Fla are guests of Mr lwill fight for you." "The angel of Young recorded in deed book "II"I _ Clerk Superior Court~ttu~.n raftersn, tam is ~n~ planning, meal preparation and bat- : ~. 2.. "%. ", the Lord encam~eth round about'Page 299 of said county. The acreage MARTIN, SNOW & MARTIN, notify at/ persons concernee --~:--- ~-- fo~.il- diet and canning and virs. W. L timson. [ ...... P.:. ,, .... sought to be registered amounting, Petitioner's Attorneys. [their ob~ectmns, ~f any they! ~!i~!!:e~nilf:c~tn~hnttT!!i ~~e:dllewi~tid~~:sJY:a~t!iii! ilihn~~~ih~~i~h~~ilsrei~~~ili!i ~~6t. NrYac:ilr~~~i~~'n~~iiii:::OAn~e~rMI~SLT~oy~CO:U;~a~If:' I iis~i~a~id~:~,!!i~a~np~e! ~on;o:i! ~:t~i;dheor~:i!mkfet~:k~b!~ ;:;::f~l~yGsH:~wl~i: aa~eChh::d e i~rc~s~npePrarrt,t~OonurtPro~atd~g~p;~ ~ jcYuone KATEC PAFF%RDch: ~c J:S~Sn:h~st wIord ~YatnSeZde~t t, Yw~l[a~:edol~tatth:he t.~ei~i [ 1 w P P ' - " " - mes " ~uttered that says that a Christian is erm, 1909, a~d being described asI door of said county on the First -.,--- ........... anceddiet. Every ,)he may, - be a well. Mrs... w. ..... .1-1" Ja " n-w~ck " ~t not ............ ~o ~lgnt to pro~ect the weaK. ~t: ~ followsl : Commencin. ,g at the North"~. - ~ Tuesda. y m" July, next, to the hl'ghest ~[ Learn At Home T~ n ma not ~vixs rrancls ~owen o~ ~ru s e s h feed person but lie or s e y . " ........... :I saw a man beating unmercifully a! a, t corner of t e lot, then running b~dder for cash, between the legal II v ..... ~- ..... ~.~ _ ~_~ e 1nom,she~ erson There is spenalng this week wl~n relauves West alon the or~ real land ]me h o sour ravorl~e lns~r~ be a w 1 "i, ~ P " " - i little childr and it was necessary to l g "g" " urs f sale, that certain tract of Jl our favorite tns~r~ fore very hum-maker should learn here. fight to protect the child, I woul- do!350 yards more oF less to a stump; land known as the old M. J. Guest [[ We are in Homerville el# ........ iv her fami ........... rson ~r have t . . . ~ . Ithence in a Southeasterly direction place, in the Seventh District of said d to teach ,tudent m i to plan meals ~nat Wnl g e - Bnly and unn~on ~ou o., it and while aoing it I believe I would' - ........ "." . ~ . [[ day to teach students i~ en ' " ~" "- week' on a D~azea line to the corner o~ an county and state, the same being a untar al bras d ]y the proper nourlshm ~. [returned to wes~ t/reen ax~er a I be doin~ the will of God It is my, ........................ [} guitar, all brass and reed . ~ ~ . - oxn i~eiQ; ~nence along ~ne nne oi par~ ox original land 1o ~o. 216 | ..... e ~ the week of June spent with their grandmother, Mrs , ] , merits Will give mdavidual The class s f~" ............ _ "(opinion that if I trust Jesus Christsaid old field a distance of 600 yards and bounded South and West by [~ l,n your ~'lwag~:Lndividual 20th through 24th WILl amcuss tne,~'. ~'. uornenus. . .. !as I should and that if I am surrend-Imore or less to a pine tree for a original lot lines, East by State Hi~h- Ii "- " ............ problem, "What foods must I choose Mr. and Mrs. Joe SteP,my of!ered to Him fully and uncondition-lcorner;'thence in an easterly direc- way No. 89, and North bv an alrreed II My father is ssoci~t~ that will contribute to the health of Homerville were guests Sunday of~ ally, I can afford to do what He said I tion on a blazed line to the original ', line and lands -of the P- M ]mng II me in techlng. We have my family?" There will be a demon- Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Steedley. at least figuratively, "If a man smiteltt line 600 yards more or less, estate, the North line being 1050 ~Iat Manor, Argyle aid D~ ,, thence along th:e original lot line feet north of and arallel~wlth the yea hoe at Homervdle, stration on the making of meat loaf, l A cookinv and canning school was~you on one cheek, turn the other ~[ ........... t , .... p " :[]yeu llve at Hmnea'ville, i I .' |ooo~yaras more or ross norm to me ori inal ~outn line of sa'd lot r , baked squash, and cheese cook es. or,~anized last week by Miss Wree and I can do ~t with the assurance ..... J ~ .... ... : t, . . }[t Argyle or DuponL see u~ ! Please plan to meet the class near-' Strange of Homerville'who will su- that He will fight for me.smr~mg po~n~. ................ ~ ~ala proper~y w~lt ne sore ~or the ill ~-- at th. NEWS -_..._. mr.^ #^~.,.4 .... ho'h'l" will ........... t I_ o,x~-~ a~-~, mute or ~e~, uz;purpose OI paying cne uencs and dlS-III ms~ yvu..,,= . ........ s ....... ~ ,pervlse cne worK. we6nesuay ax~er-i Ilot of land No 356 bein~ in two trih.ti~n nmnn~ th,~ hah-a '~h;o ~.....~'1[ _ ~ . b carried out as near as possiole ~ o l ~ . - ........... ~ ............... o .... TT " e .: ,. noon the school was held at the h me, NOTICE TO WHOLESALE ]tracts as follows: First tract belng~6, 1938. " I1! !1, MATTHIE~EN Monday afternoon 4 o CLOCK---- of Mrs. Rubye Carter with about{ GROCERS, MEAT PACKERS, ]twenty acres, more or less, known] M J GUEST, (Jr) ]|~ Waycross, Georgi Homerville Girls--Knitting, Sewing. twenty members vresent After the]FEED MILLS & DEALERS [as the old Nelson Casey tract and[ Administrator" of M J " Guost I'~ -~------~ Tuesday afternoon 4 'clck'--,canning period, Mrs" T.'L. Pickren, [described in a deed dated Dec. 15,|. " " ~ ' Homerville Adults-----4 'ocioek. IMrs B. F. Hinson and Mrs. B.F. Sealed bids will be received by the]1928, from Nelson Casey to W.V.| __ --_ Both classes will meet in the Home ]Ryes served delicious homemade ! State Hi~rhway Board of Georvia No ] Musgrove reeoroed in deed book "JJ '] __ ~ .j~ ---~ .... [page 8 of said county, and the second/ ~~ i ~ l~lt~~ F~gn:~?adDa;Paa~ttm~nnoton2 o'elock---!~:k~ae~;da~ed ntee:t T~renSChs~:ly Wial~ unC;ll~t:~clSoeq~a~' At~a:::'2G:~l~: ~:::%b:mng ::rtt~'e~ool% 7or: ~~}eri(~; ~] Mrs. Carter s. ! for :furnishing groceries, suppliesthome.plaee and bein, fully described] I ~fflrl~O.~~~~RK~a~M !~ R~J--~q II" l! [ Perhaps your Argyle correspond- t:ana stock ieed ror month o~ July!in a deed dated March 10, 1906, from] i~ ~ ~,,~ ~w~r~.~w~ ;l[ent " no "iffere t &om o'her ~olksi 1938, to the various Convict CampsJD H Holmes to Rosa McBride re-t 15 U n I I . . -*. [ " " , , I! JU~L url~l~r.a~ In,:_ -i--: .............. f__:,., tmalntamed by sald board. Bid blanks eorded in deed book 'BB' page 2181 ~~r~~~;/ t:t 17 u~s~:tg o~uqu~ usx nny nx~:~.l., t " ' !1 ..... ll,..+ ,1.1, ............. g ..... .~ .... and infermation as to quantities and[Of Said county; ] ~~i::=: =_ "Ib~#~.~ (Next doo to.. Ilia;! ~;~,o it "P~i .... 1, .....e;,,~ a]dehvery points can be obtained from l. All of lot of .land No. 497 lying, ~~~ ~~ " II ~aop) IIi7" ..... .': ""'% "'~= ..... 77 ".'~" John W Greer Jr Purehasin- A- ~outh of the A. C. L. Railroad right-[ ~f~ ,~. '.- "~-- _ -- .- - .~"'I [! .... ~ ............ [I large photograph of our olaest son,!,,ent .t'tho ah'v~ "an .... 0,,~ hlatof'way, containing one hundred forty[ ~ ~ . .~,w-x~~ n" e h i h ~ ' ........................ I iLL ~ ~IAIcUUU ANU{I Da ml B nnett, who as been n t e lblan ........... ~aeres, more or less, except the fol-I ~~- .... _ _ ~-m~ .... KS must ~e used In suomi~ung - .... I] ........ ........ II Air Service w~th the Unlted States ......... ~,-. llowlng small tract, vlz: (1) Six acres[. ~-: ~- - -~ -- .... mas ~'ayment tO De maoe ~nlrty! FRUUU I MA.RKIT [I Navy ten years, he writes that this . " ........ irare or less, in t~ Southeast" cornerI ]J~.~k~l~" -'" -- ~, ! nays zrom ante of aenvery and ae own r I~ li picture of himself in uniform was . "t ed by R. E. Lee and dese ibed[ ~t~ - s, ---- -- ~1 : .............. ,,a;,,,. ,,~,;~o,~ cepmnee of goods Goods must be[in a deed dated July 15, 1912, from I[ II token ny me cumma ...... s ....... e ual to or'etter'th h " [ I~L~II~~T ." " "a~- " -~~1~41~ II .... il and hosted all over the Air Station q 0 an t at used bylR. G. Dickerson to Lillie L. Smith[ B&~M~I~r~,