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June 17, 1938     The Clinch County News
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June 17, 1938

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....... Q ,-- ......... Organ t l [#ltoml And] ;linchGo. I =, , Social Nero! e43, Number- 30. - ......... H ;m-e-r-vviHe c.|in-ch-C( un-tY-, ( -e-0;gia;--Fridi-y; J-un;-+| i938 .............................................. -- ..................... E ,tal:)lish-;d in-| 8N Stores Henry P dgett .................................... ........................... ? George To Open Patten-Quits Steady DeclL'm Shot and Killed ] N F, WSY PA R A G RA P r=! S II His Campaign Congress Race , -------- t ll SHORT PARAGRAPHS OF INTEREST CONCERNING OUR ![ I EVE DISCOVERY OF NEW PROMINENT ECHOES COUNTYI|[ N IGHBORS STAT ......... , July Iouru=,STATE SENATOR ANNOUNCES ;'5 FOR TURPENTINE MAY NAVAL STORE OPERATOR J lJ E , E ANU NAIIUN /} --------- ! INTENTION TO WITHDRAW REVIVE ACTIVITY SHOT AND KILLED k~ } ATLANTA, Ga--Senator Wa]~ter FROM CONGRESS RACE .BY MERRIMAN SMITH ! Three persons, a white man and nahMay:r Rob~I:ts M-H~:hdf ::e~t:; thoNra~he:i]al3eSeohlnandn amU;iaCniP:o] aeU;!FaG:;ngef~'lr]e'I:cJi:]n]yn;:~y 4hti~: State Senator L. L. Patten, of t,AN~rA i Ga.--Naval Stores a negro and his wife, w, ere held in l , d .. . _ J " g" . P. .. g in his own home town of Vienna,:Lakeland, today issued a statement cers in 'the southeast searched the Lowndes count "all today as ~rooKe of Atlanta, were married a WPA appropriation tor_ eu!a!n.g, a among his own home folks fin which he announced his withdraw y J ...... . - fo yesterday in Atlanta separate grammar school buildmg h e i h ad r a way to end the steady Echols county officers probed into~ . ..... . " . + Due to t e unc rta'nty of t e - al from the race~ for Congress from e that has carriedpricesto the fatal shooting, shortly after mid-i . .~ .~~ . _ I wh]ch ]s badly needed there, i journment of Congress and the many the Eighth District. l , J ~; ~'aagett, former t~ounty Corn a , lows. night, this morning, of Henry Pad- ~ "- " - .... " l ~. i legislative m tters that require the Mr. Patten s withdrawal from the ra the South Atlantic coast to gett, operator of a turpentine camp:Sisalher of Ecno.Ls county and ae-i The Savannah Mormng News, attention of Georgia's senior senator race leaves six candidates who have I zeatea zor re emcuon two years ago, caustic critic of New Deal policies ~ ashm ton hi r ]a :!ssissippi river, men who make at Pineland, and a member of a . .. - .......... " .~ " " ... . " ' "n. W ' g , "s retu n to Beorg" announced their intention of being living by producing rosin and prominent Echols family ~ ~ne unopposea cana.ma~e I or ~ate ann oz t~overnor Kivers, is support- necessarily has been delayed, but he on the ballot in the Se tember 14 ltine-from-pine trees debated The three, in jail here, are listed~enatr zrom che Sixth District ch]s ing ~enator Walter F. George for will make his first radio announce- primary. They are: EmoPry Bass and c.-* ........ ~-;--~- ........ ,_ ._, ..... : ...... .... .~tinguished Jacksonville lawyer, to W L Miller, Chairman of the State Jul., 4th a~ to th~ le~-alit-- ^~ h;o -n+~., alth. t killed chances for sizeable Statenville this morning Mr. Padgett succeed m.m. ~vxr. ...... t~zovs was juage oz H+gnway womm]sslon. + Hun Watts Powell is chairman of it is his opinion that his entrance :At the same time, labor au-was shot by the negro as he sat in ~hefF:~:rthpJ3di:=llf~rc:hte:f:l::;- ~ *:the Home-coming Committee and is fee was paid in the time allowed by te ~es ' z h se in I works out a ro ram of festivities the rules the s said naval stores wa~ -- Whittle s truck follow'ng a c a " - . .. ' . . " Ralph Williams is the new Com- ' g P g " " " of State Democratic ill ,, ,, un~az Ity I eslgnea arly in the woods--were too volving the alleged recruiting of " " ' ' ! mander of the Valdosta Post of the to be 'climaxed by an address by Sen- Committee. He shows that he offer- the-negu'o from Mr. Padgett's Pine- ~. .--~,~ .... ] American Legivn. He 'i succeeds ator George. -+ ed his entrance fee to the Secretary ~rtial sources such as the south- land turpentine still. . xne aea~n ot .~r. ~: ~. Kazzens- Howell K Wilkinson. Ralph Reese This ~vill be broacast over station of the District Committee at 12:40 ~r Detger Ot lvloul~rle, nationally Known eat exneriment station, oper- The negro, however, denies that _ + ...... ". .. is finance" officer I W~ST and~ local .~tations betw~een o clock June 1, Eastern Standard b ~ hog specmnsL was a grea~ lOSS to ~ne " . Y the federal overnment, re- he shot Mr Padgett, and claims that i II1:45 A. M., and 12.45 P. M. East- Time and that the Secretar refused !- g " , hog-raisers of South Georgia He had ~ n a Time " y" he leaped from Whi~tl~s truck ....... - .. i ...... , . ~ern Sta d rd . to accept it because the Dmtrlct Com- I~_ " - ---h^- i* Ue-^--e a"~aren* Mr Pad ~een engagea ]n me swine sanimuoa, une oi ~ne wor]a s major ca~as-i Senator Geor~'e "lans to leave mit*^e r--I ....... :~- "~-" --~-:-- ~,wer ~.oszs: w ~. ~ u ~.l. pp ~ . "" " lent "n ~- "h "- r " * t o he ...... ! ~ e ~= u =~ pruvm~ ~,l.~ ~,l~rl~ aevelop z ~our ~eo gia zor r p s IS now going on in ~nlna ~ess production is controlled gett and Frank Henderson, a woods .~ ........ .,.. . _ _ ._ Washington as soon after the ad- must be paid by noon Eastern Stand- lure " " t " " ertake ~ne pas~ seven years an had done wnere ~ne XO~lOW Kiver, one ol the. , mptxon ]s increased, he ridder for him,would ov the .... ~.._ . ..... r,,, , . . . ~ournment of Congress as possible, ard Time. '% ...... ..... his ---'~ *----'-"-'- ...~:_L ~ ...... ~'-^in~ mucn zo promoce nog-ralslng In ~nls wo m s mrges~ rlvers, IS on a ram- Wher+ are naturally, certain le,~s ~. ~+.^_ .~^_ .z.^-_ .~._. -... ~+ Rion costs or be forced out of The shooting of Mr. Padgett oc- secuon, page, Drmging aea.m ana a eszruc~Jonilative duties to be wound up; mat- his opinion that the District rules ~m.'~ :curred at the Tom's Creek bridge, Lee ~B--~con count 'on;; 3:0~:rah:~ezlbg~e::S'dr~o:?et~aUc" tern of concern to the people of should not supercede the State Com- ~k H~vward. Georgia state between Statenville and. Tarver. i o Y :.. _ , ....... Y. _.P P ~, ....... " Georgia whcih cannot be left unfin- mittee rules provided t~at entries --- - . ,zarmer, Will oe pu~ ~o deamn ~o-uay corulng ~O Japanese mlu~ary aumnor] .... , er and a naval stores authori- He was shot in the head, a corn- . .......... = ...... ,.. _ ..+ . ]shed. : muat be In hand not ~'than 12 o- ~= " ,, "', ..... -'-'- "--~ ~ ~- -'--~-~ * ..... ~ot 'at la~nan triton zor crlmmal as- ~]es. wnole cIrles nave oeen swept; But when he c-n do so he will -I~i'- "--- "---- " "~-----" "~ -~ "~ ~aere was general recug- p~e~e man oz vucasno~ ~rum a ~u - ..~+ ~.. +o=+ .,oo~ o =o~;oo ,~towa,, I.,, the -,,r~-~ -,,o+o~- ~ ...... ~ .. ~. ~u~a, ,UUn, une x, ~en~raz ~ana- ~t "the naval stores industry gun taking effect in the left side~=y'~" "~="f ".=0:..,~='. ," .~:~ ~.:+t" " _'~ .... _'_':_ ~'__'T,_"_~'_": ~==~_#. join his son, rleard George, at head- ard Time, which would be 1 o'clock, t. crimes agams~ lll;i;le girls, oo~n wnI~e rams pros ames ann rupees oescroyed ~J " ; - " reached a of his "ace Death was instantaneous . quarters =a Atlanta Mrs George will Eastern Standar Time ;..rated Sta~es n,a,s ..... z . . _ . " and colored, in Ware and Bacon by "the opposing Chinese and Ja- i~- with him and "assist" in o-enin-i ..... ,._n d .. _- ...... m z~ lit++ nistorv ~ Will ~a4;~er, naval s~ores opera~or, ..... , _ . ~. .. , .. e p g xnr. x-ac~en says cna~ ne ~eeis ~nag - " county rand one case In z~aurens panesearmms, tnave .~urneu rne he uarters " " " ~trd attributed the crisis to joined irr the ,search for the negro, eve solve when Rozier "R" of So .... s" loon Levees adq . since thls questmn, must be decided ~jor factors" this morning, and also insisted county)w . . d. .... i ;leer. .~r~ow ~ e....~ . In the meantime Georgians in many by the District Committee and that .. .'_ ^~ o.~o+;t,,+o= ~m.^~.~ ~;~, ~.--+~. ^~ ~-~-, ..... ... +was cap,urea and ~rIea ann convm~-+and uy~es cna~ nave open oun~ zn sections of the state are activel ........... productlu. ~ o--o~.-- .... Io,,~-,~ ~,,,, ,~,,,,--, ~ ~c.uls cuu.~y,, ~ .. ~ ~ ..... . .... ~ ,~_^^ .^_^ ~-.,A-_^_ ,^, ,..._ ~..._~_^a ~ since ne is cnaIrman ot ~ne District .... - .......... 'eu. ne nan veen ~vu~v.c~u ~,,~v o~,,,~ .,~.,l~v~ ~ ~u ,,u.ur~u workin- in behalf oftheSenator's "~------" ............. ~reased proauc~lon OI SUz- In an Investigation into ~ne case re- . ...... ... -- -- __ __ = ...... ~ __.11 ~ ....... "'__ __ ,__ ~1 .... ~ , i~ ,~ommz~cee, a oeclslon In wnlen nls and o.~..u~+;u~a ..,,~ ~.d ~..=~..~+o~ +ho ~hoo ..... ~_ _~__. ~zmes ~o ueatn t~overnor ~Ivers an~ yemr~, nave ~ wan~u.lymuw. candidac-- for re election + .......... ~tiae .............. + ,ing, as farUas he cou~d~3~vi~e= :;'Ut~e the Parole Board haVerd~.l;feldavt: U:stbYcesmI~tat~ea~tah::n~::, a~ndm::~+ In Ga~nesville veterans fo Hall!:an:~ra::Ym~:n~t:e~neaanmdgthe~:tCen P- " .... 'present evidence i]n+ertere zurmer, l~ .z e .... Y., . P .. ' .. . County perfected permanent organ-members of the Committee. +Urelgn activity on the part oz .... :- ." - -- 'behind a wife and threeor zour oz me wors~ zlooa conzmgrauons in ization _, _ Hall Count-- Veteransi "'~ ........... eo e s~ ~ar. ~'auget~ learne~ ~ne negro was . . ~ , , I w = y , ~or ~nose reasons, Mr. Patten m untnes to make thems lye 'children to mourn his sad fate ,the world s history zs now gomg on I . . . "~" leavin- his -lace Mr Carter said ; " For George Club, w~th E C Bran announcln his withdrawal from the urficient , ~ ~ , ' ,, + . ..... " . . . " g " 'and he --re chase As the Pad-ett' ,non, cnatrmaz, tee J~Iroa, vlce enalr race l~avai' l condition of g" - " ~ ] [ ' " "i " hn enera [~. g g car overhauled the truck in which l LII AITLI NIg TlTg I~| ~m'~ ]I~ i man and Ford Gober, secretary. ~ Mr. Patten s statement in full fol- tmlhess , &&.a~-lka.ax ~lV&a.ak~ &JLita~ta Jl.Ja IV~ &~$l the negro was fleeing and which was '~ [ A resolution unanimously adopted lows. t~ " ' l , . . ' " ~:_ first three of these influ- driven by Whittle, the negro leaped+ -- i ~l~r~9~ | ;#,ort~o(~ ;by the Hall County veterans said: I To The Pre~, ~'e i for ears ~.-a .v...a o z..~,~,a~o~,o ,, ,, been develop'ng y from the machine and took refugei By DR. F. A. BRINK I t Senator George has at all times: At 12:40 P. M. Eastern Standard ~l~arently needed only the sup- in the woods about a mile from where'i County Health Commi==ionor ] -- i represented the people of GeorgiaTime, June 1, I tendered my en- of o business to create ' r c + + po r " the shooting occurred. I -- I Ove 180 asPs have been made in the National Congress iat an able trance fee to the Secretary of the ~t'distressing conditions in the ............ I MAY ACHIEVEMENTS /fordriving withoutlicensesand and difnified manner as well as the Eighth District Congressional Com- . , , ~ar. raogecz con~lnue(l zne cnase,~ . . + . of this country s naval stores ...................... 1 (Pa~'tml rep~)rt) /sentences have ranged from $5.00 to peeple throughout the United States mittee for the purpose of becoming ,, . . ov~r~uuK WHIWle, an zorced nlm . . .... . -~, Heywar.~ said. Probably ......... q. .... ) Twenty new sanitary privies were SlX months zrt jail, Sgt. H. B, Free- as a whole and he has sponsored and a candidate for congress The Secre- oat a - eral fac ~o erzve Pack ~o rune Drlage. Jus~ De-' ~ ......... ~" larmiug of the see " "or ...... in built under direction of the Sanitary,man, ]n charge of the tenth District supported ...... bills in the National Con- tary refused to accent mv fee for t~ art z e De g overr.aKen, nowever, tne tit manifest" desire" on the p negro woman left the truck and hid officer. Orders for others are com-trew State,, Patrol,re starannuncedn i today. !great which, in our opinion, were to the reason that I was 40 ..,.,i--too.,".~. Y of our former foreign cut- " ing in briskly so that the WPA c I We a ti g a f'nal drive tothe best interest of the people of late according to the rules of the nations to produce their own in the.woods. Mr. Padgett then forced now has work for some time tb~aecept applications and give exams Georgia and the United States, and district committee I then qualified f naval stores."Whcittle to drive him, in the. truck. ~cme. Orders should be placed early on Monday 20th, and twelve troopers in particular for World War Veter- with myself, as chairman of the Com- b k to ~ne vrmge, wmle ms ( z n e i i ' ~d comuare~ figures for . .... . . '~" ~ they must be filled in the order w'll cover the inete n count'es "n ann, their widows and orphans, imittee, under the rules of the state =- .. paTtlon, Mr rlenaerson, dr~ve i~t ............. )9 when American nroduced ... .. " . . " cf their receipt th~s district this +week. They will ex-. .THEREFORE, be ~t resolved by commlttee which rovide that the cent of the world'sturpen- ~aage~z's car on aneaa. There were 53 smallpox vaccina- amine and accept licenses apphca- the undersigned veterans of Hall closmg hour for eP~les oTcand~dates figures for 1937-38 show- Whittle told the corner's jury that lions, 62 children took toxoid to pre- fions from all who apply and will County that we go o'n record as heart- would be 12 o'clock noon, Central in turpentine production when he reached the bridge, the vent diphtheria and 168 persons corn- make road checks to ascertain who ily endorsing Senator George'for re- Standard Time, or one o'clock, East- Per cent of the world supply, negro whistled. He said he did not pleted the typhoid treatments. Seven has not applied. Cases will be made election and that we tender Senator ern Standard Time, and that no .___ want to stop, but Mr. Padgett forced new maternity patients were seen. against all who do not make applica- George our wholehearted support for Congressional Committee could make ]O" him to. The negro approached the'A dozen parents came to the Health tion and against any person permit- re-election and recommend to the a rule conflicting with the rules of Ca r~pa_ons itruck~from the lefthand side, he said, Department with infants for exam- ting an unlicensed driver, drive his people of Georgia and ex-service men the state. Await Farmers ~nd fired a +~ot into Mr Pad~ett's ination; 102 children of preschool or her car. We intend to enforce the in particular that they do likewise "Regardless of ~l~e above facts, ~ead. Whi'ct]e said Mr. Pad~ett's age received routine physical check-driver's license law strictly because and we feel satisfied and believe his t~,e Congressional Committee, of I body fell from the truck. Whittle up; 140 school children were inspect=there are too many persons who record entitles him to re-election." which I am chairman will necessarily (GPS) A It h o u g h reported his version of the shootingi ed for minor ailments. Two school iwould not pass an examination and i Full endorsement of the Senator's have to pass upon the the qualifica- lready ha~ opened their to Henderson. lectures were given with 168 in at-are a menace to human life on the'candidacy also was conveyed in reso- tions of candidates, including my ~s, mcst of (the senatorial anTh:aide~r: ddnleodt a~eZmP~::~o:~ t~nd:nC:umCO:feI1;;~Sbu~din:n~:_!hl~o:;:sFrei~n~n said Homerville, llutions adopted at Savannah by the own. The action of the Committee, i Georgia Department of the Disabled either sustaining or rejecting my )rill candidates are for early July. ~vhen farm- all afte~ he left the truck until he tributed 164; field visits 138. 'Georgia on June 23, 1938. +American Veterans in+convention qualffications, will to some extent be " laid by their crops, to was arrested this morning, when he Forty six visits weze made to thej Troopers will be ]n Statenvllle, there, emb~rassmg to me and my friends. -~ir drives in earnest. Mean- walked into Jasper, Fla. :office by venereal patients, 32 treat:ion June 23, 1938. t The resolution, introduced by Cecil "In view of the above facts and s~eY are a..u~ointinu ..... campaign! Sheriff Frank. Hancock.. of Jasper.'. "i ments were., given ~ ~* I R. Hall, of. Atlanta,. past. state, corn- circumstances,. I will not .be a. candz,, and laying the ground- arrested hnn. . Supervision of places selhng food ~e~l'~*~ i mander, said in part. date for congress at this t~me. -- extensivespeaking pro- ~r Pad~ett wa~ ,bo~t 40 ,,ears;and drinks is now getting u~der way. ~ ! We do record an express of con- Valdosta Times. t ~old'~a memO)e-of a~--rominent Echols Careful physical examination of el-1 |~,~ | ~o~ ~l~'fidence in Walter F. George, senior~, ..'~---~---- ' ~ P I ~a~l. ua aJg.~.os. ~V ~;~;a'~ , I the situation in the race ~ount,, famil,~ an~ a brother o~ J ployees and sterlhzatlon of utensilsI senator from Georgm and express D~.n..~| A& ~'~.J--|| "~ U.S. Senate: William G. E. Pa'dgett, who is unopposed as a'as a communicable disease controli The NEWS ~s'-i~fozmed that notlur sincere appreciation for his in-~' /t~.~1~1 ~Mkt ~U~L[~.il ~+, ............ :u ........,:~ ~_ ~^..,., ..... ,^ ~_^_ ,~.:~ measure will be ~ne purpose of ~nis'L . ' " , ~eres~ in our wetare and for his able )ai ...... ,,_. ,._-_ ,o ~, ........ ,_ ~_, ,~._ ~ ..... , _~_ ;_ program, less ~,au ~ll-ee ~zc~nurecz cross-~,e service in' our nehalf over a long Evangelist S F Andrews of Ma- ~,t a~ a r~lly eu-e xo, ~ "r~.g~m~.~ ~ur ~ue xunvr~t ~re ,. cho er wele laid o'" " "~ .... " ' .... 't, hi~ native home Former tth~ sixth senatorial district Ar ~ ~ ] pp s - tt zn ~nncn period of years in the United States con, will be in a revival meeting at r Eu~.~no Talmad:,e who char-e of ~ ras-~r Fla undertaker ][ =~ f~|..L~ ~ .... ,, t county last week by various cross-tie:Senate where he has repeatedly Cogdell in the Baptist Church there. +~ ~ ~ ' ~ = ~ ~ , , bl~ll~ ~t,,MAIt~ 1~~ manufactuiers The most of the men c ~iht~. "~;o o~ ...... za o~n ~;.~ ;. ~+~+ .... u'~ .... "::' l " ' hampioned the cause of Georgia s.beginning next Sunday night - . .......... , .... v ~ ~ ozsamen ex-service men t The church has been desirin a as ~is manager, opened nls IScnols county in generai was nign, 1 ..... , + .~ ........ , " .. g , The Lions supper on lvio~aay mght o~ ~ne county ]n or near ~ne UKeI] I Citizens of Musco re ov n "lanta "" ---' " "+ "" gee County held viral+ for several months, and the ; er :the radio i A~ and ~ne prisoners were oeing neia: ............. ~ ~, also outlined his platform here pendin~ the outcome of the was an en~nusias~ic aHair. F. E. tmr-+n~Kee ~wamp. ~amass meeting at Columbus and prayers of all Christians as well as Tall who attended the~Pmces of cross ties have become for e h " hei n ! radin last weei District nrnh~ V~ldn~t~ T;m~ iron and O.E. y ." - " m d t e Muscogee George for t "t;:atte dance, is desired. We earn- e Cam~--~- ~"o\~--'n~,-~r i~ ~- .... -- ................ I state convention at Savannah gave so dmcouraging as to preclude any lSenate,, club, electin .Frank David estly covet your intercession for us Opening his campaign head- D~ ]~|~-&,, |~,,-- leery ]nterestrng accounts of themeet-t~ss~b]hty of profit; zn fact, in cases professor cff the Indu~ial SdKool m our time of need. until later an~ will appoint A~-~~lt:~.Lg~ ~|-~ i Ing w~m l~s numerous mncneons, where opera,ors are paym~ t~xe~:at Columbus, as president. I FOLKS HUXFORD, Pastor. er in a week ~r so Senator ' lt~ .... 11"%_ ___*_I___L lectures and much gaity. Both dele- prices tor stumpage, an actual loss Ar~other resolution highly corn-'! ' '. Ge ....... ,.+---: o,o++io-I wzoore r'reslQenl:Igates claimed to have been on their was sustaznea ..... !mendrmg the recoi~d ~ of "Se~ato~f -Bantist Church dhte;'~' o~'~a~.~'~_eor~,e! good behavior throughout the con-' Just what these laid-off men, most-'George and calling for the sui)port .... r .... . - ..... ......... ' ..... ~' -- ~ 1 ne roes wi ~ .... I ~. A. B. METCALFE, Pastor anager ana Will or"m head ISWAINSBORO Ga ~GPS~ Jere vention. I y g , ll do IS problematical, of loyal Democrats was introduced + ~ , ~ i~ " , --x ! I ' , " + t + after adjournment of Con- N. Moore, editor of the Milledge-, The sidewalk project came in for Most.of them are untlamed to work by H. R. McClatchey and unanimous- - :r + S= .d ........ pe~asm~e)d~::r~ns ?3 Ginty gf Calhoun, was "re-~ected along the paved highways w~ll mean having !ess than 8000 people of alll The included M. J. hash, Paul: flllpulpit Sunday morning and Even- , ~ ages ann ootn races In It zng -arly in Jub, Hu~,b Howell, vice president, and Hal M. Stanleymuch to the people of Homerville. i . ]Ware, C. B. Huff, H. R. Porter, " ~'~:e~sts~'nn~ ~Pla::ff~r' ::~Pr~!!5:d~t~x2~e~ :fer~eC::rd~ ~:T~t u ~sesecmb~i{et~el~uebw~xct~d]' Paved Sidewalks i i!m~~a~ji~nAMC.AGrTWe'~:~!t~i i TO OUR READERS: / didates Man,ham ana~ed to the ~ollowin--,,a-era. The Mill tail twister ~pro tern created much ...... ~., .... ~ . Ed ads, O. E. Summercon, Paul I] ..... -- .... ~1| ,.. , ,,. e. ~ u ~ v v "~ ............. I x~ nas long been ~ne uream oI the'T Hall an- ~rE M~r~onala XOU Wlll ooserve tnls week mall WO nllarity t) exac~ln xrom me gnree, , u '" ~" " od are la in lans for edgevllle Union Recorder, The Cobb Y g c~t]zen insert o o ~. , Y" g P " " - " . .......... ' " s of HomerviUe to have paved- .......... ~ ............... ][" f f ur pages of ready-I] lye n wno came lage wlgnot~t excuse, tne campaign at an early ~ County Times at Marietta; the Sa d-': ........ sidewalks along the h~ghway for the i operate and the property owners a- il printed matter, concerning Hughtl o 1 heavy penai~ ot a alme eacn mpec _ i ersville Pr .great;. the Bartow Hera d i .......... Y ..... " __..~,children of the tbwn to walk to and i long the highway are highly in favor II Howell, candidate for Governor II -"-'--- at artersvine- "In l~ouisvine News um~lun ~s now lie as ~o wno nex~ , . . .... " ' I C , e . ......... , ..... ]from school. Much interest has been of this worthwhile project Property][ This is paid pohtical matter and[| n Will contrloute ~O rnerine ann 1or I i ~- WANTED and Farmer, the Walton Trlbu e ar e uh h no ex res z , " . i .... .... _ . _ ~ "~ out d der .t e" auspices of theldeeds have already been "made out ili p s'on thereto is to be tak-I| . ~ _ !at Monroe; tl~ Atlanta Constit~)tmn;+~ure^~un~ to oe useo zor someIHomerville I, ions Club and a great for the west side of town and signa-tll en as expressing our editorialll zew.boarffers or would the Calhoun Times. T.he Milledge' ~; ......... deal of progress l~as been made. !turPs have been, promised. Beeause~[l sentiments. [I an apartment ville paper was the only one receiv- Big Lion Qualey Walker presided The StateHi hwa De artment o h" , . I g Y p I f t zs fact a long step has been made II THE PUBLISHER PEAGLER 6 17 2t in t~o awarus over the pow wow has Sl nlfleIts wllhn e o | w ~ t " " ~ ~ " ..... j " " "~-".-'--='-~" I "g "" d " " " gn ss to c-[to ard the success of the project.+L /