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May 30, 2018     The Clinch County News
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May 30, 2018

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Page 4 ~[~ (~[in~ (~ouN~ ~.~ Wednesday, May 30, 2018 A community forum for viewpoints from around the world to your backyard USPS #118-140 113 E. Dame Avenue Homerville, Georgia 31634 Telephone: 912-487-5337 Published by AIR Publications, Inc. A.I. "Len" Robbins, III Editor & Publisher lrobbins@theclinchcountynews, com Carolyn Burtchaell Business Manager carolyn65@windstream.net Laura Nipper Production Manager lnipper@theclinchcountynews.com Established in 1894 and published every Wednesday. Entered at the Homerville, Ga. Post Office as periodical rate, Permit No. 118-140. Member of the Georgia Press Association and the National Newspaper Association. Subscription Rates: In Clinch County, $30 per year. Elsewhere, $38 per year. Single copy price is .93 cents. POSTMASTER: Address all correspon- dence to The Clinch County News, P.O. Box 377, HomervUle, GA 31634, or e-mail at clinnews@w/ndstream.net. I have a very good raccoon dog. He is so good after coons. He will tree the coon the day before he went there. When he gets him treed, if you don't go to him he will sit there and bark until his tail takes root in the ground. This dog dearly loved to chase rabbits. I did not want him to be using up his energy running rabbits. So I put in to teach him how to throw his voice. He seemed to get the idea and learned very quickly. Now, he can sit on the door-step and chase a rabbit all around the field Truthly yours, Lem Griffis Our letters b lhe edict are inl b) be a free and open forum for local and area ciliams to comment on itmns of gen- eral puMic iWeerest. If you wish to a let r us, please it or wri legibly, prefened. Le m are mbjed to edm.g for kmgtb, rood and newspaper Subje of a perso.al .alwe are merally not acceplab EJdmsesmds of polilkal candklates are also not accqdab dmi.g a campaign. All letlm must be signed but names mW be wflbbeld under certain dire circumstances, Please include a daylime phone number amd a&lress. You cam also e.mail m a let at db- ne OMmlstmantm#, or visit ourat .ti lin&- coup. iiii!iii!i YOU[ My cell phone was missing - again. This is a rare occasion, if you define "rare" as happening once every 24 hours. The chief suspect in this heist, my oldest son, was spending the night at a friend's house, which is just one of many reasons he was the chief suspect. I called him. No answer. I called again five minutes later. Of course, being the father of a 16-year-old, I immediately suspected hijinks afoot, so I called the house where he was spending the night. "Oh, yeah, he's here," said his friend's mother. "He said to text him." I reluctantly obliged, and tried to text him to find the whereabouts of my charger. It took five minutes because I had to switch keyboards four times to type this simple message: "Where is my charger?" Every time I tried to type an 'm,' I hit the delete button. My pause in attempting to type a ? was also problematic. So, in summary, an old-school phone call with the same simple four- word message, including pleasantries such as "Hello" and "Goodbye," would have b'obbins(~gheclinchcout~news.com taken about 15 seconds, when I'm at the grocery Just my part of the text store: "Remember to pick up message took five minutes, some tampon sauce." That, in a nutshell, is Huh? Tampon sauce? why I prefer real person- Which goes back to to-person phone calls to Reason #1 - Time. I spent texting. 15 minutes wandering Texting simply takes around the grocery store, too much dang time. With looking for tampon sauce. a 40-hour-a-week job, a "Excuse me, m'am," I 20-hour-a-week family, said to the grocery store 25-hours-a-week of Netflix lady after perusing every viewing, 12 hours ofsleep aisle in search of this a night, and another two- mysterious item. "Where hour nap each day, I just do you keep your tampon don't have a couple of hours sauce?" a day to be wasting fiddling A simple return phone around, punching a bunch call revealed that my wife of buttons to communicate had typed in taco sauce, when I can do it more and Auto Correct led to my efficiently by grunting humiliating turn of events. into a telephone for a few Reason #3: Confusion. seconds. That's Reason Because it takes so long #1. to type, text messages often Here's two more reasons use acronyms or skip letters why I'm going to continue to or verbs or adjectives or be an old fuddy duddy and nouns or entire paragraphs, refrain as much as humanly which leads to confusion, possible from texting: assumption, the swine flu, Reason #2: Auto and misunderstanding. Correct. My daughters text My wife's text to me, message to me from last foreigh'l" years." e week: "U no password to computer." My reply: "One password to computer? Why are you speaking Spanish?" Her: "I no there's 1 password, what is it." My reply: ' Speak, or type, English, and I'll respond accordion." My next message, after catching the Auto Correct: "I mean I'll respond accordingly." If history has taught us nothing, and it has, it's that the written word, especially when broken down into fragments, can lead to peril: "You are great. One hundred thousand pesos. To come to Santa Poco. Put on show. Stop the infamous E1 Guapo." If the "Three Amigos" had received a phone call instead of a cryptic telegraph, they would have known that E1 Guapo was an actual villain and not an actor, and Lucky Day would have never been shot. Basically, that's what text messaging is -- the telegraph. We're reverting back to communicating via telegraph. And I'm the old fuddy duddy? Len Robbins 2018 "Gosh, by fhen I'll "And if's good look like fhis pic+ure!" License Office It takes a long time to make a good friend. I'm reEkP talking about the kind who c rcscntauvcs "takey uinwheny u v.s. Send are crying and not ask any David Perdue (R) - 202-224-3521 questions till you are ready Johnny Isakson (R) - e-mail: johnny ieakson@isakson.senate.gov to talk. This friend will fix U.S. Representative yOU a Diet Coke or a glass of 1st Congressional District - Buddy Carter (R) - 202-225-5831 State Senate tonic water to sip on while 8th District yOU collect yourself. If it Ellis Black (R) - 229-251-0303(Ceil); e-mail - blackellis@bellsouth.net looks serious enough, she State Representative 174th District . might even bring in a jar of John Corbett (It) -john.corbett@house.ga.gov; 404.656.0287- Offme unsalted, roasted peanuts CHnch County Commission -' 912-487-2667 . without you even asking. Regular meeting - first Monday of every month, 9 a.m. This kind of friend Chairman-Roger Metts (post 3); Vice Chairman'Chad Browr~ (Post 2); Kenton McLaine-Post 1; Debra Thomas-Post 4; Henry Moylan-Post 5. Clinch County Board of Education - 912-487-5321 Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 7 p.m. Chairman-Stanley Thrift (Post 1); Vice Chairman-Charlie Mae Cross (Poet 4); i:)! Laura Landrum-Post 3; John Davis-Poet 2; Charles Handley-Post 5. already knows what kind of pillows you like and just how much cover you need on your bed in order to have a prayer of sleeping. She's al- ready got everything from a Homerville City Council- 912-487-2375 Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 5 p.m. Mayor Tom Kennedy; Mayor Pro Tem Willie Hardee; J.E. Witherspoon, Elexis Williams, James McBride thin flannel sheet to a down Fargo City Council - 912-637-5597 or 637-5520 comforter and pillows of ev- Regular meeting - Fourth Monday every month, 7 p.m. ery degree of fluffiness and Mayor John L. "Bappy" Griffis; Council members Johnny Grills, Landa Hart, C ford Were, Roy Wilson. foldability. If you can't rest Dupont City Council - 487-2630 or 287-2500 here, you aren't likely to rest Regular meeting -" Second Tuesday of every month, 7:30 p.m. Mayor Jimmy Rawls; Council members Catherine Register; Jane Lee, Tommy . anywhere. But she already Davis, Brent Westmoreland. knows that and so do you or Argyle City Council - 487-2279 you wouldn't have shown up Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Mayor Kaye Riley; Council members Glenda Jordan, Ann Grady, Lee Rudd, at her door at some ungodly Otis Fleming. hour. /Ir,@ .: . e NSTES CANE? BRA {@{ This kind of friend is unashamedly and unapolo- getically biased in your direction, no matter what the issue You are innocent, even if proven guilty in some half baked court of law. Your children, like hers, are either the finest sons and daughters ever created by God or the least grate- ful, sorriest stinkers either one of you has ever known anything about. She will feelyou out to see what side you are coming down on and then meet you right there. Same with grandchildren and in-laws. This friendship is tight and you better know it. Like you, she is deeply: interested in even the tiniest detail of a 'he-said/she-said'; and it doesn't matter how many times she has heard it. The two of you rest easy knowing that ffit's your turn to whine tonight, it will be hers tomorrow. You will weed out every detail of just exactly how much money that weezel of a brother stole from her plus a full description of the hideous, designer shoes his wife wore to the celebration your money paid for. Law- yers, doctors, psychiatrists think they know about client confidentialty but they are the biggest blabber mouths in town compared to this friend. Have you got problematic company staying at your house? This friend will go over, roust the person out of bed and take him or her to the airport or the bus station and have them pointed out of town and towards home before they know what has gotten hold of them. A good friend puts your problems in a nice big Greyhound seat headed O.U.T. of town before the day gets started. She has got your back and you've got hers. You don't have to have alot of friends when you have ones that are as good as this one. It's quality over quantity. Today send her a flower and just say, 'I love you," you never know when you will need her again but she will be there just as you will for her. Thank God for God Friends whose blood is thicker than water and whose ties are stronger than steel.