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May 20, 1938     The Clinch County News
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May 20, 1938

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, May 20, 1938. OF CLINCH COUNTY VOTERS Continued from page 2) 1389 Distrlct---Argyle re Burton, Julian A (Colo d) Davis, I~ A~. (Colored) West, Simon (Colored) 1766 DISTR--~T---ARABIA Baxley, H.~ H. Corbitt, N. E. Curry, Baynard Fender, Joe Fender, Mrs. Marvin Fender, Arlie Ganeas, John J. Guest, C Dewey w Guest, Mrs. C. De ey Jewell, Muse J. Jewell. Mrs. Muse J. Joyce," A. Jr. Kirkland, Reavis Kirkland, Muse K. Kirkland, Mrs. Muse J. Langford, Jesse H. Langford, Mrs. Emma or J.H. Lee, W. J. Lee, Mrs. W. J. Le., M. C. Lee, Mrs. M. C. Lee, Sherman Lee, Mrs. Sherman Lee, L. H. Lee, Will Lee, John W. Mobley, C. D. Shaw, Cecil Shaw, Lloyd Lee Shaw, Mrs. H. C. Shaw, Sarah Sirmans, J. C. 1 Smith, Mrs. Dav'd J. Tomlinson, Joseph P. Sr. Tomlinson, Mrs. D. V. Tomlinson. Mathew Tomlinson~ M.M. M Tomlinson, Mrs. M. Tomlinson, Mrs. Ada Tomlinson, Mrs. R. I. Tomlinson, James Tomlinson, Mrs. James Tomlinson, D. O. LIBERTY --with-- GILBERT ROLAND MARSHA HUNT "THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Page 3. ARGYLE NEWS Cou nty N N By MRS. RUBYE CARTER Pteblished Homerville,|CHnch C, ounty, Georgia, It is well in these days of pleasure Friday of Vavh Vfeelc. SHORT FAR 6RAPltS CONCfRNIN6 Tlt0~[ WB0 seeking to be reminded of the sol- d, dilor & Pllbl/sheriemn realities of eternity, and to COS~ AND GO, THE SICK AND ]~f: WFLL. ,have brought tc~ our notice import- fOlkS tluxfor v ant portions of Scriptures bearing on ~ d~ 1 a e~ --- ~ ........ h or ~e am ttea ~ovemae 8, 933 s s u-c ass mail matter under Act ~(} ,, {}_ O~O~O~O'/~}'l~ this sommn suoject. Three suc p - o Con ess. 1879 Messrs. George Owen Huey andI Miss Sue Patterson has returnedlti~:s hmaVeh::~? aandep~Ytrui~pr:::edy .... )f Congress, 1879. .... Alva Gibbs spent thefirst of the after visiting relatives in Waycross. v. ~,, , .............. -- l l reaaer wilt give mem sue aria ser- and Mrs. Alex Uornedus oI..~mn?r,!PHOTOGRAPHER RETURNS week m ~acon. _ ~ ...----f"-- _ .. .~ l ious consideration. ,were here Monday for a vlmt with[ I Mrs J r" r~onn aria mrs ~us ' ...... " " " 1 The first one Is found m Acts relatives [ James A Ortee, well-known photo- Mr. and Mrs. u. t~. 'rauyspent Fetchel of Waycross spent Wednes-~ ~..n ~ ,.,hioh ,~ao"And the ~,ffi :~Volt~ r_ w,,~h~o a-a ~hild 1 .... 1- .... ~- ....~,~ ~ ~ooa 9Q last week-end in Douglas. Iday here with Mr and Mrs George~ ~) ...... y..:~ ....... ~ .................. ~ ..... "i ~v ....................... -~, " " , t~mes of th~s ignorance God winked i ren of Tallahassee,, Fla., are here i has returned to Homerville and has .... ~. - I D. Peagmr. [at; but now commandeth all men ev-i for a visit with~ Mr and Mrs W. H. ihis tent pitched-on the Peggy Smith ~rs I~OlKS l-lUXloraand SOns, ~ I ...... ha'h '* " ' " " " r ~ erywnere ~o repent; oecause He ~ darner, lot on Church Street. Iverson and John Calwtt wslted el- Among those from Homerville who l " w ich He i rn ........ I ..... ' ............ appointed a da~{, m the h I Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morr s retu - Mr Ortee says since leawng here a~lves m Aaei, ~unuay. [at~enaed the ~unerm o x n~tl: tioDoIelwilI judge the world in righteous-'ed to Fitzgerald Sunday after a visitIhe has been in ten or fifteen states .... ~ ....... !Mrs. J. G. B ritton:Miss Athlene Reg::past, a present and a future are oFMrs. W. ~. Dickerson in Homer- hess in tY~:t he hdsPe~er str:ck, and ~r..j. ~. l~.o.~.gers ox vam~m waslister' Mr: A~ J. ti~,ODS ana mr. ana here broughi before us. In the past ville Tuesday afternoon, hence he has come back here with a ouslness VISIEOr here, yes~eraay t Mrs FolKS I-IUX~OrU ~ " God shut His. eyes to the times of Mr. Harry James is in Dahlonega no time fixed to leave. ..... ~ ...... { ~ ....... I this ignorance, namely, idolatry. In 'this week attending the commence- Mr and Mrs Ortee are very vtr. aria Mrs. t~. ~. ~ewzon aria,Those g~ing over ~o ~. ~ w. C., m ~ " i " " I= ............... the present, however,, He calls up- ment w~th h s class mates. Harry en- nleasant, neonle and Clinch county httle sons Clarence Jr., and David valaos~a, Ivlonaay mgnt ~o near Ku~n .... a o~h^,,~ o+ r~h~ .... ~o~ ~u ~ .~. ~" .... ^e u..,~ .......... *~ ^ ~..o ~Jo... I ~u o,- .......~ ~.. ...... =~ .~o~ ~...,people Will xind~nis work ~o De very ton's mother Mrs. Emma Tullis this ~ .... s ....... ,,* ....... saus~ac~ory. ~Voemek. toMrsS. T~ll~So~Ctlpanied them tMorrWul. J:m:s~)~r~p hl~i:~st~OerCed CARD OF THANKS P " the mercantile business. ..... ~.. .. .... Mrs William V Tomlinson enter- We wish to ex,~ress our hear*felt ~rs. ~cott James oz t-ineview, mrs. Poe and Miss Wree ~range ..... " ~" ~P...h "w~11 ,~ Vo~,~*o ~na P ------- I who is the Lord, ~s appointed and tamed a few friends at her .home in th.anks to our many frmnds for their ~-s.. ~.~:. ~ ".":.~.~:'~" " ": "-'--~.__~ ......... i nothing can alter it In Job 36"18, Travisville Wednesday evening non- sympathy and floral offerings during ~rs ~:ari r~o~erson anu n~tle son ozBIRTH ANNU~NUr-MIat~I ~,,~. .. " - " : the birthda ~ her husband ............ r ~ecause there is wrath, beware lest ~oring y oI the illness and death of our urecious Cahfornm are wsx~mg their mvtber Rev and Mrs. D P. Jenkins of . - ~ - ,o ur ~ ~ ...... "~ _ ~ ...... He take thee away wtih His stroke; We regret to learn of the sermus huh,, M~o. ~ ~. ~,,i~,-. ~tearwa~er, ~. 5, announce me oirm - . ~ ..... ~"~" ............ ;then a great ransom cannot dehver m~urv of Mms LoisDlckerson our ~,,~ .~,;~. +~. ~h ~.~a ......... ~. rnabm?d t~:rY ~Iar;~aro- 'third portion is the most sultan sc~Ils l 1 : ~h~ wGod'Sy Hi:hescS~on;~; ::::Sp::ieeHbn~er~lls:' . llso ::best bles,sngs maya I d sad .of all It is found in Pro- Au~ustu a d p gn R M COON Grace Paulk, Mrs S C Patterson, ~ ~ ...... ",~" .... ....... ~' i e .... ' " ....... :, ; , ............. ]vervs t:z~-z~, ~ecause I nave Call- oI ~ew yor~ ~Jlty arr v ~ baturaay MRS R M CO{~Y 1 K! J~ ................... ana ~ur. rTanKnn ~aivy, lez~ toaay SHOWER OF RKCK/~ D D [ed a,~a .... ~, o~a. h ..... +~e+~hoa[ o,,a --ill be tb~ ~uests of Mr and ,,~,~ ~ ,-~,^- (Friday) for a tr~p ~ Washington a .dI Tuesday afternoon, May17th, out My hand, and no man regarded;[Mrs. W. H. James and family for[ _______ o~ner pom~s o~ m eres~ they v.,~ll ~,__ ~, ~ r~:~--rson Mrs #onn - " . " " ' lmr~. w. r~ ....... bU~ ye nave set at nought all My several weeks. ]J. T GRIFFIS BADLY BURNED Ve gone a weeK. I Norma~, and Mrs. A. L. Barnhill counsel, and wemld none of My re- Mr. Ivey Evans returned home af-I " ,, . . !entertained at the home of Mrs- proof; I also will laugh at your ca-lter spending two weeks m Charlotte, I .I T ~-r;fis ~r~r, in~n~ vmm~ Mr. ,an.d Mrs. O- E. Tal~y nP.~ aslDick.~rson from four until six o'clock lamity; I will mock when your fear!N C., with rela-tives. !man of the'~Anthon-co"~'m,:~i~',=~-v'as. gues~ last week~vir. ariel ~.rs. l~oPelwith a miscellaneous shower compli--Icometh; when Your fear cometh as t 'Mrs. J. E. Barnard of Jesup is badly burned last wee~ b,, ~:'~ ,,a~' 'auk Webb and daughter Miss ~in~e. ~ee menting Mrs. Cary Dickerson, a: desolation, and your destruction here for a visit with Mr. and Mrs.! explosion on the Far:o highw 'v~' He Webb of Miami ana ,uxss ~mme;reeent bride comet- "w'" "w" " ......... " ~ a. ........ . . . ] n as a mr~ ms; when als-i~. ~. r~mson. [was taken to the Waycross h~,~i~it~l xauy o~ ~ougtas. I Contests and games were enjoyea, tress and anguish cometh upon you. Thought for the week~- where rermrts ar~ to tho ~ff~t ~ha~ ..... ---f---- - " e " lafter which delicious punch and Then s~hall they call upon Me, but II You told it to your friend; his~he will pr"obab]y-recover.~ ...... ~rs. W. ~.l)mKerson Jr. !s sp n.~-ieookies were served by Misses Kath- will not answer; they shall seek Me oath was deep; well, here's a ques- M~ ~.~;~ o t~+ ....... +~ ^~ ing this weel< in ~acKsonvlue wlm[ " 'h osalin Barnhill and ,, ' ~ ................... 7: ..v ......... .ryn Grfff]t , R d early, but they shall not fred Me. tlon for your wmdom shelf, why do ~e Manly Const~ruct~on Company, her sisters Mrs. Leslie Stewart, Mrs. iCarolyn Smith. I Mrs. Cary Dickerson of "l~omer- you hope s#me other one will keep contraction of the Fargo Rvad pay- Anme Belle romnnson ana ~ars ove e .~- , "I The honoree received a 1 ly s - ville was the guest Monday afternoon'the secret that you cannot keep your-' in~, was on hi ma~h; ..... ~'~-" *~-^ Virgil ldguon. Ileetion of gifts, i of Mrs. T. L. Pickren and Mrs. Rubye self? t gas'oline distril~utor~'ca"; bl'ew' o'f~ ,-'7---7-. There were about sixty guests~Carter i hi'in "h .... I ' ~ .... g ~ g ~ e gas and the gas b~eing ,, Mrs. G. A. G~bbs had as her guestsI - I Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Capps ofI Jenn-~t~d~s-Grave I thrown on him Two other young men ~onoay her aun~ and uncle ~r. ana! MISS JOHNNIE RIBERON AND I near Haylow spent the weekend withl . .. '.~ .......... I em,~lo,,ees were oli~-~+~-- ~ ..... ~ ~* *~.^ Mrs F O'Connor Fletcher and dau-'. ............ n~^,,, JR I ...... ~ ~, ,~ ....... ,,_ IJenny t~ma, me ~weuxsn mgnun- I t- ~ ~ ~.,~,~ ~,~,,~,~ ~ ~,,o .." :. ........ i m~ w. ~. ~t~.~.~-~,~. ~ur. ann ~urs. o. lu ~ason. mrs wa-i ............ isome time gn~er Miss ,.ucy ~lezcneroz ~sn- -- ........~.....--nB..,~. I ~ . .~ ~ . .,,I~le, is mxrlea m ~v~axvern ~:ngiana. / ville N C I A~~ M~lr.~.x m~,--~, }son re~urnea w~n mem aria wm~ ' ~ Mr. Griffis is the oldest son of ' " " Of much interest to friends and spend this week with them. [ I~Irst Plows of Tree Branches [Mh and Mrs. Arthur Griffis of Rt. I relatives throughout this section,[ Messrs. Jim and "Bert Hinson of] The first farm plows were made ] 2, and is married and has one child. Mrs J T Bell of Waycross spent, " " " was the marriage of Miss Johnnie Clermont, Fla, Mrs Henry Smith of| of crooked tree branches and / several days here this week with her' ~ e r n" rs" Jim n n "" | ~'" ---- --- -- I R~beron, to Mr W R Dmkerson, Jr, P a so , M I ma of Mano~,l worked by man power Subsembe for the News daughter Mrs. Geo. Peagler and fam-, " ...... ilv on Saturday evening, May 14. The -' ceremony was quietly performed by .-. ., ........... 11 ..... rn_~ ~.~__!the Reverend Folks Huxford, at his y-esterda-y after s"endi"~'v -~ several~ home m the presence o~ a zew close [ The bride is the daughter of Mr. ..... ille !friends of the bride and groom weeks in OaCKSOIIV . -- " ..... ~. ....... l, John J. Riberon, and the late Mrs. ~r ass ~rs ~arl wheeler, Iv/Iss , . . " . ...... I Riberon. of the W~regrass dmtrmt. Thelma Castleberry and lvtms ~nza-,.. " ........ ...... ! ~esmes ne;ng unusually attractive beth Wheeler were v~s~tors ~o Aue:~ ....... ~sne possesses many zme ~rmzs o~ Sunday. !character that have endeared her to l'her many friends. Mr. C. C. Wiggins is visiting his The groom is the only son of Mr. brother-in-law Mr. Tolbert Youmans'and Mrs. W. R. Dickerson, Sr. He ~_ARLES BICKFORD Menda~ Show,--Mat.--4:00 here Mr. Wiggins and family lived is a graduate of the Homerville , ~venin~ 7 and 8 o'clock here a few years and moved away t High School, Riverside Military A- ~u~ - - - seven years ago to South Florida. He icademy and the Business College, in ~ay and Wedne,day Shows--- now lives in Jacksonville, Fla.. HisS: Douglas. His only sister is Mrs. John at. 4:00 o'clock--Evening 7:30 and 9 o'clock many friends are glad to see him a- Norman, of Homerville. He is a gain. young man of likable personality and " outstanding possibilities. Congratulations and good wishes for a long and happy wedded life !have been extended them from every side. Room for only $1.23 with my Zan-Z-Lac Quick Drying Enamel; and get a ~aew surface" finish that will outlast all ordinary paints. For my Zan-Z-Lae hi a quality product; made with the finest materials and mixed with all the skill my 40 years as a paint maker has taught me. THB H. B. DAVIS CO. Only That's all it co ts to give four breakfast room chair and a table a hard, mirror- like coat bf Davis Zan-Z-Lac Fiov on freely with. or lap math. You do lia expert.looking job q |ckly and easily. Washing not lnjm'e the mmoth, hs- trous zl0u. W. M. U. MET The Baptist W. M. U. met Monday afternoon at the home Of Mrs. Wyl- der Williams, with Mrs. J. R. Gay and Mrs. J. 11. Harris and Mrs. Williams as hostesses. Mrs. Poppell was in charge of the program, which was a study of' mis- sionary work in Japan.P "rogram Those taking part on were: Mrs: Metcalfe, Mrs. M. W. Lance, Mrs. K. S. Hughes, Mrs. B B. Harper, Mrs. H. C. Morgan and Mrs. C. J. King. After a brief business session, the hostesses served refreshments. There were twenty four ladies present. 7-LL On Easter Sunday, April 17, Miss Merl Gill of Edith and Mr. Donald Houston of Fargo were united in marriage in Homerville. Mrs. Pafford, Ordinary, performed the ceremony The bride is the daughter of Mr. snd MrS. Gill. She is a graduate of the Jasper High School, Jasper, Florida, class of 1936. The groom is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Houston. Mr. Houston has had some training in the mee~ianical field and expects to make that work his vocation. They now reside at the Griffis Fishing camp where they will be glad; to receive their friends CITATION I GEORGIA, CLIMCH COUNTY: M. J Guest, Jr., Administrator of I the estate of M. J. Guest, Sr., de- ceased, having applied to me in proper form for leave to sell the real estate of said d~ceased, for the @urpose of paying the debts and distribution a- mong the heirs. Notice is given that I will pass upon same at June Term, 1938 of this Court. This May 2nd, 1938. KATE C. PAFFORD, Ordinary gms-Z-Lac ,aamel come mmny neight, sparkling col- ready use as it comes from the can. used on id or new surfaces and will not old fiai hu. HOmerville Hardware & Furniture Company Homerviile, Gt rgia / Q wrong duck !" i . All too often, Beer is just the decoy.. .:. yet, all too often, Beer gets blame! Beer is an honest drink.., mild, whole- some, re/reshing. "There is nothing more promising to combat the evil of too much alcohol than the opportunity of drir.bing good beer." And we brewers are with you 100% in every honest effort to improve condi- tions under which beer is sold. We a~e against sales to minors, or after legal hours; we are against use'of beer licer:ses as screens for selling illicit liquor or for operating illicit resorts. We offer our cooperation, .. and we invite yours f Existing laws can curb these evils... help us by demanding their strict enforce- ment. Restrict your owri patronage to legal, respectable retail outlets. Give preference, if you will, to prod- ucts advertised under the symbol of the Brewers Foundation, shown below. Do these three things ... and you will see results. UNITED BREWERS INDUSTRIAL FOUNDATION 21 East 40th Street New York, N. Y. Correspondence is invited from groups and in- dividuals everywhere who are interested in ttw brewing industry and its social responsibilities.