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The Clinch County News
Homerville, Georgia
May 20, 1938     The Clinch County News
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May 20, 1938

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Page 2. '*THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Friday, May 20, The following is a list of Qualified Voters of Clinch County as prepared this date. Please examine this list and if your name is not on the list and you have paid up all Poll Taxes as required by law, by May 8th, of this year and you can make that showing, we will mee~ here in Homerville, Tuesday, May 24, at 10:00 o'- clock A. M. and will be in ses- sion until 3:00 ~>'eloek P. M., to correct mistakes, provided there has been any made. A. J. GIBBS, Tax-Collector A. L. SIRMANS, Registrar J. I. BRUCE, Registrar S. D. TOMLINSON, Registrar 970 !~ ! STRICT---MA~GNOLIA Crews, Simon Crews, 1~'~. Simon Griffis, Berry, L. Griffis, Mrs. Suler Griffis, Berry L. Jr. Grif.fis, S. L. May, M~: J. M. McLean, A. McLean, J. L. Musgrove, W. L. Register, Gus Stalvey, Mathew Stalvey, Mrs. Math Stalvey, James Stalvey, Mrs. James Stalvey, W. B. Stalvey, Mathew D. Stalvey, J. F. Stalvey, Mrs. J. F. Stalvey, Harold Williams, Fred 1061 DISTRICT---COGDELL Barber, S. J. Barber, Mrs. S. J. Barber, Miss Flonnie Blackledge, Fred E. Blackledge, Mrs. Fred E. Brown, F. D. Brown, Mrs. F. D. Fender, Tim Fender, Mrs. Tim Herrin, Vern L. Herrin, Hoke Joiner, A. J. Merritt, J. A. Sr. McCranie, T. L. MeCi'anie, Mrs. T. L. Newton, J. Gordon Newton, Mrs. J. Gordon Newton, Clarence S. Newton, Mrs. C. S. Ray, John Ray, Mrs. John Robinson, Marvin Robinson, Mrs. Marvin Sanders, Mrs. A. Leslie Sessoms, Alex K. Sessoms, Mrs. Edna S. Sessoms, Alex Jr. Sessoms, Miss Martha Spells, H. B. Spivey, Mrs. Nunnie Tanner, James 1141 DISTRICT-- WlREGRASS Chancey, Martin Chancey, W. H. Chauncey, Lloyd C. Futch, Robert M. Futch, Mrs. R. M. Futch, Bryant F. Futch, J. M. Griffis, Arthur Griffis, L. C. Griffis, Mrs. L.C. , Griffis A. B. Griffis, Mrs. A. B. Howling Serena James, J. Arlen james, Mrs. J. A. Jordan, H. W. Morgan, Timothy H. Morgan, E. S. Morgan, Mrs. E. S. Pittman, Mrs. W. M. Pittman, W. M. Riheron, Troy Riheron, John J. Steedley, John Willoughby, Ben T. Willougby, Mrs. W. W. lZl9 DISTRICTmFAJ~GO Allen, Norman Allen, Mrs. N. Allen, Emer~ All, n,, Mrs. Bell Beasley, J. E. Burnett, H. J. Cameron, J. M. Cameron, Mrs. J. M. Cameron, Chester M. Car~r L. Carver, Mrs. I~ Chapman, Lawrence N. Chapman, Mrs. Lawrence Clark, J. N. C. Clark, Edna E. Cone, Geo. H. Cone,)Mrs. Geo. H. Crawford, J. B. ! Dau~harty, J. I F. Daugharty, Mrs. J. F. Daugharty, I. Daugharty, Mrs. I. Daugharty, G. R. Daugharty, Mrs. Ray Eyans, ]~awr~nce Evans, ~frs.Lawrence Ellingt@n, R. H. Farmer, Dr. L. P. Fari~er, Mrs. L. P. Mrs. Nancy Mrs. A. L E, L. ' Grifi%, Mrs. Lem Griffis, Mrs. Minnie GrlffRb, C. F. Griffith, Mrs. C. F. Hagan, Deanard F. Hagan, Mrs. Micola Hall, J. F. Hall, Mrs. J. F. Hall, Ed. Herrington, Mrs. Minnie 01a Hill, E. E. Houston, H. H. Houston, Guy Houston, Donald C. Hughston, T. L. Hughes, W. G. Hughes, Warren Hutchinson, Elzie Leo Inman, Miss Bessie Jackson, A. D. Jackson, Mrs. A. D. Jackson, Jesse Jordan, J. J. Lanier, J. A. Langdale, J. J. Langdale, Mrs. J. J. Lanier, Mrs. J. A. Leviton, B. Leviton, Mrs. Bell Leviton, Miss Roma Leviton, James B. Leviton, Mrs. J. B. Lofton, John Lofton, Mrs. John May, T. R. Meats, B. F. McCrary, H. D. MeCrary, Mrs. H. D. Minshew, L. L. Mobley, W. H. Jr. Mobley, Mrs. W. H. Mullis, J. S. Mullis, _H. F. Murphy, A. A. Murphy, Mrs. A. A. Ottemier, W. M. Oettmier, Mrs. W. M. Pope, Lucile Petty, Zimmie Rives, W. H. Rives, Polly Ann Rives, Johnnie Rives, O. J. Rives, Mrs. O. J. Sheffield, J. C. Sheffield, Mrs. J. C. Sirmans, A. L. Sirmans, Mrs. A. L. Simpson, W. T. Snead, F. G. Spivey, J. R. Spivey, Mrs. J. R. Steedley, Frank Strickland, Lester Swearingen, N. J. Swearingen, J. D. Swearingen, Mrs. J. D. Swearingen, Catherine Swearingen, Mrs. Sarah Ann Thrift, G. M. Watts, J. M. Sr. Watts, Mrs. J. M. St. Watts, J. M. Jr. Watts, Mrs. J. M. Jr. Wetherlngton, J. L. Whittington, Jeff Williams, R. W. Willis, Mrs. J. D. Willis, J. D. McCarry, L. C., (Colored) 1224 DISTRICT HOMERVILLE-- Avriett, E. K. Avriett, Mrs. E. K. Barlow, L. S. Barlow, Mrs. L S. t~ Barlow, Tom W. Barlow, Mrs. T. W. Barnes, D. F. Barnes, Mrs. D. F. BarnhiU, Mrs. J. F. Barnhill, A. L. Barnhill, Mrs. A. L Bass, Jesse J. Baxley, Orbitt Bemby, Herman Bennett, Harley C. Bennett, I. C. Bennett, Mrs. I. C. Bennett, Mrs. Dan Bennett, Sidney Blitch, Mrs. B. E. Sr. Bliteh, B. E. Jr. Blitch, Mrs. B. E. Jr. Blitch, C. H. Bliteh, Mrs. C. H. Bowen, C. C. Bowen, Mrs. C. C. Booth, Leonard Booth, Mrs. Inez Booth, Nicholas J. Booth, Mrs. N. J. Booth, Miss Jonnie Booth, Jesse Booth, W. L. Booth, Mrs. W. L. Booth, H. S. Booth, B. Franklin Booth, Styles Brigham, W. E. Brigham, Mrs. W. E. Brink, F. A. Brinklsy, C. H. Bronson, A. J. Bruce, ~. I. Bruce, Dr. F. M. Bruce, Mrs. F. M. Bruce, F. M. Jr. B~uce, Mrs. F. M. Jr. Bruce, Mrs. J. B. Bruce, J. B. Bruce, Ruben O. Bruce, Mrs. R. O. Cason. J. H. Capps, A. C. Capps, Mrs. A. C. Capps, Herman C. Ca rsweli, A. N. Chancey, A. C. Chancey, Jerl:y M. Chambers, T. C. Chambers, Mrs. T. C. Chatman, L. N. Christopher, R. E. Christopher, H. J. Christopher, Mrs. H. J. Christopher, Cecil Collins, J. Sanders Collins Mrs. J. S. Colwell. Mrs. J. G. Corbitt I. W. Corbitt Mrs. I. W. Corbitt R. O. Corbitt Mrs. R. Oden Corbitt J. D. Corbitt Mrs. J. R. Corbitt J. Riley Corbitt J. Edwin Corbitt Mrs. N. E. Cornelius, Mrs. J. B. Cowart, Charlie Cowart, Grady Cowart, K. C, Cowart, Mrs. K. C. Cowart, L. L. Cowart, Mrs. L. L. Cranor, Mrs. Margaret Crews, H. E. Crews, Mrs. H. E. Culpepper, Mrs. A. H. Dame, J. T. Dame, Mrs. Emma B. Dame, Geo. M. Dame, J. T. Jr. Dame, Mrs. Mabel B. Davis, A. J. Davis, Vernita Danforth, W. T. Dean, ;I. C. Dean, F. B. Dean, O. E. Dedge, J. W. Dedge, Mrs. J. W. DeLoach, C. F. DeLoach, Mrs. C. F. Delk, J. E. Delk, G. C. Delk, W~ H. Delk, Mrs. W. H. Delk, Mrs. T. E. Dill, A. S. Dill Mrs. A, S. Dickerson, Mrs. Chandler Dickerson, Frank M. Dickerson, Carey Dickerson, Mrs. W. C. Dickerson, W. R. Sr. Dickerson, Mrs. W. R. Dickerson Dickerson Dickerson Dickerson Dickerson Dickerson Diekerson Dickerson Diekerson W. R. Jr. Mrs. Sallie Mytrice James B. Mrs. J. B. Mrs. H. B. Mrs. W. T. J.W. Mrs. J. W. Douglas, Bruce Douglas~ Mrs. Bruce Douglas, P. L. Drawdy, Mrs. S. L. Dukes, Sam. Eatman, Mrs. A. V. Carman, A. V. Eatman, Francis C. Ecord, Mrs. E. L. Edwards, Lillie English, Olney D. Eunice, W. V. Exley, W. H. Exley, Mrs. W. H. Farr, Miss Dorothy A. Fender, J. O. Fender, Mrs. J. O. Fender, J. Edd Fender, Mrs. J. Edd Fender, Delvin Ferdon, J. H. Ferdon, Mrs. J. H. Findley, S. A. Findley, Mrs. S. A. Fletcher, Willie Mac Floyd, Mrs. T. L. Foreman, Butler H. Foreman, Frank Freeman, O. O. Futch, R. P. Futch, J. L. Futch, Delia Fulwood, W. W. Sr. Fulwood, Mrs. L. B. Garwood, Mrs. W. W. Geiger, Mrs. Velie Gibbs, A. J. Gibbs, Mrs. A. J. Gibbs, G. A. Gibbs, Mrs. G. A. Gibbs, Villis F. Gibson, Frank M. Gibson, Mrs. Frank M. Gillican, Charles Gillican, M~s. Charles Glasgow, Mrs. Evelyn Glasgow, Mrs. Annie Godwin, James I. Godwin, Mrs. James I. Godwin, D. J. Godwin, Miss Ruby Godwin Godwin Godwin Godwin Godwin Greene Griffis Griffis Griffis Griffis Griffis Griffis Griffis Griffis Albert Mrs. Albert W. S. Mrs. W. S. David M. Bruce B. Sam B. W. J. Mrs. W. J. Francis M. Rich J. A. R.J. Mrs. R. J. Griffin, Harry J. Griffin, Mrs. Gunter, DennisI~ J" Gunter, O. J. Gunter, Mrs. Mamie Hall, Lucretia Hall, A. A. Hannah, Robert D. Hargraves, Mrs. A. Harper, W. E. Harper, B. A. Harper, M. G. Harper, Hp r ry H. Harrell, l ar m'dre Harris, John It, Harris, Mrs. John R. Hendrix, Leland Herrin, Levi Herrin, Mrs. Ben G. Highsmith, Mrs. James Holton, J. N. F. Holton, Mrs. J. N. F. Holton, Dessie Howell, W. A. Howell, Mrs. W. A. Hughes, K. S. Hughes, Mrs. K. S. Hughes, Mrs. Jno. F. Hughs, G. C. Sr. Hughes, Mrs. G. ~. Sr. Hughes, G. C. Jr. Hughes, Mrs. G. C. Jr. Hunter, W. H. Hunter, Mrs. W. H. Hunter, Mrs. J. I~ Huey, H. G. Huey, Mrs. H. G. Huey, Janie Ruth Huxford~ Mrs. C. Huxford, Folks Huxford, Mrs. Orie Huxford, Iverson Hodges, James Clinton Irwin, W. A. Irwin, Mrs. W. A. James, J. W. James, Mrs. J. W. James, Zelda Lee James, Edwin James, Mrs S.. E. James, Brown A. James, Mrs. Brown James, Hubert James, Leon James, Caroway James, Mrs. Caroway James, Iva Lee James, W. M. James, Mrs. W. M. James, A. H. Jernigan, Fred W. Jernigan, Mrs. Fred W. Johnson, Herman M. Johnson, Mrs. Herman M. Johnson, W. A. Johnson, Mrs..W A. Johnson, Neri Jolly, W. L Jolly, Mrs. W. L. Jolly, Mrs. H. M. Jolly, Mrs. C. H. Jones, L. A. Jordan, James R. Keels, T. C. Keels, Mrs. T. C. Kight, W. L. Kight, Mrs. W. L. Kight, Mrs. W. M. Kight, Norman Kight, Judson Kirkland, D. E. Kirkland, Mrs. D. E. Kirkland, Mrs. J. S. Kirkland, E. S. King, C. J. King, Mrs. C. J. Lance, M. W. Lance, Mrs. M. W. Lang, E. H. Lanier, J. A. Lee, Alex Lee, Mrs. Alex Lee, Mrs. W. F. Lee, W. F. Lee, P. R. Lee, Mrs. P. R. Lockliear, U. J. Lockliear, I. I, Lowder, R. Lupo, Mrs. D. M. May, win. w. Jr. Maine, Kenneth Maine, J. S. Mathis, Mrs. Josephine Mathews, M. B. Mathews# Mrs. M. B. McCa~, W. J. McGlashen, Sam C. McLaughlin, Mrs. R. M. MeLaughlin, R. M. Jr. McLaughlin, Mrs. P~ M. Jr. McConnell, W. S. McConnell, Mrs. W. S. McGouirk, It. G. McNatt, Arthur McQueen, Mrs. O. I, McQueen, O. I~ McQuaig, B. McQuaig, Mrs. B. Metcalfe, A. B. Metcalfe, Mrs. A. B. Mitchell, T. D. Mitchell, Mrs. T. D. Mizell, Rowan,, Montgomery, M. E. Montgomery, Mrs. M. E. Morrell, Harvey Morgan, Henry C. Morgan, Mrs. H. C. Morgan, H. R. Morgan, Mrs. H. R. Morgan, Mrs. Granville Morris, Mrs. B. G. Morris, R. M. Morris, Alice Moore, Mrs. Miza Musgrove, W. V. Musgrove, Mrs. W. V. Musgrove~ C. Downing Musgrove, H. S. Musgrov% L. B. Musgrove, Mrs. L. B. Musgrove) W. D. Musgrove, Mrs. W. D. Nails, M. C. Nails, Mrs. M. C. Norman, John F. Norman, Mrs. John F. O'Quinn, B. C. O'Quinn, Mrs. B. C. O'Quinn, E. D. Pafford, Kate C. Pafford, L. H. Pafford, Mrs. L. H. Pafford, R. A. Pafford, H. Keith Pafford, G.C. ~, Patterson,, ~ C Patterson, Mrs. ~ C., Peagler, H. M. Peagler, Lula Dame Peagler,. Geo. D. Peagler, Mrs. Geo. D, Peagler, Mrs. W. K. Peagier, Willie K. Peagler, Mrs. H. J. Pitts, Micajah Pitts, Mrs. Micajah Pittman, J. R. Pittman, Mrs. J. R. Pope, J. R. Pope, Mrs. J. R. Poppell, James F. Poppell, Mrs. J. F. Poppell, Jas. M. Rampey, W. C. Rampey, Mrs. W. C. Ray, C. M. Rawls, J. A. Register, Mrs. E. B. Register, E. B. Jr. Register, Mrs.E.B. Jr. Register, Mrs. Carrie Register, Walter M. ~egister, A. O. eid, ,R. Rewis, J.- L. Rives, R. L. Rives, Mrs. R. L. Riggins, J. T. Riggins, Mrs. J. T. Jewell, Geo. W. Roberts, Tharpe Roberts, Mrs. Tharpe Roberts, Elias I~ Roberts, M. S. Roberts, Mrs. M. S. Ross, Elizabeth Sanders, Miss Will Nell Sedgwick, Nancy Shaw, LeRoy Shaw, Mrs. LeRoy Shell, John S. Shell, Mrs. John S. Shinholster, J. A. Sirmans, L. D. Sirmans, Mrs. L. D. Sirmans, James Smith, Oswald Smith, Ezekiel J. Smith, Mrs. E. J. Smith, T. R. Smith, Mrs. T. R. Smith, Mrs. James Smith, Samuel A. Smith, Mrs. Samuel A. Smith, Harold Smith, Frank M. Smith, Neal G. Smith, B. F. Smith, Mrs. B. F. Smith, Willie % Smith, Warren Smith, Mrs. Warren Smith, Leonard Smith, Mrs. Leonard Smith, E. H. Smith, J. K. Smith, Mrs. J. K. Smith, C. A. Smith, Mrs. C. A. Smith, Seward M. Smith, Miss Susie Smith, J. B. Smith, Mrs. J. B. Smith, A. John Smith, A. C. Smith, Mrs. A. C. Smith, Richard E. Smith, Mrs. Richard E. Smith, W. F. Smith, Mrs. W. F. Smith, Mrs. A. P. Smith, Dewey Smith, A. B. Smith, R. G. Smith, Eustaee Smith, L. J. Smith, Mrs. L. J. Smith, Lonnie A. Smith, Mrs. Arch H. Smith, Cecil R. Smith, A. R. Snelgrove, W. F. Snelgrove, Mrs. W. F. Spells, D. T. Spells, W. F. Spells, Mrs. W. F. Stalvey, Wiley S. Stalvey, Mrs. W. S. Stalvey, Allen N. Stanfield, Walter Stevens, R. T. Stevens, Mrs. R. T. Stewart, J. A. Strickland Strickland Strickland Strickland S~.ickland Strickland Strickland Strickland Strickland Studebaker Studebaker L. C. Mrs. L. C. J.W. Mrs. J. W. Jas. L. Mrs. Jas. L. Mrs. W. L. W. L. W.T. Mrs. Dossie Charlie Swearingin, C. H. Swearingin, Mrs. C. H. Swearingin, F. J. Swearingin, Mrs. May Sweat S. A. Sweat, Mrs. S. A. Sweat, t{. W. Talley, O, E. Taylor, J~e W.. Taylor, Mrs. Joe W. Taylor, H. E. Thigpen, It. E. Thigpen, Mrs. R. E. Thomas, R. A. Thomas, Johnnie Thomas, David Thomas, Mrs. Uave Thomas, B. F. Thomas, H. G. Thomas, Jessie Thomas, Mrs. Jeasie Tomltrmon, S. D. Tomlinson, Mrs. S. D. Tomlinson, Mrs. Arlia Touehton A. H. Trowell, B, EL Tullis, W. L. Turner, J. H. Turner, Mrs. J. H. Turner, Mrs. J. F. Tyson, Roy L. Ward, Mrs. L. W. Ward, Mrs. Martha C. Walker, L. W. Walker, Mrs. L. W. Walton, Mrs. T. E. Walton, W. B. Walton, Mrs. W. B. Welch, H. J. Wheeler, A. E. Wheeler, Mrs. A. E. Wheeler, W. Earl Wheeler, Elizabeth White, P. P. Williams, N. C. Williams, Mrs. H. ~W. Williams, Mrs. Mary Ann Williams, M. M. Williams, Lucile Willingham, G. C. Wilson, Mrs. R. E. Wilson, Miss Virginia Wooten, W. H. Wooten, W. Carl Wooten, Mrs. W. C. 1224 District Colored Voters Bryant, A. L. Braddy, Henry Brown, Bob Brown, Myers Cooper, Will G. Frazier, Jordan Gaskins, Charlie Green, Leonard Hall, Sylvester McKinley, Warren McCutcheon, S. D. NeSmith, Janie Ne~mith, J. S. Plant, A. D. Presley, Mariah Reddick, Silas " Rose, Robert Washington, Mrs. J. W. B. Wilson,, John W. 1280 DISTRICT---DuPONT Allison, Geo. W. Allison, Mrs. G. W. Allison, R. J. Allison, Mrs. R. J. Bullard, F. B. Bachlor, Mrs. Bessie Barber, D. D. Barber, Mrs. Ida Bass, L. A. Cameron, Olin N. Cameron, Mrs. Marion Coon, Robert M. Coon, Mrs. R. M. Coon, Mrs. J. B. Coram, B. W. Coram, Mrs. B. W. Cox, Mrs. E. M. Dame, W. W. Dame, Mrs. W. W. Dame, Frank E. Dame, Mrs. Frank E. Dampier, L. R. Dickerson, Alvin Dickerson, Mrs. Alvin Dickerson, Edwin D. Dickerson, I. D. Dickerson, Mrs. Ella Fiveash, Mrs. D. D. Futch, J. I-L Futch, Mrs. J. H. Griner, G. C. Herndon, C. H. Herndon, Mrs. C. H. Huggins, Miss Mamie Hughes, M. (~. Hughes, Mrs. M. tG. Hughes, Hoke S. Hughes, Mrs. Hoke S. Hughes, Austin J. Hughes, Matthew H. Hughes, Mrs. M. H. Hughes, Mrs. J. P. Johnson, J. T. Johnson, Mrs. J. T. Johnson, J. D. Jones, B. D. Jones, Mrs. B. D. Kirkland, J. Cuyler Kirkland, Mrs. J. C. Lee, R. E. Lee, Ettie Lee, Edward Lee, Lewis S. Lee, Mrs. Lewis S. Lee, J. G. Lee, Mrs. J. G. Lee, Mrs. C. C. Lee, Columbus C. Lee, Frank N. Lee, Mrs. Frank N. Lee, Grover B. Lee, Mrs. G. B. Lee, N. J. Lee, Mrs. N. J. Lee, A. D. Mathis, Mrs. D. P. Mathis, D. P. MeLamb, Charles M. McLamb, Mrs. C. M. McLamb, Willie McLamb, James H. Mikell, C. Z. Mobley, J. A. Mobley, W. L. Mobley,= Mrs. W. I~ Morgan, C. I~ Mosley, Sam C. Mosley, Mrs..Sam C. Mosley, Mary Alice Moody, ~. L. Newbern, S. B. North, Mrs. Charles H. Passmore, Mrs. J. B. Perry, Geo. S. .Perry, Mrs. Addie Pdtty, C. P. Petty, Mrs. C. P. Register, Eli G~ Register, Rudolph Register, Mrs. Rudolph Register, Woodroe Register, John M. Register, Glenn Register, J. J. Register, Mrs. J. J. Register, A. J. Register, Mrs. A. J. Register, Abraham Register, Mrs. Mary Rice, A. L. Rice, Curtis Rice, Mrs. Curtis Sirmans, R.G. Smith, William E. Smith, Mrs. Wads Smith, L. L. Smith, Mrs. Laurie I Smith, Josiah Stokes, Robert L. Taylor, Mrs. Lester Tomlinson, Mrs. M. Tomlinson, j. p. Williams, Walter Young, "~M. N. Young, Mrs. M. I~. 1280 District Colored Gordon, Mollie Henderson, William Sparkman, Eliza 1365 DISTRD Allen J. S. Allen, Mrs. Flonnie Allen, Mrs. Eddie Alien, Eddie Allen, Coston A. Allen, O. L. Allen, E. B. Allen, I~ J, Allen, Mrs. Fannie Bennett, J. J. Bennett, Mrs. J. J. Bennett, J.A. Bennett, Mrs. J. A. Dedge, James A. Dodge, Bessie L. Hutchinson, Calvin Hutchinson, Mrs. Stone, J. L. Stone, Anna Tomlinson, J. F. 1389 Di: Bennett, Dell Bennett, Mrs. Dell Bennett, W. G. Booth, Ben F. Booth, Mrs. Ben F. Booth, Ray Booth, Henry Booth, B. E. Cason, John Cason, Lod M. Ooggins~ C. G. Coggins, Floyd Cornelius, Mrs. F. Davis, W. L. Davis, Eli W. Davis, I. A. Davis, James L. Ellis, J. H. Evans, Barney Evans, Mrs. Barns Evans, J. M. Evans, Mrs. J. M. Evans, B. F. St. Evans, B. F. Jr. Griffis, Seward S. Hinson, Wiley H. Hinson, L. H. Hinson, Mrs. L. H. Hinson, Lucile Hinson, B. F. Hinson, Mrs. B. F. Hinson, W. I. Hinson, Mrs. W. I. Hinson, Layton Hinson, Gwendolyn Hinson, Revis Hinson, Jesse R. Hinson, Mrs. Jesse Hinson, L. C. Hinson, Mrs. L. C. James, W. H. James, Mrs. W. H. James, Addie Bell James, Robert G. James, Beatrice James, Joe James, J. T. James, W. E. James, Mrs. W. James, R. C. James, Mrs. R. James, L. I. James, Mrs. L. I. James, R. L. James, Mrs. R. L. James, Lewis Kaney, Ralph G. Kaney, Mrs. Ralph Kight, Barney Kight, Mrs. Addie Levett, H. C. Lovett, Mrs. H. C~. Mattox, Lee A. Mattox, Mrs. Lee Pickern, T. L. Pickern, Mrs. T. ~. Pittman, Katie Ptttman, Crawley Smith, Clyde. Smith, Eugene Smith, Mrs. Smith, Carrol Smith, Math Smith, J. E. Smith, Mrs. J. E. Smith, W. B. Smith, Lonnie Smith, Lonnie F. Smith, Euel Steedley, John Steedley, Jesse Steedley, Fred Steedley, Sam Taylor, C. H. Taylor, Ogiesby Terstone, J. M. Wallace, Mrs. J. Williams, H. Green, E. R., Barr, Henry, (Continued to