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May 20, 1938     The Clinch County News
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May 20, 1938

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Organ Clinch [io, Editorial And 8ocial News DEDICATED TO THE UPBUILDING AND ADVANCEMENT OF CLINCH COUNTY 43, Number 26. Homerville, Clinch County, Georgia, Friday, May 20, 1938. Established in 1894 REVlVAL AT S.ILO. i'" " """ CLINCH COUNTY FARMERS-- -- HEALTH-NOTES Pastor W. L Sweat is conductingLLlquor reuuon :Royal Arch Meeting RECEIVE CHECKSX a revival meeting at Shiloh Church.] Tsl~wlLa~ r~ .... ..-. * ! -- It began last night and will probab'yl Night County Agent R Z Smith reports! By DR. BRIN last until the l'a~ter part of next! -- i that the 1937 soil conservationI County Health Commi~ionor RICHA--'R-DD E. SMITH week. 'ORDINARY FINDS THAT OVER MANY VISITORS EXPECTED TO l~checks have arrived for distributionI ~_ Everybody has a cordial invitation 150 NAMES OF SIGNERS NO~" BE HERE FOR THE to farmers of Clinch, he urges they] County BoArd of He~.lth Meets Farmers To Plant to attend QUALIFIED OCCASION call for them at earliest conveniences -- Mr. Smith states he received 112A meeting of the Clinch County . Forest Trees ~ ." lr~/ _ " interestin-~fe~ture of the 1938 l xecutlve Doay A liquor petition signed by 300-I The proposed zone meeting of checks totalling more than $3,000.00~ Board of Health was called on May odd people was presented to the,Royal Arch Masons will be held next to be distributed to 112 farmers for' 14 hy Mr. J W. James, Chairman program is the very generousl ~[~-~-~er Tll~.]e, ffir!Ordinary, Mrs. Kate C1Paffor~, l~st Tuesday afternoon and night instead soil building practices carried out on!of the Board. Dr. H. G. Huey and L offerS- - lantin- ort Av$.~-~.,t~aa~ ~a~;~o~a~t,y iweek asking h~r to cal an elect[ n;of Monday as first scheduled. The their farms. Mrs. S. C. Patterson the other mem- . u zor p g [ { :ol forest trees on crop land, -- ..... [to legalize the sale of liquor in'change was necessitated by Conflict-t ..... hers were ~rese~0. l~egulations of Lg to DuP-~ umrett Geor'~aI Secretary Folks Huxxora of tne~Clinch county It ~had been knownling Masonic meetings, ilr%__~!_ _ff im 1 importance to the citizens of~ the Extension Service for-IClinch County Democratic Executive for some time that efforts were be-i Grand Secretary W. J. Penn of LJeam Ol Mr. ann county were adopted Committee, has called the committee ing made to get people to sign such Macon, will be present, also Districtt M~.~ ~mh~mbgo |Q't~l" Food Handler. Inspections-- pavmo,,~ ,^~ ~,~..t; ..... ere!to meet next Tuesday at 10 A. M., a petition LDeputy D. W. Waldon of Valdosta,I, Avaaoo ~.,,,,#vaa u =-Aa~taaL The members of the Health De- or oth~, ~tnble species'to adopt rules etc., for the primary Mrs. Pafford took the petltmn un- bes,des probably forty or fifty otherI partment were authorized to inspect ) with ~ .... an v'~ ...... nero ~_dnsi this year. The chairman, Mr. G. A. der conslderatlOn,o i~ being ...... her duty ws~tors. Chapters at Adel, Qu tma ,I Robert M. Jr., (or Bobble ) the all places where food or drinks are. ng ...... ~or trees set on crop lano Gibbs, being out of the county and under the law to ascertain if all the'i Valdosta, Wllla~oochee, Wayeross,,20.month old son of Mr. and Mrs. sold or offered for sale; to require nuarv 1 ~ -roy[deal these,the vice-chairman Mr. B. Sirmans signers are qualified voters and if and Woodbine are expected to havelR. M. Coon of Dupont, died Tues- steril/~zation l~y hea~ or suit~tble ts donut exceec(the maximum' being dead, the secretary was au-[35% of the total registered voters,several membersteachto be 21e;:sta i day afternoon in a Valdo:~llho~ij!chemical agent of all utensils used in ding allowance ~or the farm',!thorized to act. have signed it. After checkin~ offf Four candida es f om V , tal following an illness of c t's. iserving food or drinks; requiring Said - I It was learned here just yester- all names of persons who were not:two from Adel and two from here i funeral was held at the Dupont Bap-ithat suitable containers be provided vie-- " ........... ~,ida-- that the state committee had eli-~ble to sign it was found that 156 are expected to take the R. A. de-,tist Church Wednesday ~fternoon for the disposal of all refuse; requir- w o~ me fact ~nm; i~ wIui ~ . ~, . ~ ,. .... le farm~- ^--~- .*.^.~ ho~ ,~.adonted a new rule this year where-Inames had to be deducted, leaving grees, .other loca~ Masons desirlng conducted by Rev. John D. Paulk the ing all employees in such establish- ~,..L~ .....~"'.Y ~ .... ..... -~ib,. all count,, races for renresenta Ifar lea- than the required number, to do so should at once see Folks! astor assisted by Rev Folks Huxford.ments to submit to hysical exam ",~-~ rice or securing auu' m # ~ -, ~ ' , ~P P th^-- p .~i( ...... i tive must have their entrances tO,and accordingly Mrs Pafford enter-i Huxford, High Priest, or R M. of Homerville A large crowd of sor- [nation including a blood test and ~e ~rees ~nls pnase o~ ~n~ I I ..... m sho.-~ ~ ....... attractive t close same time with the state which]ed an order on the petition refusmg Coon, Secretary. i rowrng friends and relatives filled prohibltmg the employment in such lPkeen"~o~,t~e~,;v|~r~ low astis June 1st. Therefore the county to call the election. During the timeI The ladies of the Eastern Starlthe church iestablishments of any person found ~ed to ~h~'~o'~o~t for this!committee will not be able to wait un-!she was checking it over several peo- will serve a fire fish supper at theI Mr and Mrs Coon have the deep-Ito have an infectious disease in a e v-, ........ " eet as i hasI n re uested her to e-iWomans Club building at seveno'-I, " " communicable s'~a e and ~ snh~t~ntial cash nroflt tll June or July to mt ple came in a d q 'eat sympathy of many friends in the g he . been dora rase their names signing statements clock The meeting will begin at ~.~ ^~ .~^:_ __~.. _~..~ t . ... -- realizea th I g" _ i uc~. v~ ~.c~ vusy cm~u I oewa|o uasposa~-- .'es recomme:~:defor nlantingl This call is being broadcasted tolto the effect some said that they hadi~our o'clock P. M. and_continue an-I ~ The rule Was passed that no septic Inci~alh, h~ ,,;,o, white end'.the committee in the NEWS columns, not signed the petition nor had au- .tu a~out ten P. M. All local mere-! , tank or sewage disposal lent shah ks, ash ~,. .... ~ ~.;~b ..... dar land all members will take notice to lthorized anybody else to do so forlbers living In the county are expect-; Davis-Greene 1 be constructed in Clinch count, un- ' are~"b~acl~"locu;t, basswood', '. meet Tuesday morning at the eourt-lthem, and some saying they had mls-lea present. I til a permit for said constructi~Yn has t and mulberry. Specifications house. . ..... lunderstood the paper they s!.gneo. ~,~s~ ~ Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gordon Davis~been procured from the Clinch Coun- ",ring in the 1938-39 planting l Mr. A. L. Barnhlu cxeciued zo It is understood that. anotner pe: t Itv INatwe !of Sylvester, announce the engage-)tY Health Department. All such septic wi . announce fur re resentatlve thls,tlt]on is being or Will De clrcula~ U, J ........... I tanks and sewa e " " II likely be 1,000 trees per . P ....... i ....... ~ , , rq* linen, of melr uaugnter, vernlta g @lants must be or al and week His announcement is puolisned to get the eieczlon cauea ~ constructed in aeeor with s eclfl I except the longleaf, _....... " I LOSt m no,el rlre Elizabeth, to Bruce B. Greene, of l. " d " _ p ca- Pme on this age This o~xice is ~ne only s which may be set 6801 " P ". . . t ~ Homerville, formerly of Valdosta, tions of the State Health Depart- te wl rvlval local one to be filled tb~s year ~r ~ ment "th a 65 per cent su " ' ", the marriage to be solemnized June spee . I Barnhill is the only son of the late Negro Shoots Wa,en S MeLaughhn, 54, lost l " i " ies required ~ ---.- ~.:. ~:e^ -- ,~^ ,~..-~.~ ,v~..,,;.,o~ w, ~12th at The First Baptist Church. [ Summer Complaint--- i on farms~J F Barnhlll and Is a p omn nt ! s much land ! " " . . Wife,-' *; .... ~.;^h ...tto~ that huildin~,i t A number of children and adults ' r the count ' -'--- "" ~. ~'-~ ""~" ,~"~" " ~ ~" at least once since19301naval stores ope a~or of y. -'- --*~ ......... arl" hour Monde~' Of cordlalInterest to a host of~have been reported to have had at- totally unfit for grow g ~ [ .... ~ ......... friends and, relatives th oughout~tacks of bowel trouble. This is un- Badly H nrt liaan:~iiioA!ihli!l~?la~i~l~i~i ~f.uOrTerd~!s~e~tP:~Ji~l~ ~oi!___~ !i~It~ii!!t~an~i ~~.fb~t~Tiem/~chin~a~!de~uit i Highway o r a~ents and make ar- . I Jake Johnson one mile east of town ca~.. McLaughlin was a native ofLE~zabeth, to Bruce B. Greene, of ;g has bee~ noted that flies have o t^ h~ delivered l Miss Lois Dickerson, ~ine young t- " for tree ..... ..... tr ..... "~ ~-^in-- ~ son o* the late tiomerville, formerly of Valdosta. bee me ple ~tiful in al s~ ~tion of [daughter of Mrs tJ ti ~lcKerson, ~,.~v..~, ~ ~ ~ ' the county. They l~reed in filth and south of the railroad become lentlf " ' " left her p "ul in all sections of It is said that Ethel had o R M McLau hlin b his first marri ~ The marriage will be solemnized at the cou ty They l~r ed n filth nd P ~ a es Cro s'was seriously in~ured late Wcdnes-~pouse and was preparing to go t . g Y " " ' ....... n ....: " o~am Encour g P _ " - ........ " ....... ~- .....~;~ -..^+;.,~....,oo ~,'o Kate ~our o CLOCK In me a~ternoo , ~un- one o~ tne benezits from the construe- Fo,- as.- ~ ~-rm !day afternoon Wnlle ricing a nlcyelei-Waycross Speed Iollowed ner ~o ~r ~. ~..~ ,,,~ ............... .!_.- ~.___ ,,,u -, m~_ ~:--, ,~--,.'-, ti^- ~ O-n...__ _ .._. .. .... . v.~ ~..u ---- I " 1" ' " -- in"a Smith"MeLaughhn," daughter of Hun iany, du.e ~- ~ ~.e r.~ oaptm~ v. vx o~ ~ary pr]vles ]s par;;la! or s he will not on the Pearson highway n the north- brother s home and engaged " "~h h ~ lye "er with "r " B corn lete li -- who think t Y , ~ " o '~ urc , ~y s~ , l~. A. . p e min~a~on of flies. h t ~sJames C Smith The deceased h w tte c food and~ern town limits. Five of t e Statequarrel with her and shot her. I . _ . . . "I ~ .... ~^ of ~-m~-vP~- an~ D- E -- ""~" ............. d to produ e . I " " o ,m~,~, ~u ~ ,,~ u r. . ~ w~.x ~r~eneu n~me Is one o~ ~ne cr01~s ~oo~.~ ~.~. h~me consump~convlct trucks returning w~th mon lsaid she was shot in the back the ever had not lived nere since ~ec m-, ...... , ....... ~,:_..._ ~ ...................... - -,~-=- *~- "'- .- - , - ~ .- - - --~ :-- ^= --~ ~- .....~-~-~-~--o,~oster' u.. DasKlna, ol ~ylves~,er, oA1cla~lng oes~ measures VO comoa~ mese ill~n- ~nder tho ~o~ aAh nro~ram, lfrom ~ne cmy s worK,were passinglbullet going ~nrougn ner lung ann ,-g v~ u~=. ~.= w~ ,,,~.~ ..... .~ t ~v~o ~ot~ , th~ ~,~d~;,~, ;~ m,~ lovi~ inne~tn ained tho ......imnression, :and Miss Dmkerson thinking all had t~omlng almost through the body he- on the Southern l~auway,run g ~--~'- " ....... :n- '- ...... i" i- *h^ All foo~ s'" =*- '- ........ ..... w.~..~ r { ' .... " an UOU~JIy IHb~l'~il*l ~ Utl~l~litll~te 1~ 15 b ~ U LUllS snoulo De carezuuy n . E , cased when three went by rode back in~ near the skin She is in a cr~tical on Tram 7 between Atlanta d ...................... g to County Agent R. P - - - , --- - " - - ~,.---.--~--- -,- tr,~ m~int.;.oa .~wenty-nlntn weoumg anniversary oi guaraea ~rom pollu~lorl Dy ~lles. ]into the middle of the roan ann was!condition but physicians say sne nas mrmmgnam, ~o?el it~bei~'"vervac:lthe bride-elect's parents It is, also, Tainted food of every sort should be ~r tho ~a~ --o,-ram the a-,hit by the next truck which was somela chance to recover room az zne g Y " " .... h " h -e n o n - fo disearde" n" " - " -.- - ....P~ v ' ............. -" .... u-~^ ~-~, ............ ~--~-^~ cessib]e to the ~erminal Station and me date t at as ~ en a n u ced r a a a only the freshest pro- m, snoo;~l ~mDl~a i i nlaced aIstance oenlna ~ne x.-s~ ~,,-==. -,,~[ A~er snootmg her ~peca c.ec~=~ th....o.~.u.,..e tho h~;~o o]o~t,o o;o d,~ee. ~.~n~,~m~d M;n. o.a ^th^. luetl ate food and'colhslon wreczed ~ne bicycle an~ ~'ou~ Dogs put on ms ~racK, IOllOWe(] ~ ~ 'on of adequ ~ ..... '. ......... - .... I ter, Miss Helen Anne Davis to James slightly spoiled foods are dangerous o s eeds Each'caught her areas someway ana sne'him ~o Tnelma an~ over~ooK n]m. ~ ~ .... I s'e ..... ~es-eciall ......... ' Pfor home n , , . ,. .... . , , ...... . - ,--..e ,-,~,r~ D~ve'~e rnn ~ory, oi ~y ve ~ r. lne ~wo sisters p y ~or emlctren, ue~rlgera~ion ss " e letin acre- wasara~zgea a Clls~ance oeIore ~re IIe mace ~rlenos of some oI zne oogs r~zo ,.,..,..,~. -.-.--,-o ---..- , . . . ~. a total soll-d P g . . ...... ~ ~-~,T a-~,~z,~,w~ ~'A~'MWs will be married in separate ceremon- ,s an excellent measure for prevent- ,,~-~ wnlcn ~a~ ,-~ ~ - " ......... 1 ..a~x~ ,~. The first two cars .................... ~ ...... ~ *~--~--~ ..... ,- .... ~ .... u -~-,~-~ ,-- on _ and'avoid hitting her from Denln(l the , '--~d, and after tninKing it over, ~u~x~u~,~a.-- ..... " I hess soil-depleting food .... j peach to a ew'lOwIng'tne omer oPat:~tCdd cfr:;Ycam: ~:epro. t:y~k ~Wles:t i~:et l~rthes dltwCahs it On ..... :,]dngh; d::i:td ~Ohe~,lv: ::(~ ~:d ~foGet~g:aeasol~ aU oebSr g [r~n~.,to.re~' whM~:sfyt:~t ;as~OfTv:nye~:sms~?ilhl:s! ~ll a, ........within the another bicycle at the time and wi~- tk,~ news phoned in that he was ready,to $2 per bushel, cc rd g "~ bee,, en~a,ea as ,~rivat~ secretar,, ~l~ce mctea 'll-dep~eting :creage allotment ne~. the accident. . . .leedin !Ito surrender, por~s recelve~ nere. __ ito Dr. ~I~. ~."Huey: prominent phy-I ~,~,,~,~*,~ 'L.][A,~,,~ Used for fool] and feed crops~ riCKed up unconscious an~ ~. g~ ...... .- o ---. sician and business man of Homer-. ~vlo, o~su~t., I~;(:~U - - . , ' h~ ': * * l i ' e de let from many scratches and bruises t I not classified as soft- p - ~ ~-,,~b, Whllden DleS v~lle Since coming to Homerville,, -- h ..... met ..oun~- lad.. was talon home and Dr. ,..~.....~ffio vv=~.~...--..~..-v , ~ . ; . , ....... . ,~ .~..,.... .q .......... ~ eowneas soybeans, m-, , ~ ~ a ~ _ . i & P. 1111 ~ sne nas en(~eare(l nersell ~;o a wluel j. D. ~,~u~.~ u~t.r~r.v~ ~. ,~. detin- " ---~ as cotton,}Miss Dickerson is a teacher in the stores industry in any wage-h ~ - ........... : " " . .... . g crops s,c- ~- ," .... i: - ,-" , .... t~following a brief illness I on ner maternal slue, ~lss Davns~a~er commencing nis second term. ~leh an individual soil-deplet's.Argyle puollc scnool. ]!egIsl~::nt:=si~asfV~oe==u at Immediate survivors area daugh-!is the grand-daughter of Mrs. W. H.I The ]edge has been enjoying a ,~age allotment is estabhsh.ed. __ . _~ [me,p .....~-:-: : ...... -g~:-'-" ue I ghter, Mrs R J Bennett, Hahira;]Wingate and the late Mr. Wingate verv substantial growth for two years, ,lUst nities ~or ~ne vm wm~. ~ ~uw pe.u,.~ ~ - " " . . - .. . _ rate the opportu ~/~ ttF ~ev. _ ...........~ ........... :,..... ~and the following sons-E B Whlldenl of Doerun. Her mother, the former its membership' having increased yg food and feed crops w~th-,, w.~ w., w~ ~ )-~re~+~r~o w~rkers ....;~,~t,rallSt. Augustine; L. M. Whilden, New-, Miss Lllhe Wlngate, was .the .grand-fifty per cent during that time. .P.rov.lsiens of the program, t neIL~. r. balaree!='~ tT; he desire o -the'L; ocihion berry, Fla, H F Whilden, Kings- : daughter o~ the ~ate ~onn wesley1 The new Master has been a Wor- ~ed am le a small , -u , Win a~e wno moved ~o worm ~oun as an ex P .i ~'~" ~ this ~rovision include~ in theiland, G. W. Whilden, Lake City; G.I " g , _ . . "tshippful Master before but not here, s farm with 50 acres o~ ~ ..... ~ - I n wi n 't from ~outh Carolina, ana was~ ......... on allot-tThe deathof Mr.D. F. BaldreebillThe bill enacted by theSenate;L.Whllden,Bru s ck,a d H. L.!Y ..... nth e-rl- ~-sine-s and He served as such at Boston, Ga., be- ssumln ~ne ~u~ I , an romlnen~ ~ e a y vu :';" g ........ ' ooil of Monroe,Va., occurredTuesday ~, does so classify naval stores workers, lWhil~en, StocKton. Numerous gr d-]P ................... u ..... ifore leaving there ten years ago. He -o acres ana ~.e ~u~, o , rell 1OUS (;;leVl~lU l[l~:~[lb 0 b|lT~,b g~E cnuuren and a large samny connec g p ha ee s ~ ......... res this in a Lv~chb(ur~ hospital foltowfng, Members of the Association are i.. "i .......~-:~ ^~^~* :~ *~- .... *'t s b n crying as Senior Steward ~,~-o~men~ls ~o ~_ ~'-~r 'an illness of several days of a stomach '~ fearful~ that enactment of the billftin, also survive. . . lun'.~e ~ .... ~'~ ~_:~ ~"~. ~, here prior to his election last week. u nave z~ acres ~or ~-~ -+ .. . .~ . .._. ~ ,~ ..... ) ...... :~^r^~ ~ ~_ i-, ..... L Funeral services, arrangements ~or grana-aaugn~er ol r~enjamm ~vey, ol, eD]ot;.~.. ~.~ ~d;~e ence allmenTL r~e was ~urma a~ mvm w. ,now being consiu~ ~o my ~ne n ou~/ ... . . . ~. _ .._ ' D~_~^~..~. co,,.tTM. T~ ~b~i~ ~lect,~~ _ _ _ ....... ~ ~.~.~ ...er . I ~-,. - - ,- ! ,- ~^ - -erious blow "^ *;-^:- i-- wnicn are in cnargeoI~arson~v,c-!~,,u.,,~,,, "-" ~. ,'~ ' "'~ o ~ ~ m to . " in ,ahot-A natlve of ~;ilncn counI~y ne was woula v~ ~ ~ w ~,,v,r --, ....... -- .... tel s~oil-deplet g .I ......... i ........ n-~al .......... ~- ,Lane, were to be held this afternoon'paternal gran~-parents are Ivlrs. Vlc- cnoo1 lrustees 1 the llotment and a son of the late W lvl ana t~amer- aus~ry anu ~ur. ~ ~u ~ ~s H~ ~v~.-l ............. .__:_ ~_ ...~ __~ ,u ..... ,,.. ,, .... cotton a ) " " . . ~ - -, .......o - ,,'at 4 o'clocz in ~ne ~t0cK~;on uap~is~'~orm uav,~ a.a ~.e 'm~e mr. moorex '~ . I ~'~ m / for not classified as lne (Lee) Baldree and was in tne~lngton Ior ~ne purpose o~ aoIng a-~ ' crops "" " .......... t" ..... e^ that naval stor^- o" (church and interment was to be intDavis, of Sylvester. She Is a descend-! a~|ecte~ aturaay ~letl nce between mlnls~r oi me ~nurcn o~ tio~ sev pOSSlDte ~u ~ ~ ~s p r "ng (differe " Y "i - " "]the Stockton cemetery by the side'ant of the late Darling Davis, of, la , oil-de let-'eral years servin in 1935 as pastorterators are exemp~ ~rom any wage-i ...... .... ) .......... P nd and total s P g n WhO ale about ~4 ~narles~on, ~ ~, and the rayne ~_ I ................. ~^-^- :--'~- - ~:" which me,, be ~assed I OZ ner nus~a d " a , _ ) In a school district election held :msnt) ~at nomervlue, r~ow~ver ~u.uwmgt.our m- _ ,~. v --. - ~ ......... ifamil~ of Schley County Her sisters~-~-^ ~^-~ ~+,.~.. ~a ..... w ofthe 25 acres available for' his second marriage two years ago . The length o.f s stay In wash-i Mrs. Whilden was a daughter of~are Miss Agnes Davis, Miss Helen lspells' C. $. King and Kenneth S. ~Oil de-pleting crops could be he ga~re up his credentials as an or-!lngton is uncertaln.---vamosm Times] the Rev and Mrs. R. S. Harvey. Her l Davis, and Miss Lillian Davis, oftHu~hes were elected trustees The c~rn nd m" areas where~dained minister but continued active ' " n " er Ba ' S lvester Her brothers are Mr a ........... I ...... ~.t,,~ ~wu ~.r~... I father was o e of the plone P-( Y -I first two will succeed Mr. W. C. ropnin~, l* rmssible, the rest. in churcn work. AOOU~ tne same ~me[ ~.. A. ~m,.r, o ...-:, .*.v~r. ),'~. -.:-=~ .... +~.; .... +; .... ~ o~,e~ Willie H Davis Svlvester, and Mr ~ .......... ~ ,~- ~, ,~ w ..... ,,,h,,o~ r ~ -- ~- - . i. ....... -- . . 1 .. ,~,...... A .q,-.ith T'Q ~ll~lt'~l~11~ltll~ll llililli~llitl~lD i~ll lll1~ t~l~b&IJll illl%'i Oil I " ' I# "]~O0~[| ilii]U ~1" ~* ~" IAl~l~J vvs~t'u"~ ;se""~?;:t ~~!;ii::!~~i: )Iplete" ', m~sti" " ~~is:iii!~s ~~/!! ! ~2~P~:ile~ldl; i ~iilt]ine of groceries includin;' " " ", " ". " " " "ooth o ' " " d to ome exten "n I i ........... I --Valdosta Timea, is the Iormer miss tuecn B , fllecti n were as follows: theon The R iresrl wegetaDles and Irults, and al Southern regi . l LICENSED TO F EACH ! ...... "i ]Clinch county, and has a wide family] To succeed Huev and Wooten of p the l Is dry gooas tie says ne Is very . ero land in excess of , " - " .... !GEORGIA EXPORTS I connection here On his paternal] ~v~t~ ~-r tw~ : ~l-de allot-[ minent', pleased with the Dusiness ne nas been / " " " ....... " pletinff acreage Do]phus. P. Smlth, pro I..~,~-.._ l FIRST GEORGIA PEACHES rode, the bridegroom elect is descend i W.F. Spells ............................ 115 idreb:fr::eday~" P~d~rcel:u~'!a~w~nn~w~:n~li/tY:~!Miy/eYs;Mtu~a/fi~ - --'~"--~1 March expor~m the Georgia!;!~Timo!~i~d~Tsa~:~Gdl::jndG6eaHnit ~ JC K~?~o~n'":::::::'::::::::::::::..111 ' , alfalfa. J , " d P Y I~ .... ~|, customs district were valued at $1,- b ( M: V~. Lance ......................... . 26 "---- Bethel Baptist Church at its last TO OUR READERS .... I " II ii 582,498 as comnared with February Mr. Edgar Greene, Valdosta, and his To succeed Gill[can: L~LAGs FOR SCHOOLS ]church meeting Sunday, May 8. )il _ _ ][',figures of $882",638. isister is Miss Hildl Van Greene of, K. S. Hughes ........................ 12~ I Mr Smith is a son of the late- You will observe this week an , , " " |l " " . ~1[, Imports for March 1938 dropped,Valdosta. [ Isham C Bennett .................. 2| I~A GPS Under a new Dlxion Smith and w!th his wife andinsert of four pages of ready- 't ~ , ,- " ,. . ' ' " " _ --( ) ] ..... II II o Sl,087.791 as eomnared w~th $1--' Mr. Greene graduated~ from the, The full term is for three years In : State Board of Educationt two children hoe with his widowed II prmted matter, concerning Hughli~192,923 last year. Valdosta High Schood and the Geor-]each instance. The other two trustees ti state fla~ mt~st be dis-~mother Mrs.'~ella Smth. He has been |1 Howell, candidate for Governor. l[! Amon~ the leadin~ exhorted artic-!gia-Florida Business College, and hi-!whose terms have not exnired are well as the United Stateslevineing what his brethren termed a ]1 This is paid politic_hi matter andl~'les from-Georgia were ~?extile fibers tended Emory University, later re-[Messrs. T. C. Chambers and C. A, campuses of GeorgiaI divine call to the ministry, and [[ no expression therein is to be tak-l[ and manufactures, with a value of~ eeiving his I~ L. B. Degree from The[Smith. )ls, beginning next term.! preached, several tinges during, the if en,..ss, expressing our editriall~ $611,791, according to W. H. Atlanta Law School. 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