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April 4, 2018     The Clinch County News
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April 4, 2018

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Page 4 ~e ~.c,~ ~ounf~ ~'e~ve Wednesday, April 4, 2018 A community forum for viewpoints from around the world to your bado/ard USPS #118-140 113 E. Dame Avenue Homerville, Georgia 31634 Telephone: 912-487-5337 Published by AIR Publications, Inc. A.L "Len" Robbins, IIl Editor & Publisher Irobbins@theclinchcountynews.com Carolyn Burtchaell Business Manager carolyn65@windstream.net Laura Nipper . Production Manager Inipper@theclinchcountynews.com Established in 1894 and published every Wednesday. Entered at the Homerv/llc, Ga. Post Office as periodical rate, Permit NO. 118-140. Member of the Georgia Press Association and the National Newspaper Association. Subscription Rates: In CLinch County, $30 per year. Elsewhere, $38 per year. Single copy price is .93 cents. POSTMASTER: Address all correspon- dence to The Clinch County News, P.O. Box 377, Homervfll , GA 31634, or e-mail at clinne~dstream.net. Progress is what we will have when the world spends more for face powder than gunpowder. One of my small boys was watching his mother dress the baby when she snapped the last pin. He yelled, hold it, hold it you forgot to salt him! When a rich man gets in trouble he can holler for a lawyer, but all a poor man can do is holler. A lady says all married men should wear Something to indicate they are married as if a five year old suit and a black eye is not good enough. The farmer and the laborer are the backbone of our country. But some of our politicians are trying to become the jawbone of the nation. No wonder women live how long they are girls. longer than men. Just think of Truthly yours, LemGriffis Ow Idle k) Ibe editor are kfmded b be a free aml aim from :,ml mm durum to mmmmt on itmm of gm- eral m,Mk: .e you t. a beer t. m, b'pe it or ite lesi,prefer. Letlm are to edN, for tas and.mpaper of a pemml nature am l mraliy not accepiable, of iS:/candidaks are also not mepU during a anq: NI MIm mmt te.dgmd mmm Im cedain dire cinmnm/ances. Please klclude a da me pimne number and address, You can also e-mail usa letbr at din- ndstnmm.net, or visit our web/at wfw.llndineh- "If he wanfed something scary, why didn'# he , puf up a campaign sign?' Your GovernmentalRepresentatives David Perdue (11) - 202-224-3521 Johnny Isakson (R) - e-mail: johnny isakson@isakson.senate.gov U.S. Representative 1st Congressional District - Buddy Carter (R) - 202-225-5831 State Senate 8th District Ellis Black (R) - 229-251-0303(Ce11); e-mail - blackelns@bensouth.net State Representative 174th District John Corbett (1t) - john.corbett@house.ga.gev; 404.656.0287 - Office Clinch County Commission - 912-487-2667 I was at the urinal in a restaurant, which is where most of my stories start. That's when I heard a woman's voice coming from one of the nearby' stalls. A sudden surge of fear started at my toes and quickly shot up my spine to my mind, which was previously unoccupied. My thoughts started racing: Am I in the women's restroom? Again? Oh, how am I going to get out of this horrible predicament - albeit hilarious - without utter embarrassment? What'd I do last time? First things first, dummy. Get out of there. This all took a nanosecond - that's how quick I think and react whvLl l~t~vd with humiliation in a public restroom, aider many years of practice. I glanced toward the direction of the stall, to see if there was" an escape path without being seen. The person was still in the stall, singing something. On a second listen, this wasn't a woman, but rather a small male child, singing a song, or perhaps asking for toilet paper. I didn't linger around to find out which. At ED T#R :& PUBL SHE hvbbi1~s@theclinchcounty~ews, corn this point, as I was hustling out, I also realized that I had just utilized a urinal - which is not usually found in women's restrooms. Back at the relative safety of our booth with my family, I recounted my recent brush with terror. My sons understood completely, with my oldest son sharing that once, while in school, he was caught in the same situation, except that he was actually in the girls' bathroom when he realized his dreadful folly. When he heard a bunch of third-grade girls come in the bathroom, he quickly made himself preaentable, then ran out of the stall and out of the bathroom into.the hallway, when a teacher called on him for running like a scared, manic cheetah down the hallway, he didn't turn around and address her. No, he kept running as fast as he could until he was out of sight. The women in our family didn't understand this horror, or have any similar stories to tell. Apparently, they pay attention. And that's part of the problem, other than, of course, stupidity - the signage at restaurants and other public establishments indicating which is the men's and women's restrooms. They are entirely too vague. I don't want to have to think when I'm going to the restroom, or when I'm driving a car, or sleeping, or writing this column. "Men" or "Women" or "Boys" or "Girls" is fine. Even I can understand that. These, though, aren't free- "Bucks" and "Does." "Roosters" and "Hens." "Sows" and "Boars." "Ewes" and "Rams." "Mares" and "Stallions." "Falcons" and "Tiercels." I don't want to have to consult Wikipedia to find out the gender names for different animal species just to go to the bathroom. If I wanted to do that, I would have stayed home and cooked myself, or become a zoologist. And graphics are problematic as well. Just to go to the bathroom, I have to search to find the one graphic adjacent to the restroom door with the tiny imprint of a dress to signify the ladies' room, then go in the other bathroom? This requires entirely too much thought and eyesight. Listen, when I'm out in a public area - a restaurant, a department store, a ballgame, a church, a Fat Boys concert - I'm not really there with the purpose or goal of using a restroom. Don't make this more laborious than necessary. A simple "MEN" and "WOMEN" or "BOYS" and "GIRLS" or even "MAN" and "TO-MAN" - in very large text - will suffice. I have two teenage drivers in my family now - I don't need anything else to panic about. Len Robbins 2018 "T .xes on internet sales?!!! I'll show fhem rll just 9o buy my stuff from a local store] At Midnight on Thursday, the General Assembly adjourned Sine Die. During the 40-day session, we passed legislation to strengthen rural Georgia, reform our tax code, and fully fund the state's share of public education. As always, it is an honor to serve our community under the Gold Dome. I look forward to sharing Regular meeting - first Monday of every month, 9 a.m. :~::~ some of our legislative iChairman-Roger Metts (Post 3); Vice Chairman-Chad Brown (Post 2); Kenton accomplishments with you McLaine-Post I; Debra Thomas-Post 4; Henry Moylan-Post 5. below. Clinch County Board of Education - 912-487-5321 Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 7 p.m. Education S S challenges facing rural Georgia. With their recommendations, we considered several pieces of legislation to strengthen rural communities throughout our state. HB 769, which establishes the Rural Center for Health initiatives in rural Georgia including the expansion of local airports and the creation of a new position at the Department of Economic Development that focuses on rural growth and investment. Public Safety HR1414 creates a House subscribers who are under investigation for the exploitation of children. We must give law enforcement agencies every opportunity to catch these predators. Funding Coastal Pines - Kingsland The FY2019 budget includes funding for the Kingsland campus of Coastal Pirms Technical College. I am excited that students fn Camden County will have a technical college to train them for the jobs of the future. As always, it is an -d i Chairman-Stanley Thrift (Post 1); Vice Chairman-Charlie Mac Cross (post 4); Thanks to federal tax Care Innovation and study committee to improve honor to represent you and Laura Landrum-Post 3; John Davis-Post 2; Charles Handley-Post 5. reform and strong state District 174 in the Georgia Homerville City Council - 912-487-2375 Sustainability, clears the school security and curb Regular meeting -Third Thursday of every month, 5 p.m. economic growth, the way for micro-hospitals, incidents of violence. General Assembly. If you iii! Mayor Tom Kennedy; Mayor Pro Tem Willie Hardee; J.E. Witherspoon, ii FY2019 budget fully funds and incentivizes medical In addition, this year's ever need any assistance, -" Elexis Williams, James McBride. the state's finhncing of our providers to practice in budget includes $8 million please call (404.656.0287), iFargo City Council - 912-637-5597 or 637-5520 Reguhr meeting - Fourth Monday every month, 7 p.m. local schools. This year underserved communities, in grants to fund school e-mail (John.Corbett@ Mayor John L "Bappy" Gr~e; Council members Johnny G~as, Landa Hart, the total funding for K' 12 This legislation will security initiatives around House.Ga, Gov) or engage C~fford Wens, Roy Wnson. education is $9.9 billion on Facebook. Dupont City Council - 487-2630 or 287-2500 " ultimately help to enhance the state. Regular meeting - Second Tuesday of every month, 7:30 p,m. representing 38% of our access to quality healthcare SB336 is another Davis,May r BrentJimmYwestmoreland.aawls; Council members Catherine Register; Jane Lee, Tommy budget, in rural parts of Georgia. important step Georgia State Rep. John Corbett 'i i:ii:i~~ Argyle City Council - 487-2279 Rural Georgia In the Amended FY2018 is taking" to protect our represents District 1 74 - ii~i~: Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Last year, we created the and FY2019 budget, the o children. The bill prohibits (which includes Clinch OtisMay rFleming.Kaye Riley; Council members Glenda Jordan, Ann Grady, Lee Rudd, : House Rural Development. legislature also funded electronic communication County) in the State Council to identify the economic development providers from notifying House. 0 0 O