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March 25, 1938     The Clinch County News
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March 25, 1938

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Page 4. "THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Eriday. March 25, 193a -] AlP -' " 2---' ~ " " Ou, r County n,d Section and I/s Settlers I ~ARLY METHODISM IN LOWNDES Zion Camp-ground was organized and COUNTY l the first meetings held under the , --- ! management of Rev. Josiah Evans, With the advent of the first set- Presid!ng Elder of the Tallahassee tlers into Lowndes County camel District, South Carolina Conference. some few of the Methodist connect- Our sources of information un- tio~. When the county was first cre- fortunately do not reveal the names ated in 1825 it included a vast ex-of any of the local churches that ~ense of territory that embraced all were organized. Mr. Sharpe in his the present adjoining counties in whole or in part. After the acquisition of the Terri- tory of Florida by the United States in 1819 it became the scene of early Methodist missionary activities. Un- til 1830 the entire State of Georgia was under the jurisdiction of the South Carolina .Conference, and so Florida also came under that juris- articles mentioned old Salem Church a few miles south of Mt. Zion Camp- ground, and Rev. R~ IL Howren writing in 1884, mentions old Beth- lehem Church, both of these church- es being then In Lowndes County. They;date hack to the 1830s, maybe earlier The first work to be laid out in the present county of Lowndes was ,diction. Thus the earliest missionary in 1832 when the "Lowndes Mission" :activities was under missionaries was established by which name it IOWS Year:--Pastor: 1832---George W. Davis 1833---George Bishop 1834 Capel Raiford 1835--R. Stripling 1836---Francis M. Smith 1837---John J. Taylor 1838--Daniel Bird 1839---Anderson Peeler 1840---Tillman D. Puerifoy 1841---Robert H. Howren 1842--Anthony C. Bruner 1843--William W. Griffin 1844---Joseph T. Smith 1845--Anderson Peeler 1846--John H. Bryan 1847--John Slade 1848--(To be supplied) 1849--(To he supplied) 1850---(To be supplied) 1851--(To be ,supplied) , 18B2-.--Owen B.. Stanley~ 1853---John Slade 1854---Capel Raiford 1855---Frederick R. C. Ellis 1856--Robert J. McCook 1857---Capel Raiford sent out by the South Carolina Con- continued to be known until 1840i 1858--Thom~,s A. Carruth ~erence. when it was changed to "Troup-I 1859--A. Davis The territory of Florida together ville." The territory of the LowndesI Year.---Presillng Elder: with all of South Georgia including Mission was of course the entire] 1832---Zacheus D~wling the coastal section of the state, re- County of Lowndes as it then exist-] 1833---John W. Talley rosined under the South Carolina~ ed. The church at Troupville, the~ 1834--John W~ Talley Conference even after the Georgia county-site, was organized about the 1835--John L. Jerry every Sabbath. The style Of it wast Camp-ground then called Lowndes Wesleyan, or if you please apostolic Camp-ground in 1837. He wrote in --in demonstration of the Spirit and part: power. Often the preachers would "In the fall of that year I was only for a year as it was bined with Quitman church and remained such through ter which it again became a stop and shout while preaching, and licensed to exhort. Bro. Francis M. and has continued so since. i sometimes the petople would shout Smith was circuit preacher; Bro. The first pastor, Rev. and stop the preacher for a little John L Jerry, presiding elder. Bro. Randolph, was a native of' while whether he "felt like shouting Hamilton W. Shaxpe was licensed at He joined the Lowndes or not, and in all this there was no the same time and place. It was what the first company to go to confusion or disorder at all, but the was then called Lowndes Camp- from Lowndes county, and very harmony of heaven. It kept the ground but for many years since iVirginia with his regiment stones from crying out'. It was the called the Morven Camp-groundldied of disease, August 29 lumbering of the train on the track which I believe is still kept up by The pastors with the heard at a distance while the freight-the brethren there and is over fifty i elders for the Valdosta age on board was born on in quiet years old, has been in that country,Church (as the case may be) safety. 'Oh, that men now and then, a power for good. would praise the Lord in the assemblyI "I remember very distinctly at one of His saints' and 'talk of His won- of those meetings that the older derful work to the children of men !' l~reachers got up a discussion on This early work was called the sanctification, some contending it to L~wndes Ciremt and embraced be a separate work from regenera- Lownd~ eounty~ and po~cti~ns~ '.ef~ tion. I was young .and said noth'mg other gQunties around. Bros.. Francis~ but thought it~ wo~Id spoil if not M. Smith and J. J. Taylor were the break up the meeting. A young preachers. Bro. Smith married Miss preacher who, like myself, had noth- Clementine Perry, a member of Bro. ing to say on the subject in dispute, Sharpe's family. He..traveled a few was appointed to preach on Satur. years and then studied medicine. 'day night. He got up and took his The last we heard of him he was at text 'He that believeth on the Son Center Village, near St. Marys, Ga.,'of God hath the witness in himself.' practicing medicine Wonder if he He got about half through his ser-I is still living? Bro. Taylor traveled man; all at once the Holy Ghost came on a few years, married Mrs. Lowe down upon the preacher and people; of Columbia county, Florida, located, he had to stop preaching, and just subsequently was readmitted to the such a time of shouting and rejoicing first twenty years or so, Year:---Pastor: 1861--Samuel E. 1862--Newdaygate B. 1863--F. R. C. Ellis 1864--W. K. Turner 18G5--Robert W. 1866"~'(~0 be s~pplied) 1867--J. J. Giles, pastor, Smith, junior supply 1868---J. J. Giles 1869--John M. Hendry 1870---M. A. McKibben 1871---James K. 1872--Wm. M. Kennedy 1873---J. P. Wardlaw 1874--J. P. Wardlaw 1875--G. C. Thompson 1876---James M, Austin 1877---B. W. Key Conference ,-,as established and so,time the Mission was established. 1836--John L. Jerry Florida Conference, in a few years I never witnessed before nor since 1878--W. M. Hayes continued unt"il the formation vf thel, The few .local churches , in the 1837"-John L. Jerry located again, then for many long under one sermon. Thai: young man 1879---W. W. Stewart Florida Conference in 1845 When Lownaes ~mslon were weaz ann it 1838---John L Jerry years served the church as a local was the Rev. J. J. Taylor, now living 1880--J. R. McClesky ~,~^_:a. ~^nferdnoe came intolwas not until in 1841 that it became 1839--Peyton P. Smith preacher, and was faithful to at Wellborn, Fla. I never heard him 1881--J. R. McClesky the ~,~,~ ~ ~ , . . ----~-~ .... ~+ -.-as made to c0verall of a Circuit. Whmh of course meant 1840---Peyton P. Smith death. He died last year (1883) in preach before nor since as he did 1882---J. R. McClesky 'So. +h Gear=is and thus all this sec- the churches in the Mission had be, 1841--Peyton P. Smith Wellborn, Fla., finishing his work, as on that night. The discussion ceased, 1883--B. S. Sentell "'^~-~^~ #~-~:ate remaineduntil De-I come sufficently strong enough to 1842--Th0mas C. Benning we Iearned~ in great peace. He was the Devil left the camp-grOund and Yoar:---Preaidln[ EIder- IbiulI 'Ul t~lI~ ~ ' I " ~ember, 1866, when by action of the support a pastor.. 1843--Thomas C. Benning my friend. I loved him like a brother; we were all of one mind and heart, 1861--Saxnuel Woodbury ~eneral Conference the Brunswick' For the first_fifty years Lowndes 1844---P. P. Smith we were youngpreachers together rejoicing in the love of Jesus." 1862--Reuben H. Luckey R " " i tricts risin County was in the ~olmwmg um~rmts"1845~-P. P. Smith " and we were old preachers together;~ Rev. Geo. W. Davi~ 1863--Reubin #l. Luckey ~rnd ..ainbrldge D s camp g _ " . . ~ . . atthat time all of Southern Georgia,Tallahas~e. District 1825-33t 1846---P. P. Smith fought side by side many a battle, i Rev. George W. Davis, the first (To be continued) .......... he newl-- es I Floriua ~is~ric~ i~-~ol 1847---P. P. Smith He is now crowned and I'm yet pastor of the Lowndes Mission, was ,were grans~errea anna ~ Y "t - " h ~'i "ri 1835 39I -~-~:-~-^a Co.-th ~eoro~- Conference. Tana assee ~ sz cz - 1848--Ira L. Potter "laboring up the hill'" I born in Morgan county, Ga., in Wh-re it has ~-een since i riorlua uistrict l~ -t 1849--Ira L. Potter Continuing in his article Bro. 1808, and was converted in 1824 in SALESMAN W ~ " I Tallahassee District 1844-52 1850--Ira L. Potter Howren made mention of the local a camp-meeting near Monticello, The First M. iaaion.ary "e Madison District 1852-56 1851~-Ira L. Potter preachers of the Lowndes Circuit in'Jasper county. In 1828 he felt a call MEN WANTED for With the creaion oI Lownc s . . . " incidentall came the cre Thomasvllle Dmtrlct 1856-64 1852--R. H. Howren those early days (1830s) : ~to the ministry and was admitted on Routes of 800 families. Sales .county co y " ~,.i+man nistrict I864-65 1853 R H Howren "The local nreachers of'this circuit trial into the Conference, and was this year Reliable hustler atlon of the Tallahassee District y ........... " " 'the South Carolina Conference in ,nomasv,,ie l~is~rict 1865-615 1854 R. H. Howren were Thomas Clift, John Johnson and assig~ed~ to tThe trave!~ng ministry. Srtaalr~t~arn:~gn$30 ~v:~akly and "lanuar 1825 and this new districtQuitman District 1866-67 1855--R. H. Howren Paul Johnson, three as faithful men in which he continued w'th great zeali p" y.-- " y, Ra " "" Y'" " ; ex anse o~" ~er" ri'~or Brunswick District 1867-73 1856---Peyton P. Smith as I have ever known though limited and fortitude and fa!thfulness de-iDept. GAC- 154-S, Memphis, too~ in tna~ vast p Y ~in in South Georgia and North Thomasville District 1873-76 1857 Peyton P. Smith fin their education. They were a spite hardships and trials, until hm ~' g .. Brunswick District 1876-81 1858--Josephus Anderson i power in the pulpit, doing great death His first work in South Geor-}-- Florida west of the Suwannee rdver ...... t l " In all this territor- there were no waycross uistrict 1881-85 1859 Samuel Woodbury good through all that country for g'a was in 1830 when he was junior ~~ check Y Chanter II The pastors and presiding elders, lmanv years. Bro Clift was a natural preacher on the Liberty (county) m ll ~.~ ~ cr~'anized churches_, or meet~i~g As Already s~ated the work in of the Grand Bay Mission for the l born preacher The first words he Mission. Savannah District. The nextI ~t~l~ ~" ~ /b .i Y" " " December 1860 Conference. t Rev. P. P. Smith "lhitched. Bro. Paul Johnson was a. ta Church was made a station butl ACME PHAR CY was as follows The vast territory ! , : " ,, In January 1859 the Florida Con-Rev Peyton P Smith who served lweeping prophet I don t think I ever l " - * ,I " J, , " " [ " was diwded rata three mmsmns , e t ........ d ference laid out a mission for the for many years as Presiding Elder l heard him that he did not w ep mos I wmcn mean~ ~nere was no organize ,, I slaves, called Lowndes Colored in this county and section, was one l of the time he whs preaching, andi church or congregations Rev Evans . ." ,, .- ..... " _.: , Missmn whmh had charge of all the of the best known preachers of hlslm this way reached the hearts of was appoln~ed Presiding ~luer ann ~ ul at ave~ "re char e as astor of the Talla negro Methodists in this county. The day, and was considered a man oflmany that no doubt wo d n h .'g~ n .g.. P . ". . . ~ minutes of that conference show the great ability and spiritual power. In lbeen touched by ordinary preaching. ! hassee Mmsm~ (which recluses ,, ,, '' !nastor was to be supnlied There the years preceding the civil war he i He had a son who grew up and be-I Lowndes county); the Early Co.untYtwas no further recordfwhereby we was a power for righteousness in this~came a'preacher; held family prayerI Mission to be pastured by.Rev: l~.or- may assume it was dropped the next'section. He lived at Madison, Florida!three times a day--morning, nooni -gan t~ Turren~ine, and the tgnatta-I o "h r hi" n" ,. . " ........ year. I Br . Smit was born in F an in and ight--the only man I have ev- noocnee ffllSSlOn 1;o De pastured Dy re mj l Early Pastors i county, Ga., Jan. 12, 1812 He was er known to do it. He prospe d " i Rev John L. Jerry.These three . " , , " " " ' w " d" .... d t The various pastors of the @ld licensed by theGwmnett Clrcmt the world. God sord was verifle . Holy Ghost preacners spreaa ~te~no ' e e " Tallahassee Mission from the years Nov. 12th, 1831 and admitted the Say ye to the right ous~ it shall b ism over all this section, and many, 1825-31 inclusive, with their Presid- next year into the full connection by well with him'". of the scattered settlers were con- ing Elders, were as follows: the Georgia Conference. He served Bro. Howren in discussing the lay ~zerted under their preaching. They Year:~Paator: in various churches in the Georgia members ~nd leading Methodist fatal- were not engaged primarily in build- 1825--.Josiah Evans I ConferenceincludingDecatur in lies. wrote in the same article- i ing up the Methodist Church in a " 1826--John Slade 11835 and Greensboro m 1837, after Outside of the ministry there was a l denominational way, but in building 1827---Morgan C. Turrentine I which .he was transferred to the noble band of lay members at and up Zion and preaching the Gospel 1828--.Josiah Freeman I Florida Conference and he was ira- around old Bethlehem. The Blairs, I in power, i 1829--John D. Bowen ~mediately named as Presiding Elder Folsoms, Campbeils and Granthams.i The South Carolina Conference 1830---Isaac Boring I ofl:he Tallahassee District in 1839,1Bro. William Grantham was the~ "was held each year in mid-winter and 1831--John W. Talley I be" g re-appointed in 1840 and 1841., class-leader and was not only aI -+these out-post preachers would journ- Year:--Presldlng Elder: I In 1844-5-6-7, he was again Presid-Isoldier of the Cross and fought .~ey horse-back, sometimes alone, 1825---Josiah Evans ling" Elder and again in 1856 andi bravely the battles of the Lord but l ~sometimes in pairs, to Columbia, S. 1826--Josiah Evans 11857. In 1861 he was pastor of the was a good soldier of his country. ~C., or wherever the conference was1827--.Josiah Evans IQuitman Church. !That year in that neighborhood theyl to be held. The trip full of hardships 1828--Josiah Evans [ On a visit to Atlanta in May, 1863, I had a very heated skirmish with the "~nd privations, had its compensations 1829--Zacheus Dowling I to attend his father's funeral he an-! Indians. Brother Sharpe, I believe, l for these Spirit-led men lost no up- 1830---Zacheus Dowling [nounced an engagement to preach theI commanded the fight. A great, stall portunity to preach the Gospel or 1831-~Zacheus Dowling ]following Sunday and he filled the wart Indian and Bro. Grantham made do personal work in the homes or The late Hamilton W. ~Sharpe ofI engagement and delivered a great for the same tree at the same time;I public inns wherever they chancedBrooks county, who was born in l sermon. He was taker~ sick and died coming from opposite sides, neither to stop over-night. If time permitted 1807, wrote in the Wesleyan Christ- two days later while in Atlanta. I discovered the other til they met atl they would stop slid preach in atan Advocate in 1884, and said in[ The Old Days Ithe tree. Then came the 'tug of war'l public place like a village county- part: "I recall the Rev. John Slade,] Rev R. H. Howren, one of the old!---around and around that old cy-i ~site for two or three days, and then one of the first preachers in this sec-t, ~nte-bellum preachers, moved withi press tree of a hundred years growtht push on. The salary they received tion. He was a good man, powerfuli his family in 1836 from Madison they went, each trying to shoot the/ for a year's labor would amount to in prayer, and a clear exponent oftcounty' Florida, to that portion of~other. At length the Indian fired~ :probably $75.00 Gospel truth; is long since gone AtlLowndes which now is Brooks coun-'and missed; he then attempted to The First Work a session of the Florida Conference] ty, and for a few years lived near!retreat but Bro. Grantham capturedI The first Methodist activities in in Thomasville presided over bY l Bro Hamilton W Sharne of whom' him " what was then Lowndes County cen- . ". " ~ . f " . . Bishop Early, the Bishop was so ira-I mention has already been mane. His l Bro. Hamilton W. Sharpe m his~ tered around old Mount Zion Camp- resse with Bro Sla ' prayersl ml 1 cen ground in what is now Brooks Coun-that p hed seldom" called" d'~on any other l' re h'n'Se ces contained in his article article in the Wesleyan Christian Ad-~ ty. It was but natural that the mis- ~pub "sh d in the Wesleyan Christian vacate in 1884 already referred to, sionsxies would want to come to- brother to lead in prayer." Advocate under date of Dec 17,1said in reference to these early local' ............ ..._, __, Bro. Slade was superannuated by 1884, is very valuable on throwing preachers: "Among the early minis-I ~Y~l?WrST~hi7 ~atm~:::n~e;(a~;v:;?~m::e~" !i~;~:ma~CCw~:n;etli!t ~u~tni~ i~ i!htna:ne~s ttchho~eu;~a~lrY~tuiMas'eth~i:::~et!ds ~erZi:"i!~eda:dd;p~!z~Wcd: bwY::G:dTvh! icngnd~ta:nsbU~eoth~e catu~alc:::ul~r:mf tion, but such was his zeal inith;lwritten forty-eight years after. At Thomas Cliffs, Paul Johnson, John: Gas el that he re entered the n that time he e n .. .." ..... p - " " was a r tired mi ister.Johnson, Thomas Carleton with manyl other settlements miles away ann . . .. .., .... " ' u in~ner mmaa ~on~erencesome hvm t oncord Florida F~o hm' I - " ....... h .... am~ "Y ' " " g a C , " . m " . others I could name, who now mingle camp ouz ano a~.~na ~ v~ ~ . ~- years later, dying in 1854, after a~article*,~ve quote at length- !with the redeemed in Heaven Onlyi .~.eetings ~or a pe[iocl ol ~ays. a~ a long and triumphant ministry, lieI "We refuceed to that neighborhood'a few days since While walking in l '~ime, once a year. ti.ence, a series o~ lab^re~ i- the Alabama Conference~~ ' ....... ; ..... evivals ,~ould be ~ u " . : " (Lowndes county) from Madison, the cemetery at Concord Church. I! ~.~P~.';~:~Oo:~;~ n;ot~i~" and ~]I for t~o or three years commencing in Fla., on account of the Indians; rent-I remarked to my wife that among theI ,,~u ,,* ...................... - ...... 833 " " oth .......... i~sionaries would 1 ed a farm from Bro Hamilton W I dead there was Bro. Cliffs but n "1 ~ne preacners auu m ~ Bro Zacheus Dowling, the second Shar e and soon became connected~ ing is there to mark his grave. Bro.! ::~dshi~ihodfCeBebor~:dcHo:~Jl: Pr:::d:nrgedeld:rthn ~h:baCm:n~on~eas ~th~tehelS~:f~Yter::~InTdi~l:mb::: Clitff~ w:s J2:d; l~n:r a:d.o~fhetedr ] --~-Pin-" his reminiscences in 1884 ence in 1833, where he after.wardslconducted by Bro. Sharpe that year:comes. w~ ~, g o 1 in the Wesleyan Christian Advocate, served. " , t(18o6) at aid Bethlehem Church inl~tBro." Howren m .anotherart[clte~st recalled" "It was in Southern Geer- The various pastors with their pre- Lowncies county, ~a. rne ~unaay-'~ne Auvoca:e (2kprii Z~, x~va) s gia in the county then Lowndes, now siding elders, of the Lowndes Mission ~ school was flourishing, congregation of the time he was first licensed toI Brooks, as early as 1829, that Mount and Troupville Circuit were as fol- full and attentive, preaching nearly preach. It was at the old Morven To get the most out of surface maintenance funds pavement times as must o/concrete, concrete in general This statement is proved by the heaviest volume actual cost figures from the twenty-one states which pub- Concrefo Cam lish comparable records. Concrete gives the And here's what they show! load-carrying capacity Surface maintenance costs for dollar of cost. It is the concrete average only $103.17 road--non-skid, highly per mile per year. For the next ble. And it saves large lowest paving material the cost maintenance. 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