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March 25, 1938     The Clinch County News
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March 25, 1938

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! Page 2. "1"HE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Friday. March 25, 1938. J ! w~ T~r~ /~CTYSTF~ I point, on the West side of said graded! CITATION A, s /'v ~ [ |~ t[~ L)U~"UI~ ~ 1~r'~"~ i road, continuing 6 degrees South on GEORGIA, Clinch County:--- ~'~||r~V~l ~L..0oun[v I[I [[ Isaid North line a distance of_7571 The appraisers upon the I.,..- I.-- 1- ,, 11 I -_~--T ........ feet; thence Southwardly 800 fee~; tion of Mrs. Vashti Thomas ......... ~ .~'- ~ ~.~.e;.~ !|~ ]l MRS. E. C. AN~rgVK~ I thence East 6 degrees North. I062 twelve month's support for .~ub~ah~(]" cb~ ]-JOtTb~I*V~b~, U, ~g ~ -~ " a la 1feet back to d gra . ; and two minor children out '~ ' ~" " 1]~ 1[ Mr. A. D. Lee, uonald and C 1 -~ North 17 degrees West along said j~rl, o~o~l/ Of .l~c,/~ ~ ~e~C. . t~,~T~ way Lee, Miss Martha Lee and Mr.!road 808 feet to point of beginning, iiestate of Carey.A. Thomasnd - --- is~" ~i n ~#, s I|I _ON_ IIAlvis Rice visited Mr. and Mrs. W.l(d) Twelve acres, more or less de- na~.ng~.~ued tnelr ~etur , T ~-El.^ 14 .... -f~,,#.i I-ITitftf' #~e r~IIFIIl.~l~l>P|[ i-Ii~RF ~,~ LI~r wie,~ ~md Mr and Mrs Joel Futch;scribed as follows: Commencing atinouce to all concerned. ~naz~ I ~1~" II|IAIUI-U~ LuEau# ~ uu,,v,,v--llI .~..'----=",~,~,~ [I";" :=-~-.;."-~" ~-~" la ~oint on the North side of the right- ! pass upon said applicauon at Ol iNasnvllle, ~ia, ~Unu-y r 1 _ ' . ~/L~,,~t~ | F,.~,i " " l of w of A C L Railroad 1897 A ril Term, 1938 of this Court~ ' ovember 18 1933 as second-class marl matter under Act I ............. _-~ Mr and Mrs. R L. Reeves are via-,_- ay ....... ::a,.." ,Z.__ ...~. .... t.~ p r .............. 1~e.4t~mltted N , _ .^- [~ .......... . "... ............ .I !~. ~a,~.w,ruay J.rvm .......... , This r#larcn .~u, L~oo. . o Gon eat L~'#9. _ - itin~ tnelr son anu xamuy, ~u,. '~""iori i-al W- ~ "'-- -* --"~ "-~ "'~' ..... f gr , [ ................ . .... ~ g n es~ ,he ox sam m~ o,ol KATE C. PAFFOKD, ura AS a rule very intellectual pretty.- ~Ers - R. Reeves in Atlanta, ~a I _ ....... ] ....... m . I~ _ . ".,crosses said railroad; thence fromI _ ~ lets are not grea~ SOUl:wlnne~. ~.nm . Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dumpier anUlsuch commencing point running~ ....... NATIONAL WILDLIFE WEEK ] C~./#t||rttV Affent ~ lit not reflection upon mte uectuauty; Mrs. L. I~ Smith spent Friday in i North 6 degrees East 816 feet; thence ] t.,~..~ | ...... j ---~ INbr does it mean that the tlospe~ wo,,cross Ga the ~uests of Mrs. l East 4 degrees North 75O feet; thenee GEORGIA, Clinch County:--- The proclamation of Pres!dentl Office t does not. appeal to strong .minds. I.n-: Evelyn Riddle and Miss Marris Smith. a straight hne 15 degrees West ~-] WHEREAS, V. R. Corbett, aosevelt designating the we.ek ox SUl.rH tellectual min.is~ers nat.ural~Y are m~; Miss Evelyn Baggett, a teacher[tersectin.g with said railroad rig t-!ministrator of Ibandall Corbett, Rai-ch 20-26 as. National Wfldlt.fe/By RICHARD E ..... l clined to ana lyze,,~ne ~ospel a.na .a-'from Statenville, was the weekend ~or~Ym~an:nnce jeS~aWc~ru~ ~on~.ne resents to the Court in his pet Week is of specml" significance to the ~ --__ [ spiritual truths. The tiospel..~s they. -~'est of Miss Mary Alice Mosely .... L'#o~ n~eet_ to" g~ ~ne"- xpointa o~- oeg~nnlng. ?g "- " Y duly filed and entered., on record herr Re "on of the U. S. Forest COTTON ACaEA /ALLOTED ~poweY of God unto sa..lva~on to e Mrs. J. B. Passmore has returnedt Ce~ ne and one-hale acres, morelhe has fully adm~nm.tered It S:rUtwt'ee' Re;~onal Forester Joseph C.I THIS COUNTY_TOTALS 17 lery one that belieVeth.'" It.is .hearald- home from a visit to Mr. and Mrs.t or'less? described as follows:" Corn-' Corbett estate: This is, tnerefo~ Kirohet- said today at regional nead-I .... -A-,-t;l~:~ton acrea-e al ing the. Gospel, nO, catalyzings :nt Robert Passmore in Valdosta, Ga. I mencing at a point on the Northi cite all persons concerned, z~ -uarte~ in Atlanta 1 utincn county s c g " Gospel tnat saves p p . . n ~ Mr. and Mrs George Allison spent t side of said railroad right-of-way 484 and creditors, to show c~us.e,.~ "~ - ............. "~ *~--* *~.- ~,,,th ! lotment for 1938 is 179 acres, it was philosophiging about the Gos pe.~, ~u~ Sunday at Live Oak, Fla., where ] fcet eastwardly from Where the they can, why said Adm~m~ ~,~.~rcner.~ ~-~'~"~re~'cl~es~...... announced in Athens this week by it ~s proclmmmg the Gospelthat aoes they attended a birthday" droner' ati om~nal .... lot)me of said lot crosses~ should not be dmcharge~ xro~ era ~e~on w;~-. ,~ s,: ...... ~ Frank C Ward, administrative ox- the business It is hard for us to t~o-~,,,~ , Mrs Emmett Wise Mrs i said railroad; thence running _~ortn ~ administration, and receive - orest lanas is ecullarly messeu ~ ............... " "' ast 4 f ' of f P .......... ~"e" in ehar~ of the Agricultural kee,~ in our minds that what a lost 1,,..__ . .... ~t.,. ,,~, th,, former and tne degree E 3. 1.. eel thence of Dismission, on the first Monc with bird and animal llle and_tnat ~ne ~'~-:.o~.,,o,t a~i~stration nrosrrams ..^~ ,o~o i~ not our comments on .w,~. ,?,~ ~,.~. .... .. .... "_ ^~ East 11 degrees p~ortn ll~ feet; .... :s ~,~ public interest aroused by the worz ~uj ...... ~.- ......... ~ - { :'~-*'~^~,'=~,,~ ~h~ ~.osnel itself "Go ,~ne mr~noa.y ~mner was m nv .... ~_~!thence Southwardly 290 feet to said i~..'. ~"~ ~ ~a~ ......... ~,, a~.~i~ d.rin~, the m Georgia. , I ~,~ ,=~op. ~ ....... - -- , ner nusnand. AVOUt Xllty guests Wer~ ~ail~oo~ right-of-way" thence West ""*~ "~'~'" "' ..... -- - : ol c.ons.e~v~ .... "'6~--:'~'-~"':e ~ v,,u~ :'~ "h- .~ { Of the 2,036,278 cotton acres al- ye into all the world and preach tne lnresent !~alon~"said' " ~i~ht-of-wav 211 feet to[ KATE C. PAFFORD, ore weey_w~u_ v.e o~ gr a o eat Ser-l lotted to Georgia under the new Gospel." That is the divine commanu. 1 ~ Mr ~md Mrs. Olen Cameron and l the ~oint of beodnning [ P.rgr~..m w_hi'_ch_they',?r tF~r ..ro:er farm act, 1,999,581 acres were divle-Tell the story. Keep on telling, it.! Mrs "F E Dame shopped in Valdos-I (f~ Also a ce~atn other tract Of'GEORGIA, CLINCH COUNTY,' vice Is carrying ou z ...Y ~ ed a'tnon- the state's 155 cotton- God is back of that message, ln~lnltcl,. ~', ~'ol~iosta Ga Thursday ]said lot 518 containing sixty-three TO THE SUPERIOR COURT rotection and preservauon ox' w~m-1 ~ " hen ......... ' "' " I i axe~ ........ m ~ne ~oumern ,~-.~*t' ........ q'h~ P~ea.. .~. growing counties ....... and 36,69~ acres resources, are at our command, w n 1 Mrs. L. J. Wilson of Axson, Ga., acres, more or less,, descrl .bed as f.ol- SAID STATE AND ~OUNTY,* ............ ~ th ~,bi~et is shown*'were reserved xor allotment to new we gave the Gospel message, uur! is visitin~r her daughter Mrs. LeRoy~ lows: Com.mencmg ~.~ a.po~n.~~ on tne[ The petition of Estate of " m the following words of h p not seek West of the original Southeast corn .. , .......... .T ..... =o~ tel The largest county allotment went pel is always right. Paul did .. i Mr F E Dame and Mr. O. B. !~ ^~ .~..~ i^~ ~..a ~, ...... ~ o~m" State and County respectfully 11 o our citizens first to recognize to Burke, which received .53,772 to gave theGospel sWry~nexcel .y Lee motored to Bl~kshear, Ga.,l mencing point running North 6 de- -.. .- 1 __-- was a~_ ~.,,,~ ..... the nroblem of acres. Laurens was second wl~n oo,- oI speecn, tie ale not .w~n~ ~.,e ~"":'l Monday. I greet West 1570 feet; thence West-! "t.~at sma e.~rPoom~. ~ e ........ v..:--.~:n ~u~e'~'-'-'"~--~-~=~ ,~:- wild- 521 acres and Carroll third w~n of men to rest in man's wmaom...~I Mr William Lee Bullard who at- wardly parallel with the A. C. L. crea~ea anu orgm~.~,d~- ....... P.au conservauo ox . allotments went a tie men to hlmsell Dy~ " . ~ ..... granted vy ~ne ~,,~. ....... life, and then to work wath one ac:l??,10~ The smaI~st c ..... h~..~ow prude_her m~y- ~^..~o~-.-in~ or bvltends Abraham-Baldw.m College .atiP~ilroad" runnmg through s~h.'.d ~ot said State and County, and the tv t--,, ~.as~ ~u.,-.~ --*-~- s- ~ne power v. - -~,~-- ,- -- ' i n is snenaing tne sprlng, z~oo xeet ~o lanos of t~ ~. nug-=~; ~,oo~ o~, r~newa] or cord for their proper protectxon andi swa an T fto , Ga., _ , never ...... ~ ........... - ve.~. little short staple cotton-- the ~ft of oratory. He may Y " '~_u~ ....... ~*~ ~ .... ents Mr and~thence South 5 degrees West up- . ~ _..~ ~.__,~. preservau n. !,~* ..... a ~Intosh--each of whicho..~ienc- b,, his dramatlc skill. But ...... ,__~ ,proxlmdtely 392 feet to the aforesaid o i ',~l/sss ~Lsu ~,~ ,~t,u ~ J . _/~rs j~. j~. J~ulli~,l-u. . . i _ Federal foresters.wor k on th_eba~_~s received 18 acres. Four counties--- the preacher's business~s . not otoI Mrs Robert Allison and daughtert South or.]~nal ?ot l~ne. thence EaSelI That said corporation o w. that the preservation ol ua~ura~ ~^~"s Rabun- Fannin and Union--- "sell" himself He is on business for* v^.. :" o,,+ v...,.~.. ~ ~.~v~ ~k Pla I amn.g sa]a so~ une ~#ov xee~ vv ~,, . dehts and has disnosed of all habitat for game species Is .the initial do not nroduce any cotton at all and the King It ~1i the Gospel that ties . ._:,:.._ ~.^_ ~.,~o.. ~r ~-askins I pomp. o~. neg~nn.mg.. ....... assets ....ntalnln the ro er ~ ,, wm~,ug ,,~..-.,,~ ,,. -~ ] ~g} Amo anotner tract oI saxu xo~ problem m real g P P ~conse-uentlv they receive no allot- men to Jesus Christ, who is to save ~#- ~---^-- ~ ~+o-to- o~ Round ~,o -.~ .... . .^ .h^ ~^o+ .i .... ~,~ 3. _ game ammai l~l ~nr::lifor::: ~r:u~:ment" .... unto the uttermost all who come to, La'l~,e' F~a~.?]s visitin'g'his parents Mr., ~ract'a~con~ta~ning'~6~/~"~acre;:more' ~0That a~ :ai~eet~;gor:tfiotnh~, j~t. cn year for t - I The 2, 036,273 acres allotmen.t God by Him. land"Mrs J H Stanton lot less, and having a point of be- .n~ ................ ol ziu large numbers of fish, a.nlmals, i Georgia represented this state's I Mr Talmadge Dumpier of Fargo,' ginning determined as follows: From tne. l.~tn aat~0~ ~r~s:ry ~re~, a"nd birds. Of even greater .Import-,share of the national cotton acreagei Every Christian manages to work aa ~,,ent the weekend with his par- the Southwest original corner of c.aJmda~ro~ e~the~af~irmativ a~r-e is the fact that fires destroy tne aP^t~.~,, of a-nroximately 26,300,- out ~ system of theology "I was u ..., ~ ......... r~---"'e~ i said lot running East along the -~?.-"-~" ..... _ ....... its - - - .......... "-- --'~dHfe ......... ,Jr - ,, _'," .... ents ~r. an~ mrs. ~..# ~,,,~, - --;~o~ ]~ ]~o ~oa foet *hence o~ tne owners o all tne cap xorest ..... snel~ers nece~ary ~r w,.~ . ~O acres . i blind and I now see, Tnat is wnat. .,.x~ ..... o.~u ........... ~=~ ~" P Petty, Mr. ::'~::'"-"~," ..... ~-~ ~^ ' ~- of such corporation, resolvinl existence. Streams flows are reduceaI Th~ state allotmen~ was apportion- , man to whom Jesus had given Wo]to~ vott-. ~,,~ ~oo ~ono*t ~ash ~ortn ~ uegrees ~as~ .~v2 ,~e~t to the cornors~tion shall surrenc " he ~ - , ,, # ~-u ~,. ~-- " ~ne ;~ou~n margin oz tne lIgnl; v~ by f,res, foresters pom~ ott, an:dutceled to the counties principally on the sight, said. The man must have con- lor'attended the movies in Valdosta way of the A C L Railroad, for a charter and franchise to othe c apa.city o~ .wa~er supp Y _ P~--ited ,basis of the acreage planted in cot- eluded that Jesus was more than a Saturday afternoon. !poi'nt of beginning'From such be- and be disso~.veu as a .c~rp zonal zor ~lsh ~>ecomes more ~xm " *-~ +~ether with the acreage divert- mere man He must have tnougnt m .... ~ - oo ^~ "1" ........... * --i--ni-- --Gin+ *hence runnin- East wnicn resoluuon au~norlzeu Because of th,s, the Southern.Rug .. ed from cotton during the last five his heart: "the one who opened my,~ .... ,~:., with he,- ,~arents Mr. and'along said railroad right-of-way 1540 ~nff ofth~et~on for,di~ol of the U. S. Forest Service, s~.nce l~s years The Act is so specific on this eves and gave me sight must be God.~~#~a ~ol~h~" !feet. thence Southwardly at right.._ w. ~P~;.~ /~,~."~ organization, has stressed the ~mpor~- ~oint'that division of the state's quo- A man could not have done this!~'~*~" ~;-~'~*~'~'~ ~,~ent ~aturdav' angles with said railroacL, r!ght-of- tna.~ ]~oe permlt~%a ~o ~urf~ " "n ~ . . . ....~ ,~,~.~ ,~j~ v~ ~ ~ ~ e waral said cnar er anu ]r~ll~;l1v~ ' ance of forest f~re prevention ] ta to the counties was calculated en- miracle." "Must a man beheve m the ~. w ......... isitin~ her sister-in-way 400 feet, thence w.s~ .... y ....... H .... ~ be dissolved " life mana ement ~lim . . . ~,, ~,, ,,.#~.~.o -~ ~, along ~ne ~ortn slae ol salo oo-~,~ ..v-~ ........ , ---~- . furthering wild g .... tirelv on the basis of the formula deity of Chrlst to he saved, a per- ]~w M~ G E Dave who is a natient +~ o.~ ,~]]o] ~th ~ui~ rni]road ordeT and decree ~f thls eo~ inatio.n of. all man-caused -~re'~-:n~=Srm~ ~ contained .in the act. The act, how- son asked, the. writer. .'~A saved man i~"the-~'tl~ntie Coast Line Hospital. r~rht_o'f-_way-~l'8{)'0" "fee't ~ln~ers-ec-t~ng" " This February 21st, 1938. restating ~rom n.uman ~.. -- ever, provides that no county s auot- will believe m the aerty of ~nms~, " [ ~rs Curtis Rice and children spent w~h the afore-mentioned 5-degree i R G DICKERSON, and incendiarism Is auvocatea as tne~^.., ~^. ~a~ o.~ ~a_~ may be less ...... ~ ~onnot conceive of any~ ..... ' ' - " " onservation measure in the ~,~ .... ~" ..... ,""~-?.~ ~-- -,--* ~ ....-~'~" * ~..':' . . ~ . :the weekend with her mother Mrs. ihne; thence North 5 degrees Easti Attorney For Pe flrst e . ~nan ~u her cent of tne acreage p~-~ man trusting t~nrmt as a ~avlor un- ~ ~ ~r^~derson at Manor Ga " , approximately 400 feet to said rail- .~pv~ ..... .;^~ ~^,,.~~,. preservation of wildlife for p ~ led to cotton in 1937, including 60 less the man believed that Christ was ~"Th'e man~ friends here of Mrs M I road right-of-way or point of begin-~ ~""- th- .-ndersi~'ed: men.groups, and for nature I vers..iper cent of the acreage diverted from G ~) d.~ Eveu ~nnconverted m e n Sirmans are glad to know she con-' nmg: ................ --~ thorized by law to administe fie is a natural resource ox lin in their hearts that It : .... '^ ~ .......+ .;,^ v:-~ ~,,- i All OI salu lands oelng more ~ux~y ,, - .... Wlldl. .... h 1 be cotton in .1937" " " " e have a fee g " o on-.:t'nu~ t ..... ~, ............. u .... - shown by a plat" of same of record in personauy, appeared R: t~. D] the National r'orests and s ou d Approximately two per cent o~ th takes God to save stoners. N w , ~i+o~ i~ Valdosta Ga I ..................,~ ,~~,~ ~f a stockholder of Estate o~ g~ven ~ts relative place with timber state's acreage allotment was return- der that fanatics have a tendency t t Th~ bo,~s' hi~,h school basket ~^~. ..... ~ ...... ,~ sai~ county ,Dlckerson, and Secretary of and other uses 1.~. s.ecurmg the full cd for apportionment to new growers deify certain types of rehgmus lead-ball team played Fargo last Wednes-! All parties concerned are required potation, WhOadePn:soo~ ~acto sustained pro~ucuvlty of lan~s un- ~that ~s, growers on ~arms wmcn era. Man must ~ave a god o~ some ~^. ^n~ the score wag 29 to 13 in lto show cause before said court on says ~ne aueg der multiple use. programs. .Mr" Kir- did not grow cotton during the last kind. If he turns away from the true t U~YDupont ~' u favor ...... ]~-- ~fore the 21st day of . March... i ed in the foregoingG DICKERSPetitI~)~ chef states that it m the demre of the three years God he worships a false god. Some- 1938, why the prayers of stud petit-~ . R.. . ..... " " ..... ' '" ranted and the ~worn to an~ suDscrloec[ ~,e~ Forest Service to cooperate wlth Allotments to mdlvldual farmers t~mes men worship themselves. God, iron should not be g . . ~o o~ a~, ~ ~hmmrv I' states and other agencies in restoring within each county are now being Who made man and knows man, BIBLE VERSE title to said premises registered and ........... ~ ........... th, abundant game resources that calculated. Each farmer will be able wou,d not send a mere man to die on -- !confirmed. . ...... l~oLt~aA LuAb~iG: Lowndes C, ur onee existed thruout the Southeast. to grow and market without penalty the cross to save sinners. Sinners who The meek shall increase their joy! This the 7th dayo~ ~e~ruary, ~w~., .... ~. S d ~ KATE C PAFFORD, Ordinary' Tne ~oregoing peutmn re The Southern Regaon of the U all of the cotton ha can produce on want to be saved look for a Go in the Lord, and the poor among men ..... ...... ~ .... ~, ~,,,~'~Mo~ea and ordered filed in and ~c~lng ~lerK ~,,w ................ Forest Service includes ........ the States his allotment acres, regardless of the Who can do the business.. If a man shall reoolce~ " In" the Hoolv One of~ l~ice .......... of tne ulerK o~ tne of Tennessee, ......... North Carouna,a Alabama~Utn amount, rovlsxons" wants a .iObabldone, hedomWants~t someoneAn els .... ~or~al --- .... ~ 29 :-~'~ ~ NOTICE OF SALE UNDER ~ ~our~ or" said..... Gount . Let a Carolina, Gorgm, Florid , , The marketing quota p who is cap e of g g n,~u,~ ~'~TAINED IN [such petition and t~s order ...... rkansas " - " ends can corn- ~ .... . rv,,~..,~.o ,..,.,~, . Mmszsslpp~, Louisiana, A , of the act, made effective by the ov can minister to us. Frl I ~t'IIRITY rlF.~l~l I hshed once a week f.or four Texas, and eastern Oklahoma. Mr. lerwhelming vote of cotton producer~ fort us. The Church can furnish us find out Let him turn himself over ~W~'~ ~-EnttGIA ~the newspaper wherein ~.~ v~. .~ -. , " nt ( Kircher states that the Forest Serv- in a referendum March 12, levy a fellowship and a place to worship.: to Him Let him commit his soul to the :CLINCH COUNTY" 1 sales in and for the Cou y ice, in cooperation with these States enalty on producers who fail to stay But it takes God to save The Church~ Lord Jesus Christ There are multi-i ~,, v~t .... ~ho "~-~'-wers contained~are ~ublished. has attempted to devise a syste~m withiri their acreage allotments. Un- cannot save. If the Church is ever nlied thousands in the world who say~ ~, ~ oec-rit,, dee~ executed Au~ust~ It is ordered that any sic which will permit a stable wildlife der this provision, each farmer s saved, God will have to save ~t. Jesus Jesus can save If you have not test- 11 1934, by S D McCutchen, Sr., of such corporation or a y . . ,, ' . " . I ' " " , having any claim or demand management with an ultimate goal marketing quota ~s the actual pro- Chmst our Lord ~s able to save to ed Him, suppose you ~ust say with all leo HOME OWNERS LOAN COR-~ .... ~ ..... ~,~ ~ oh,w es of wildlife ut]hzatmn. This method duct~on on hm alloted acres or the the uttermost all who come to God smcer~t "Jesus, I here and now PORATION, said deed being record- ~~ _~^~ ,'~o~ ,,,,lnot. ~ m called th,e cooperative agreement normal roduction,whichever is by Him . If a man wonders ~f food commit myself to you. I cannot save, ed in Deed Book 10, Foho 517-18, ,~,~. ~_. ^~ ~. ~o ~ th system In consists of an agreement hi her P l w~]l satisfy hunger, let him eat! If myself I "trust you to save me It or the records of the clerk of the Su- ~v~:' u~aYt om er h{ 7 hnel g " ~ - " " " " or house ~ ,~ , ,~ between the state game authomty ofI Salesin excess of the marketing he wonders if w~ter will quench hisI turn the case over to you." An man p.erlor C0urt.of. Cllnch County,. Ge "i rti ula state concerned and o cent a "r~t ~* hi,., a~ink I" he wonders ........, ...... -_~^r^,_ d~ey that,.gla, there Wll| be sold at pubhc out-G .~.r.gm, whytheoPr~yers an~ the pa c r uotas will be taxed tw s thl_~_, ,,~ ,,. u~ ~ I wno nou~y ~-u ~*-~= =~ v~ ~., ~.~,~ ~h~ ,-.nnvt. hnns~ door in petition snoula n . gT,. the U. S. Forest Service. The Forest pound during the f~rst marketing if Jesus can save, there ~s a way to will have no doubts about the deity ......~- ~-'-~es* ~':~a^r why-stud corporation snoula . . . . i salcl county, ~o ~ne rag- b ~mu~ , . Service furmshes the land and ira- years and three cents a pound if sold, - of Jesus Christ ..... L ........ ~Wr~VC' ~AN,dlss01ved. , ~ ~ i " iI0r ea~I1 Dy Z'IU,a',tP.~ v vv x~x~o za~ " r n uch as warden s dwell wllbe en in, I So ordered thls 23 d day proveme ts s - in subsequent years. The tax represent a national mvestm t CORPORATION. as attorney-in-fact .... .................. ) t " ) r-ar*, Iv3~ lags an~ ~istt rearing statmns, and collected by the buyer at the tlme of soil fertility and insurance ~or tne, ~ ~or the said S. D. McCutchen, Sr., I " a. W'R SMITH, the States have been furnishing the the sale. I Nation of future abundance of food LAND REGISTRATION during the legal hours of sale on the~ J~dge Superior Court, patro|ling and policing. The Bilogical The penalty, however, does not ap-~ and fiber ~O~P-IA Clinch County first Tuesday in April, 1938, the fol- . ............ I I " ] ~-~ -.~ ) .-- , . .~ dUUlClal ql..~lI'eUlb. ~urvey and the Bureau of Flsherles ply on any farm where the produ-, "Two---N~cional acffe~g~e allot-~ m_ ~rt. __ T~ ~o- P^~.,,-.. l lowlng described property, to-w~t: I ~-T^a in ~#;~ +hlo o~+h g~'ve technical advice in game manage ction is 1.000. pounds of lint (equip-' taunts are established'at levels de- ~ - ..... i e tnat~"~'~" *~o~r~s nuxxoru~l .All that tract. . or parcel of land ~ ~o~., ~.~,.~.~, ....... ..... ~o.q~ ~Went ~problems. Brief written plans alent to two bales) or less, provided signed to give production ample for ~. "~a~e~an~c,~. ..... erior Court of lying and bemg~n the Town of Horn: FOLKS HUXFORD, en a develo ed and * o sheet " orts nd "~' .....,, ~,~ ~ug. . erville, Clinch uounty, Georgia, anu O~ msnaffem t re P ~the producer submits a w rk domestm consumption, exp , a said county his z~t]tlon seeking to .... ~,.n.. a .... ~hoa .o .]!.w~. R~- Clerk Superlor Court, ~ We the way for some contl U-!and receives an ~tllotment. In add]tmn reserye snpphes, and payments are re~ster and have the title confirmed .~,,,~. o~ th~ ~th,~u~t. corner ty, Georgia. ~:L W~ policy. These cooperative a- 'to this special provision for small made~ to encourage' farmers to pro- in-his name to the following tract or 6formed~ by ................... the intersection of Col-.~EORGIA, Clinch t .~eeme~ts have been entered into l~T(owers, the act also provides in- duce up to these national allotments, parcel of land, under the provisions e tree and Forrest Street and[ I, Folks Huxford, Clerk ~!:h.I~h~thS~atne~ ~foutGo~:olina, an-a $200. s In all payments less than la:?n?:~ragLO:nysPtr:V'ai~iion:to~ngeth~ o~thoe hLa#d=dre~:g~an~att~yA~t~t:ac=w~l~ ~i":n:ni~onthtet~cee" l~nr~]~ mEaa~r]y;d~oeCr, l~arl, O~o?~eUrr~eb)f cCehn~ tChO~t n~0tiations are under way with] If a farmer plants cotton in excess surnluses of big crop years for use more o_r. ~e~. ox. ~u~vz ~,u_m_~_ o Test Street a distance of 200 feet tOlgO, lng .Ls.a ~rue ~n.u .~o~t " i e~ " e ' - in the 7In dlstrlc~ oI sa~u county ~uu 8.8 ma "n o an alle intersect- the petition ~0 alsao uuou. Florida and Alabama. At th~s t m of his acreage allotment, he will los in years of shortage. The Govern- o~o,, ~,~,~,H,~ ~ th~ ~11 ~[the E t r~ f ~. y .. I __a__ _, *ho ~.~,,~ ~.~,~i, eO~ abbut twc~ and one-half' mllhon acres lull soil eonservatmn payments, his meat is authorized to advance money ,.'~.~L .... ~-~o ^~ ooia lot viz" Ilag w~tn ~'orrest ~treet, . tnence~ ..~,~, o,.~ a-..'^~',=~=, ^~ ~ .... ~" .... " ......... " ~ South a distance of 547 feet along ~,,~* ~,- u ............. of federal lands m the Southern Reg- cotton price adjustment payment, as loans to enable farmers to hold ~-~ ~ o m,hdivision lots Num ............ ...... ion* are now ~nder agreement. [and the chance to obtain a full loan surpluses until needed, be~s'l,'E'3,'4,~'5,6, 7, 8, 9; 10; 13;[the East margin of said alley tt~_tch~el,~e~S~n~ ~s" ~n ~e~nm~y' in uot or his farm ,, rketin uo s backed . oeginning point of proper~y; ~ e c . . ~ General Wildlife. Federation on the marketg q a f .1 Four---Ma ...... g q ta 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19, 19~A,0 20, 21,L, ..the ..... ~,,~ v-" ............. " c~,~o~..~ .......... ,~oo+In~[ This February 24th, 193f ~s down a worthy work m behalf of by penalties on sales m excess of the ; 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, and 3 , of .............. " sai~ -lle- ] FOLKS HUXFORD . " ff , ~ " an 'axong tne z~a~ margin u~ u .L ~ this phase of conservation. Confer- Farmers Advsled By Waltor S. quotas are to be used to secure .gen=lCo!o.red-.Amer can I nd__ C ompa Y1251 feet to an alley; thence Easterlyl. CL~'rk Superior Court, ClinI farmers in a~UDUlVlalOl~ oz sa~a ~o~ a~ p~r p~- ~y, ~eorg~a ence plans now being realized are Brown to Study Farm Proeram eral participation of I .......... ~_1187 feet along the North side of last[ for the greatest mass restoration -- I progr~m designed to bold surl).luai~ssme^of,re~e~,r~a~nos~lcun~ain~imentioned alley to lends.of_M~. J'l- movement and wildlife program everIn addition to being interested in supplies off the market until they l.u~"~'~c~o~mo~%r less'"[ F. Patterson; thence Northerly ~ong] of $281.50, by the said S. und~take~ i~ .America. Southe)n the cotton and tobacco provisions of a~e ~eeded. ~arketing quotas " "e s tthe West side of lands of pars. a. e'.lCutchen, Sr., payable to tl forests are singularly rich and vari- the new farm program, Georgia farm cotton and flue-cured tobacco were "us r~?be'l"~l~:llaCwreS--em~?reni:r loi~t]Pattersn 267 feet to lands of Satira[of HOME OWNERS' LOAi out in wildlife resources and all in- era ought to understand some of the approved by farmers in referenda ~etCrmi~ed !~; be~i;mn~ at ~ ~int! Rivers; thence Wester.ly alon~r thetPORATION and fully d e~ - -- ........ "~h "~ . ....... ' - -~ " ~ . . - ~" % . *'- .. i ~outn line of ~aura ~Ivers. ~ano ~vi~he sec,urlty, deed re~errea tion irr the region. "~de 1938 program is being built thp develops either on the farm, inichains for a commencing point. From]'or map of same prepared"by S. R.[~older may declare.the~ntir - - upon the experience which led to the the county, or in the case of nation-[such point of commencing, runmngI Kirton, Jr., June 1934. The aoo~e|edness due and c0ilectiole. " If Excess Acid causes enactment of the original Agricul- al need. The corn belt, of course, is West 6 degrees South 540 feet in-idescribed property being bounded on[ NOW, whereas the said Lq][~=~ .............. ~.--t-ent Act" the director ~. "~,~roste~ in thin ~rovsiion asltersecting with a graded road run-lthe North by lands of Satira Rivers ;| Cutchen, Sr,, having def.a~ rll~l~.r.~ y P ..... ,, - ....... n .......... a_-o! nlng from State Highway 38 to theI on the East by lands of Mrs. J. sueh installment payments : ~adL~e Ulcers, In~h~eshnn, pointed out, and to ~ms naSnas oeenVee Georgm is m tne cotton ana ~ou cc IA. C. L. Railroad; thence South 17tPatterson; on the West by an alley,[than" ninety" days, tke ~n~ Bloatlnl, Gas, Heartburn, Belch|n~, added the experience tna.t features. I degrees East along said road 11751.and on the South by an alley: t?has declared the entire ina~ Nau~, ~et a fre~ sample of UDGA gained since then in administering "Six--~rop insurance for wheat, !feet to ~he right-of-way of said rail-I Also all heating, plumbing and ldue by reason of said defau and a fre~ h~terestln~ booklet at--- national farm programs !starting with the 1939 crop will give;road; thence Eastwardly along said lighting fixtures ~nd equipment at- accordance with the terms ACME PHARMACY In view of the favorable vote on the wheat producers and the bread!railroad right-of-way 330 feet inter- tached to or used in connection with note and deed. March 12 for marketing quotas for supplies of the Nation better protec-~ secting with the first-mentioned six- said real estate that were conveyed[ The above described ' cotton and tobacco, Director Brown lion against drought. Gradual ac-~eg~stee?~ne;stahi~n~ie/?:tpho6nde~r~es ~n the aboved::Carirbedb:?cur~tx~de:dci| b:seSOl~eS~bje~t t~/he It Is Dangerous ~aid that farmers should consider six cumulations of wheat paid in by l .... g ' "1 .se p .... g, __ I ........ - . . . . gl~Inln~ and the said property SOld ~y tne un- ~or casn anu me proceeds It is danaerous to sell a SUBSTITUTE mum points m the program. He ad- farmers as insurance premiums will '. .......... I- " " foresai~l for the -ur Iv lied to said indebtedness vised that this is the easiest way fo contribute a major pa t of the Ever l tc) A cer~am tract containing s~x- aerslgnea, as a , p for 666 jnst to make three or four mer to understand the ba ic priGr Normal Granar .... pp~ ~,~. wheut [teen acres, more or less, known as~pose of paying off the indebtedness, ~'awf, ul expense of said sal far s - ~ .............. ~.~ +~oot ' ~e~ureA by said deed in the nrincipal provided in the deed. cents more.'Customers are your best * s . . . . .... the Ella Adams flfteen-ac ...... ,~ ~ - - . . : . , ~,~ ~v~, LC assets; /o,o them and you lose your visions of the act. Thls provision, ox course, is. o paru.-Idescribed as follows: Commencing at,sum of $869.82, which ~ncluaes anI xx,a~,L~..~.,."..*'..~-~%^.. b'siness. 6S6 is worth throe or four The six ~oints are'--- [cular interest to commercla| wheat a .i~oint of said graded road immedi-l advance of $90.33, with accrued in[ t~v~n:~..~a times as ~ueh as a SUBSTITUTE. "One--CoTitinuanee of theAAA' farmers but all consumers are ai- at~ly across the road from where the lterest computed to Feb. 1.1, 1938 m l As ~'w_" ZT" croatian" Pro am and the reetly benefitted by the insurance North line of said 12-acre tract in the I the sum of $85 gO. as evidenced by[, S.D. Mcuu~enen, ..... ~, So)l.Cons . ....~g~-'e-tiv-- as a that we shall maintain an ample sup-Ipreeeding paragraph touches said la certain note executed .and dully: Mack Barnes, Attorney, ----'- "--" ~ .~'~W estaonsnment ox ~ uuj. ~ ~ ....... ,1 .=--^-,, l r,~oA. ~A ~-Am said commencine' ered August 11, 1984, in ~ne amoun~ waycross, t~,L,~. ~b~ribe /or the NE 8 rsrt of a permanent farm poucy ply o:[ wnea~ a~ a, ~--~. | .... , ........ |