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March 25, 1938     The Clinch County News
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March 25, 1938

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t O Editorial And 5ocial News .j DEDICATED TO THE UPBUILDING AND ADVANCEMENT OF CLINCH COUNTY 43, Number 18. Homerville, Clinch County, Georgia, Friday. March 25, 1938. Established in 1894 Field GEORGIA To SENEF,T -'-- .Y PEANUt TRADIN~ Music r buva. ,z,. _ ~ .... 11 : EORGE IS INDORSED .income z nousanus .Y RAILROAD LAaOR C. E. Cahow Day At TiftonI ATLA AN Under a l i Rural-Urban Meet, ATLANTA ~ United States Dies Suddenly new Waycrou Saturday --- i Senator Walter F. George, of Geor- [arrangement establishing trading in l I -- STATION ,WILL peanut futures, Georgia peanut l EIGHTH DIS~RICT EVENT TO URGES WOMEN TO MAKE RES- gia, was named by the Association SERVICES FOR FORMER CITIZEN FIFTH ANNUAL LIVE- growers will have an established BE HELD IN NEW HIGH ERVATION PROMPTLY WITH [of American Railroad Labor Execu- OF HOMERVILLE HELD FIELD DAY MAR. 29-30 market, giving them the same ad- SCHOOL AUDITORIUM COUNTY SCHOOL HEADS i tires on its slate of candidates for the MONDAY + +' " " , , ~, i ~'ant~g~ ~:* growers of cotton, ac- ! United States. Senate in the primar~ e Georgia~l Plain Experi-'c0rding l~o~o~'ff~ials of Atlanta brok- The second annual Eighth District (Georgia News Serv,ce) , elections, according to advices from C. F~ Cahow, Fort Pierre's first Station, Tifton, Georgia, will erage firms. They explained that the Music Festival, participated in byATLANTA, Ga.--Approx}mateiyt Washington. mayor-commissioner under the corn- its fifth annual livestock field farmer will be given a chance to ~ High Schools of a wide area of South '+ 3,000 rural women have made reset- Others incluc~ed on the assoeia- ! missiOn~-Znanage~r form of g~gvern- on Tuesday and Wednesday, hedge against part of his production Georgia, will be held at the new Way- rations to attend the rural-urban tion'a s~ate wl~re: South Carolina, ent, building construction contractor h 29 and 30. The program will Others predict that the price of the] cross High School auditorium Sat- conference here March 29 and 30, Senator Smith; North Carolina, Sen-iand prominent in civic and fraternal' at i o'clock Eastern Standard commodity would be enhanced as a' urday, directed by Kendall Zeliff, Mrs. Robin Wood, conference chair- ator Reynolds; Florida, Senator Pep-icircles, died of an acute heart attack Iresult of the new type o~ trading, ! music instructor of the Waycross man and director of the women's per; Alabama, Senator Hill. iat his home at 115 South Tenth rector S H Start states that the which began last week. I High School and general chairman ~ division of the state agricultural de- - I street shortly befor~ 5 o'clock Sat- ram will be given over largely I of the Festival. partment, announced. !|ft#~| P~,L~41- ~,~ l urday morming. attle and hog production. He r~i.~fl~ d~'t|.,a,~t,~m, . I Glee clubs, orchestras, bands and A wall,rounded program which ~--v,~a ,s. vol. %Jglal~,,,~ ] Mr. Cahow apparently was in per- I the Experiment Station is carry- a~'~;;ctLzi ~.,l~lPl.lllzo ] drum and bugle corps of the district will help town and city solve their ~h~/~|] ir~**~,~ A =.. i feet health upon retiring in the even- on numerous feeding and breed-I ]~ .rq~4.~al#.r~4.~,,will participate in the event, problems mutually will 'be presented~ vv 111 valo~i v~ ,rJklr !ing and was taken ill but an hour or ~ests with cattle and hogs. The Avaao. LJCtU~llGtgt~' l Schools will asesmble at the high by distinguished speakers during the ~| ~h~v~|,.:so before the end. He was 50 year + . . t + ," ' i Xeature of the day wall be an- -- ,slhool audztormm at 10 o lloek. There two-day conference -that officially Avacx.za v ~-'~i~:of age. of nine lots of steers that PROMINENT RESIDENT OF ECH, will be a recess at 12:30 o'clock and opens Atlanta's million: dollar muni- I Funeral services will be conduct- been on feed for 140 days. The OL$ COUNTY DIES AT at 1 o'clock a luncheon will be held cipal auditorium. ! The Post Office Department will'ed from the First Presbyterian Polled Hereford herd, the[ HOWELL HOME at the Ware Hotel for school super- Mrs. Wood expects between 5,000 celebrate the 20th anniversary of the church l~onday afternoan at 4 o'- Hereford herd and the native intendents principals and directors, and 6,000 country, town and city inauguration of regular air mail ser- clock, followed by interment in the also be seemThe cows in~ Mrs: George W. Daugharty, 72,:Concerts will be resumed at the high women to be present at the sessions vice on May 15, 1918, by observing local cemetery. Dr. 3. M. Howard, various herds +will have their one of ~he +best knbwn residents of school at 2 o'clock, which begin Tuesday morning, March the first National Air Mail week May pastor of the church, will conduct the calves by their sides. Four Echols county, died at the family The festival this year will show a 30, in time for out of ,town women 15 thro.ugh May 21, 1938. To honor services there, with Mrs. Maud Me- of fall pigs that are ready for residence i~ Howell this morning af-marked advancement in musical in- to return to their homes the Wright Brothers, an official Combs playing the music, and ser- market will be on exhibition, ter an illness of several mon~ths, terest in the high schools of the Rural women will be guests in the cachet will be authorized for use at vices at the graveside will be ~n brood sows and their' Funeral services will be held to- Eighth District. Fifteen schools are homes of Atlanta women Tuesday Kitty Hawk, N. C., the birth place charge of Fort Pierce lodge 87, Free litters will be shown on a morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at registered, as compared with nine night Mrs. R. A. Long, housing of aviation, and Accepted Masons, of which the sanitation set-up. All the breed Wayfare Church. I last year. There will be four bands chairman, and~ the PTA women's Postmaster R. E. Wilson has been deceased was a member. Members of animals a:f the Station, together Elder Orvill Knight, of Lakeland, and a number of orchestras entered division of the chamber of commerce appointed chairman of Clinch Coun- that lodge and members of the local work mares and their a'nd Elder Fra'nk Parrish, of Howell, this year, as compared with no bands are completing the details, ty and asks tbe cooperation of all in. Bo~, Scout troop, of which Mr. Ca- he shown, i will officiate. ' and few orchestras last year. Bruns- Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, wife making this Air Mail Week a success how was executive committee ehair- Starr states that the nine .~. 'wick and Valdosta will present their of the president, Mrs. Julia Peter- locally. In order to do this there will man, will attend in a body Burns & ~ne is survived by her husband and ~ -n~ ~ -l~ cor-s of steers that have been on feed the followin~ sons and daughters: F. ar~kmm:n~ ~l~: new Pschools entered kin, famous author who, as the oper- be a letter box placed in some con- Yates Funeral Home in in charge of days have been fattened on vari- . combinations of home grown D~ugharty, Howell; Miss Susie Daugh: this yes'are Mystic, Nicholls, Fargo, atOran authorityf her OWnon 5,000ruralaCreprofflems,farm, is theSpiciUSpatronsSpt offrthetheHomervillecnvenienCepostf statearrangements'there fromThe9 A.bdYM. towill2 liep. M.in ar~y,rlOWeH, lsnam Daugnar~y ann l Waresboro, Screven,Hah'ra, and Judge Camille Kelley, juvenile judge office to deposit their mail, both day Monday. On~ l:taha :aZe:p:: fC:(dn" Ray Daugharty, Fargo; Mrs. J. C.: ve sn g lots have been fe~ whole ear Sheffield Fargo; and Bobble Daugh-~Hmerville" from Memphis, Dr. Charles H. Herty and night, i Clarence Elton Cahow was born The Festival will be conducted on Savannah chemist, and Dr. Clarence Mr. Wilson requests that other at Barbertcm, O., the son of Robert and e a arty, Valdosta t P anut hay but received " 'a co-operative basis no prizes being Poe, editor of the Pregressive Farm- Postmasters of the county follow the Milo and Clarissa Driesbach Cahow. protein supplements One~ One brother and three miters al- offered and no winners to be desig- er, are among the nationally known same procedure in order to make the He was engaged in building con- so survive. They are Seward C. Pat- sated Waycross Journal Herald speakers who will appear on the pro- observance county wide. struction work in Akron, O., for three lots received velvet terson., Homerville; Mrs. L. I. Rob .... ]gram I _. ~_ s, another lot peanut meal, and . , some years, married Miss Lillian ' lot cottonseed meal as a pro- erts, Hahira; Mrs. J. F. Daugharty, |~-..*|..........L. |,.,. ~4b.~&.,,.. I The director emphasized the neees- ][.][]I~A|~][~L][ ]~'T~]I~ Sweat in Homerville, Ga., in 1913, ~P flement The fifth lot re- Fargo, a'n~l Mrs. Viola White, Prit- IOt,/~lLlllF~tg, l[~ 111 ~L~LC: I sity for all delegates to make reser- a=-~ILi.~ l~12~and located in Jacksonville the same a full feed of ground corn, chardsville, S.C. I 4~...--.|. ][)..~..,, V~,~,.~-~vations with their county school su-] ---- year, where he remained until 1915 There are also a number of other ~l~ l~.gtt lll~,l~;ao~i;; ] t meal and peanut hay. The relatives in Clinch, Echois and Lown-[ [ Prerlntt:nbd:n~and fo: tt~l:n~ame~oWhe~, CounBt: DRe~Fh A~?:INK or 1916 and then moved to Eau received a ration of cotton- oner Gallie. He came to Fort Pierce in teal and cotton seed hulls. The des counties. ] ATLANTA--(GPS) A petition to be sure to notify the local commit- 1919 and had resided here ever since. eighth and ninth lots substi-" Before her marriage she was Miss seeking an increase of approximate- tee. Women who reside on R. F.D. Each year in the United tSateshacl resided here ever since. molasses test. In one of these I.azla JaW Patterson, :dv, ughterr of ly 10 per cent in interstate freight routes will receive badges free. [more than 12,000 mothers die from Mr Cahow was head of the Ca- che ground corn was substi-the late Mr. and Mrs. Isham Patter- rates has been filed with the GeorgiaI The rural-urban conference is conditions of childbirth and pregnan- how Construction Co., and built prac- .t an equal amount of black- s~n.. Ker l~re(n~s were origir~lly Public Service Commission. . by rail-. + sponsored by virtually every function- '1 ey. During the same time more than ! tieally all of the more prominem missies. In another lot dne- ! from Appling county, but shortly af- roads operating m Georgqa. Chmr- ing civic organization in the state.. 60,000 babies die within the first two buildings here, including the masonic corn was substituted with ter the War Between the States they man ;Walter McDonald announced Its purpose is to coordinate the or- weeks of life and there are 77,000 temple, Booster building, Sunrise molasses. The third lot moved to Clinch county. His father that the commission will hold a pub-I ganizations and individuals in a stillbirths. Thus more than 150,000 and Sample theaters, telephone ex- used as a check in the molasses was an officer in the war. 'lie hearing on the petition April 14. [ rural improvement program that will lives are lost, 60% of them need- change, court house addition, Fort ^~i The petition asks the commissioni nd did not receive any molass~a.~ Mrs. Daugharty was born in carny, encompass not only financial help lessly because of our mismanagement Pierce bank addition, Hendry Me- L. ~tephens in charge of the county. She spent all of her lifein to put into effect in Georgia be- for the farm women but will also aid of the child-bearing function, morial Methodist church, Peacock Work at the Station states Clinch an~ ~chols ~^u-*:^- o~_ ~_~ tween state points the same scale of them in solving their problems of Puerparal sepsis or child bed-feverl buil~ing, Louise and Elmar apart- t Sine days of the livestock She was a member of the Metho by tbe Interstate Commerce ears will be on the varmus lived at Howell for about 28 years i charges that were approved recreation, education and health, due to infection, is the most import-'ments, also the White City and recently . Commis-] Mayor Hartsfield, city and state ant cause of material deaths. It ae-IWabasso schools, Okeechobee bank armers will be able to study dist Chnreh, her membership being sion for interstate shipments. These officials will welcome the country counts for 41% of the total. Kidney building, and telephone exchanges pasture mixtures and the at Antioch church in Clinch county, rates include a 10 per cent increase women to the state's capitol They disease resulting in convulsions, is at Fort Lauderdale and Lake Worth. fertilizer tests that are be-.+ Mrs. Daugharty was a devoted wife ~" general commodities and a 5 per will participate also in the dedication another common cause of maternal! Upon establishment of the corn- on. land mother and was loved b'-all xvh~ ' .... t increase onagricultural pro-of the beautiful remodeled auditor- death. Syphilis accounts for an un-~mission-manager form of municipal m-" - t.al Plain Experiment Sta- knew her. " +',:cts. j ium, just completed. I told number of both maternal and'government in Fort Pierce, Mr. Ca- ~ntalns a herd of purebred "~h .... ' .......... --- I + [infant deaths, i how became a member of the corn- ogrse h " ~ e ouay was removes irom ~Ine- . ~ ..... )n ..Y ogs. With these the atb' ......... 11~ ....... ~]L. ..... ]~AA,, ~ ....... (~..L~A| A& + A very Important contributory mmsmn along with W. I. Fee and the u- authorities are carrying on ,_ s ~uneral ~ome_ tins az~ernoon ]L~Iv~r~ ~|l/~.l[-~z~ l-u~ ~um[][]~r ~||~i$1 2-~L ifactor is the excess birthrate in ru-llate J. A. McNeill and was made xee . LO ~,lle i~lklllll resloence ann Will re- . , + ~hng and breedln studies Y Its g main there until "h ..... 1" ~"- ~r~---- ]~ ..... &cA,,, ~[][? ..... g~A||A.,,.,~ral areas unable to supportlarge mayor. He was re-elected for ensu- of the year roun"~azin~ " , g e nour oz tne tun-~_lll l/dL~g ~GIiI~JLI~711 WOlIl/~lkl[][]~ IG..~J~ll~]l~ ..... la.i^n_ ~n- * ..... ~t;r;n.. ;n ~ Can o*o~ =;v for 1 al tomorrow.--VaJdosta Times . . . I , __ 937 will be announced, i " -- ! Low income, lack of hospital facz-,years outstanding service in that hg;~t~i:sdgr.U:~cde~i~i .... sLThewme}~ !!~hor:':di~ inUr '~o~p~li~!!i .... r:d~!i i! }~:~3t~ tpeeXfpiit!i~:~t~h:~." e i e ! P : the home-owners out of the benefits B. Raffensperger, Zoologi-i t due them under the Homestead and this year of a summer school at the of deaths, bar of Commerce and had held other ~on, Bureau of Animal In-!H:yAmt vrth~ls~,~M~!~cl!!;h~e!i :h~Ma~n~'~eszn.tlt~,d~ac~c~oYr:i!gP!e~an o?:c~at'i Georgia State Womz~ns +College at . } The childbearing mother is subject-limportamt community posts. His pro- moultrie, Georgia, the Ex-t I Valdosta. The summer schoolwlll ied to greater hazards than soldiers fessional and technical training made Station has been very suc- i run six weeks, beginning the week in time of war. Most of the dangers his services varticularly valuable to growing hogs under the gave an amusing reading entitled ration by Governor E. D. Rivers in of June 13, and will be open to men lean be removed hy adequate medi- the community in various aetivltie~ sanitation system for the past "Ma and the Auto", depicting the a radio address. G6vern0r Rivers as well as women. !cz~l ami nursing supervision which ~r.d he was a booster and builder, years. He states that he will be manner in which Ma drives from the i speech followed receipt in recent The annual summer session at the should begin early in pregnancy or, attributes that accentuated his ser- -~nd. to Pe~'sonally advise t~he back seat and the reaction of Pa to lweeks of reports from home owners college was discontinued by the better yet, before conception takes vice to the community. e,: In regard to proper methods her admonitions land others in certain counties that Regents in 1933. Popular demand is,plaee. Most p}~ysieians attending too-' He was active in promoting th~ ~g raising ~o da 1 Mrs. E. C. Mauldin rendered in local authorities were attempting to responsible for the reopening of thetthers in childbirth are now insisting Boy Scout rr/ovemedt, served for 'a- ys. are set aside for the~ , ~ hWhich will be in charge ofla most pleasing manner, two vocal make up their loss in revenue from session, according to the college au- on certain standards of prenatal care years as a troop committeeman and solos, "Love's Old Sweet Song" and~ exer~ptions to which they are an- thorities. 'for their patients. They prefer not was committee chairmam at the time OUthwe]l, Animal Husband" , "Trees" i!~!~!aelo~i:i'~~ ~_^,,...~.~Gi!~d !~~i:~~!ii It assume responsibility unless they:+of his death. He was instrumental at ~e Coastal Plain Experiment! o,..u~z~v ,~,,~. =e.~..u~. Jean see the mother at leats six months'in procuring and supervised construe- March 29 is set aside for the n,,~,,,~. ~,uo ov,~,., .... before the baby comes, i tion of the Boy Scout cabin here. of Southeast Georgia, and Aq't.A~rT+A ~ Rids ,n n * Many of our lea{di,ng physicians He was also instrumental in procur- {} is set aside for the farmers ,,,~;,~,toh, e~ nn~ w,rth , ~av.~now lnsmt on a blood test for everY+ing eonstruction of the sehooI brand ~St_ Georgia. A large dale- ~.~----:~ v.o-~,~,--~---,-: ;~ t expectant mother, to be made as house, supervised that project a0d arrness is expected on both ""~' ~" ..... ~ ~"~ ~ r'l~n~ 4~--O'~'S I ~4~ " " 4 earzy as possible The detection of s i predzeted might attempt to rob tax program in the spring of peaker. Mr. Bazmore told about the " have been called for by the State+ 'various other school improvements, D~.~ers o ~heir ~2 000 homes end" syphflm by blood test may enable the i'ln the continuance" of whmh" work attended by well over awrk of the Herty Foundation, its an~300fnersonalty'exemptionst He Highway Board, it was announced . . Was n a doctor to carry the mother and the'h n m.d farmers who were interest.+ benefits and usefulness He discussed - . * . at'that time that the intent by Chairman W. L. Miller. Co tr eta . . e was still e gaged at thetime of deemrea ---~ ~^ ~* ~-'~ + ~ o theiunDorn cnild through to a state of.his death better methods of cattle and the educational work of the founds-' w,,. w ,~ .~v .....Th,ee f ....... + . -.. s reasonamy good nealtn and enable ~'- ,e production, l~zon through ?b~O~hWC~iutesandw:ret ~: thetv:t:r~h:ndustth:ml:r~ laatsUsr:m~:: largest projects, involving an utlaYibo~h~ ~o ...... survive and be usezul mem I Mr. Cahow was a charterFn~emb~'r :S-.O--fflcmls Draft ty. ~ oe zno n ta z W s ~ers oz soem~y It m to oe rememner lavadable for showing in Clinch eoun- that there would he people "who have I of almost $420,000, are in Chatham~ .......... "of the local Rotary :club, a member * i .... and make no increase. He predicted icounty" The largest single project _ .-. -'"of the local Elks lodge, Mahi Shrin- ed that Syphzhs may be contracted rt l is a proposed concrete bridge and ........... ! . era temple, Knights Templar, Fo bitterly opposed these exemptinlapproach over railroad tracks on theinnocently, an~ wl~nout ~ne patient Pierce lodge 87, F. and A. M.~ and ....ron+rols Sponsors Free Picture Show I measures, who would try to prevent i bemg able to say when, where or, Savannah-Macon Road. i. " ..... i was a past patron of Eau Gallic O. With the cooperation of the Horn-t the people getting full .valuation of . . . cage. .,o..,. o~,.,~ ,,..~ o~,, . .., =,,pub}!c.,sch'ltauthritie's.thelthe" exemption by raising assess-. MR.---L~R I~OVING " monthsnW zt WaSand contrarieS.oftener during the later E?:~h~::S l .... " ^~',,x ~sr" (GPS)~,~.,_, Jubilant .................. over e~vil~ ,- ............... me ts. Every month during the early .......... ~m~ri'nt~ri]l~ ~*erlin-lon~ eharaefelt - --==K S rezerenda a or~ The urpose of the present admm farmers- A .... _ .',shown in the High School audit "urn! p -, Friends" of former Sheriff P. R, te~_,~.., be months of pregns~ney,the urine ~. ,h_~'ommunit.. an~ whose -.-dden offi^-'-,' g~cu~ture Depar~-'~Tuesdav ni~,ht March 29 at ei~ht'istration is not to raise taxes, but to lLee will be glad to know that his . ~y ~ ~ ~ ~ a ~,, ~mxs i ' ~ ~ ' ' ~' ' " " " - ....... ~i a~a untimely aea~ c me gr ng to _.~n Washington are o'clock, lequltably adjust and distribute taxeslcondition, is much improved after be-jshuld be tested for ewdence of kid ........... h -a--- as a --eat ney ~roume. The mooo pressure,~.~.^_,_ ,~ ~i- n'-merous friends pu~ marzeting control . he stated, ing seriously ill with pneumon,ia in~, ........ im~c~ ~v , ~u )ns of the new farm law into~ These pictures, it is said, dewct 1 rapid Increase ot we]gnt ann swel- ~tnto limit sales of three 1938fin an interesting and pleasing man-! WELFAR~ Itheeral Waredays County Hospital for sev-ii mg ................. ........ are o~ner signs of trounle anea~ ;11 --Ft. PierCeoNFERENcENeWs Tribune was pointed out in Atlanta iner the features of a well roundedI i=~v~ MILLION PROGRAM~ .trouble that can be averted by care-iM~THOI~I~T C-C~NF-" ~ority to " " ..... """ zul managment Impose marketing~ forestry program, setting forth thet f BAPTIST~OL ! on all growers of cotton and~proper methods of forest management' ~r ~xt,p~ ~ ,~ S+ate! ~ " t TO BE IN THOMASVILLE red ..... ~ ......... --~ ......... ATTENDANCE INCREASES I The women of Clinch county can! graS~:d dark types of tobac-lreforestatmn, tl~e. a ctivztl.es of .the Board of Public Welfare on April Ii they realize its importance. The local! The District Conference of the they realize it's importance The local+ ho is E isco al Church .... ~u o.y top-heavy majori-,zores~ ranger anti ~ in Joca~lng ,,,ill la,,nch ~ ~-,,ildin~, -ro~ram fort Attention is called to the increase - . . i Met d t p p South "~.~,-ers who voted in elections iand extinguishing fires and the uses ~ .... .~,~~,~"~,,nar~.. ~ins~titutions! ~ed . ~+~g,,~ ~~, .... ~ ~ , of attendance of the Baptist Sunday doctors are capable of rendering this|will meet in Thomssville, Ga., April under terms of the new of the forest areas for grazing stock / the first in several decades, it was School last Sunday. There were 118 service. orgia farmers indorsed the raising. ~ e !bth, 6th, and 7th. Theme: "The East- ' u announced by LaLmar Murdaugh, present ~nd showed a considerable; The community program for pr "ler Challenge". Meeting it the Wesley , q ota systems for both This picture demonstration will be:director of the welfare department. , creas~ ........ ~, .... ~ .... in ...... *~'^ c.,-d-- ~-efore ~na~a care nas veen strengxnenea OY.of Discipleship. Several noted spdak- d flue-cured tobacco, free and the public is invited.~ The board has authorized an ap- Now that "spring is here again" it estabhshmg the regular Wednesday era will be present, among them, control of sales will start l clinic, to those mothers who are plication to the Public Works Ad-lwill behoove everyone to come out " . _ un- Mrs. Helen B. Bourne, Council Sec-+ the 1938 crops start to marketi Among the senior students of thel in " " " "o n lable to secure the services of a pri-:retary' who will speak on Education ministration for funds to be used , of his winter hlbernatl m of Su - " . . ,, vatc physlcmn i o~. ~armers marketing in Georgia State. Womans College in connection with upwards of $1,500,- day and attend Sunday School and and Promotion. ~nezr federally-allotted Valdosta who left this week on an 000 in state monies, Director Mur- Church. Dr. A. B. Metcalfe, pastor t Noonday devotionals will be con- of the national quotas will be annual trip was Miss JuanitaoSir- daugh said. The director estimated of the Baptist Church urges all his Messrs. W. B. Walt;on, T. R. Smith ducbed each day Those who expect to heavy penalty taxes. !roans. They will visit interesting that the entire program, which will; members to come out to Sunday ~and Billy Walton left last Friday to attend should send their ~qames --"-'-- -- I p]aces enroute as well as in and a- nrovide new buildings at the insti-I School and Church and any others Subscribe for the NEWS [ round New Orleans. tUtions, would cost $5,000,000.. |that can. ~[a fr Arizna" They will be gne abuti t Mrs' RudIph Keytn' ThmaSweek.['ville' Ga. ,