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March 22, 1990     The Clinch County News
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March 22, 1990

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CLINCH COUNTY NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 1990 Page 2 Meals and Goodies Manor Beauty . Es,a,,,s,e, ,. ,8,, Letter To Editor Audrey James Pageant Dear sir: Dear sir: Please find enclosed affirming our postal service Thanks March 31 (Publication Number 118-140) check to cover cost of our Recently there have 2lOg. Dame Ave. Ph. 912/487.5337 subscription to the Clinch been many comments, Contributors (Reported) HOMERVILLE, CA. 31634 County News for anotherboth nationally and locally, Manor Elementary " year. My wife and I enjoy concerning our Postal Ser- Audrey James, chair- Official Organ of Clinch County and City of ~ reading it. We get lots of vice. Many of the corn-man of the Foods Commit-announces the annual news about our relatives aunts have been of a nega- tee would like to thank the Miss Manor Beauty Po- und friends. My wife was tiDe nature and these following individuals and geant which will be held on Men Of 6ridges Of Hopq Return Helping Hand i born in Homerville and has comments have caused businesses for making food March 31, 7:30 p.m. in the .,~. lots of cousins living in much concern among Post- or cash donations for the Manor auditorium. The that area. All her uncles ai Workers, who do an ex- Playground Project: Way-theme of the pageant this cross Coca Cola Bottlingyear will be "Precious Mo- ----- and aunts who hved there cellent work. ~ ,,. , ..... ments" A very special ,.or~.. ..~lead an~_ ~,,one, but l have friends and rela-t~o.,, ~mg s ~nlcK,. Uras ~ Published Every Thursday at The News Officetheir children still live in tires who are employed by Dee s Dinern H~mmet~0, s guest this year will be Miss InHomerville, Georgia thatarea the United States Postal uatry _t~e,`, ,, Georgia, Jamie Price. lliibill for 11 L . .55, per year inside Clinch County .... " ........ Service and often the be Log Kitchen, Kicnara sJamie will emcee the pa- her ztrs cousin, wuourn " .~ ........ geant as well as provide ' h runt o ec s urocery ~ ~ealooa MarKet, and $13.65 per year outside Clinch CountySnuth, who hves there, will come t e b f unn e -x~r p ..... it Williamsentertainment. " " in Yv. o. ~t vw~u, ........ be 94 years old this month, sary rzbbmg concern g T..o*;* .*;.,ol wh.]oooto~ Also providing enter- IVERSONHI HUXFORD His health is failing him, their vocation. ~;'~"~";',, ~;'~,~.~',~Z~' tainment this year will be EdltorandPubllsher cannot drive a car any- I believe that we have the ~ .... ".?.: "':'"'.~:~'".'~"~' the "Heartbreakers". They .of\ more. I am 90 years old, best Postal Service in the Inc., l:zggty w~ggJy ~ou~ will be performing various ARGYLE--When men my wife is 89, so our lives world. The other countries thern, inc., Ivlanetta nreaa pop songs for your en- of the "Bridges of Hope" Second Class Postage Paid At Homerville, Ca. are well spent here on this of the world pay premium Company, Derst Baking joyment. "Heartbreakers paid a recent call on their earth. My wife knew your prices for their Postal Ser- ~.o,mpany . ~unoea.ml, performing this year are: nearest neighbors, Mr. and late father for years. He vice. Postage rates are~oi,s vaKe~, ~racK.mg Jerome Arnold, Brandon Mrs. Ira Steedley, they POSTMASTER: Send address changasto: The Clinch was a great, likeable per- higher and delivery is~o~a, bay s ~oca~ ~mps,Bennett, Carl Beverly, came prepared to make a County News, P.O. Box 377, Homervllle, Ca. 31634 son, and has been mis- slower. We are privi- LeuerDacn, ~uwanee Junior Bonilla, Bert contribution. The Steed- I I " I -- sod by everyone. My leged to have superior Pus- Swifty, Flash Foods, Booth, Richard Booth, leys needed a new roof, ~ A . =' . nitrogen by one-fourth when using wife is the former Mer-tal Service in the United Adens, Earl's Red & White Carey Carmichael, Dannyand the men came with ~0unlv A=enz amwdustmulch, lice Daugherty. The Dau- States. L!ttleD.ebbieCakes, Mar- Carmichael, Kevin Car- tacks, hammers and a ~ W m . Of the manufactured mulches, ghertys there in that area I would like to be count- vm ~mztn s urocery, ua-michael, Jarred Car- willingness to get in- ,~, == black polyethylene is the most are her cousins. Her fa- ed among those persons dent & Son Supply,.Bo ter, Ben Coppage, Michael VOIDed. It was truly a la- popular It's generally available in . ~ews . . . ther was James William who really appreciate the Willougnoy, Kaue .~tce,Corbitt, Jason Cornelius, bor of love and when it , une-mone-and-a-half.mdthickness Daugherty, and her me- United Postal Service. Our Mareese ~ssoms, ~ax!ey Joey Cornelius, Daniel was over, the Steedleys : By Mike Brunrtnn (one rail equals lllO00 inch) in thor was Corona Smith, local Post Office is staffed lvic~/umt: uarence ~mztn, Cox, Kenneth Cox, Josh had their new roof. ........ milsUur, e to five feet wide. daughter of John F. Smith by citizens of our own com- Audrey James, and JamesCravey, Chase Daniel, Said one of the men: ffi ..... Although it's a lisle more costly. ~ " " s xcel nennett. ~o ~anta ta Careen ---I prefer, the one.and-a-half.rail he- and Margaret Ehzabeth .mumty who. gwe u e n - IvJrs." ......... james wumu~ m~u-~-- Ryan Daniel, Stephen "You know, people around ~th lent service. For ma y ...... :.:.- H~,' ........... U~t MM, sistant.eau~ it s heavier and morn w~-m-Be sure you cover it well ~'~ank you for your .people the highlight .of !~ke to ~hankwh:tl Lkeh~ BrittDixn'Henderson,Brad Henderson, niceheretohaVeus andalwaySdone sobeenmuchS ,~ ...... with soil eight m 12 inches on each service, their day is a trip to the mmwuua s Dustin Henderson, Tru- to help us. It sure feels , By Marine q~rlalM~rry .... ....... s=d~ of the plastic to keep tt from L.U. Smith, Post Office. Once there,lasagna, vegetables, cook- man Henderson, Brian good just to be able to do ; ueor|sa l~Illall@i ~rv,ce being biown off West Valley City, Utah they know that they will be ies,, ,urown~es,,ana cakes, King, John Jackson Lee, !' . o It's best to dig a trench six to .~ greeted with a warm ann Drougn~ mum out m i: . The best all-around herbicise ~.or eight inches deep and four to five friendly smile, in addition the school. A special word Christopher Louis, Jeremy ~ home vegstable g~dens may not ee inches wide m each side of the bed [: the most popular, but it's killed ~ndIn"-"--v"t~e-nl-~ui-e~v-er--d~e ~l~.- Dear sir: to getting their mail of thanks goes to RobertMcMillian, Casey Merritt, L .more garden weeds ~ any other, fore planting or Iransplanting. Then Th~s is just a note to Let us all be proud of the Lee for coming to the school Cole Merritt, Danny Mer- I: lts~lledahoe.. . eight to i0 incbes of each edge of thank you for allowing us excellent service we re- and cooking a delicious pot ritt, Chad Mixon, Josh 0kefen0kee to keep in touch with ceive from the staff of our of chicken & rice; to Sis- Derek Pittman, Wayne Fairgrounds |: uultivatiou anO neeing are ume- ,h~ nla~lic can he. l.~id in Ih~ lt~J1~h Mixon, Trampas Mixon, E test~ weed-comsol techniques. A ~ovcw.~w'-dTwi'-~li-ule-troubl--'e:" "..home" by way of the local PostOffice. ter Alphie and her girls Pittman, Charles Ste- hoe may not be as easy a way to [: .... Black plastic mulch will control ulinch County news. It Submitted by: for helping with cooking phons, Ryan Sweat, Ben Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. get rio of weeos as a cnemica, _ . w .... 'nutsed-e is a notable ' n r ne~'~* r~u~ ~ S makes home seem so much Dr. Rudolph Starling,and serving; to Be Willou- Tanner, Clay Taylor, Joab Circus is coming to eke- , spray but its not ca ly as mm~ea~ exception). Clear plastic mulch closer. We really like itMinister Homerville ghby for furnishing chick- Teboe, Scott Thomas fenokee Fairgrounds in [: ~tua/ly,'chemical weed cmtml wm'tdo.d~c, w~. .... a ,. ,~out here in Dallas. It has United Methodist Church ens and to the Bridges of and Jimmy Trayweek. Waycross on Monday, [~" " *" ~ ..... J ~..,ulMvit=~l i~u*~ ullu i,|ul~l|- ~: |susumiymveryumeneptolp=r- ~..o._...~=,..,..~,.,.~...~. been a good move for us. ~ Hope for cleaning them ; to " ' " I , ,-= .................. We would like to take March 26 and Tuesday, t.,dener~.Itsno{thatchemmaseant ....... Of course we miss our fami- DearSir: Carolyn Brooks and mem-this opportunity to invite March27. !~. Milan es t~ll When persistent ~: tmusedtocnourol wecdsmvegem- -"-:". ~ Y .........lies and special friends at Over 100,000 collegiate hers of the Woman's everyuone to attend this According to information hk, e !~,,# th,*v'~ hard to, u-~. saf~v wecos (.such as nutsoge) are In me ;~'- ........ 7 ........ ~ .o.~ ...... k=.o,iM ,,f ,he.. !: andeffeelivelyinaprdsn.~.,~: : ~,: .............. "home" athletic scholarships are Club for making sandwich- event which will be an the circus offers 3 rings ,,, Vegetables have varying ruler- m,.~,,,~s =s ~= David is still with Brock- available each year to male es and helping with tory- enjoyable evening for all. with more than 60 perform- ances for hcrbkides So" ou have to Whichever you use don't let way but I am now working and female high school inc. ",mmlv herbicides accurately and uni- weeds get the upper hand. They can at First Baptist Church of and junior college student It would have been im- (3-29)era, 3 herds of elephants, -'rr- .................. . ..... over 40 wild animals, and "--" .... .......e of devel bc controllcd. The .sooner the het~rt -.form,~. =~ w~,e~, =-~- . . Dallas, where I am the athletes. Contrary to popu- possible to have carried out ""opm~nt of both the vegetable plant Dr. Darb~e Cranberry ts a CANNER TIP over 2 hours of family " =~ddmweed. University of Geor&ia Extension secretary for the Young lar belief, students don't this project without the fun. --Far--mers c---'an do that effectively S.ervice horticulturist specializing Married Director and the have to be All State toassistance of Nickie Parker, Before the canning season starts, Showtimes 4:30 & 8:00 enough in fields with many acmsof m vegetab/e crops. __ Young Adult Director. The qualify. Much of this Mervin Webb and the pot water into your canner and p.m. daily. Tickets are now ~: the same vegetable=, but most gar- "~ Young Adult Director ismoney goes unused. A new lunchroon workers. Spe-bring it up to pressure is the usual on sale at Hatcher Point = dens have many types of vegetables Cancer Society Holds also assistant Pastor to publication with forms,ciai thanks for a superway to see that it is working prop- Mall. = in various sages of growth at the ~.~.... ~_~^ Dr. W. A. Criswell, pastor sample letters and tables job. edy. Do this weg in advance of the '# same time ~r suwcx ore of FBC, Dallas. Dr. Cris- of factual information isSpecial recognition canning season to allow time for C~~ ,~ Many ipurdcncrs don t have the " The best way to express well is great but he still available for student ath- also is due Betty Bennett any mpmrs, recommend food ape- ' om ete with m e who served as co-chmrman cialists with The University of Sponsors Barbecue- ~, proper equipment for applying oryuu. ......... ~utqJu,"= .u.~ ........ ~.=,,,.=. can t c p " Y letes. It takes them st p " . GeorgiaExteusionsorvice. Car Wash incorporating herbicides either ........ nt and to James Bennett who ... ~. ..... :,,:. :.., .^ eaucat)on ano researcn ts Daddy who s the best. (ReD by step thru the importa -- - '. When thex ~,. w u.~u, .~ .,,m ,~ ......... The Community Choir " anolv herbicides strictly by the in- to say ~t w~tn oatxoons, Wendell Hill). process of getting an ath- served as chairman of the furnishing a concession ~ .... I hope this finds all well letic scholarship and inclu- concession stand. They trailer and 276 gallons of will be selling barbecue muctioo.q on the label. On March 29th and 30th,with you and the r~tst of the descollege and conference were two of me nrst Ones Coke, Anyone Who has chicken, hot dogs and ,~: But for all-around effectiveness, the American Cancer So- 7 ch~nieals would be lmrd-pmssed to ciety's Clinch Unit 'will NEWS staff. Please be listings. " out there every day and two dealingffwith" the company punch and having a car i' bemahee, hold the annual Daffodil sure to tell everyone For details on how to of the last ones to leave should express their wash for $3.00 in the front " To get the best weed contm4 from v " "hello" for us. Once again, get a collegiate athletic every night. Thanks so appreciation, of Morning Star Baptist : .... v " , _ Days flower sale at artous : noemg or cure atmg, ~ts uest to locations throu-houtthankyou, scholarship, send a large much for your diligent Thanks to all of those Church starting at 9:00 : start us soon as wccds begin to .... ~ Levette Maynard, self addressed,stamped work and cooperative spi- listed above and to alla.m. Saturday morning. :* emerge. And do it again whcncver rlomervule, o . Please come out and help the~nmppear. A numner oz VOlunteers Irving, Texas envelope to The National rit. other individuals who came Its cn~al to bee or cultivate from the Clinch County ------~----~ Sports Foundation, 612A The entire community is out and helped cook and us support our choir. wl~mwce~ammudl ThmmwT;~Unit will be taking dona- BellPe rFestival Willow Dr., P.O. Box 940, indebted to Coca Cola serve meals, or helped in Thankyou, you caa kill weeds with the least tions for the daffodils, p pe _ . Oakhurst, N.J. 07755. Bottling Company for the concession stand. Miss. Margaret King effoa and wlum shallow cultivation which will be availableArts, Crafts & Antique ...... ~* . . f " or boeing is effecuve. The roo~ o m a bouquet of 10 for Show mites to offer a wide mamy vegetables grow near the soil $4.00, They will also be -~ surface, and deep hoeing or cultiva- available in quantity for The Nashville Woman's of art, crafts and ~ ~ can seriously damase ~m. those who wish to place Club is accepting applica- from quality artists or "~ And, if you let the weeds grow, tions for the 3rd Annual craftsmen and reputable they'll compete with fl~ vegembles large orders. : for wirer, fenilizr nutrients and According to Carylene State Bell Pepper Festival dealers. ~ light. If they grow large, weeds will Mutts, Chairman of Daffo- Arts, Crafts & Antique The 1990 show is a one shade the vegetables and likely dil Days, selling pointsShow slated for Saturday, day show with extended cause them m be stunted and rein- will include Empire Bank- June 16, 1990 in Nashville, hours. All State Bell Pep- tivdyunpreduetive, ing Co. and Cation's Food Georgia. Booth space isper Festivities will be lo- - Hneing or cultivating are both Store. available inside the Berrien cated at the Berrien Coun- ~':eff~cti~inthehemcgatd~.ifyou "After a long, cold win-County Agricultural Cen- ty Farm grounds. have the right equipment, you can Interested persons may cultivale with a minimum of cffon, ter, Daffodil Days brings a ter, adjoining pavillion, as I A hoe is cheap. But it's always a touch of spring to Homer- well as the grounds, contact Janet Studstill, labor-intensive means of weed con- voile. Buying flowers is at- Artists, craftsmen and 502 Sherwood Drive, Nash- :trol. ways a pleasurable acti-antique dealers from four vOile, Georgia 31639 or Another practice that's quite vity." Carylene continued states participated in the call {912)686-5603 fur more :: effective at cent:oiling weeds is "But buying flowers to 1989 show The show pro- information. mulching, o covering the soil fight cancer brings a spe- ~.around vegetable plants with or- " pmc or manuf~tu~d tutorials, cial reward." Oq~ mulches include leaves, For more information Peat moss. straw, mwdust, ground on Daffodil Days. including hark, compost, etc. Manufactured advance sales, contact Grocery and Nursery mulches include polyethylene film, Carylene Metts at 487- aluminum foil. paper, etc. 2722 or Sybil Webster, For effective weed control, or- 487-2891. (3-29) Phone 417-5312 No010rvJJIt, 61. pnic mulch must be thick enough Open at 7:00 a.m. for early shoppers to seeds from germi- nating and growing. Apply fine PLAIN BROCCOLI materials such as sawdust in a laye~ Spare Lb. Lee l Lb. Roll 0nctotwoinchesthick;applycoune Two-thirds of a cup of plain RIBS $1.69 99 watter three to four inches thick. Ixoccoli has 26 calories. Add bum~r Often g d nor mice lcss-~um- sm~ and it has 56 calo~. Che~ Gold Medal 5 Lb. Lee Lb. normal vegetable growth when us- umcebompsthecModecotmtupto in,..w, us, mu hOo ,nd FLOUR $1 39 PICNICS sawdust will often cause a tempo- amount of cheese, say home mr,/nitrogen shortage due to mi- eeouomi#ls with The Univenfity of crobiel activity. A good rule of Georgiar~tteusiouS~vke.THIN FATBACK Fresh Lb. thumb is to inca. amount of for BOSTON 39 Lb.BUTTS Lowell Smoked 2 Lb. 2 Liter personal retirement plan that will save you $2.19 PEPS! dollars...that's an IRA, and April 15th is azaleas on sale: Buy 10 get one free. the last day to open your IRA account, or add We have bedding plauts; geranz-" , to your to include it in your tomato, pepper, egg, plants and onions ] and MI Idnd bull garden seed. filing, us help your Rte. 1 brighter with an IRA. Dupont, Ca. Phone 487-540"1 Fresh flowers all occasions. 202 N. Church St. Insurance Claims Welcomed Homerviile, Ca. Next door to Roundtree Funeral Home Minor Me umic Wori Carolyn . Lanora MEMBER Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Delk Homerville, Georgia. . LENDIESl