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March 7, 2018     The Clinch County News
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March 7, 2018

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Page 4 ~h~ gl~trI~ (~t'~ ~e~s Wednesday, March 7, 2018 A community forum for viewpoints from around the world to your baclward USPS #118-140 113 E. Dame Avenue Homerville, Georgia 31634 Telephone: 912-487-5337 Published by AIR Publications, Inc. A.I. "Len" Robbins, llI Editor & Publisher Irobbins@theclinchcountynews.com Carolyn Burtchaell Business Manager carolyn65@windstream.net Laura Nipper Production Manager Inipper@theclinchcountynews. com Established in 1894 and published every Wednesday. Entered at the Homerville, Ga. Post Office as periodical rate, Permit No. 118-140. Member of the Georgia Press Association and the National Newspaper Association. Subscription Rates: In Clinch County, $30 per year. Elsewhere, $38 per year. Single copy price is .93 cents. POSTMASTEI~ Address all correspon. dence to The Clinch County News, P.O. Box 377, Homervflle, GA 31634, or e-marl at clinnews@windstream.net. I am going to buy me some stock in taxes. That is the only thing that keeps going up all the time, and never comes down. I was in town. A lady bumped into my car. Of course, both cars were damaged. She wanted me to pay the dam- ages, and she was to blame. An officer came up. I asked him what to do. He said, pay the damage, that if it went to court it would be my word against ten thousand of hers. I asked a girl if she was shipwrecked on an island, what had she rather have for reading material? She said, a tattooed sailor. I asked a candidate if he was elected to office, would he fulfill all his promises. He said all but one, honesty in government. I asked, how are you on labor? He said, I am @ My wife and I make a good team because we share few of the same weaknesses. Her strengths are my weaknesses, and vice versa. For instance, she's very friendly and outgoing, while I tend to be more reserved. She's very organized and energetic, while I lean toward disheveled and lethargic. She has a flair for decoration, clothes and style, while I wear clothes occasionally and enjoy setting flares. Actually, upon closer inspection, there's really no "vice versa" to it. We make a good team because she relationship, while I seem to dominate the weakness category (I'm #1!) -- with one notable exception. One thing I take great pride in is my sense of direction. I often recount the story of how I visited my cousin's house in Arkansas five years after my first visit and navigated the entire route flawlessly on memory alone, without the assistance of a map or verbal directives from a vagrant on the street corner. You are the first person to actually read D TOff.& PUBLk' HE hvbbins@theclinehcowt@news, corn accomplishment, because sight. Some don't have a when I tell the story vocally, sense of smell. Some don't most people inexplicably have common sense (whom have something pressing we elect, for some reason). to do about two sentences My wife doesn't have into it. a sense of direction. The My wife doesn't share my medical term for her navigational skills, ailment is Whereamiitis She has no sense of (pronounced where-am- direction. None. I-i-tis). If Sibling Rivalry At first, I thought her Disorder or Mathematics propensity to lose her Disorder can be considered bo=~i~s~ -~-,o,ohoice, o Hiotlono, I ozc no rGaoon I assumed she merely Whereamiitis can't be wasn't making an effort allowed in the halls of to learn something I find science. important -- like her The good news is: There choice to not memorize the is a "work around" for those names, positions, years and with Whereamiitis. hometowns of the starters My wife has found that on the Georgia Bulldog by utilizing programs and football team each season, applications on her phone Years of years of or car, she can effectively watching her frustration in navigate herself. In fact, navigating the nine streets in Homerville, though, have led me to the conclusion that her penchant for getting lost is not inane -- but rather, innate. She can't help it. Some people don't have the sense of she has become quite adept at it. I haven't received a "where am I?" call in years. She hasn't been as adept in convincing me to trust, or utilize, the navigation systems in my car or on my phone. against it. That is why I am running for office. of this astonishing I,ve found two issues with relying on such navigation systems or applications: 1. Sometimes, they are inaccurate. This bothers me. And 2. The voice on the app I use is that that of a British woman -- soothing and cool. So, when I miss a turn, she relays that vital information in the same reassuring tone that she tells me how many miles to the next exit. When I have yammering kids in the car, and my radio on, and I'm reading a book, I need a voice that will rise above the clamor I would suggest this system use a more distinctive voice, like Mr. T: "I pity the fool that's not going to turn left!" Or "Hey, you with the teeth -- quit your jibber jabber! You gotta get off at this exit! Turn, fool, turn!!" That would grab a driver's attention - which would be beneficial to those who are directionally challenged, like my wife, or distractionallychallenged, like myself. Or maybe I could just pay attention. Len Robbins 2018 d if was fha+ came up wi h Daylighf Saving Time." whether our nation had reached a tipping point on the easy availability of assault rifles and high- ; our Governmental Representativesstorage ammomagazines ~!!iiiiiii U.S. Senate ;: across our country had a ~:~:;;::i David Perdue (R)'- 202-224-3521 : glaring error. I mistakenly Johnny Isak~on (It) - e-mail: johnny isakson@isakson.senate.gov called the AR-15 an U.S. Representative "automatic" weapon. ~:~): 1st Congressional District- Buddy Carter (R) - 202-225-5831 State Senate That is incorrect. ::i:::; 8th District The AR-15 is a semi- ~::ii~ Ellis Black (R) - 229-251-0303(Ce11); e-marl- blackellis@bellsouth.net iiii~!il State Representative automatic rifle, meaning it 174th District will not continuously spray John Corbett (R) - john.corbett@house.ga.gov; 404.656.0287 - Office bullets with one pull on Clinch County Commission -~ 912-487-2667 the trigger as will a fully Regular meeting - first Monday of every month, 9 a.m.automatic weapon. That Chairinan-Roger Mette (Post 3), Vice Chairman-Chad Brown (Post 2); Kenton crazed teenager who killed McLaine-Post 1; Debra Thomas-Post 4; Henry MoylamPost 5. Clinch County Board of Education - 912-487-5321 17 high school students Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 7 p.m recently in Florida likely Chairman-Stanley Thrift (post 1); Vice Chairman-Charlis Mac Cross (post 4); had to go to the trouble of Laura Landrum-Post 3; John Davis-P~st 2; Charles Handley-Post 5. Homerville City Council - 912-487-2375 pulling the trigger multiple Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 5 p.m.times to kill so many in Mayor Tom Kennedy; Mayor Pro Tern Willie Hardee; J.E. Witherspoon, Elexis Williams, James McBride. onlyfive or six minutes. ;!!!if(: Eargo City Council- 912-637-5597 or 637-5520 :'::~: "People who understand Regular meeting - Fourth Monday every month, 7 p.m. i :iil gunsi those who are DupontMayor]~egularCliffordJ hn Wells, meeting CityL" Council "Bappy" Roy Second Wilson. Griffis; 487-2630 Tuesday Council or of 287-2500 every members month, Johnny 7:30 Griffis, p.m. Landa Hart, Mayor Jimmy Rawls; Council members Catherine Register; Jane Lee, Tommy Davis, Brent Westmoreland. Argyle City Council - 487-2279 Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Mayorotis Fleming.Kaye Riley Council members Glenda Jordan, Ann Grady, Lee Rudd, i!ii!!iiiii ready to argue their point about guns, they know the difference between an automatic and a semi- automatic rifle," said my reader. "When they read you do not know the rwilliams@theblacksheartimes.com difference, they dismiss your words as coming from someone who doesn't know what he is talking about." Well, they might have to stand in line to express that opinion, I responded. It wouldn't be the first time someone thought my opinion s.tinks. Such distinctions as whether a gun takes one trigger-pull or multiple firings to kill many quickly probably won't matter to the parents of those 17 teenagers. Nor do they likely matter to the many others who have felt the loss ofa lovedone at the hand of a person carrying a weapon designed for war. A number of local and area residents spoke up about the proliferation of guns in America, and the lives being lost, at Congressman Buddy Carter's town hall meeting here in Blackshear last Thursday. Among them were two local residents, Sara and Milton Warren. I don't personally know the Warrens, but their soft- spoken manner and polite, but persistent, questions impressed me. They didn't rant. They didn't pass blame. They presented statistics on the damage done by high-powered, high- capacity weapons and asked a straightforward question: "What purpose do these weapons serve in the hands of civilians?" Rep. Carter had no answer other than the usual GOP talking points, insisting it was not a "gun" that killed those students, but an"evil" person. "We can't legislate to stop evil," said Carter. The Warrens were too polite to say so, but I suspect they felt the its eager servants in the U.S. Congress who put the gun in that young man's hand. My late father left behind a rifle and a shotgun that are in my home. I support the right to bear arms. I believe in sport hunting as recreation. I believe in the Second Amendment, just as I do the first. But even the first amendment won't allow me to shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater. The second amendment was never meant to allow weapons designed only for mass killing of humans to be so easily purchased by practically anyone. The devil is, indeed, in the details. Robert Williams is the publisher of The Blaekshear Times, former publisher of The News, and past president of the National Newspaper Association. 0 0 O i- i.