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Homerville, Georgia
February 25, 1938     The Clinch County News
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February 25, 1938

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iday. February 25, 1938. "THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Page 3. A r~lwP('~]~JT [~Jl~Yt]~ I ......................... --~| !~111wlr~Ir a,~ r~letev,-,l,~!lo I bY relocation of existing highways. ,~ a.ll.a,t..l1 A ~'VL'IIa,.#I lit '2 I I . J|)"#s'affi~l"~3"JJt i,,"otla51~:llawl, aoi 3. Crossings at whcih overpasses VT nL~a~ ~ " " " " I I~T A l-~f%lr Tri"~ --r~f~11 ] ~T i ~ I " |[I df~,,,~],., ir~M,~,,,,,,,,,, or underpasses should be built for t~ ~ [~.~ ~J/ |~_.P ~/~/ L~ I Mr. William Lee Bullard returned ---by--- /11 ~tlCtUt~:: It,*lU~lll]~O vehicular traffic. ...... I to Abraham-Bald~vin College at Tit- IRIS BUTCH l|l "-'-- .. [ 4. Crossings that may be allowed to -- ~ ton after spendirtg the weekend at ................................ __~IJI ATLANTA--A state-waae survey remain with proper protection (lights, SIIORI I'AR~6RAPtlS C0NCI=RNI~6 Ill0~i[ M ti0 i home, Mrs. F. B. Bullard and Miss' _" , i designed~ to stamp out the menace o z gates, watchman, barriers : etc.) - Martha Lee motored to Tifton Ga. tTournament week--and we re all lthe dangerous graae crossings wnicn ...... ; ,. . ' ' ' *I " " x e el a. ~ro~sings ~na~ may oe ali~wea COM[ AND 60, lflE SICK AND IH[ WE! t. | ,with him Monday. iso busy we scarcely have time tel ast year in Georgia e act d a t 1 t ..... h, ~,,~th,, ....... ; .... 1,#,. :~i Mr and, Mrs-C F Jeffers .f breathe and this article necessarily of more than 50 lives, brought in- [~" "~T ........... P* .......... ~ .... ,., ..... v ~. ~nan signs. nB, o~o41n, o~o~o~N,(}~o~(~ ThomasviIIe, Ga, are spending a few v~ust be short (A Bronx cheer from i jury to more than 100 other persons .............. t~. ~ ...... , ........... I days with their sister Mrs Geor~,e the gallery--'~hooray!") and cost many thousands of dollars' when a~a vne a a.r~t n~s neen eo;: -'.--. w. ~. ~iaiican is spenuing sev- ~rs. J. ~. ~,.irKmnd spent Monaay ,,.. _ ~" I Tonite we're tiren ~ut oh~ so ver~, ] in -ro-,ert,, dama~,e is being, launched lected ann assemmed it is plannea days m Chma~o on business, a.n. Vyldo, sta wah Mr. and Mrs. Ralph~ Miss Eveline Booth of Manor, the !very, happy We witnessed the Hem-!by the Division of Highway Planning to pre.par.e a.program of grade cross- ..... ~rKlana. t small sister of Mrs Robert Stokes l erville-Willacoochee, game and boy lot t~e State Highway Board !an~e~,ea~minazaon On. a .prmnt.y ~asm mr. an.d Mrs. George Peagler haveI ~ I~nt the weekend with her 'ioh, boy what a thriller it w.asl Mostl The survey, which is a part of the wnicn ~s expected ~o ~rng about a )veer into their new home here. Y.W.A. MEETING .l~'Miss Caroline Lane-Cord o" Tifton Iof you saw it so there's no need of comprehensive highway study being marked reaucton in crossing acci- ...... t Misses Clyde Morgan and Vas.h]!Ga.' spent Saturday night ~ith Mi~!ur going into detail except to ex-tundertaken by the division, in co-dents in the years to come. ~lSS .wree Strange spent last week Stewart were hostesses at the monm-'Evi~ Lee Barrett. i press our warmest congratulations ~ operation with the United States~ ,u at 'her home in Eatonton. ly social meeting of the Y. W. A., ~ Mrs Henry Crawford and: bah--I to the basketeers over their beautiful ! Bureau of Public Roads, will include ||ll~g'~uv P~g~O'~ ~which was held at the home of Mrs.' " . ~., - ~ I ............ I_'~ __, ........... s"--- ~- ..... ~._..~ ...~.~.~...~..v ~J v~, ~.~,.~. Miss Louise "" " ...... am --e" lfe ~daughter o~ ~otaege Park, Ga., are;Victory we wren ~nem g00{1 lUCK noc omy turn, cro~ m~ w~r~.n~uc~ ---- .~ - ~ ~_ en nan of ~.rmmgrt ,~v~, ~ca . ........... ~ ........ fvisiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. s.~right on through the tournament. Ithe state, but all street-railroad in-J t several days here this week. ! After the devwmna~, ~ne mmut~C ~osel,, i wr^ ~. .... ,, --.** ..... ~n ,~.~,]tersections in every city and town inl -,-,~L.,]~,-~,a ~v~ ~.M,~. -- were read by the secretary and the~ .......... I~,-- --.-:- ! -- Miss " t h t ~r. and Mrs. ~eorge Amson at- tournaments don't bring back floods ,~rg~. Lucile Strickland and Mr. progTam was presented. It was a ou ,~_~ ,~^ , ...... , ~ .................. I This narticular phase of the sur-[ ATLANTA---(GPS) A two-year ,hn Hear .. ....... ,~ ~ o ~if*-- ---a- -- an~ *he ~c.uvu ~,,c~ ~a.~, u~ ~lr. cruise, s ot memories, we were never cu~ out I . "7 .......... ' .... a-" *^ ~-a -hi. ...... "- ~^o--;a . ' Y ~rleKland, nave re~urn-~ne u. o. ~y ~. ~s ago u ~ -e~hew Mr Lee Tannihi~ ~* The,, v.... - U-o~t~,an nl~,a~ h.t ~]~,o vey O~ tne Division oz rllgaway ~,,u~, ,, ~, c,u., ~c,~cy .~ ~ ~ . their home here after hying in changes which have occurred betwe n n~i, wI~ q'h,r~,~n~ ............... ,__ ._ ]Planning as being conducted m co- was announced by Dr. M. D. Colhns, H ...... ' .... ' .......~" ~rleu ior yearn anyway~---man;,y ~e-{ ants the past ,,ear I that t~me and th~s. I . , ...... o,~eration #,,~'Sh t%s A~sociatlo~ of state superintendent of schools. The ~ " Mrs R E StoKes visitedrelatives cause of tne good umes we would e ~'", - __ After the program the hostesses . :', "-., , .... I American Raliroads throu~rh ts Cam- program ~s designed to reach the r [ r o t r hm ,in Vamos~a ~Tiaay. ,nave gems away ~o games. A poor ' ~" e h 1 ' M s Mabel B D~mo left last ~,,eek took cha ge f he efres ents. t I ....... mittee on Grade Crossings H F mar t an 50,000 Georgians who " .......... d:y~ ei:~ MfHsOSTeG~!5~Ssae~l~/;:~i! prayer ye, tnere was never anytmn .o ..T:h::a~d:~A:h?ds ~:~e~itk dex]p:;S __ c" t" n and has pledged "s a'd the work in th's ~ield a ready eing Mrs. A. P. Smith and little grand-' in helping to remove the grade cros- caxreid on by abo~t 500 special in- ns Laxry and Bill Sutton have re- ing peril, t structors and some o~ the regular after spending several weeks O.T. Ray, state director of the s~lmol tethers, Dr. Collins said. Dou~la~ and Ambrose with her planning division, in announcing the Pending the federal id, the first step Mrs. J. H. Peterson and Mrs. start of the grade crossing study, said in the can~ps.ign would be to take L. Durden. I ..... yesterday that the survey calls for a census of illiterates. . panionship with an unseen strength-',Monday ~ n to pray..~:ney .never put us in any the mapping of every crossing in the The federal census of 1930 listed~ M i spec al position long, as we were _ r s. H. M. Johnson and daughterlenmg influence that remtahzes myI Mrs. C. P. Petty, Miss Jaaett Bash-le.. ~u. ~.~ i- .n ~ **.^... ~. ........ ~state to show the number of tr~cks, 210,736 sdult illiterates in Georgia adenine of Macon spent this week inner self for and Mr Walter Petty took in the:_n-~-~."_.~ "~' ..... ~_~' .......... c ~,~,the grade of the road or roads al~_ about V per c~i~t of the state pol~- , . . one ~lme when a, orxage was wasneu xe w~th her parents Mr and Mrs. 1 Rehgton enables me to overcome'Lmovies in Valdosta Saturday night ~ ............... [proachmg the crossing, the type of lation. Since then more tha~ 5;L000 it. Lee. I temptation, and lets me see the l Mrs S C. Mosely has returned ~u~ o nn~?e r~a~o ~:aycro? any ~nelprotection furnished, suc~ as. signs, have been taught to a degree ~i~at "" " ~* ..... ~..~ .... ....... ~ .......... 'bells li hts watchmen ates barriers -- good in my fellowman. It enables me hon-~ f-om Montgomery, Alabavaa, ...___, .............. , , g , ,g , removes them from the illiteracy ..... . ...... ~ '" ., . _ wash c awe co make lc across, ~na~] et- -nd location o~ an-- embank classification, Dr. Collins said. miss Miriam Thomas of Hoboken to see the beauty ot L, od m me WORKS where she was cal~ed on account of ...... ~ .... ~ .......... ~,; .... ,~.~ c., a ~ y - last week-end here with her'of nature about me. the death of her mother, i t~'~mV'~h~='~^ P']='"'~:.~.~ _~':lment, clump of tree~, or build:rag ................. ~ ~ ~ e_ ..... ~ ~,~ g:~m~. ~.cy wcrCtwhich might obstruct the view of the B. E. Bhten Jr., and lamlty. ,,; Rellgm2+~iv~es1~: ^a :Irmter' C]O~j! .... ~, :- ~ ~---'~v trying to find a place for US wh.ereI motorist. Any unusual .physical con- Red C~al Always Prised - ~ ..................... . ............ L,r~ur~,L~,, ~ ................. It is red coral that is' and always we'd be able to remember our own!dition at the cro~ing w~ich might ~Iiss Claudys Swiller of Jackson- ' and encourages me to battle on to-TO THE SUPERIOR COURTOF'goal. tend to make it a hazard to the auto- has been prized, cot sCely for jew- e spent last week]end here the,wards the ~ood of ultimate victory. ! SAiD STATE AND COUNTY:-- .} Speci~.l memories: The time Welmobile driver also will be recorded eI:'Y~ringandsafety,.healihbUt{ons, bUtandaS asecretsCharmnottO ~st of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Parkcr. I It enables me to see that the great' The petition of Estate of R. G.'were playing Jesup at Jesup, and it was said. ,. " !good of life is not with the m~terial Diekerson, a corporation of said Homerville had no supporters alon~I After the information ha~ b~en ancient'evealedQaulst the.rushedOrdinarVheac~/ongpelscn. ASin. ~r. and Mrs. Frank Layton and but with the spiritual, that go to State and County respectfully shows: with them. We made friends ~ithi obtained it will be :~rouped f~rst byl to battle, tl~ey trusted their safety to mren of Live Oak spent last week-:make up our being, i .- . _ 1 ...... 'the l~iethodist preacher who had a the railroads into two classes: 1.1 their swords, strength and the t here with t~eir mother Mrs J.i .... .. ......... :.._i 'l~at said corpovauon was ou,y Ba . " I ,~ increases my ~a~cn m a ~r~un~ r n' big voice and with his help, organiz-!Those crossings over main lines onI "magic coral imbedded in their rnhfll and family Little Ann.~ ........... created and o ga ~zed under a charter -" ~ t~Od, and makes me ~eaa saxer in ~nls i o ed one whole side of the gymnasium iwhieh passenger or fast freigtht shields or helrhets. ~auy Italians ~ton remain, ed and i.~ s.end'n~x o the " " " - " ' a" granted by. the Super or Court f ek ~--- - ....... ~ ........,worla ana ~ves me a com~or~ an said State and County, and there has into a c~eering squad for Homerville. ltrains are operated at high speeds, and Indians regard corJ as p o~ec- ,~cre. certainty as I approach the unescap- never been any renewal or amend-i The time Hom.erville played Pied-land: 2. Those over railroad branch, tion agaiilst" ti~e "evi]:'e:~e.'" The Mrs ~ -~ .~,..-~". - ..... l able-death. It is a source of strength ments to said "charter.,sent in Waycross, and we, playing secondary or other lines on which world's red coral c:~m'es fr~ra the ~. ~_..~lkcn .~r., Mrs. buelle joy and happiness that I could not: . 2 . in the thick of it, got so confused t passenger or freight t~sins are oper- reefs off the Mediterranean coast o! and Mms Lomse Hall spent ,, hamI That .~a~d corporation owes no find elsewhere, and I amnotas ..... we pretended to be about to faint.ated at ordinary speeds. The cross- Africa, says:be Wn~hi;:gto~ Post, in Jacksortville. ed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the d+bts and has disposed of all of its after the referee had turned us a-*ings in each grouu then will be stud- and is ebtain~d ,:i~'c~. b: V ahans. Mrs "~ "-- Ipower of God unto salvation to every:assets" , Iround about four times tryingtoliedby the Division of Highway Plan .... ... ~urtis Golden of Albany iS.one that believeth"---Rom 1.16 I _. ,o ..... ock 'show us Homerville's goal so we]ning, the railroad, association and the .~ ~',~-~.-~--..L endn , several da s with her ar-i ' , " i That at a meeung el tne st - r . 1 " . ~.~.nny ~,.u ~ ~r.~vc ~,~ ~ ' Y P There are a few hnes of a song ........ ..... ~ __ could 3ump hal. U S publc roads bureau with refer- , , ~ .... ~. ~a~,..~,.~;. ~, ~ ~ and Mrs S A Fmdl"ey flotders oI sa~d corporablon ne;~ ~u " " ~. ".~u' U~o, lne ,..,,,~.,-,.o,, ,,,~-~.,~" ' ' which have meant much to me They ,~.. ~ath d .... , ~o~,,~,.,~ ~a38 duly' The time we went to tournament ence to the density and character of ~. .................. 1 . I ~"~ a., .~.y .~t ~ ...... a -'~ ,. .. . . . [ ... .. " _ _ ..__ . ~', L~ o~lrle(l In ~ylalv~r[l, P-,?u~lanu. M~- - tread: '-allen Co.- the ~ur~ose a resolution and all the other Homervine g~rts nad:trat~ c on rauroad andhighway ann Jac~ Holt and Mrs C H ew ..... " " : If you have named' the name of Jesus was adopted by the affirmative vote grabbed off all the more sophisticat-the hazards caused by the phys~esl ...... ~r and httle daughter Betty o~ o ' ~n on o ]s * o ,, ,,' iban ........... If y. u re kno * as e f H" i of the owners of all the capital st ck ed fellows, leaving me to pair off ilayout of the crossing, and each its. :# .are ~pendlng soveraa