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Homerville, Georgia
February 25, 1938     The Clinch County News
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February 25, 1938

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Page 2. "THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Friday. February 25. Ts ~,~ | ." s /',, ~ 1~ f a child of God and has an affinity for . SHERIFF'S TAX SALES levied on and to be sold as II@ L,I|r CI1 k.,OUlI[V iNeWS his Father ne lov% God O ly a " G ORGIA. Clinch County:-- per y of S C Patterson to " Christian can sing, Oh how I love L. ...... . i. ..... certain tax fifa issued by A. J. ) . ~ , y Jesus' A stoner may dread God. He . " county and school taxes due i J~bl~sh~ed at Homerwlle, Ch, nch Count//, Geor~azc~, .... ~,~ ,.~ i,+~ ~ ~1., o,.~ +~;,~. dooI of said count.y between the legal year 1934. , . __ _ -- .-.-a ...... v ......... a ......... nours of sale on the xirst Tuesaav in, ];'rid, a4/ o/" .li~ch~ lVeelc of judgment day when he has to face March next to the highest bidd,-rl 5th. A one-half undivided is ---------------~--------------- d,vine justice. But a Christian can or bidders for cash, the following'i in and to lot of land No. 310 ~.. It... g4._. 1%. __1 i=_l.ti O n fir_" t_ look up into the face of a just God described property to-wit: Seventh district of Clinch e l Oil(8 Illl) lOr(l LUIIOP O; I"llDHSll P and can Him "Father" Remember -- , -- - I- i 1st Subdivision lots Nos 2, 3, 4, t Georgia, containing 490 acres . ' ' x~eres gooanews tor youpeop o ! ". ~Dr less; levied on and to be ~- , man in h~s unregenerated state is not _a. ........... ..._~^.~15, 6, 7, 8, 15, 16, 17, 18, m Block l ~e-aam~tted Novemoer 18, 1933 as second-class mail matter under Act , ~od o* G"a ~e ~o ~ ~h~ o~ t~ wa~ ~v~-~ ax~ m~ j,u~ ,q,~, ~ ~,~.~ (;,~.. ~,!~i,i~i,, ,,1the property of Mack T. He~ ...... ~ ........... ,, ~ ..~ -- ..... ~ ..... ~ ......... 1-- t ......... ~-.~--a ............. 's~,tisfy ~ certain tax fifa iss~ of Congress, 1879. deviI. We become children of God you uan~a%s~eep, orres~, w~ l the Town of Homerville, Clinch l ,.....vv~ ............. by the power of a new birth. The];~'.orlTovertrities, start at sud- County, Georgia, as per plat of sametA" J" Gibbs, Tax-collector o~ ........................ Bible nowhe-~ call ..... man ~_~a,~llen noises, bare ~ervous lncu- ,of record; levied on and to be sold]cunty' against said Herrin f~ 11 l 1 1 1 I " x~ o ~-~v ,..,tvu o . ~,,,W ~A~ . ~ ~.,~ .~ULUAlU~ . , a native of Butler, Ga.--Kepmrs to: child unless the man has been born l SesSion, ~ervous Headaehe. i as the property of A. B. Smith doing! state, c~unty and school taxd when nudge wnl ~. ~m~m of me the State uapitol under an a.c~ ap-, . I ................. i business as Homerville Stave Com-i the year 1934. i Cook Superi0r Court, followed the uronriations $12.000 rontingent on a again I DR. IVI/LdSti NEI~VIN~: WIIA~ i' ~ ........ t ~th. A certain tract of landi ...... 1RELI~"tv'~ YO SICKLY I ip.any co sausxy ~nree cer~:ain ~ax man d~ate of the new Georgia law federal allocation of $44,000 prob- ~.~,~,'~'~",x,~,~,~.,x,~.,~,,~ ] . !U Q t fifes issued by A. J. Gil~bs, ~qax-col- ,I Town of Argyle, sa~d state andi which makes armed robbery an of- ably will be started soon.--After two] I was oliginatea by a Nerve Spe- !lector of said county, against Horn-it:y, co~vining ior~ acre, (kn(~ lense punishable by death and sen- years' freedom to ~ttend his invalid GEORGIA, Clinch Caunty:--, ialist especially for people ia erviile Stave Company for state,!the home-place of Clarisy M~ tenced three youths now being held wife, George W. St. John, of Stock- To'-Vth()m It May Concern" ] your eondition. It has been i county and school taxes due by said fbounded Nort~: South ~nd W~ in the Lowndes county jail to death bridge, convicted distiller, was sen-I' Take notice that Folks" Huxfordi rnaklne ood for more Sheaf d to ]defendant in fifa for the years 1934,1 lands of Mrs. W. J. Wallac~ in tke electric chmr ~or armed rob- tenced to serve two years in the fed- ~as filed in the Superior Court of# ..... ~ "~ ---" I 1935. and 1936 I East by lands ~f Lawrence :~ bery of an Adel filling station he eral prison and, nay a fine of $100ismd eo,unty his petition seeking to l ......... I 2nd Seventeen acres, more or less,]Colored; the same bein:g levied ~] ..... , -- : " I Jt-UIKtr~lS Or T,~OUSRrto~ OI ~eI~,~ i , " . dn, ected attention to a mtuatmn __c.n~f= ,, on~ year s sunnlv of amuni-, register and have the title eonflrmed .... l of land in the eastern part of the Its be sold as the property wh~h has long given students of tion~(28 earridges) forgone Atlanta in his name to the folio.wing tract or~ ous 1~. pie navenaft a~lexperl- I To~m of Arg.71e, Clinch County,.Ge~r-I Clarisy Morgan to satisfy foq crime much concern -o'ic .... i- ~" -*-*- parcel st lanu, unuer tne provisions I once are mat st azaua ~noma~. ' mia, as eon veyeo Dy seed oared Jan. I lain tax fifes issued against I P ~ .~m~, ~ ov c~,,~ ..... "1 '~ " A.J. Gibbs, Tax-collector said] of the Land Reg~stration Act, to w}t Read her letterYou too will,6 1915 from Hawkinsvllle Bank T~ese youngsters, the oldness of! Sports:--There were 6,953 more " " " i ' whom is 'barel~ 21,,ear- a~e .................. Two hundred and thirty acres more I ~nd the dollar you s~encl for & Trust Compan'y to P~a,tter~n Brcs., ty, for state, county and scho~ -. ' ~ ~ o ~ ~. ,~gol~ers paying ~,vva~.o nwre in " -- -- i " " ' es for the years 1932, 1934d e " " I or less of lot of land No. 518 in the the said property being described as repr sent an element m our ~present gTeens fees from January 1 to Feb-i ............... J your fast bottle of Dr. Miles .......... I 1936 ] ~ "Itn (llStrlct ox sald county ann state, . , IOHOWS" t)ommenemg at tne norm- day society which presents a prob-lruary 15 ~han there were during the consisting, of ~h~ f-llowi,,~. *r~! l~lervme the bestinvestmentyou ~., ..: ..... ..... ~_, xt. ~ ..... Iem whic.h m.st..bt ol , in a men,same pe.od last year, ..cord,. to land .arcels of said lot. vi : i.vet =a 2: U yo. don t.t k i,ng to the S.ussy survey and subdivi-I .r P. .LL mThis Febru, ary 3rd, 1938. sure at mast ~ the Insure of our receipts of Atlanta's municipal links, t fa~ All of Subdivision lots Num-{ $% we wm return your aouar, s;,on of said town which said corner l - - - ~------" -: state and nation !s to be assured',The comparative figures for that be~ "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; 10; 13;I 'qB~ dane me more good than is on the south margin of the right-I less an authontythan J. Ed rar:period were $4,307 paid by 12,529114, 15, 16, 17, 18, I9, 19, 20, 21; | can ema " i of-way of t:h,e A C. L. Railroad,] hoover, cnlef o~ ~ne veueral tmreau players in 1938 compared to':$1,702.-! 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, and 30, of the I I am a Dr 1VI~ Fma all the thence ru, nning South 210 feet, I Wore Prince Alberts | of Investigation, has repeatedly call-i75 paid by 5,576 players in 1936.--~Colored-American Land Company] way ~ I have taken thence East sixty feet, thence South} ~nifty nineties,".] ed attention to the large percentage The annual Atlanta Invitation Ten-: Subdivision tf said lot as per plat I Heroine for 2 years with good l 960 fe,et, thence east 630 feet, thence ~tes _~en_ators wore l~ of crime which si committed bynis Tournament, which attracts the:Of same of record in said county in] success. It is.more than..it is [North 1170 feet to said railroadl e ,,,, " recommended to De ann it nas i e bol of st~esm,~nsb!p and a | younsters from 16 to 25 yea,rs of ie~ain,- tennis ,qa-ers o tho ~ountrv I de d book CC page 501; contain- ] ,1 ....... #,.~ +ho., .... right-of-w..~y, thence west 690 fe tl was the mark of a man of m~ age and he has joined with others:will be held April 4--- Southern~ m.g 113 acres, more or less ] express. I am ~ better health !along the south: side of said right-t in an effort to bring about a cor-~Lea,,ue baseball clubs "will s-end~ "b) Twelve acres more or less, | now than I have been for ten l of-way to the point of begin-[ ~mdsubstance. i reetion o'f a situation which is fraught, $90.~0;0 this ,,ear in travellin~,v ex !d:scribed as follows: 'Beginning" point| yur~ .~.Maud T homa~ I ning. Also, town lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,] , ~ ~ ~lasgow, l%enlucg~ with such danger. Ipenses involved in playin~ tl~e 154-idetermined by beginning at a point} ~ 14, 15, .16, 17, 18, 27,28, 27, 30~{ It is perfectly natural that there ~.ame schedule The Atlanta Crack- on tne original ~oum line st sai~| I .... * . ~l, ~z, in c,e town o~ Q.rgy~, ~.~[ should ha . w~w ~, ~u....;,o. +~. ..... " . .~ ,,. jet iv /, chains west st ~ne originai/ "mz~m~lkl~l[t~JlllLI1 lcounty .nml state, accoromg ~o uwI :enai; -~.l~i.~--~.:d~,:.~.'~ZL,-':~.XZ: era open sneer season a~ t'once ue Southeast corner of said lot, thence I } ........ ,,, ]Saussy survey and subdh"sion of said[ 'ro Getl~dofAdd '~ .. ~ ............. ~.-~,, s,-~,, v,,~o~ t,eon t'arK April 14 l~argely :tot v,.nn;ne. N~n~~-h a ,4,~n~,~,~ Woo# ~,~lZ. ~ ,....,*, ,qnld nt'nnortv b,qn,~ levied ys s too severe. From the facts the benefl~ of out-of-town fans Earl ~h-ins for- ~,~monoin., ,,.i,,~ ~'~..~ '~-- t~.~ ,~ ~. "~1~ ~s the -z'o-ert~ of l _ ~d Pot,wa~mm ~m~t~ t 0 ...... .~w ......... "-'""'F, ~Jv,*,.,.v..*--vial ~.,~*.,~ ur'~ "."~ o.. ~ ~. t- v *" broug~ ut in the news stomes of v a r ~ e ~ ~ t ~ ~ , . ........ :,an~, popular C cker p es'd at, such point of commencing, runningl W~tc.ms F.)n.? .,~'n~ll C;oe.:s }S. C. Patterson, Mrs Clm~a Patter-_by" Ywr kld~'eY~-'I~Rt k~eP~ ~ntly ~lt~t~Z wU~- q~ .a number o~ .p_et~y cr~mes to wmen su]coed in obtaining 24 week-end West 6 degrees South 540 feet in-] Watches or!gina]]v \'.'crc~ ~mall son and Mrs. Iva Patterson to satis-I rr~m the b~o~l. I! ~6~ l~idad[ tne yo~tns confessed ~t does not ap , . - p.'z~nacs ~n Atlanta, including 12 Sat- Versecting with a graded road run-] e,oeks and were worn hung from )'fy four certain tax fifas is.,ued byI ~povelunefinally ~d~ordoredexc~u_ impuHt'~e~ tMw~ud 14 ~ pear that they are hardenS[ trim- urdav and 12 ~,~nday games, four of nin~g, from State Highway 38 to thei the girdle because they were too ] /(. J. Gibbs, Tax-ccllector of said J i~l~o~t~.z d t~e w-~ .~ inals They undoubtedly have ta~nch-the iatter being double-headers A.C.L. Railroad'; thence South 17 large for '.he pocket. " county of Clinch, against ~aitl S. C. I ~o_d~-,d~uratng,~tr~,~_,~ ~' or t,o frequ~" ~' ed on a career of crime and they are A .... ,v~ ~.r, ....o~. ~^ a#^~ 'do:,rces East along said road 1175i I Patterson, Mls. Clara Patterson and l ~,t~. 4armnzot*a/a~ not free from the taint of other dr- ,.;~ ~ ..... ]a h~o i~, .... . ~ ,~._ ~_~,. f e. to the rlght-of-way of said ra~.l- I ...... ~ - . I Mrs. Ira Patterson, for state, county [ ~y9ub;tddeim.~rdi~turbanee'-auger nagging ~" ~ rests. However, they are not old ........ .::'/.~-'~" .... ; ...... ':= "~"~=.- read; thence Eastwardly alon~ said[ l~'~rst riOTS or ~'ree t~rancnes land school taxes due for the yearst ptr~i~,att~.~:a-t, fdi~ ~,,~ ~, ,~ ..... zuma t~mzen-t~eorglsn ann now is r.~:lroad right-of-way 330 feet inter- The first farm plows were made 1. 9 2. 1 33, 1931 ............................... [ I 193 1 3 9. ,,. k~.~.,:htd ~,,,di.~g. - ~evoun~ a,l 'his ~ime ro uonsmn~ e i i h h irs mentione six- of crooked tre I playt~! out. " " ~. The Georgia law which fixes t~e'. .... = ..... P ... . sct ng w t t~e f ;.t- ._ . . d ] . : e branches and I 4th A cer~Mn tract o~ land co n-I ......... ~ne Dooly County u]~lzen a~ vienna degree line; ~nenee rwortn ~ aegrees~ Tory.co ~y man power, tainin two acre~, more or ]o~s, of - I-~. ~uche-,w~ittmb_~ttertor~" P:nw~i:t~;~:rq::s~lie:n :gDo:rdY l:tw.(l;t]: Wvii~hrish~S iPt;;tn:(, B:[!uEr]clha%n~l ~: V~n]~Ong said hne to point .of be-[ BIBLE VERSE list o~gland No. 518 ill the 7th d~s- ,by~'*dlem'lm_owathatu~ D~,'.ha*'mttht~2g"t~'won/','/~unV~,,'S' d signed to put an end to a wave of .. Kenzi ~ " ~'' " "n " .......... I Wherefore I say unto you, all man-[ trict of said state anti county, theI t~a~_d ~taul ln~mple :t~ ,._,.t__.._ _,_. ,_ . .... lyre (.. e verry 121s ~ormer part er,to) A certain ~ract contalmng six-l__- .......... I s-~,^ ~-~i'-~ Cull-- ~escribed in , d ed ~ D~a,'.. ,~.~ ~t ,~/~! ] OO~fl~dS Wlllell has s~,~epr, not only , . . ~ .~ .-~ . - s -- I net oI sin anu olaspnemy gflall oe Ior- ~.tme uc .~,t x u . , y, e w 10 has named J. . Uox a uslness teen acre more or less, Known as . ~ ' . ~, ~ Georgm but o%her states. Too long .... ~.'.. ~ s ~ . *~- ~u. s, o~ ~+ ....... +~,,~ I g~ven unto men: but the blasphemymade to S.C. Patterson to ,.~e ~ame[ h ve we, been lenient with this class d'escr 'e s f"oi'lows:C;mm encin; a;lagainst the Holy Ghost shall not beI %%r O dci:udn d b Oks:CC" ag , criminal of " " s. However, the law has ~., ~ " '.. ~. " -- .... a noint of said grad'ed road immedi-~ forgiven un,o men.--Mat. 12"31. t " -" " .... LuoITtasvllle vrass says Editor aim ~ a provision for a prisonsentence~ ........... ately across the road from where the [ - ~ Mrs. ' b,llSm~ O:I~ne velnam Journal, Js - where a j,~r recommends mercy In ..... '~ Ninth hne of stud 12-acre tract in the I ifendi~ "' 'Y -" secondonly re v~arvin ~ri~fin, oz ~ "d this case there was no jury..., since the ~ne ............ l~amorlo e rosr-~earchh h~ in preceding paragraph, touches sai. I |nts, l~ boys entered pleas of guilty. Jud e ..... g .... g: , road; and from said commencingI ................. ~,g Doing ~ne nanosomest em~or ,n the -sins on the West side of said p-faded /1 Mrs. I~Illll~[l, UrlU~'r l;ne laW,, COUlfl (10 n o~n- ' - " . . .-," " ~ ' ~" I ,.._~ _: ........ ~, ~econa congressonai restrict--won road continuim, 6 de~rees South on l lng e~se uu~ g,ve them the uc.u~v ~ " " " ~. ~ lhtewarl ~. -...-:,_~ratmatmns toP T. McCutchen who said North line a distance of 757 r.:~tt~ban:~ ~l~e" sgsen~t~enc~'~; "~ ~" +~woui~V'h:::Ytr~al~~'~-- on February 1 celebrated his 54th feet; thence Southwardly 800 f?et; ha- ^~ ..... ":l" -- ~ .... }anniversary as editor of the Frank- thence East 6 degrees North 1062 ~ith tt . ~,~c~,.ucuu.. nau a jury con-'., xr -- -- ~" ~" ~-*^ ""ia """aea ~^"d +~en~e /It: u,~reQ Ln.e case. ~ ' t Effolts: ", are "ein .... f North 17 degrees West alonff said ] . g ma(le fo D.rmgi road 808 feet to point of beffinning. Mrs. about a commutalon to life lm nson ' P -i .......................................... " (d) Twelve acres, more or less de- i~Veral meat 'or some long term of years, scribed as follows: Commencing at ' lends r probably this will be accomplished.' a point on the North side of the right- But even if this resutts, th,ere still r~tli~ tl~,~__~-"~ ,of-way of A. C. L. Railroad 1397 tMrs" remains the problem of what shall ,=,~_ ..... ~., feet Eastwardly from where the ho ~ ~ ~,~ ~no~ ~ ..... ~. ~ ~ original West line of said lot 518 ~Pent t you~E:~vl~o today~ar~e'~etcrln~',-pon ,~"l~kAkAC'l~J"l~. crosses said railroad; thence from ~ pa --r--~[ ..... ' ? ~ 1 ..~ ~'~' sv, s.., ~,s~.~ such commencing point running us~r~ ~2 '~l~iS~n::hme X~utndiarea::I~.:~ I ~ _ON ' North 6 degrees East 816 feet; thence , . g ...g .. gT .'.' ~ ~ ~'~'~" ANn East 4 degrees North 750 feet; thence Mas near~acnes. It is a pvomem wmcn ~[l~'~i~, ,,-',.~,-'*'~.~-*--~ a straight line 15 degrees West in- her~ ena.nenges the best efforts and the ~ I~P.l~l~J~r I ~,d tersectin~" with said railroad rig~t-: bcst thought of every citizen ............................ of-way; thence westwardly alon~ the !--V~dtstai Times. Man in his natural state does not ~ nort'b margin of said right-of-way ' ~ ,753 feet to the point of beginning. v, dsh to admit that he is a faIl~n crea-, NEWS AT A GLANCE " " ~ i ......... ~ (e) One and one-half acres, more ~ure, Du~ n nls accmns ne nas ~o aa- ABOUT PEOPLE AND mi .....h "i "i ..... or less, described as follows" Com- ~na~ ~ e ]:ace a eo n, Aaam. we e " " " THINGS IN GEORGIA ............ ~m nclnff at a, point on the North near a g,rea~ deal o~ t.all..a~ou~ ms-i side of said raiiroad right-of-way 484 . "------- :armament. t ney ten us tnat it we nave feet eastwardl., from w~ere the ATLANTA--- (GPS) Highway-rail ..... ' . . a "^~d ,~oa~ ..... in-- "~c";a''* .... a b~g army and a big navy we will, original lot line of said lot crosses ~..."-'2_ ~'_'~_~, ~'~%.fi~ "~ ~'~'.~ ~'_" fight We will have war. If we have said railroad; thence running" North t~nue ~0 ~aKe ~nelr l;Oll, l).r]ng ~ne . . . firSt eleven r-en*h~ ~ ~o~,~ +ho~to disarm to keep from f~hting, that one degree East 341 feet, thence ~er~ 1 6o~" ~a-~:~li~"~ =:.o*~'~'- ~'-'~-:iis all the proof we need that the na-!East 11 degrees Nort~h 194 feet; such accidents, an increase of 125 tions of this earth are composed of the.nce Southwardly 290 feet to smd " ......... ~ me- -n"~ -- o~'en wh- t._~___ ,_ .. ,rallroao rlgn~-oI-way; tnence west over tne same period In 19~O, It was~ u a U W '*| U [~e~V~|g ~'U '1~ , ' ,i / ........ fallen ce h" " ~ ., ~mng said ngnt-oI-way ztl xeet to re~ale(I by ~he Safety Sectmnof ra A C rmtian man wAl h,.ve ,h_ -^i ...... --'--'-- flit Association of American Rail- no greater temptation to fire a can- . ........... ' o h n we 1 ~t} Atso a certain otner tract oi reads. There was an increase of 270 n r# t a h,e u d a small pistol. If ~ ia ,^, ~,o .^.~.~..i..- .:..,. ,~.~^. persons injured m these acmdents,~ natmns were C hrmt!ans and. the elti- acres, more or less, described as fol- there being 4,610 reported in the e- zena were not naturally depraves/, low.~. Cammeneln~, ~t. ~ nolnt an ~h(* }even-month period of 1937. The totalS, then you could put a soldier every S-o~th ori-~i-na-i--l'o't line "i9"~" chains ~umber .of accidents d~ring the" eighteen inch~s around any govern-West of the original Southeast corn- ~ertod Iast year was 4,018, an in- meat in the world and he would have er of said' lot; and from such eom- crease of 27{~ over the corresponding no temptation to shoot people. Men mencing point running North 6 de- period the previoua year. It is inter- are naturally sinners. Some are grees West 1570 feet; thence West- esting ta note, however, that there thieves, some are murderers, some w~rdly parallel with the A. C. L. was a decrease of 47 deaths from are adulterers, and David said in his Railroad runniMg throug~ s~d [lot 2850 feet to lands of G. C. I{ug~es; highway-railroad grade crossings ac- haste, "All men are liars". Some wag ~ho-~e S'~,,~h 5 degroeo West a--- eidents in November, 1937, over the said, "He didn't have to be in.a hurry i proximate~ly" 392 feet tothe aforesa~ preceding month of 1937, and a de- ~o say l~. ne cored tare ms time ann South original lot line; thence East crease of 76 compared to November it still would: have been true". All. along said lot line 2750 feet to the 1986 .... pin~ are simply branches which grow', point of beginning. Weeklies Best:--W~ekly n,ewspa-on t~e tree of fallen nature The onlyI (g) Also twelve acres, more ov less, pers surpass city papers in ~lvertis-hope for man is a new birth, "Ex-~adj~cent to the last described' traet, ins ~al~e, acording ta an e~stern cept we be born again we cannot and having a point of beginnin~ de- ~ewrl~per busine~ for thirty years, see the kingdom of God". Unregena~-itermined as follows: From the South- newspaper business for thirsty years, ~ted men have no spiritual apprehen-west original corner af said lot 518 sion They thin~ in th~ term.~ ~ ~elf running East along t~e original lot - " ": " - ---- ....line 924 feet, thenee North 5 degrees ---self.preservatmn,and aelfls~ selfish interests,|tEast .9~ eel to th ~outh mar in - pleasures. l Zl e~ g st I the right-of-way of the A. C. I~ Rail- The old preachers used to talk a. road; thence Eastwardly along said great d~al about total depravityiSouth margin 280 feet for a point Mert say now they do n~ believe in i of beginning From such point of be- total depravity, All orthodox peoplel .ginning, ~hence running. South 26 belieye in total depravity whether l uegrees ~as~ 4_~0 feet to_sald. 63- they ~11~ it ~ n~ Wh~, ~,~ ~v'acre tract; ~nence ~astwaraly along --" --7"'7-. ":. v\ "'~'" " .... ";~~"'. ~ the North ]ine of said 63-acre tract a man is totally aepraveu, we ~o not i a0ad parallel wtih said railroad 1280 case of a city paper he could adver- mean that t~at man under our pres- feet; thence North 26 degrees West tise for a year and not reach every eat civilization commits every kind 400 feet to said railroad right-of- subscriber of that paper The reason of sin. We simply mean that man way; thence West along said right- is that the country weekly i~ read born in this world is minus God. There lvf-way 25 degrees South 1280 feet thoroogh]y by all the family and all is no divinity in him. Any sin ever! to the point o~ beginning. fhe neighbors, while the city newspa- committed by any man couId underI All ~f. said lands being more tully per read by only a comparatively few the proper provocation and temple- i shown By a plat of same of record in subscribers. The average city news- tion be committed by any other un- Plat Book "A" page 41, office of paper reader is a headline reader, regenerated man. "Why did I do soI clerk superior court said cou.nty. wh~ t " e be reader of the weekly paper, and so?" I h~.ve %eard men behind, All parties concerned are required ~n the averalze, reads his paper from iprison bars say. Women from fine to show cause before said court on ,, , or before the 21st day of March, cov r to cover, families in my evangelistic meetings; ......... ' t 193~, wny tne prayers of stud Imtlt Gi~t of The News:---New inven-{have sobbed out their hearts in in, ion shoul" not" an-e .... " ~ons such as air-condltiomng and quiry rooms and said', "How could I ,,,,. ,,~ ~a .... ~e gr ~a an2 :no tslevislon afford RTeat opDortunitiesicommit such sins?" We forget that co'nfir~aed'~." v ........... ~ .......... to the South, declared Dr. W. F.~the :greatest sin that man ean eom-~ This the 7t~ davof Februa~,~ 1938 O~,burn, prtrfessor of sociology at the mit is the sin of not loving God. ManI KATE C. P'AFFORD, O"r'dinary univer~ty of Chicseo. in si recent in his natural state does not love~ and Acting Clerk Superior Court address {n Atlanta before the Instl-I God. He has no affinity for God.) ----- ----- ----- t~te 9f Citizenship. Dr. Ogburn is~When man is born again'he becomest SUBSCRIBK FOR THK NEWS! l including, six years as managing edi- tor of the New York Herald-Tribune. Country weeklies are highly desir- ~ble a~ an advertising medium be- cause they are thoroughly read, he said. "This is so true I do not hesi- tate to say htat an advertiser can, by using a weekly paper, reach each week four times as many people as that paper ~as subscribers. In the' = =l = *On Do Luxe r. d, All these vltaUy imporfant features are ava;lable, at low pr/ces, only in the new 1938 Chewolet. CHL~OLk'T MOTOR DIVISION, Genera/ Motors Sa/e~ Corporafi~ DETROIT, MICHIGAN SOUTHERN CHEvRoLET ...... Georgia spe~ ! Mr. ass v Mr,, daug~ ~Pend eats, W Dt