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Homerville, Georgia
January 7, 1938     The Clinch County News
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January 7, 1938

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4. "THE CLINCH COUNTY NEWS" Friday, January 7, 1938. Page NOTE [ I | Drivers Warned [Gross Income Tax ] ,TH " ' 5 Cot nty f Counties Given Newspapers Give To Get License] Pushed As Means I B DRT-L--.BR'" ' Offi Quotas In Fight I Full Approval To .EAVU,E SET--k ANUARY,St li TO Balance BudgetI[ County Health Cornmls.ioner By. RIC"ARD E. SMIT"Agamst Paralysm Campaign Cancel ABSOLUTELY NO FURTHEi~ "l -- [ DOG BITE | ~pray Tobacco Bed Early to Control[ ; ] -- ~:EXTENSION OF TIME [ GENERAL ASSEMBLY NOW FAC-[ Do not kill the dog or other animal[ " Blue Mold Di.~ue I (Georgia News Service) I CONSTITUTION AND GEORGIA] , ,. -- [ ED WITH~ NECESSITY OF [that has bitten a person if it is in] GAINESVILLE,.Ga.--A quota oft URGE PUBLIC COOPERATION ' .~kTLANTA, Ga. --- Commissioner[ PROVIDING FUNDS ]any way possi'ble to capture and re-~ If blue mold in tohacco beds is to] $350.00 for Clincn county in tnis[ TO CHECK DISEASE ]Phil Brewstey of the Georgia Depart-I ~ [ subject others to danger be successfully controlled, sprayingI year's campaign for funds to battle] ~ment of Public Safety announced[ (Georgia News Service) I subject others to dager, i must be done early, Oounty Agent infantile paralysis has been set byI _ (Georgia News Service) ,today the "final" deadline for seeur-/ Having already passed variousI' Nearly always, under such circum-] R. E. Smith said this week. the state committee for the celehra- Strong-~ditorial endorsements c tag drivers' licenses--January 15th. /measures which will relieve the fin-i stances someone will insist on ira-t The copper oxide-cotton seed oil! tion of the President's Birthday, Jan- the Cancer Control Campaign" nvt "There will be absolutely no fur-! ancial situation of counties, Georgia's mediate destruction of the offending spray will control blue mold if it is~. uary 29. I being conducted in Georg"a has bee~ ~ther" extensi~)n of time," he said, general assembly rhow faces the taskI creature. If there is no reason to sus- i applied to the bed at the proper This quota is based on only five! given by both the Atlanta Constitu, "'We have put off this deadline on of solving the state's financial prob-t pect that the animal is rabid, it is time, the agent declared. He warned,1 cents per person in the 1930 censusi tion and the Atlanta Georgian. former occasions to give every auto lem by providing between two and', permissible to kill. But where there[ however, that a late start reduces! and corresponds with that fixed forl The Georgian ed;torial states thai driver in the state ample opportuni- one.half and four million dollars toi is the least fear of rabies, killing the! the margin of safety, and may lead to1 every other county in the state. If[ "one assurance of the success of th~ ty to get a blank and send in an ap[ meet the state's operations budgetI animal will destl~oy the best means complete failure, if general blue mold the full quota is made by each itI campaign is that it is being carried "lplica-tion. I of $20,400,000. A gross income tax i of determining the facts. This Is true ! refection hits the bed before the [ w]I~ mean *that l~his year Georgia t on by public spirited women. It i~ ave"Webeenare wellCertaindistributednw tha~in blanksfilling I is Itviewedis pointedgenerallYout byaS observersthe so I u t i o n. ~ iii a: ~a !u~a~b l~e:ta~nOe:Sn/lethal ~i:a~di~1 ~fi ! ~%~paneYa :i~he~!~!h ~ Ibe~ ~1:o uhtaF::: ~siT~!r:bu~ lm s r ~;9~ !i:!::~i~ ~!n Yr:f~r t! Yo ~hm~:~ccWeaimii~tY~i~'i Istati0ns, court housds and other cen-[ the extra session already has done! trally located points in every corn- much for counties and also for mu-! much more certain to be discovered!ary 5 to 15, Mr. Smith advised. Itlalready has stricken 600,000 in the[ it is being led by Mrs. H. B. RitchieI munity. Drivers have had ample time I rdcipali~ies and individua~ citiz~ens I after the disease is well developed. [ is necessary, he said to begin spray- nation. [ of Athens, state commander of thi to secure these blanks and there are .~enerally~ The new law giving coun-. They m~y not be found early in the ing before the blue mold appears in Edgar B. Dunlap, chairman of thei Women's Field Army, with the co. just 8 more days in which to geti ties their share of the gasoline tax'disease, l tbe bed. As soon as the grower re- state committee, has sent out sug-,operation of the Medical Ass;eclator license." ! monthly, to help avoid borrowing toi Twice recently in Clinch county ceives word that the disease has ap- gestions to his 159 county chairmenl of Georgia and the State Departmenl The law creating the Department meet county expenses, is alone ex- men had to take antirabic treatment peared in the state, be should apply for arranging |he entertainments'of Public Health. ~f Public Safety (highway patrol) pected to save as much as ten per because the suspected animals were the first spray and repeat it twice and events for Saturday, January/ "The subject of cancer has re :provides $50 fine or six months it*. cent in the operation of county gov- killed prematurely. If there is strong a week until time to transplant. !29, which, he believes, will affordI ceived a huge share of the attentior ]prisonment as punishment for fail- ernment, suspicion of rabies or if the bite is "Spl:ayed beds frequently "suffer w.~re persons an opportunity of par- of the medical profession within ~re to obtain a license wthin the~ Tbe intangible tax act, signed by on or near the head, treatment of light ~ttacks of blue mold," the a- ticpatrig in the celebrations. [past few years as the ravages of ,given time. the Governor on Christmas Day, will t~e person bitten started pending gent asserted, "but the plants are Iffe has asked the c[airmen to di- dread disease became more and mor Brewster said about half the drv- help both the c~unties and cities, the final diagnosis of the animal's seldom more than slightly injured, vide each county int areas and ap- impressive. ers in the state had secured the li- People generally will benefit from disease, if any. If the animal survi- If the spraying is begun early enough point a committee or the celebra- "The physicians have f~und Genses, w~high are issued in threethe homestead and personal proper- yes ten days, then the treatment may the plants recover, and once they tion in each area; to designate the cancer can successfully be treate( ~livisions, for leaxners, operators and ty ta~ exemptions. The public and be discontinued, have recovered, it is not necessary to place of entertainment; the time and IF THE PATIENT ACT.q IN ~chauffeur% , the counties will benefit as a result Clinch County people would do continue the spray applications." ]kind of entertainment and the ad-! and is ~iven the benefit~- 1 : Licenses isstmd to date number of free school books; 7-month school, well to remember the above advice .... ~ ~" ,, ~ will range from 6 to 16, dependingis~-~omnd~ees :in ~each area bsi The Oonsit,*" .... "-*- ^.* ,$60,000 and the vehicle registration terms paid for by the state; rural~l s;o read it again, then clip ..it and file He said the number of applications~ mmslon charge and to name varmusI methods of practice. '" ..... :i i" b" " "he~ ,~ ~ ~,~- v~,,*~ ~-~ .is 460,000, with an estimated two post roads; public assistance, and in, it where you can find it. qhm infer- ...,. ~the cancer In ~ts earliest stages ,drivers to the car. various other ways. t mation may prove valuable to your- on bow long the disease is active, nanale ~ne zunc~ ons su m le ~o ~ On the average, 8 to 12 applications l community in which they. are nero. t easil, y curable, and- ~'ha~" ""l~ is" o Learners licenses, good or only six M~)st of the tax measures so far self or neighbor at any tinle in the are sufficient. ~ All funds raised at these enter-' ............ when the disease is neglected an months, cost 50 cents; operators li- aP~cate revenue for specific purposes! future. . Mr. Smith invites farmers to visit ~ammo~g ~u ~e turnea over ~o ~ne _eratie~ to-_ro._es t" " " , ...... I P a p gr s o an aavance{ his office for detailed information]countycb~c.,,.on wno wm rem~. ~nemistage that the hope of cure becor ,cc'.,~e~ (experienced drivers) $1 for such as schools, highways, relief of Antirabic treatment of dogs is county financial problems, and the trecommended. It is not a guaranteed to Clyae wllhams, treasurer, In At tw~ years, and chaufeurs $2 for two ion mixing and applying tbe spray. I- . " " "lslim. It is thus vitally important years, like, thus creating the necessit,r o/: preventive of rabies. [ ~lanta. t secure prompt examination by o some general tax revision for the'. o ]County A~ent Says Keep Sows Gain-I In his message to the county e,r, notont nh,~io~*., o* the ~,*t ...... ~ ....... ~.]~ support of the state government it-~_~ ]~#v ~ff~,*~ ] in For Large Litters ]chairmen, Mr. Dunlap pointed to the :.-~-"~.~-'~.~"~-'_~'_'_"~...~"~*'~:'_, I ~i-" aJ~l ~lll~ self ~" ~=~g~[~ mlth advised ent lrea m d h~s w p,~,~. ~ ~.~ g~o~,,. ~,e n*~t~ Y , " ~ I ~ l County Agent R. E. S " arranera s a dy ~t e i " o n o cancer in foo~ om~h**; ..... "T,,,,,,ffiA P,,~n,,~ l~;ll#,rl In view of this situation, advocates, ~hnx~r~t r~~IF~R~ Clinch county farmers this week toI Hall county as a rossible guide to a~ain the' importance ~'of"~'ever;i a~.~.~ ~.~vo,.. ,~,~ffi,~.-~.~ ,~f the gross income tax are pressing "'~ffiffi'~ ;~ ~J"~* .....keep their brood sows gaining weightl other counties in making their plans, undergoing- a there---h ..h,,~ioa~ !~__ ~ ...... t.][o..--&.~ for advantage and are declarln~ .hat ..... at a good rate during the next few Eleven entertainments will be held amirtatL~n at re~-lar -eriod- -.e-ar~ wors ~y ~l~g:~r~|~ ~/tu|/L~ such a measure not on~v would pro- T t-~ma~ed number of sows months if they want to get large lit- in this county, which has been di-less of' a s-'-voSe~P -^^~'--~'~'~ D~ vide all the ~unds needed to corn- farrowing the 1937 fall pig crop in ters of pigs next spring. Sows that!vided into eight areas with a com- evndition or not" |thre~ ATLANTA, Ga.--One seven and plete the $20,400,000 budget, but Georgia amountpd to 130,000, or 13'gain the most during the gestation lmittee chairman and a full commit-I " |hear~ a half tmt~nd tagged goose is about also probably would result in abel- 'i per cent less than the 149,000 far-~ period stand to produce the largest tee in each area I ---'-1 n ace~ to rob the s-asn~odicall appearing lion of other taxes I 6 hi es htt ] s " ' P Y r~wing in the fall of 193 . T "s - " ers of p'g. l Area No. 1, which includes Gaines- teo'o ~hl~ ..a ~1 .... ,,-arm v.il heav 'belled buzzard of the limelight which It is krtown that a group of legisla-] tiknate is b~sed ~:p~n ~nforma;t.~on~ "When the sow does not eat e- ville ~roper, Gaine.~ville Mill and H~l~,,,=-ma'"~az'ines'~r~adio s"tation~ Peep has centered on this member of the tars is now perfecting the drafting from the December and June surveys nough of the right kind of feed while New Holland will have a combha-! new~a~'ers all are' -'oini in~'th] have feathered tribe ft)r someVhnig like of the gross income tax bill which, made in eoo,eration with the Post she is carrying pigs a small pig crop ltion round and square dance, a bene-i ,~,7~:t~l~ ~ ....... ,~ ~n~. n2n] Y~ar, half a century, it is beheved, will provide for either! Office Depart'ment through their ru- may result," the County Agent said.! fit bridge and rork party, a benefiti i~Geor~'ia~a'nd~t~ae-nation~*~vith'~;h],and ':~_ccording to a report made by complete elimination or reduct!on ofI ral mail carriers through-out the "All sows carrying pigs should be[picture show and a dance at BrenauI absolute'need for m~re money toca~C"ars - . the ad valorem tax ~o one mill, as ~r ~ nivs saver was run on nasture, where ossible, and fz~r college ~irls : .....~h~o ~o+~o +. ~,~.~,o~ ~t~i and ~Tud Wagner.~ Deputy Game P~otect- . . State Numb ........ ...... P ~ ~ " I'-a ........................ ,~ - ~ ~t americus to Charles D Mor- well as abolishing all business occu- 762 000 as comnared with 834,000 fed gram, protein supplement and a! At Chlcopee and vicinity, m Area, "maiming, death " """~Week Igan, Supervmor of Game Protectors, patlonal taxes. Advocates. of t.b:is~ the previous fall - a 9 per cent de-!mineral m~xture. The following mIn-[No. 2, there will be a basketball A~a the succ~s~ -~ it ~1 ;~ ~-~r s solve the state s financial problem l ,~' ........... ~: .... " " " ...... *~o*~ ~t 175 000 and the Equal parts ~f bone meal, finely- In Area No 3, Clermont and vi- " |til i'l ~enrea to one el me legs o~ ~ne gvv.~ .... --~,.~ =o~,-.-~-.~ - , . , ,, , ............. ~. ~,, The majority sentiment in the ~ ..... ~ n~ n n~o h~,~ ~-eodin~, ~round limestone and salt This should I cinitv, a basketb.~'l ~arne w~ll be Isn t thm great battle worth | day'~ -wvas a Silver oanu oeanug b,.~ -.- . . ~,~ ~.,,p ~, ..... , ............. . o . [ ~. .~ o . ickel~'' r " " ..,,.,~.~.~. ,qo,,t. ~i.o. Win.~ville legislature apparently is for the gross ',,*o,,tions re~orted in December in-' be mixed thoroughly and put out ln lheld at the Clermont high school, n , . M . D,t~nlap asks. Of cour~ not ,~_~-^ ~o~.,1~ ~ ~ ~ ..a .1,o raceme measure, although some man- m~o.o .~.,,~ ~a~ o~a sows t- farrow small portions, t Other events are being planned, i l~ Isle every c~lzen in mls sate,_ b~r , ...... ,,~ h~ R~blo [tam that the additional revenue i- *he s*rin~- of 1938 This fi~,ure,'The sow that gains fast duringI In the other five areas chairmen we uon.~ wan~ eacn pe~on to thinlwere ~a ................... e t balance the bud et could ..... ~ ~ " " I a nickel is nis novisual uota fi ..... I need d o g -~ ~.~ ...... ~a ~,~ o ao~e~oo ofgestation and farrows a largeht-have been selected and the c~mmlt- q ;a, I~ cull Mr. Wagner's repor~ xaued to say ai throu h a eneral sales '~ ........ ' .... u ......... . ~ every one give as much as he ca ........., t be obt ned g g o ....... =r ~ t ~-,~ ~a~e#~. svrI~ "n~,s farrow- ter will lose more weight than the~tee is busy formulatmg plans for the ........ e callieu% what Bioncat quota~on tne goose tax. or leR, alization and taxation of . P .......... ~ow with the smaller camilv, the a-I ~,,~,to " [l-le knows ~ne neeu. ~et his consc|Idausl carried, and neither Mr Morgan nor the h uor that is now hem sold lngs ~ I ence be his quota " ~. . . : .... ". ..... "q " g .." ......... ..___ ,__ ,~.^ o^..,h gent points out. Not ordy has she l Organizaiions in all parts of the, ]medi J~lrector Joe Mi~cnell, O~ 1;he Depart- thro.~hou, Georgia Tozal ~au Iarrowmg~ ~or ~.e ovu~ ...... . . , ........ ~ "~" ~ ~ " - ...... ~ ........ ~e proaucea a larger litter but sne is state have written Mr. Dunlap ex- A la~ meat of Wild tAxe, has oeen aole to, I Atlantic sm~es snoweu ~ per cen~ v - ~ .......... ~ .......... [ - ~ ~It "= .............. ; ~' "h orres ondin ~otal for the~pramv ~urnmg more xor her xeeu[nressing ~ne~r ~eslre ~o md in ~ne ___ .... , - .~ | ry ~ind out wne~ner l~ingsvHle, unmrio,vISITS SENATOR GEORGE #;gw ~ e c p g ~ " - : ........ h n .. ..... m==~-mmiml----a= '~u~,,,'--'v_ ~ sW . .. , ............. irate milk ana less Into xa~ ~ a fight on inxan~ile paralysis. ~ivicl llll41~i~ll|Itl ~ as has a citizen named Jack Miner, who ~ WA~LHM~TON previous year. cur zne en~]re unl- ., ,, ....... .~ , . - ..... , .... = ,,.~...~ ~ ~._ . " [ *~" ~r ..... ~ . .. -- . .~ o~ner sows. ~o sne will also nave a, groups in aimos~ every town Will ae-l ..---- J,- l~ is seeking a pet goose strayed far ted btates tne comolne~i spring ana~h .... ~ ]~t~ o~ ..... .;.~, ~o la:.~,~ ~, ~..~ ...... *~-~ i~ Janu II s_~u~aotAez~ |I]h~t- from home I w~,~,~ .~ Mr Wov H "Lankford, fall pig crop in 1937 was placed at~-~,'~_~_"~.~;:_"~_:'_~'"":~_ ~"'f- ..... i .... ~Y ~,~ "~_?_ _~"_~. '_';~f_"~_"~_~ ^( l[ -- ~.~.PoiMou.s~uto - |Dr . .........~ ....... . ......... -, ~.. ",*_ I w nen cumng ou~ Sows a~ weamug ary ~o ~ne or~ve, sucn a~ ~.e o.~ a,-n II _ Y~r lads~ l~ol~ to k.op ~u,~dl i " - " "" k- 6"Z,Zz7,0gJO neac1,inls numoer IS ...... Although the ~eport fails to dl- son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Lan . ......... }hme next spring, the County Agent t ready announced by the Klwanlsl I1 ~~:S~;ti~, I~II: 11 e lntelested5 per cen~ smaller ~nan ~ne combined ' ,~= ~=- ~ . ~ ~. vulge information on the subject, it ford, Route 1, City, w" 1 b " " ............ =2 i warns farmers to be careful bef.orei Club in Atlanta. [ I[ ~~~a.~ ~ |~re of spring ana sail crop ox l~a~ ana .... " he was the est .... tnmaov~ s~s Impurities, th~ may I~ gets m the belief of Mr. Mitchell and Mr. to know that gu ............ ] culling tbose sows that look thm and l~ Dr W. H. Knight, president of] II ~Pu~o~ t~m,~ | he er cent less tnan zne o yea t M~rgan that the goose wa~ cooked, Senator Walter F. Ge.~rge at t P ...... - .... ] poor. They are probably high mHV! the club there, has arranged to have |1 [~~r~"-.'- - ..... . --~ | Lo and enjoyed by all. , !Mayflower Hotel in-Washington, D. 1~ average. ~r.eemng retentions producers and naturally will raise t a physician address the meeting .~n ] |[ ~~,ew~~lt. ...... n~o/~e~dnu~ |ttue~ n o anuar 2nd tor ~ne country poln~ ~o a plODaDle I C, Sunday after o n, J Y " the largest and best litters ~ January 25 on some phase of infan- I I1[ ~blad~/_dl,tur~nee.- .... -" |at hi increase of 5 er cent in sows t ! . / ii IOtl may imrmr Inlttrln# nlteluml~ ~1. [ ~ P .... i , , o t tile paralysis work. A number of the i II i at hi ' blas heinous vul farrow next spring over tne spring he cottlsh Rite hos ~tinlf ~p ~dghta, swellinz I~ "N have Its Easy To Be Mistaken About S6me kind of a p ~' " Among the most valued papers we 'chEdren from t S " " -/ II ~::~ L_ ~& .... L" a,~ .... l~|A ]~zar, athe|stic skit on the NBC na- of 1937. annre~iat,, readin~ ever~r week is:~Wt~l will be guests of the club that II ..... . ~L~III~II l[~Ul~ o k u recentI i o , ~ho tion-wide radio h o - p Y' ' lEdtot HErrin,~ s Tift~ Gazette day t 1 -- - - ., ~ Alma, is a further tribute .to the a-l[~f '"2_." =~__ .... dllK o o o . ~ F(ff- r~!i:+:~: He probably holds the record for o , o e "'~ ................... ~] ~E~V~/~ holdi,ng the office of mayor, having o~* n [I r II |1 r r i o IIll r A T I1 i ! [i I ill In U t A Ill / held it in H mervil!e and also in Du- ~ i' KrMNrr A l|irll/ hlllllllil [/FII|1 r;ont and for sometime past in Alma. ~~/[ ....................................... - ' ::- e, + Crystc:ln Ga i ped them until a friend re- There is a modem pleasant way to get relief from Hams & Shoulder---Plain Salt Cure 1c lb. Sides--Plaln Salt Cure .............................. lc lb. Hams & Shoulders--Sugar Cure .............. 2c lb. 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