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January 7, 1938     The Clinch County News
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January 7, 1938

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FHday, January ~&Mk . -- "I'HE CLINCH COUNTY NEW F' Pase , v r~11, ,,~ --.r~ ,'! ~ I~.T Mrs T C Ch/tmbers and Mrs S -- li ----- ! q J I tN I!L Drawdy we 'e charmi,g hoste esl B, HRS. Z.C.* CHORS II l s, ms. RwY- CARTU - "--~ ....... Ii at tlm reg~la~ mont~ meet~g of[ .... il IRIS BLrrCH [ . l -~ i the Women's Club which was held in I All the teachers have resumed ~ .................. ~ "Men ought always to pray, m~d 1 SHORT PARAGRAPHS C0N~[RNING Tfl(K~[ WHO It,, bhe club building Tlmreday after-] work in the school after spending the - ' not to~ fain~'--Lulm 18-1. 1 ~ma,: ~m~ ~_#t TMS: emel~ Am~ Ttllg tara=a| ~inn I holtdays at their homes On the ~ourthomm t~oUnds.~ We~ght to pray. We ought to ~l#v~t ~al~ ~t~, ~s~a= os~ ~,~a# u~.n= ~#.,=... ~t Mrs. F. W. Jernigan presented a[ Mr. F B. Bullard accvmpanied hi~ ly bask o the ~,. ties a .dump- pray always and not.~row faint heart- .. O i beautiful musical program by Mrs. I son, "William Lee Bulla~d, a~d Joe heap, ~ If every, eiv|e p~o~ect m e~ and cease pr~t~ing. Praye~ is {] i,{~U.OU, oi.(.),i~o~)~nli~ o t R~chard~ Mrs Frances E_a.tm~n andi Mosely to Abraham Baldwin College I~.omerwlle, were as progresmve as more. than saying w~ .~l.s. It's the ex~ Miss Lucile Strickland returned to I" F~iends of Mrs. W. B. Gi!lieani .M.rs. M~urme Meutdin: Miss W!.Hi~t at TigLon, Ga., Mondey. Mr. W..E thin same du.mp-he~m, no one could pre~uon of ~ ,de~re. The far~n- Atlant.~ ]~t .~,,nd~v ~fter snendin~J will re~ret to learn that she is ill at I ~ae ~m~cner gav~ a mve/F te~nmg Smith accompauied them there also aouv~ our maus~mo~stWss. ~o one er 9tows ms ~el~s often whorl ne s~o'~ ~,~.-~i+-~-'h~-~-~r~t~ Mrithe Rw-~rside Ho'sDital in Jackson-[''Friends'' by Edgar A. Guest. MrSInn a business triv could doubt our ci~icprid~,norconld doesn't f~l like it, but he confldant~ ~tn-~"~t~ro"~b" ~qtr'ickla'nd ......... [ ville. Flu - [ Peagler presided at a bus,tress sO, ] Miss Mary Alice Mosely spent the anyone Im0s ibty believe that citi- expeet a crop rom his labors, ................ ~ I " I s~on following the program. There was t week end with Miss Sullivan at her zert in town was bein~ slack so far as an~t he realizes that he ought to plow ,.- ........ I Mr Iverson Huxford left toda"l good attendance It was unanimously[ home in Ousle~ Ga his duties toward bo~ting his town his fields, So, p~a~er is a form of ~rs. Herman jonnson ann oaugn-[ # ...... " .... er or ] #' " we e on ern d "or " e teh ter ~ou~o ~ roturned ta At- | for Cleveland. Tenn. where he will I vocea to ren~ cmo rooms ~o om "[ Miss Jaunita Perry of Oeala. Fin. r c c e . F we nay wa - work and our labor, is not in val~ '=~ "~?.~ ........ ?: ......~-'--- - .... ~ s-on~ several "~a-'s ~t" Bo~ Jones Col ' ganizati~ns as a means of raisingi visited Mr and Mrs F B Baiiard ed that dump-heap for ag~od twelve- in the Lord, theft we ought to pray ~ta nicer spenumg some ~m~ w~u ~ ~ u~ ~ ~ - . . , . . . her parents Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Lee. I legs. 1 ~Ocm:ra~e::sT:~ f::?ea:~ic:~iteri~l Iduri, ng .the l~olidays, vme~o:hSfron~J'jtWe:: o~C:edy ttrad~" ~jdlFntOfheOa~ed.~ee~en~proanv~ on~r Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Sirmsns an- " Mr Virgil Smith is constructing a I Miss Luginia C~rterof Vatdosta the ground~Tne ,,runs ~mb .......... nave ontalneo tne nounce the birth ~f a daughter, Jen- pitons beent a smmliedrbust dump-heap,,with all theqmteneeesaS i~ithshall reabY doing th!s.i we faintWenotare assured nice bungalow in the northern part I spent last week-end here the guest t ............. ; I nell Sue Sirmans on Dec. 26t[i, 1937. flourisning as a new-rum nuns, wno in Galatmna" 6-9 In. due. ,,seasn we use oi tne oullaln for their Monoay h of town just one block of the Homer-[ of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilson. I .... g ..... I Mother and daughter are doing nice- ~ " -, P f vill~ P ...... hi~,~w~v t , ~ ~vemng meeungs and rme AmermanI lv salt vitamins. And there isn't ~ny] I The many fmends of Mrs. C. lI.l,Legxn andAuxfl!ary have eng~..ed! Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stokes have question but what this ,du.mp-hes4~! Mr. Gl_enn Rigdon spent last week, ear her' ~ne r~oms for tne~r regular montr~y~ * o has been given all the mvmg care end m Wayeross w~th relatives Mr and Mrs 0 E Talley have]Smith will be sorry to 1 n of . returned from their wedding rin t " - moved into the I" W Corbitt home on I illness at the home of her daughterI meetings. .. - ,~ I Jacksonville, Flu, and St AuguStine that a mother gives to the cherished! Mrs. H, C. Lovett was called to me ...... waycross nignway'- "- I''"~-mr~ o ~"o~.~'"'~*" I ^r4rs~" F. W. ~ernigan,_ _ ~trs~ . ..... r. ~" ] ~,~ ~~ ~ ,~o~'t~ ~,,mo babe, for ~t c~uldn't possibly have Yamassee, S C, Saturday owing to unamoers Mr~ II ~ ~mitn, ~rs~ ....... ' ............... o ............. ' - [ ' " . .. "~ with Mr Stoke-s' mother grown off so quxekly othervnse no the serous illness of her nephew, T 'Wylder Wflhams, Mrs Erwm ~h~ch, -- Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Peagler hadI O.E.S. HELD MEE ING t-- . .. ".." .o ~ ......... ! Mr. Archie Mosely has returned one has disturbed it in anyway ex-Mr. Brown. I Mrs ~ t~ ~ay, fflrs v; ,j ~ml~n auu as their guests this week Mrs. Ella Clinch Chapter No. 254 O. E. S., " ~. - ~. " " " - -I to Bob Jones College at Cleveland,, cept to feed it, feed it, feed it. ; The many frionds ~f Dr. H. G, Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wood held their regular meeting on Tues- ~rs. ~. ~; ~even.s were appomtea I Tennessee. after sr~ndin~ the ~oli- l "While it has been nourished so Huey here have been deeply~oncern- of Charleston, S.C. day night, Jab. 4th, 1938 Ins a speemi committee t?rrm:eoSOam:!days with'his parents, M~. and Mrs. l patiently these many months, and ed ~ver his critical condition in -- . ] The following officers were in-i ~unos_io.r._~n~,new yea s p gr IS. C. Mosely. i while it has grown to vast proI~r- Riverside ,Hospital ~In Jac~sdnville, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. SouthaU anu[ stalled for the ensuing year: I ox ~mprvwm~,~. Mrs. Robert Passm0re is visitingl Lions, it has not yet reached its full Fla. Every one is hoping he will have Miss Frances Bell of Cair~ and Miss I Mrs.' Leatie Poppell--WortIw Ma- i ~ I Mr and Mrs L R Rives in Atlanta, ~, possibilities There is approximately a s~edy recovery, and a soon re- Edna Mac Jones of Tallahassee and tron I BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT I~ " " " " a"a e " " ~ ,t~a. ~a n lt~ cr ',expanse, a~wn toward ~urn. New York spent Sunday ~ere as Folks Huxford--Worthy Patron. I Mr. and Mrs. W. M. CaJ)n, RouteI Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rives and faro- the back of the Woman's Club-housel Mrs. W.. H. James, Mrs. T. L. Pmk~ guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilson Mrs.Kate Smith--Associate Ma- 2, announce ~he arrival of a daughter, il~ of Screven Ga, visited his bro and faei~ Mr john Dames' rest- ~en and Mrs. William V.. Tomlinson and family " I tron i Zelda Mac Cason, onJanuary 5,1t~er r ~ 'L "ives nd famil: donee that can ~et be filled in In made a bnsiness trip to Waycross . . , ~ M ..... R a ~ , ~ . -- I MissCynthia Sesswns---Secretary.] 1938. [ Saturda~ I due time. if vroverlv tended, it might Thursday to purchase shrubbery for n little sons ~. " ' " ...... " Mrs C. S. Newton a d [ ~rs.Barbara G~bbs---Treasurer. ~ o I Mrs ~Olana Futch ~n~ daughters~ even v~) on around, consumin~ all the school yard. Ar~yle was award- a ] o Butle Clarence jr., and D .v. d .f. .. I Mrs. Bermce Floyd---Conductress. I Used Cave for Glass Work ! Marjory, and Melba and Miss Mary, that space between the court-house ed second, pmze o~ .$25.00, and thin are spending this wee~_ v~t~ m~rs'! Mrs. Lucy Drawdy--Assocmte ~on-}The first glass maker in Scotland Pane Brown of Nashville~ Ga, have and .club@mt~se and the Musg~roveI was used m beautifing the grounds. ~ewton's mother Mrs. Emma. Tunl, s-I ductress. . I was George Hay (1566-1625). He]been guests of Miss Martha Lee Hotel and the Baptist Church l And~ mr. H C. Lovett attended the Mr. Newton arrayed Weunesuay mgnzI Mrs Lucy Belle Pittman---Chap-I took advantage of a peculiarly ] Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cameron and i then---we ask you---Wouldn't we funeral of hm mece at Fitzgerald ~o spend the week eno llam formed cave at Womyss, on the Fife bo ~ Sunday " "- " I - " sons, Donald and Lamar, Mr. and have something to crow a ut. -- . I Mrs. Alma Morgan Marshal [coast, and set up his furn}~e there- { Mrs D 0 Bruce ~n~ littl~ dau~h-[ w~n ....... u~ w~ h .... A,,r{ Owing to illness, Rev. L. W. Walk- Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Knight re- Mrs. Ethel Campbell--Organist. in. ter" daughter, Claudia ~f ~Atlan~a,I t~.~ns~Te~';ati~';'~'isn, t depending' or.was trouble to fill his regular ap- ~rnreadl wM:een~aYnnTghttusva~l~:ra~eTd~g" MM;:. MK:tYleinpB~f::~--AfStha. Subscribe for THE NEWS Gax :?:tMChr:ntda~I=lthM~s. cL.amE:'I t~a:hat dut~P~hei~ ~o~d~e'rze?fs?~d P~in:n~ntrch:re Sunday at the Math pc, Fla. -- We were delighted to have Mr.I eron Mrs Bruce wiil be remem .............. m h~o~] ,,o ~ ...... t-I Mr. and Mrs. Recil Perry and dau- ""..... ne, -oo -las and littlel Wr , visi our c~.~pter a.d hope Cro Control Bill bored here as Miss Maggie Cameron abl;~rather than creditably. Jus~ to ghter yf Waycross were guests Sun- , ~.~. ~- ~ ~ ............. i~na~ ne v~u De wire us again. [ ~ _ _ I Mr. and Mrs. George Allison, Mr. lthink of the numbers and numbers aay.o~ ~r. ann Mrs o: It, ~vans. _ ~;:~:tle:stYee~7~re with ~hU::parll SCOUTS' NEW YEAR'S EVENTS [ Russianizsd Says ~:~neber:pAnlt[:f i~e2Plth~ha::e~et~::t:~ ~L~=::~to zVl~ol::bum:nsa~u:r;:ylU:ft2t:r~od ents Mr an Mrs J F Poppell andI - "rl ere l z s y p vo g " da vi .... . . d _ ~ ..... Twenty small boys and g~ s w , ~Irt~* ~tt~~'~l Sunday PM of last week visitin~ .,tony ~a as t~eir enra~ture~ ~ze ys slt wlth hm mother, Mrs. F. mr an Mrs Bruce Douglas. mr. . o t ~.~,~.,va ~.~.~.~.~ ~,, - " " ~ -,'-~, "~,,'~ ' " ~" " ~- d . I]nvzted to a peanut hunt at the W -~ ~ J i.. ~,, ~it,~ ~-o [.e..,~ ~_^~. ,~^ . ;~_ ..~, ...... ~+I,, F Cornehus. Kenneth Douglas, spent he man's Club I~ouse Fmday afternoon. -- , I Mrs .T W Livin~s~-n erom .Tack- I h .... +;,,! ~.,,~t.~,~ t, th~ ~ordid- ~ Barbara, the httle daughter of ~Mr. nd here One of the scouts sponsored each of (Georgm News Servlce) I sonviqe ~o Vi~i*~ ~ ~-~hto ..... , ,h~, ....., ~.~oh ,h~,, and Mrs. John F. Menctch, is well -- . ,.~, i tne cnlluren. , ,~o~H~,~,~,, ~,. ~'---"'~" ~ ~Mr~ .I l~ ~r~s, ]~t ~eb l~..ot ho~ +h,,~, "my! whnt a o me way ~o recovery al~er a reecnc Mrs. Reelf.P'eecksen ana llLUentt Onty seven attendedPeanuts'l charge that certain divisions, of. the. ~ "" Mrs.:': ~" J.:" K.~:"-:Yiworgan ......... ~s .... vmmn':"ner ' contraaitlonl t................ . .. .,, ~ ...... ~ ....... ~ ~_l~V'i~al.i]]~~. w"'hi~h ...... --.~o .... ..-o~'ei~'~+ ~.,..usa,+h.... h+ i 3"40 o~cloc at the cnurthouse, l SCOUT NEWS ira, so enough of whatever the seers-I.; " " -, Y Y , J Y g " to ~vo them ~ain i~ nut mia~ ! . . ~ luays. ~ ' " o er o The Scouts met Wednesday, Jan. itary of a~ucultuve says ~s good forI ......... I to call attentmn to ~t to the pr p Mrs S C Patte~rnon Cou,nty METHODIST MISSIONARY 5, at the Woman's Club House. WeI your family and for the beasts of] cuRev'~J: D~Paulk :f Val?o:t~, G:~.autborities. Bu.~, while.the highway School Superintendent, was here -- I m~se' d nur leader, who is in the l burden on your place, or y~z)u can- t ~ .... ~. ................................ ........ a~-g'~ ~c~e 7~':~ -~.~ running alongsiue is closea, won ~ Wedno~dav i, th~ ~n~a~.o~t ,~ +h~ SOCIETY MEETS [ ..... h ~he] ..... i ~ d to which' was ~he gues~ o~ Ivlr. anu Mrs. ~. t~.i someone see that it is moved away .~^~, ~..:,~:__ ...~:^~ :_ ~__:__ o,~, i ~iversiae l-lospl~at, very muc . ~ . noc part, lc~pa~e n a ~un h we t ~*~^~"'~"~Y ~o that whenthe- r:)aa~': m" openecl- a o~,,-,, uu,~,.g w-,~n ~ ,uvmg ...... ~. . ...... I will not be with us for some. time, you have contributed in t e s a .. ' " " " repairs made ~ne Methodist Missmnary c~:=~Yrl but we feel confident that her as-]of your brow and which is offeredt Su~raanidn MR:xf~:~r~lAlhsnspent gain and the t.~urists begin to pour Mrs. W. J. Wallace returned from met Fmday afternoon, Dec t ell [ m ~ o rta| thin ~ y ' through, they ~on t nave ~t to mar _ " - _ ~ ,~ ~u.~ ~ sistant will carry on the work w to all far e ~. wh do ce "n " gs. iu ...... ~ " " - " t-~ " - ' .... Baconton Tuesday after spending 3 Mrs i ~ ~-~-, ~,~ ~oan ~ee has re~urne(l o our 1st, at the home o ." " ". a~rs~] We have decided to have threeYou can.~ot participate in it unless l.." ............. ~ the t~.ood impression crea,eo ~y several days with Mr. and Mrs. H. L. D mDers anu m , nor home ]n waycross ai~el a VlSlb n out,no sev IE 1s trul a ~ers with Mrs. Cha ~ . "~ business meetings and one social you do some other things which haval. , . .: . .. " .. :':magnifice t c u . . Y Cromartie and family G C Hughes sr, as joint hostesses , 1to ne~Fmcn~s lvir ano zurs w m r ctur .~ssxblthe . " . " meetingeach month. We feel thatno possible connectiort with the main~ :~ . ". " ..... , lovely st u : e and. F, .Y ._ , Sammy S~eedley, youn~ daughter The following program was ~)nserv t r. ~ ntml to ~ n r h~ le ~s tvic~amD most beautiful eourmouse m rne . ",~he social '(mee~ti ,~ "s ess~ " , objective a d pu pose of t "s g" "- _ . ~. ........ of Mr. and Mrs Samuel Steedley re- e~1:. ............ _- ] ,~.! a well-r~unded program. We will have ~. lat;nn. I .. ~as~ rnurs~a_,y ~nere was an else- I state Le~ show our prmem ..... ,~ ny mains quite ill' with something like u enln ~on ~vl t~ope s ~u I ,, ~ ~on zor a scnenx ~rus~ee, ~ur i~o~r~# Ivln~ it beatt~iiul surrounaln Influenza P g g Y I refreshments cz)oked out doors on. For the sake of sustaining th ~ ~ " ~" " ~" " " " gs. ~ .... " Prayer Mrs W C WooLen ..... I Alhson, and Mr. S. C. Mosely were. . , " we " _ --" . ", : ...... [ the afternoons of our socal meetings., vahd~ty of the bill I express the hope I ............ I While we re on the sub3ect, I ----- UL ' ll-21---Mrs-Theme--Keeping ~criptuxe".~nd T . LMeq~ta~)n---z. Floyo ~'ower." "'xez" ~ m eI elected'.[Pack Our and. scribe weanthor hope has started the scribe Brownie" a haBrwnie s Packlb sen I chromate I that clude" . VhoSeln. the fromin bill,charge" ~t," allrather " of df those thet hbillau Prvis" ~willin -I~ ceed mg..~ne canum.s~eS,mmse~,~rne ~ormer andi'vlr'ivlr was elec~ect" IVl ~l~lY ~IL .... son ~Ooppos..Dya SUC-I'W'g might sn~ith" wou:d planted mention, not be winter that am i ss.Sme ryeM'that r landscap-iR ,char d made" I ~ould Thought Whendofr some~hi~-- to the make week-- different your favo~ri~e .... ~olo--O Love that wn~ not I will be a success" and will be prepared[ ions which cannot &) anything in the one-vo~e majority, so~r:~oDerr. Al-I a beautiful lawn for the wintex, but dream come true, if just one soul g~--Mrs John Norman. ' * ........ *~ ..... rv +hat ,,,e have'. ^.~ ~ .... n -,,eo~-enin-- the lof, , ll.Dn IS tne new scnvo, ~ru ..... .., .,, " i an~ "~- r- will ..... - - - q~.~ :." r~;o.;,~o~ lmnerative ~ ~ ~"$ u- ...... ~ ~ " i ~r,~, ,=~,,,~ -- "" ~ " I ~- ~a Mr~ "T .. ~P~n,, 1~;11 ~ ~c wm soon oe spr ng u ~ne ye_ neneves in yott---~egin ! That faith Mrs.~.~.~"'~:~':~''''" -'--~ i begun when we have to leave, statvsor standing of the bill if it l . "~." ~"~ .......... '. :. .... ~ --':':'turn brown, and we'll all be wishing wilI see you through But almost ~. w ~ woo~en. , ~ I daughter ~rances, and P4rs ~m~mett ~ ~ " " . _-_ ~ ..... 1 PAULINE 0 QUINN, , should become law ......... .... : ..... we had done somethlng about plant- ho~eless is the man whn~ a~ ,~ Trm---Go ana Tell Oth~ ~ ..... [ ,, i wlse ot ~lve uaK, ~la., vu~eo ~r .... .... Troop Scribe .~ But this xs not the most serlou~ ..... L, . lng ~hrul~s around the .c~ourthouse sc~f ~t eve,~, -lan o+ ......... ~ -~Mrs. aonn l~orman, Mrs. F. C. ' . land Mrs George ~lfison unris~mas o : ~ "- "~ .~ ' ...... ~ "~"'- E-" ....... ~ ~. ~-~es sr t object~nn to the bill. The n~ost ser-i _ " way back m January, when the time ation high--he never has the hear~ ~an.ana~rs. ~. ~e~i.-~eliciousl First Plows of Tree Branches ious objection to it is that thelweei~' ........ 'was just right or doing such Maybe:to try. e nostesses se Mr ann i~rs ~ II ~lves ~rom A~ .-" .... - I The first farm plows were madetho,,o'ht is in nrecise harmonv with~ " . .... . . : the county commissianers might see l - : .... , . ' frmt cake w~tn wh~pped cream andI r oked tre b a es n "~ ~ lanta spent last week with Mr Rives he .... of c o e r nch a d the five-year nro~ram which" wast . "~ their Way clear for furnishing t U S U~l~ ~ ' e. ~ worked b man wer .... ,, father, mother, and s~ster, M~s.J. 1 b Th~o o~.,.~,,,, ~,~r~. Mesdamesl y po written some time a~o m Russia. ~ ~ ....... ~background, and the garden c u Twenty vacanc~e~ f~)r service m A ...... E h r ayes F C ~- l m~ght add the fmmnmg touches, the Umted States Marine Corps will Eat~nanW, ~:le~' ~V'or)tH~ery~. ~. Grif't i ~ 1i onM:.tanndoMt,~Se wWest?an~e~:~e ::e, Is this all a dream---or have these be filled from this district during fith -- " - ~ Smith C ~ It vl ~mm ~ . ~ .... few warm, sunshiny days, with the January, it is announced b Captain , w. H. Exmy, 1~. ~ , " ~ rived in ~an Diego, wai. I " ' .Y A. Cam-bell ~ L Floyd For Nor- ~ ~ |1 ....... ..... breath of spring in them, given us A. C. Small, D,stmct Marine Corps ~" *' --" " ' " Mr. ana ~ar~ ~'ran~ Lee Ol tiay~ ' " i lant .... wood. ' ker. Zeke Smith ...... ' an urge to d~g In the so 1 and pRecruiting Officer, w~ta Headquar- L. W. Wal , . .~ low entertained las~ week .with a' ~ ' John Norton-- E Wilson, Mxss 1 k'[ ......... and see things grow. l ters at Savannah, Ga E1 -' -, .... ainner, tnose zrom nere acrenmng , " I eanor I~mhes, and the hostesses 1 1 i i ........... Or maybe we ve just got an early, Young men between the ages of ~-- ~ were: Mrs. 1% /5. DUllar0 and Cnll- Mrs. G. C. Hughes s~. and Mrs. T. ~ ................... nd case of Spring Fever. [ 18 to 25, not less than 64 in~hes or C . ~ nren, MISS lviarma ~e, wouaio ~ v "~ " more th .... Chambers. , ~. ,~ ~ ..... ~ .... ~.. ~_ .... Oh. W-e--l-l-- [ an 74 ~r~ches m height, wldte, -m ~--~ .... ~{ ~ Alhson, Mr. and Mrs. l~obert All- - al character will be considered. L 1 B E R T Y ~" SMiZdl:a:g~::dJ:yn::ng daugh- In theWr'e'niPf~iyneeni~el?~esr~.'' runs. MaErn=anc: t~X:d'i:~rti~:Sarefhreldth; THEATRE HOMERVlLLE, GA. Matinee ......................... 4:00 P. M. Evening ................ 7:30 and 9:00 ....-.._.__ Mon, Tues., Jan 10, 11--- "DEAD END" "-~Starring~-- SYLVIA SIDNEY and JOEL McCREA Al,o Cl~p. 7 The Painted Stallion Wedne~nF, January 12--- "WESTERN GOLD" e When you fear that the next raln wil~ make your roof leak, ifs time to give your house a New De~| But choose your next roof carefully--get the /pe which will cost the least per year of service. We sell Carey Shingles and Roll Roofings-- products wh|ch are backed by over 60 years oiI successful roofing experience. Get our price on the kind which will give yob the be t al ea# nco and longest lifo, .,, Homerwlte Hardware ac Furniture Company Homevville. Georgia --with--- ,~ SMITH BALLEW and HEATHER ANGEL ter of the E. L. Moody's of Waycross has returned home after a visit to her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M McLamb. Mr. C. C. Cox of Avon Park. Fla. who underwent a major operation in the Sebring Hospital in Florida the United States senators wore Prince Albert. The frock coat was a sym- bol of statesmanship and a beard was tl~,e mark of a man of m~turity ~nd substance. O Subscribe for the NEWS 19th of December is quite ill. Mr. Mrs. H. Cox, a brother of Mrs. C. Cox is the son of the late Mr. and Bashlor, and Mrs. J. H. Dampier.. [ our I I l I I I the Recruiting, Station, "Post Offiee Building, Savannah, Ga. Applicants who are unable to apply in person will be furnished application blanks and full inform~Aion upon request. Applications ~eceive~l ~by marl sxe given immediate attention. Don% Neglect Them |